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Analogue Stick Add-On for 3DS Revealed

Posted by James Newton

First look inside

Update: A Nintendo UK representative has confirmed the device is real, saying:

We can confirm that Nintendo does plan to release the attachment but that any further announcements on the attachment will be made at some later time by Nintendo.

The rumours of a second analogue stick add-on for Nintendo 3DS continue to strengthen, with the device apparently spotted in this week's Famitsu magazine.

According to Siliconera, the peripheral takes the form of a clip-on cradle for the console, and adds a second analogue stick as well as R2 and L2 buttons, replacing the original R1 too.

The pages also appear to confirm the recent rumblings of Monster Hunter Tri G on 3DS, with series producer Ryuji Tsujimoto apparently calling the device a "secret weapon" for the console.

Nintendo's big pre-Tokyo Games Show conference is next week, so we'll finally know the truth then. In the meantime, what do you make of this rumour?


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y2josh said:

If this is made for Monster Hunter looks like I'll hold out for the Vita Monster Hunter. If they think this is going to be used for every game out there Nintendo is getting dumber.

edit: Guess we'll be seeing 3DSlite next year with a better battery and two sticks.



The3DSisMINE said:

I think its okay. But it seems that the 3DS is starting to become a really bulky piece of machinery. But if it plays right, I might get it, but only for FPS's



Oregano said:

I think this is all part of Nintendo's pursuit for third party support and it's a very dangerous game to be playing. They're willing to damage their brand for one, admittedly massive, third party franchise.

I wish them the best of luck. That's all I can say.



tripunktoj said:

What @1 & @4 said, I really hope this remains as a rumor or otherwise unreleased, that tumor just looks awful and unplayable, also I doubt 3G service to be included for free.



Sylverstone said:

Nintendo's really bending over backwards for third-party support.

I just hope they know what they're doing.



grumblegrumble said:

Wow. Who wants a huge plastic thing hanging off the side of their 3DS? And just for one game that I have absolutely no interest in? I'll pass.



MasterGraveheart said:

I was kinda hopping the pad would overlap the space beneath the four command buttons, but, can't win 'em all, I guess. This should be fine until the new interation of the 3DS comes out in 2013.



SunnySnivy said:

Looks odd.

Why are they adding this though? What game could they be making that would absolutely require a second analog stick?



Dyl_73 said:

It looks pretty naff. As for the size, it's not really much different than the original DS looking from the top but it looks far too bulky looking at the back end where the L and R buttons are.



MrDanger88 said:

If this thing becomes standard with a revision of the system coming next year I'll never buy another Nintendo system again. This company has gone to **** fast.



Oregano said:

@SunnySnivy It was revealed with Monster Hunter. It seems Nintendo made it specifically for the game, possibly to actually get the game on the system.



James said:

Here's what I don't get: PSP didn't have a second analogue stick, and people seemed to like playing Monster Hunter on PSP a little bit. Is a second analogue input really that important?



BulbasaurusRex said:

Other than FPS's (where gyroscope turning might be the superior control scheme, anyway), what do we need this for?



erv said:

Everybody knows the 3ds was too early released / rushed to market.

The failed battery life is a prime indicator of this. If the 3ds wants to maintain momentum, it needs a i3ds with proper dual pads, better battery life and sturdier chassis.

I love the 3ds, but will not buy one. If I ever do, give me those analogues and better execution. Then we'll talk.



goldgin said:

How is this rumor? It's in famitsu with screenshots from all sides and a guy holding the thing !!
and... guys, the real news..:
MH3G (hopefully with bows treatment as with past G remakes?!?) my 3DS purchase is finally justified!
Give me said stupid peripheral with a stick and a button that should be included in the first place now!!
Oh and for AMBASSADORS.. give THIS for FREE, it's lost money I can hold in my hands ffs!! take back ICE CLIMBING and give me back my pride (tears)



ElFlorro said:

This wouldn't be the first time Nintendo adds some crazy, clunky stuff to it's concoles or handhelds: Famicom Disk System, Stellaview, GameBoy Camera, 64DD & what not... they all weren't too successfull, weren't they? But honestly, what a waste to have a beautiful 3D world without having a second analog stick to look at it the right way... don't you think?



winter123 said:

Has to be a rumor. Nintendo devices always look pretty good, I'd never call them sexy but I've not seen anything just flat-out ugly since maybe the Virtual boy. The whole point of the touch screen is it can act as a second analog stick, and is much more ACCURATE than an analog stick, when programmed correctly!



winter123 said:

I meant /pretty/ (italics) good... I'm actually surprised a revised 3DS hasn't been announced yet, we're approaching 6 months since launch. That's about how long they have been waiting before announcing each DS revision! I expect it by April 2012.



Wheels2050 said:

It looks like some of the bulk is due to it having a couple of grips on the bottom - maybe that's something positive to come out of it?

Not the most stylish thing ever though.

Wait and see at the conference, I guess.

@James: That's a good point, but personally I'm of the opinion that it'd be better to have a second analogue pad that might occasionally get used than only have one. It at least allows more choice with control schemes which is a good thing in my opinion.



