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JSuede commented on Interview: Shin'en Multimedia on the Wii U Dif...:

@Evenmoresteven The game doesn't render at 240fps, it'll run at 60fps. The 240fps remark is in regards only to the physics calculations, the only visual difference will be that the physics appear more accurate since they are updated 8x as often as previous versions of the game.

Takes a lot of CPU power to pull that off.



JSuede commented on Talking Point: Nintendo Should Aim to Produce ...:

@AugustusOxy This. 100% this.

Focusing on gameplay is what makes Nintendo games so damn good. Sure TLoU is getting tons of praise, but in even 3 years....will it still be celebrated as one of the best games ever? No. Why is that? Because Naughty Dog will pump out another game just like it, and loads of other companies will try to mimic its format with a different story. It (likely) does absolutely nothing to innovate from a gameplay standpoint.

33 of the top 50 best selling games ever belong to Nintendo. When their strategy of selling titles that aren't "mature genre-defining storytelling experiences" stops working, then there might be something to talk about. I wouldn't dream of trading in any games made by Nintendo, simply because they all are worth keeping around. All of these "mature, story-driven" games are not. They are like a it once.....not touch it again for years because the story isn't as exciting the second time around.

On the whole "Genre-defining" thing.....what the hell are Galaxy and Galaxy 2, if not genre-defining? After those came out, 3D platformers have basically ceased to exist. Any other game in the genre would inevitably be compared to those two, and they would come up developers don't even try.

Nintendo straight up invented a genre with Metroid Prime....first person adventure. Pikmin is a console RTS done right. Free for all arena brawler = Smash Bros. 2D side-scroller.....any 2D Mario ever. Collection heavy RPG - Pokemon.

Nintendo doesn't need to bend to the will of Western development and create "Dudebro Shooter 67: Now with more Brown". Nor do they need to mend relations with EA as NintendoLife has suggested before. Nintendo just needs to do exactly what they are doing, and exactly what they have been doing since the beginning....making excellent gameplay experiences.



JSuede commented on Project CARS Will "Fill A Space" On Wii U:

@Marshi Simply map the right stick to the accelerator and the brake. Far more precision than even an analog trigger....and it feels pretty awesome. It's not like anything important is ever mapped to the right stick anyway.

There is that random port on the Gamepad, so some kind of wheel might not be out of the question.



JSuede commented on Silicon Studio Near "Maximum Performance" With...:

In case it hasn't been mentioned (I'm not reading all of the comments)....the quote about the Wii U..... "We almost got the maximum performance with the hardware" most likely means "We almost have Paradox and Yebis 2 running at maximum performance using the Wii U hardware" and not "We have maxed out the Wii U hardware"

Suggesting a 3rd party has maxed out the Wii U 6 months in is absolutely ludicrous. Such a thing has never been accomplished in the past, and never will. Things will always continue to be optimized and run more efficiently, freeing up power to do more than was previously possible. If the architecture and everything inside the Wii U was literally exactly the same as the 360, it would be reasonable to suggest for a third party that has worked extensively on the system. Thing is, the Wii U is so customized, even Nintendo won't have it "maxed out" with their first round of software.

The headline should be changed as to prevent asinine comments suggesting the system is tapped out.



JSuede commented on Rumour: The Recent Wii U System Update Has Boo...:

No. That is not a possibility at all. The cooling solution in the Wii U is not big enough to account for the kind of heat that would be put out at those clock speeds. It would run hot and be quite loud.....if the heat sink didn't melt entirely. It would also mean that the developers who have said that the CPU is slow have no business coding games if they think a 3Ghz CPU is slow.

If it were changing speeds on the fly depending on what the system was doing, the power draw from the wall would change drastically too. The system idles at ~30-32w and gets to ~34-37w while playing a taxing game on a disc. Changing the clock speed to 2.5-3x what is was before would increase the power draw into the 45w range.

CPU clock speed has next to nothing to do with the images produced on the screen....that's what the GPU is for. Sure, the CPU handles some things, but a higher clock speed isn't going to make the graphics prettier by itself. Especially when logic that would produce better visuals is being handled by the GPU barring some failure by the developers. Dynasty Warriors wouldn't have the framerate issues it does from all of the AI on screen if the CPU was faster, or if they coded it to the GPU instead.

The CPU is not, has never, and will never run with a clock speed of 3Ghz.



JSuede commented on Rumour: The Recent Wii U System Update Has Boo...:

@Pod @GuttedGimp Considering the GPU shot thread has been completely devoid of trolling or misinformation unless the entire thread gets derailed, and anyone coming in spouting off bs gets torn to shreds.....I'll take it. It's not the thread itself I'm referring to but the people in the thread...who know how to look at a die shot and figure out things about it....they pretty much know their stuff.

I agree that there could have been some kind of power bump, but nothing as significant as the rumor suggests, that would just be crazy. I get that the PS3 slim is running at 80w....but increasing the power output of the CPU almost 3x and the GPU by 300Mhz.....there would at least be some difference in draw. The Wii U is insanely efficient, but it isn't magical.



JSuede commented on Rumour: The Recent Wii U System Update Has Boo...:

@ThomasBW84 Yeah....IF they gave the system a bump....there is no way it was to over 3Ghz. That would definitely increase the power draw, and might even need a different architecture for the CPU to begin with.