WolfRamHeart said:

Well, if this thing does turn out to be real then that means that a newly redesigned 3DS might already be in the works and it could be revealed at or before next year's E3.



oliej said:

they shood make a clip sort of thing for the Right Analog Stick to go under the A X B Y buttons



BenAV said:

I doubt we'll be using it for too many games besides Monster Hunter anyway.
Sure, it could be used for something like first person shooters... But that can probably be compared to using the CC Pro for first person shooters on the Wii instead of the Wii Remote + Nunchuck... If done correctly using the touch screen as a second analogue stick would be better for first person shooters... In my opinion... But I'm not too fond of first person shooters anyway most of the time so meh.



Oregano said:

@James: I would have personally said no but maybe Capcom thinks it is(strangely enough).

Never has news been simultaneously so disconcerting and reassuring though!



Boshar said:

It won't win in the looks department but if the games that use this are good I will get it. Lets face it with dual analogue control we are talking about games for the core crowd. You don't have to take the Analogue cradle with you on the road. I guess the games that use it will also have a control scheme for bare 3ds use.

This is Nintendo covering all bases and making the 3ds useful for all game types.



Highwinter said:

Monster Hunter was playable on the PSP, due to the d-pad being directly above the analogue stick, meaning you could "claw" your hand and play the game just fine.. if you don't mind horribly disfiguring your fingers.

So yes, it's a necessity for MH. The 3DS button layout means you couldn't claw even if you wanted to and since there's no target lock on, you always have to be aware of your opponent and need to be able to keep him in view.

A lot of people seem to be missing the fact that this thing is allegedly being developed by Capcom solely for this purpose though, it's not a Nintendo peripheral.



Sockymon said:

This is comically bad. If it's just for MH then fine - I won't buy it 'cos it looks awful and adds loads of bulk. If it's part of a wider 32X upgrade type strategy for the 3DS then I'm sure it will be equally successful. (i.e. it will bomb)



Chris720 said:

Omg, that looks absolutely stupid! They made an accesory so you get an extra analogue stick, wtf?! I can see it now:

"Ima play some MH now"
hooks on second analogue stick
guy next to me thinks "wtf?!"

Seriously, it looks bloody stupid.



timp29 said:

Interesting. I must admit that on the grip side of things with the 3DS... my hands get a bit sore at times. I still don't really understand why this is necessary. There better be some amazing games coming with it...



ImDiggerDan said:

@13 - genuine lol and too right all in one. I really hope this is just for 1 game and no other games support it. Hold on, what do I mean "hope"? That's what happens with all peripherals.



NX01Trekkie1992 said:

guys, it's quite obvious why Big N is doing this, when the WiiU was first revealed, Shigeru Miyamoto noted that the 3DS could make a 'nice WiiU controller', however, when I thought about it, I realized the 3DS was missing some things the WiiU has, such as a second analogue stick and the two z triggers the WiiU controller will have, this add-on will basically mimic the WiiU in portable form, with two screens (the WiiU using the TV and controller screen, the 3DS using it's two screens, and both having one touch screen), and the same button setup, 4 triggers, 2 analogue sticks, and the d-pad and the ABXY buttons. This also would explain the decision by Nintendo to only have one WiiU controller per console, instead of manufacturing separate WiiU controllers, Nintendo will be encouraging sales of it's handheld consoles with the concepts of it's new home console, it's quite a brilliant marketing strategy really, though one that may not go over with the fans very well.



MasterGraveheart said:

I'm excited. I just hope that this won't be REQUIRED for all games and that there are options for people who decide to bypass this.

I'll be getting it myself, but I will admit it'll be lame if some games require it and this leaves some out in the cold.



LordTendoboy said:

Come on 3DS redesign!

Screw it, I'll just get a PS Vita. At least Sony finally knows what they're doing.



Ryno said:

I was not hanging around NintendoLife when the Wii Motion Plus came out so I am wondering; did a lot of people have a conniption fit back then too?



James said:

@Ryno You mean, did people say things like "this should have been included in the first place!", "I'm not buying this, should have been free", "Nintendo this is the last time I buy one of your products"? Yep.



Ryno said:

So this is par for the course then. I shall expect similar reactions in the future. Thanks James



Arthedain said:

The 13th couldn't get here soon enough, so the speculations ends.

I think this is a little more extreme than the motion plus addon though ;P



Pac-Suit said:

So let me get this straight...we're receiving an optional device, that could open up new doors for the 3DS, expanding the library, and bringing us potential games like MH3 to the system....yet people are blowing a gasket?



tripunktoj said:

@Ryno: Right, but wasnt announced early, extra bulk isnt that bad on home consoles, and MotionPlus was much smaller and aesthetical... well at least it was symetric.
Hope this is a Capcom peripheral exclusive to MH, still @YashaStepanovic post is interesting.



potomas said:

This practically confirms nintendo are making a new 3ds.This cradle has just been knocked up for us early adopters.There is no way monster hunter will be the only game to use this,any game needing second stick will come bundled with cradle.



crazyj2312 said:

I feel like Nintendo screwed me over. If this device is solely for Monster Hunter, its ok. But if this is how they plan to put the 3DS I have on equal grounds as a new device they're making, I'm going to throw a fit that'll make Mel Gibson look like a newborn kitten.