The system still uses ~33w of a bump to 3Ghz did not happen. It doesn't make sense to increase the output of the CPU and GPU without increasing the power draw....unless Nintendo has discovered magic.

This was debunked pretty quickly in the GPU die shot thread on NeoGAF. There's no massive bump, as cool as it would be. Power draw is the same throughout sorry folks....nothing to see here.



JSuede commented on Talking Point: DLC's Increasingly Important Ro...:

The problem is that third parties generally cut content or deliberately leave holes in the game in order to fill it later with DLC. Nintendo always releases a finished product, with almost 0 bugs. Yes, the Fire Emblem DLC is completely unnecessary and harmless.....if you get the full story and can complete the game on the hardest difficulty without DLC, it is harmless if people who can't achieve that want to pay some money for xp, characters, buffs etc. It doesn't make the overall game less appealing and nothing has been cut from the game simply to make money later on. Nintendo is entirely retooling all 80+ levels of NSMBU as DLC......THAT is how downloadable content should be handled.....not removing chunks of the game to be sold on day 1, within a month or two after release etc.

If third parties would release a finished game, Nintendo fans might be more willing to support them. 3rd parties are invariably compared to first party titles, there's no way around it. The problem is that Sony and MS's first party titles, while good, still don't have the selling power and appeal of Nintendo titles so 3rd parties look better comparatively. If they took the time to do some QA so the game isn't buggy instead of spending that time and money on making the game look "OMG SO REAL", they could overshadow Sony and MS, and give Nintendo a run for their money.

But they don't.

Off-topic: Shameless plug, but since there isn't a relevant article to post this in, I'm just going to go ahead and leave this here. Details regarding the sordid past involving EA, Nintendo and the Wii U.



JSuede commented on CNN Money: Nintendo Is "Tone Deaf" To Industry...:

There's a reason Nintendo has been making games for 30 years. If their "warped" ideas on gaming trends were a problem at all....they would have folded a long time ago.

He also says that no one will buy a 3DS just to download Mario on the "eStore"....first of all...he's an idiot. If he can't do his research and figure out that it is called the "eShop"....terrible "journalist"....secondly....people will buy a 3DS precisely BECAUSE they can't download Mario anywhere else. I think I might go pick one up tomorrow just to shove it in his face.



JSuede commented on Rumour: GTA V Has Been Tested On Wii U Dev Kit...:

I wouldn't be surprised at all if Nintendo showed R* the swapping mechanic in Pikmin 3 that is a lot like the one in GTAV, and Rockstar went "Hey, that's pretty cool. It works really well with the gamepad. Let's do it"....or something to that extent.

If this get's announced for the Wii U (I am optimistic that it will) it instantly becomes the platform I buy the game on. Same can be said for any third party game really. I don't know if I'll buy Splinter Cell, but if I play it, it will most likely be on Wii U. I already bought Deus Ex, played through it enough to get burnt out on it, traded it in for something else.....but I still plan on buying the Wii U version due to the changes.



JSuede commented on Exclusive: Tengami Confirmed For Wii U Release:

When I watched the video, I definitely didn't expect that pop-up mechanic. Looks really cool! I think a 3DS version would look even better. I mean...come would be perfect. It's good to see that it wasn't the talent from Rare that was the problem, but Microsoft's handling of said talent. Welcome home boys.

Indie developers could actually help save this industry....the big companies aren't doing so hot, producing the same games, with the same ideas, but with bigger budgets. Got an article published about the potential for another industry crash....shameless plug:

Give it a read! It's only my second article, so I'm pretty stoked about it.



JSuede commented on Rejoice, Mario Kart Wii U Is Coming This Year:

@bunnyking I don't mind the blue shell, but in MKWii it was far too overpowered and overused. If you were in first, you were going to be hit by a blue shell. Hands down.

It would be sweet if the gamepad made you guide the blue shell yourself so that it took at least a little bit of skill to use. You would have to lead your target, maybe guide using the touch screen or the motion could be awesome.



JSuede commented on Resident Evil Revelations Demo to Sneak up on ...:

@WhoBeThat @HADAA Ah, that makes sense. I haven't used up all 30 plays on any demo I've downloaded so that explains that.

And honestly, if playing the demo 30 times isn't enough you might as well buy the game. I remember playing the Too Human demo a ton but idk if I played it 30 times before I bought it. I liked that game, even with all of its problems. It's a shame they couldn't get the trilogy made because I'm sure they would have fixed the issues. :-



JSuede commented on Resident Evil Revelations Demo to Sneak up on ...:

@WhoBeThat That whole, 30 uses thing confuses me. Once you use them up, I think you can just re-download why bother with the limit at all?

I will definitely check out the demo, this version will probably be the best considering it has the second touch screen. 360 and PS3 don't, so it is going to be less streamlined. If I like it (and Nintendo doesn't announce W101 for a very soon is still technically a Q2 game after all) I'll pick it up, hopefully on the cheap.



JSuede commented on Miiverse Now Available In Your Browser:

@DKDonkeyKong Yeah, I checked it out and even made a few posts...definitely pretty cool. Took me a while to remember my NID password though, which is why I'd like a smartphone app. But yeah, they will definitely look into that.



JSuede commented on Eiji Aonuma Speaks About Zelda 3DS and its Len...:

@SkywardLink98 It would be harder to get info on the game at an E3 press conference. There are time constraints, other things to show, business things to talk about and so on. Instead, we'll get a Wii U Direct and a 3DS Direct that talk about games, games and more games without all of that extra stuff no one cares about.



JSuede commented on Nintendo Won't Be Holding A Large-Scale Press ...:

This makes a lot of sense really. When I watch the press conferences at E3, I usually can't do it as they happen, so I watch videos. When I do that, I end up skipping through all the fluff and marketing BS that is just annoying and skip to the game announcements.

Nintendo is getting rid of that and instead will be hosting a Wii U Nintendo Direct, and a 3DS Nintendo Direct....bringing just games, videos, trailers, announcements and so on. At E3 itself, they will have smaller sit downs with investors, developers, publishers and so on to give a more intimate message to them, rather than forcing them to sit through the same stuff as everyone else.

It was always annoying to me that at every E3 conference (not just Nintendo's) you have to sit through all that garbage. "We started off with rough sales etc etc etc" "Such and such platform is the market leader in so on so forth" It's just dumb. We just want the games, and Nintendo will be giving it to us.

@NinGamer85 Exactly. Stole the words right from my mouth.



JSuede commented on Miiverse Now Available In Your Browser:

@DKDonkeyKong It'll either be tomorrow....but I've heard Thursday as a rumor as well. Either way, it's coming this week and the VC launches the next day. Woo!

It should be noted that this browser version is in Beta form, so it is likely that you will be able to post without commenting and add friends sometime in the future. I really do hope they are working on a smartphone app, because that would be phenomenal.



JSuede commented on Nintendo's Legal Team Forces Mobile Dev To Mak...:

@HeatBombastic Yeah, I don't want any company to fail, but that should be inexcusable. Piggybacking off of another companies successes using the same games, is not only illegal but morally reprehensible. Simply because they aren't providing the roms, just the emulators and the means to find them, it is construed as "legal." Make Ouya pay Nintendo's license fees or something at the very least. If nothing else, Nintendo could buy an Ouya, ferret out the location of the roms, and sue THOSE people into the ground.

Apparently Miiverse gets things done. To Miiverse? To Miiverse!!!



JSuede commented on Okami Announcement Teased For Next Week:

If anything has a perfect input device for this franchise, it's the Wii U. I'm liking the prospects of this too considering Nintendo's good relationship with Capcom at the moment.

Watch it be a line of tshirts or something goofy like that.



JSuede commented on Nintendo's Legal Team Forces Mobile Dev To Mak...:

I hope Nintendo's legal team didn't approve this and more changes are incoming. They need to make a new model altogether....I doubt the Yoshi clone is in any way related to the gameplay and they are trying to make it as similar as possible without being sued into the ground.

Sue the bejeesus out of them Nintendo. Next stop Ouya....fix that loophole about emulators....make them require a license to be legal or something.



JSuede commented on Feature: Nintendo's Financial Revelations and ...:

@IxnayontheCK They are just trying to get rid of stock, much like Microsoft will be doing with their 360/Roku like device that provides BC for the 720. They already have the parts ordered and in production, so they have to do something with them. The regular model was causing too much confusion so they have stopped production on that specific SKU and released a different one.

I wouldn't think the BO2 version on Wii U would be worth the effort either considering the poor sales (that were brought on by the mostly lazy port of a game that sells the best in the first week max, on other systems that people have). It's not going to keep them from putting Ghosts on the system...they put the original Black Ops on the DS for crying out loud. Battlefield is due purely to EA's bull. They see the Wii U version as "risky" because it doesn't have a lot of sales, but they plan to put it on 2 systems that have literally 0 sales at the moment. EA has a grudge, and that's what that is about.

The third party support is actually a lot better than people think and will continue to be that way. I suggest you read this article (shameless plug)

At the end I list 3rd parties that are currently supporting the Wii U vs ones that absolutely aren't. It's about 11 (plus a crap load of indies) to 4. That being said, no one buys a Nintendo console for their stellar third party support, haven't since the SNES, and yet here we are still having the discussion that they need third parties or they will somehow "lose." No one "wins" a console war because there are too many variables that can swing the's not like they get a trophy or anything either.

There is a mild chance the Wii U will be getting GTAV by the way. I feel like they have decent enough relations with R* to make it happen, and it's rumored to be announced later in May. They showed R* the motion controls for the Wii and wanted a major 3rd party title so they gave them Manhunt 2 because the controls were perfect for the kills. It's likely they have shown R* the 3 character swapping of Pikmin 3 and they thought "Hey...that's exactly what we're doing with GTAV. That works pretty well actually" Not saying it is bound to happen, but it is far more likely than people think.

@Moshugan While they may not be "major titles" in May alone we've got; RE:Revelations, Fast & Furious, Sniper Elite V2, Deus Ex, then in June we have Game & Wario and NSLU (while only a DLC expansion it might still help move a few units), then anything on the eShop and VC that we don't know about. W101 is technically still slated for a Q2 release and a recent leak suggests a June 6 release date in Germany. Pokemon Rumble U just released today in Japan (I believe)....first NFC game for the system and it's Pokemon.....Collectibles+Pokemon+Wii U+Japan = $$$$



JSuede commented on Nintendo Confirms Yearly Net Profits, But High...:

@ThumperUK Yeah, I heard that it was pulled because it didn't talk about Off-tv play. If they even allowed that one to air, NOE wins. I know the UK had some Lego City adverts, but they were likely played with cartoons which would explain that. Not sure about Monster Hunter though, which is partially on Capcom instead of Nintendo. NOA's Lego City commercial was more of that pseudodubstep garbage that shows people playing the game....but that's about it.

It makes a bit of sense what they did though. They aren't going to advertise the bejesus out of something when there is nothing new to advertise. They also don't want to throw marketing dollars around that will simply make the FY look worse than it was, since the majority of the returns wouldn't be seen until the new FY. They advertised LM2 because it had more going for it than "OMG A GAME IS BEING RELEASED".

I fully expect them to revamp things this quarter on all fronts. I wouldn't go as far to say that the VC will get tv spots, but maybe online ads, RE:Revelations, Deus Ex will get a push, W101 is still slated for Q2 which is interesting that Iwata didn't mention it last week, NSLU will be hyped, Game & Wario, potentially Wii Fit to get in shape for that beach body or whatever the hell



JSuede commented on Feature: Nintendo's Financial Revelations and ...:

@IxnayontheCK The Wii mini is actually a cost saving measure and is likely the result of dwindling supply of the parts needed to make it. It costs them next to nothing to make, large profit margin to help mitigate the losses and it helps differentiate the difference between the Wii and the Wii U. They are only shipping 2m this year so I'm guessing that is the last of their stock.

3rd parties won't determine the life or death of the console, not by a long shot. Yes, they will help but Nintendo will ultimately profit from the Wii U. They also have far more third party support than people like to say. It is mostly Japanese and Indie, but with the way western studios are shutting down and "streamlining" it isn't necessarily a bad thing. Iwata will sit down with American devs now that he is the CEO of NOA as well, and bring the same strategies he used gathering Japanese 3rd party support. He'll provide numbers that show how cost effective it is to port to, maybe show off a tech demo for visual capability purposes (Retro's engine?), offer up collaborations and maybe try to snag a few exclusives with that war chest. The Wii U will be able to run a majority of next-gen 3rd party titles, just at a lower resolution (an almost negligible difference between 1080p and 720p) with less frill's just a matter of convincing them.

@AJWolfTill I think X is farther along than people tend to think. The trailer we got was likely slightly older code and it still featured plenty of gameplay, massive boss/enemy battles, seemingly functioning online and Nintendo really doesn't like to show off things when they are early in development. Yarn Yoshi was probably their "Well damn" concession reveal since there was a handful of screens ant 10-15 seconds of gameplay. It looked more like a proof of concept to me really. I could see X coming out this year in Japan and hopefully by the end of the FY everywhere else.



JSuede commented on Satoru Iwata Taking Over CEO Role of Nintendo ...:

@SpaceApe Except Reggie is only the COO....but mostly a figurehead. Most of the big decisions would have been made by the guy who went back to Kyoto. He is really the one being watched....being sent home to his parents.Reggie is going to work closely with Iwata and really, the Wii U is selling the best in the US. Not saying Reggie is off the hook, but he wasn't as directly responsible as people think.

@Morph Yeah...NOA has really dropped the ball since 2006. The former CEO was able to let the Wii and DS coast on their popularity and didn't have to do anything, but now he doesn't have a clue on how to sell the 3DS or the Wii U. Look up our Wii U launch's abysmal and does nothing to convey it's a new console and not an add-on. I feel like Europe and Japan had a fairly decent send off planned for the Wii and NOA refused to bring games over that were FIRST PARTY. That is just messed up. Good thing Operation Rainfall happened, otherwise this kind of shake up might not have.

Iwata has said that they plan to work closely with the developers to bring the titles over from Japan....and what better way to do that than be the person in charge of BOTH decisions? Our 3DS color choices are terrible so hopefully that changes too. He is responsible for literally all of the 3rd party Japanese support since the N64 (protip: there was all), the 3DS turn around in Japan, snagging Dragon Quest and Monster Hunter as exclusives. Taking over the weakest branch of Nintendo is an incredibly smart move considering. He'll sit down with third parties, discuss what they want, offer solutions, compromises, collaborations (maybe license out Retro's gorgeous engine), and maybe even pay for a few exclusives with that war chest they are sitting on (that has increased even though they had an operating loss)



JSuede commented on Nintendo Confirms Yearly Net Profits, But High...:

@XCWarrior Maybe they will drop the price as the MSRP goes down to provide an equal playing field. The reason they don't offer discounted prices is so they don't upset the retailers by undercutting them. Disc sales would severely decrease and retailers would be less likely to buy software to sell if Nintendo was just going to ignore the prices.

That's what most people don't get about game sales. Walmart (for instance) doesn't take a chunk of its profits from new game sales and mail it off to Nintendo, they pay Nintendo for a certain amount of product at a slight discount (the % that they earn is taken out, plus tax) and then sell that to earn their money. If Nintendo went and undercut their prices, they might not even bother selling the hardware which would be a real problem. That's why in these financial reports the numbers are always read as "shipped" because they have already been paid for those consoles whether the retailer has actually sold them or not.

@sonic-doom Actually, just NOA's marketing department. Look up the UK launch commercial for the Wii U, it is immensely better than the US version. It actually has text that says it's a new console....imagine that. It could partly be why Iwata has taken over responsibility at NOA, they've got some serious problems over there. Also, marketing was down as a cost saving measure. Why pour all of this money into something you won't see returns from until the next FY? It would just make their losses look worse.

I think Nintendo is going about the whole "used game" thing in the best way that can be expected. They aren't outright blocking the games which would piss off retailers, they are just heavily promoting digital sales....possibly by understocking retailers a bit, but they are still getting their cut and can get used sales eventually.



JSuede commented on Rejoice, Mario Kart Wii U Is Coming This Year:

@WiiLovePeace First person cart racing! Use the gamepad as the steering wheel and see the hands of the drivers!!!!1!!1!!111!

Not really though, that would be silly. Hopefully the hook is less blue shell domination and sweet online. Anything else is gravy. I would be surprised if they didn't bundle would fly off the shelves.



JSuede commented on Satoru Iwata Taking Over CEO Role of Nintendo ...:

I wouldn't be surprised if it is only for the interim period between CEO's, but I definitely see this as a good thing. It could be a permanent addition though seeing as many other positions have planned replacements already. It could possibly lead to better localization efforts and 3DS colors, maybe more direct contact with western 3rd parties.

@Zach777 That's a bit uncalled for, don't you think? He never promised anything, only said that there were plans in place. The launch of the Wii U was stellar, shifting more units and more software than either the PS3 or the 360, they had a Mario at release, which was a major issue for people with the 3DS launch.

The software drought that was "supposed" to be avoided came about because of things not under his control. He even said that they weren't going to release major titles in the early part of the year to give 3rd parties a chance to shine, it's just that the 3rd parties backstabbed Nintendo. EA cannibalized sales of ME3, pulled DLC support, refused to get Crysis 3 released (which would have made the drought half as long), and Ubisoft got scared/bullied into delaying Rayman into the fall.

Plans change and sometimes there is nothing you can do about it. Nintendo rarely gives hard launch dates or even quarter estimations for software because they ship a game when it's ready, not before then. Pikmin is a rare exception going from a long "launch window", to Q2 and finally confirmed release date in Q3.



JSuede commented on Nintendo Confirms Yearly Net Profits, But High...:

@SanderEvers According to the report, they only plan to ship 2 million this year, which might be the last of their stock. Considering sales of the mini could help mitigate the loss taken on Wii U and help define it as a clear upgrade, it's not all bad.

Yeah, the operating loss isn't a great thing, but it is less than last year and improvement is improvement. They project to sell 9 million Wii U's this FY and to nearly triple the software numbers (13.42m -> 38m). Even if they miss the target by a similar margin to this report, that's still 7.7 million Wii U's...which is a bigger lead than the 360 had. With the software coming in droves (they are committed to the releases being awesome), 8 million definitely seems attainable, especially if there is either a minor price cut ($30 less for the deluxe unless production costs really drop) or more bundle offers. Bundling Mario Kart would be massive.

Another interesting thing to note is that Iwata will be adding CEO of Nintendo of America to his job title. Not stepping down from overall President and CEO, but ADDING responsibility. While likely just for the interim between CEO's, it could also be a permanent addition. Other positions in the company were instantly filled from retirees, so it could go either way. Hopefully it means that localization will improve, more 3DS XL colors (PLEASE) and quite possibly better relationships with Western 3rd parties. Instead of talking to a middle-man, they would talk directly to the head of the company.

@DarkLloyd Really? Sony has posted major losses for 5 years in a row, lost over $4 billion on the PS3, will only post a (net) profit this year because they sold 3 HQ's and a bunch of stock, their credit rating is literally "Junk" meaning any loans they have will probably not be paid back, will be selling another console at a loss, and don't seem to be doing any major restructuring.

Not saying they are doomed or extremely close to bankruptcy, but they really can't keep this up. When they release their financials we will see just what the damage is and where it is going. I really hope they don't get ahead of themselves with the PS4 projections....a high price ($450-$500...maybe even $400) will kill them at retail, especially with lower priced consoles that people (see: the general public) won't be able to tell the difference between graphically.



JSuede commented on Analysts Predict Financial Year Losses to be R...:

Considering the loss will undoubtedly be less than last year and it might be less than their really isn't THAT bad. Sure, losing $188 million is never great, but it shows they are cutting their losses, which is more important to investors than "OH NO THEY LOST MONEY AGAIN IN A TERRIBLE ECONOMY RIGHT AFTER LAUNCHING A SYSTEM THAT THEY SELL FOR A LOSS". It shows that the future could keep moving up, investors are constantly speculating and improvement is improvement.

No doubt Iwata will discuss the 3DS at the investor meeting and how its increasing profit margins will help take care of those losses by the end of the year, in conjunction with the software. They will certainly be asking about the Wii U and what can be done, which is where he will talk about how they plan to release games at a far steadier pace from now until the end of the year. They might not be releasing that many first party games, but Monster Hunter/NFS/Lego City increased sales in the UK 125% and tripled them in France. It is quite possible he will mention Wii Fit (maybe ready for a summer release to get people in shape for the beach or whatever), Game & Wario coming out, MAYBE touch on that W101 release date leak, the Virtual Console, MiiParty or whatever that thing was and maybe even some third party partnerships, if not their games.

Iwata may seem like a super friendly fun guy in the Directs, but that is because he is talking to the customers of the product. Behind closed doors, he is still a businessman, one who definitely knows how to sell his product. I mean, he even said that he is "committed" to posting a 100 billion yen operating profit next fiscal year (exchange rates can affect this particular number though).....which is being inferred/implied that he might step down if it doesn't happen. He knows they have big guns, he just needs to tease them to investors a bit more because that is one hell of a promise.



JSuede commented on Talking Point: The Wii U's Identity Crisis:

The UK launch trailer is FAR better than the US one, holy cow. If they had just added an off-tv play thing, it would have been fine as it actually said that it is a whole new console. The US ad vaguely says that it's new...but really doesn't do anything to show it's a new console....just an add-on for the Wii.

I feel like NOA is REALLY dropping the ball in the marketing department and while the cheesy family ads are better, there really isn't much else. I haven't seen a commercial for Lego City ever, or anything other than the terrible launch commercial really. I get that they might not have wanted to spend a bunch of marketing money in order to reduce losses, but this is ridiculous. I don't know who is to blame for this one....Marc Franklin who you guys did an interview with the other day.....should have pressed them on how bad the Wii U marketing was instead of asking one question, getting a PR spin response and moving on imo. Or maybe even Reggie for green-lighting the terrible things (if in fact he did....his other failings not being taken into account e.g. localization and lack of variety on the 3DS front etc)

I kind of feel like they are advertising to the casual family audience more since they are the ones that made the Wii so successful, who don't know that it even is a new console, and people who follow games are more likely know about it and are just waiting for some more solid games.

I'm sure things will pick up when more things are released, but man....they need to do some work in the marketing department. There were Wii ads EVERYWHERE even before it really took off in popularity. People knew about it -> wanted it -> bought it -> couldn't find it so they wanted it MORE -> more advertising and so on.

The one thing they have going for them is that they don't have Sony and MS's next offerings chewing up tons of ad space for competition. The main reason the PS3/360 are selling better is because they are a known entity. Once they actually put some effort into marketing, things will be okay...but not until then.



JSuede commented on Road Rash-Inspired Road Redemption Confirmed F...:

@Damo Not only that, but the developers themselves are the future of the industry. I could easily see them being offered positions in larger studios or having their dev team be offered a 2nd party type deal in one of the Big 3. I'm sure many of them have aspirations to do just that and it would be a smart move......retain your independence while getting funding from a major company to build a game where the only limit is your imagination/coding ability.



JSuede commented on Interview: Marc Franklin - Nintendo of America:

@AtomicToaster I completely agree with everything you said. The Wii U is actually doing better than the 360/PS3 at launch and has a much larger library, it's getting close to being even launches aligned though.

One of the bigger criticisms I saw about the 3DS was that it didn't have a Mario game at launch, and they fixed that much. If the whole EA thing hadn't of happened, there probably wouldn't have been the game drought and we wouldn't even be having this conversation. Nintendo will definitely be able to turn things around and will probably start to do so earlier than we think.

Iwata has said that they weren't really planning on releasing much in the first part of the year, focusing more on summer and the back half so there could very well be some surprises in store. I'm mostly curious when they will announce things.They have their investor meeting on Wednesday, so that explains the 3DS direct, and the update/VC being available before then. I believe at one of these meetings is where they announced NSMB2, and at the last one Iwata said that there were some unannounced projects that could release this year...and that was after that awesome January ND.

There could also be a Wii U Direct sometime after the meeting to discuss things like W101 (German release date confirmed + NA a couple weeks earlier?) Wii Fit U, MiiParty (or whatever that's called) VC schedule perhaps, Wario spotlight, maybe even a hint at the "efforts from our third party publishers on Wii U" that Iwata mentioned at the end of the January ND.

I am quite excited for what all the Wii U will be getting, even just going by confirmed things. It's going to be a great gen.



JSuede commented on Rumour: Wii U System Update Could Go Live Tomo...:

@Fusion14 I'm just not a fan of plopping a 4 on a title and calling it a day. Maybe Metroid Prime: Dread perhaps? I still feel like even though they may not step away from the timeline or gameplay mechanics (aside from adding super awesome Gamepad stuff), it won't don the "Prime" moniker. Dark Samus (born of her encounter with the Metroid Prime and the phazon) is no more so naming it something else just makes sense to me.

To be honest, I'd like to see a follow up to Metroid Fusion mostly in terms of story, the virus stuff could go either way.



JSuede commented on Rumour: Wii U System Update Could Go Live Tomo...:

@Fusion14 I would prefer it not be called "Metroid Prime 4" but instead be a part of a new trilogy. Metroid Dread perhaps? I feel like that is a big issue with Halo's not a part of the same trilogy, yet they just stuck with plopping a new number on the game.

Retro has hired a lot of top quality animators and artists, many working on environments and characters, they've also moved into a new building....a much larger one. They snagged people from Naughty Dog, Bioware, Junciton Point, Vigil, people who interned at Visceral while Dead Space was in development, Red Fly, and the artist who drew this: and this: Everything else in her gallery is excellent as well. Whatever they are working's going to be incredible.

Rumor has it that the engine they developed for the game (and could probably license out to developers) produces graphics more detailed than Killzone 3 (purely an example) and runs at 60fps. That's just in this early stage too....just wait until the engine REALLY starts to push the Wii U. It's going to be absolutely insane.



JSuede commented on Interview: Marc Franklin - Nintendo of America:

@AtomicToaster I feel like they are focusing on the 3DS at the moment so they can give Wii U as much time as possible at E3. They know it's not doing exceptionally well, they just can't do much about it right now and talking about random things isn't going to sell enough systems for it to make a difference.

In May alone we've got RE:Revelations, Fast & Furious, Sniper Elite V2, VC titles, and potentially even W101 in NA if that German release date pans out.

We do know for a fact that Mario and Mario Kart will be playable at E3, likely releasing this year, Smash Bros is getting a trailer, Retro's project was pulled at the last minute last year so I wouldn't be surprised if it came out this year, WWHD, Pikmin 3 ( though it shouldn't get much time at E3, 5 minutes tops)....and then surprises. I fully believe they are going to blow the doors off the place.

Let's hope I'm right. They managed to turn the 3DS ship around, and they still have 7 months before the PS4/720 launch, so building up a large base won't be too hard as long as they release titles.



JSuede commented on Rumour: Wii U System Update Could Go Live Tomo...:

@SpaceApe You are out of your mind if you honestly think that. I don't know why you are even on the site if all you are going to do is bash Nintendo for doing what they have always done.

I would be surprised if Mario Kart didn't sell more than Thief and The Last of Us combined. Thief is a fairly niche franchise and it could easily be the "Aliens: Colonial Marines" in that it fails to come anywhere near people's expectations. Both of those will sell very well for a few weeks, but sales will plummet after that, that's the way "AAA mature adult" titles sell. The one thing The Last of Us has going for it is that it is releasing in the Summer which is usually pretty dry in therms of video game releases.

It looks like a phenomenal game and I plan on buying it (because I don't discriminate consoles like some people), but it doesn't have the legs of a Nintendo franchise. Anyone that ever buys a Wii U will consider Mario Kart since it will be in HD and have a vastly improved online. Mario Kart Wii didn't sell 33 million in the first month, continues to sell as people continue to buy Wii's.

2-3 years takes us into in that time you've got Zelda, WWHD, Mario, Mario Kart, Smash Bros (will sell like crazy), X, Retro's project, Pikmin 3, Miyamoto's new IP (probably the least selling because it's new), Yoshi's Yarn, Wii Fit U, and that's before getting into pure speculation like Star Fox, F-Zero, Kid Icarus, Donkey Kong, and exclusive 3rd party titles like Bayonetta and W101, and lord knows what else. NSMBU could very well outsell either one of those games, because it will continue to sell as systems do. It's plateau won't be nearly as low over time as TLoU or Thief. The reason it "hasn't sold well", even though over half of Wii U owners own the game which is a very impressive attach rate for a launch title, is because it was too similar to NSMBWii. I'm considering buying it simply because of the Luigi DLC.

Nintendo needed "a small miracle" to save the 3DS and now it is outselling ALL consoles. They still have around 7 months before the PS4/720 come out, and another year + before those have a library that will truly be worth buying the system for before a price cut...and that is being VERY generous.

Nintendo doesn't see the market as "the people who originally bought the NES have grown up, so I should cater to them". They see it as "the people who originally bought the NES have grown up, AND HAD KIDS, so I should cater to the whole family." The older people get new experiences with their favorite franchises, and new gamers get introduced to the exceptional game quality that are Nintendo games. New gamers are created every single day, and Nintendo knows this. 25 years from now when Sony has gone bankrupt and Microsoft has been broken up because of Anti-Trust legislation and doesn't focus on games anymore (see: Xbox 720), Nintendo will be offering Wii U games on the Virtual Console. I'll be 50 and you know what? I'll still buy them.



JSuede commented on Rumour: Wii U System Update Could Go Live Tomo...:

@SpaceApe Umm.....the Wii outsold everything, the DS will soon be the highest selling console (handheld or otherwise) EVER if it hasn't reached that point already, the Wii U has sold more than the 360 and PS3 launches aligned and the 3DS is outselling everything who doesn't sell consoles again? That's what I thought.

They could have the most powerful system and third parties would STILL ignore them and write them off as "Kiddie". Did you forget about Manhunt 2 being on the Wii? The game had to be trimmed up just to get an M rating. MadWorld was definitely not a kiddie game or even family friendly. Neither were the Turok games on the N64. The reason Nintendo themselves never develops games like that is because Japan is completely different culturally and those games wouldn't sell. They don't care about shooters over there.....hell, they don't care about extremely high-tech stuff over there and Nintendo isn't going to alienate its core fanbase by pumping out crap that can be bought in a different form on other systems.

Also, what's the point of creating those "hardcore" games when they don't sell nearly as well and are massive money sinks? 33 of the top 50 games best selling games of all time belong to Nintendo. The top 15 all do. People buy Nintendo systems for Nintendo games, and they buy them in droves.

That's the main problem with the Wii U at the moment, the majority of the games can be found on other systems, so people aren't buying it as much. But when those exclusives drop, it's going to be intense. Smash Bros alone will sell millions of consoles, just about any 1st party game will. The simple fact that Nintendo's franchises will be in HD for the first time is going to be too hard to resist since you can't get those games anywhere else.



JSuede commented on Rumour: Wii U System Update Could Go Live Tomo...:

@Ernest_The_Crab @Yosher Also, you are able to modify the button configurations however you want for every VC game. Off-tv + Miiverse + Save States + Button mapping + full spectrum of controllers to use = worth more than they are charging to upgrade. You will be able to boot directly to the Wii menu after the update anyway, so if you don't want to upgrade....don't...but don't be a jerk about something completely optional that you won't be taking advantage of.

@SpaceApe Why in the world would Nintendo be exactly like Sony and MS? We already have two consoles offering the exact same experiences, we don't need a third. Did you ever stop to think that there are people who are completely new to Nintendo games that might not have played ANY of the classics? A direct emulation is not a "rehash" either.

They also have plenty of games that will innovate just like the Wii games did. No one else bothers with 3D platformers anymore because Galaxy 1&2 will be better by default. Expect similar results from Nintendo this gen PLUS the games will be in HD for the first time. All I have ever seen you do is troll....



JSuede commented on Review: Kirby's Adventure (Wii U eShop / NES):

I distinctly remember buying this from Toys 'R Us when I was a kid. Absolutely love the game and honestly, I'm not sure it would feel "right" without the glitchy left side and the slowdown at points.

Still have to pull the trigger on this .30 version though. Monster Hunter is making it very hard to play anything else.



JSuede commented on Review: Castlevania: Lords of Shadow - Mirror ...:

@Fusion14 Nope, haha. The only version of that I played was on The Orange Box....and that version was just not good.

Not much of a PC PC can't handle the original Fable for crying out loud.

I use it mostly for music though so it doesn't need a ton of power with what I use. Oh well



JSuede commented on Reggie: Pace Of Wii U Software Launches Is "Sl...:

@valcoholic I know lots of people that aren't getting a Wii U until there are more games. Seeing Nintendo's franchises in HD for the first time is absolutely going to sell systems. The situation is almost exactly like the 3DS's and they have completely turned that ship around, there is absolutely no reason it can't happen again. They aren't going to tell us that they didn't market it because there weren't any games, why would they do that? Why pour all of this money into advertising a system that won't have a new release for a couple of months, and revenue from any ads wouldn't be seen until after the FY ended? It would just show up as money spent on the books, without anything in return.

To think that they won't bring it at E3 is absurd. We already have Mario and Mario Kart promised as playable (and Nintendo doesn't let people play things until they are very far along/soon to be out), and due to awkward translations, Smash will be a trailer not screenshots. The character he used in Japanese is used specifically for times when they say "Enjoy this trailer" and similar phrases. Not only that, they have been announcing a ton of 3DS stuff, most likely clearing space for E3 to be 90% Wii U with 3DS touched on to talk about how awesome it's doing. Retro's game was pulled from last year's conference which is why NintendoLand got so much time on stage. It will definitely be shown. Iwata also said in the January ND that they will be sharing information on "our third party publisher's efforts on Wii U." That explicitly rules out the crossover titles/collaborations, Bayonetta 2, and anything else published by Nintendo. It could mean Watch Dogs or Assassin's Creed, but that seems unlikely to me. Expect bombs....megatons.

Now, for my thoughts on his quote. His wording is pretty odd if you ask me. In the full interview, they had just got done talking about the 3DS and he stated that a lot of things will be released "over the next nine months." But, when talking about the Wii U, he says " But as we prepare for E3, the pace of launches for Wii U is going to dramatically increase."

He doesn't say "after E3..." or "later this year" or "by the holidays". He says "as we prepare for E3". If he meant after E3 or over the course of the year, I feel like he would have said it. It's either very poor wording on his part, or things are going to pick up.

And really though, if you look at it, what I'm suggesting isn't completely out there. RE: Revelations, Deus Ex, Fast & Furious, the VC, potentially W101 (possible German release of June 6, and NA would probably get it sooner/same time), some stellar eShop titles perhaps. Even without W101, that is quite a few games. For all we know there could be a surprise.

@MrWalkieTalkie Shameless plug; I suggest you read this pretty much talks about what you mentioned:



JSuede commented on Wii U Virtual Console Will Arrive Shortly Afte...:

I really do hope that all of those titles will be available at launch, aside from Earthbound anyway....that is confirmed just for this year. I could very easily see them releasing only some of the games though. As long as they do a better job at releasing titles than they did on the Wii VC, I'm good.

Definitely waiting to get Super Metroid for $.30 in a month. I've never played it....because I never owned an SNES (don't hurt me). I went straight from the NES to the was glorious.



JSuede commented on Review: Castlevania: Lords of Shadow - Mirror ...:

@Fusion14 Haha "baby hands" I do have small hands, but probably not small enough to cause an issue. My Wii U Gamepad fits nicely, so it should be okay.

Now they just need to stop with the crappy colors and give NA more than 3 options. Japan has like....30. Grr



JSuede commented on Criterion Has No Immediate Plans For More Need...:

@Peach64 June 30th last year, EA said that "[The Wii U] is the first next-generation platform that is going to be out to market." said that they were excited to develop for it and claimed there was an "unprecedented partnership" at E3 2011.

Why would they then cannibalize the sales of ME3 with the Trilogy and give no DLC support to the Wii U version? Release a gimped Madden and FIFA? Claim less than a year later that the "Next generation is yet to come" and they are "focusing their efforts elsewhere"? Not bringing NHL14, probably not FIFA 14, Battlefield 4, Crysis 3 (it was ready to be released)....for no logical reason?

They plan to bring Battlefield 4 to consoles that don't have a single unit sold and will have less than the Wii U when you combine them at launch. How is that less of a risk financially than the Wii U?

Criterion has full control of NFS by the way.