BXXL said:

53. TwillightPrince

Exactly what i was thinking... for sure, a redesigned 3DS will be made, and all the early 3DS buyers are screwed... not even the 20 free games (which i've already played to death) are gonna change my feelings, that's for sure...

I keep buying Nintendo consoles for Zelda, Metroid and the best Mario's, but this time, that's for sure: Nintendo won't trick me in the future, as i won't buy anything after the Skyward Sword...

Maybe i'll rent some games for my Wii and my 3DS, and that's it: tired of giving them so much money, they don't desearve it anymore...



JustAnotherUser said:

Nintendo of Europe confirmed an addon, that does not mean this is it.
That might have been a prototype Nintendo used before making it look all pretty.



RantingThespian said:

My main problem is the placing of the second circle pad. Why is it all the way to right of the ABXY buttons? It looks like it could end up being painful trying to reach over to those ones with this thing on it.



Portista said:

The more Nintendo dose the worse it gets! They like have know idea what they are doing! First they announce the 3ds like in 2010 and get everyone's hopes up and then the release games stink and we have to wait for like 4 months for just one good game and then 3 more and this is all after the super long wait for A YEAR! Then the whole price ordeal which wasn't so bad (for some people). Then they realize, oh you think we should add a analog stick, yes i think we should add an analog stick, what about buttons, quite right quite right, and on and on and on!



ElFlorro said:

@Pac-Suit: I think people are complaining, because a second analog stick could have been on the 3DS right from the beginning. It should be a standard now. So why this clunky thingy? I love my 3DS, don't get me wrong, but I am disappointed that Nintendo didn't do much more for it's design. For example the gamecard slot. It happend a few times on the DS & DS light that I exidently pushed on the top of the card and it came out while playing. This hasn't been changed with the 3DS. They haven't done a thing about it. Yet the old GameBoy had a saftey lock. So why not the 3DS? And sometimes I touch the volume control while playing, because it just isn't placed and designed well. I love Nintendo's products for nearly 25 years now, but I think they did a sloppy job with the 3DS in general.



Linkstrikesback said:

Holy jesus. Excuse me while I go to make a sacrifice to every god I can think of. This abomination is ...oh dear...

I'm so glad I don't like monster hunter, maybe I can get out unscathed from this.

Also: Didn't the PSP monster hunters manage without a 2nd analogue stick? I don't see why this is needed.



Ristar42 said:

I cant think of a dramatic reaction as I dont care about another analogue slider (prefer a better d-pad!), but if it helps Monster Hunter fans play the games they like on 3DS, fine with me.



Kirk said:

If this is actually a genuine 1st party product then I think Nintendo is in trouble, in the same way Sega was in trouble when they were releasing so many random consoles and console extensions one after the other, and look where that got them.

I am actually genuinely worried about Nintendo.



GameLord08 said:

This is gaming blasphemy.

Now I seriously expect a 3DS Lite version coming out sooner, contrary to what Nintendo put our minds at ease with.

And for Monster Hunter? A secret weapon? Heck, I'm not going to get that junk just to get this 'weapon'.



LordTendoboy said:


"Is a second analog input really that important?"

Try playing an Xbox 360 or PS3 game with one analog stick. More specifically, try playing an FPS game with one analog stick. Remember all the FPS games on the N64? Yeah...



LordTendoboy said:

I just bought a 3DS 2 weeks ago! If they really are redesigning the 3DS next year, they better give me my money back....



BulbasaurusRex said:

@65 I love playing Conduit 2 on the Wii with one analogue stick, since the motion controls are a incredible substitute for the other stick. Similarily, that's what the gyroscope is for on the 3DS. Couldn't they find a way to have this new Monster Hunter game use gyroscope controls, which would be even better if done correctly? The Wii MotionPlus is useful for all kinds of games, but a second analogue stick on a system that already has a potentially superior workaround for the few genres that would find it useful doesn't appear to be necessary, especially when it makes it so clunky.



Aviator said:

@tendoboy You bought the 3DS knowing that a re-design could happen down the track. Not Nintendo's job to give you your money back for something your dissatisfied with.



Linkstrikesback said:

To copy a reply from my twitter feed...

Do you want to play CoD on your 3DS? No? Then I wouldn't worry about it.

I could not care any less about playing any FPS game on the 3DS.



BulbasaurusRex said:

So you'll lose the sweetspot when turning. You'll still get the 3D effect when you're not turning. It's worth it to avoid using this new piece of junk.



WaveBoy said:

What an awful design....The 2nd analog stick should of overlapped tightly on the 3DS under the 4 face buttons. LOL

Anyways, i could care less....So how's anout that Super Mario 3D Land.



Saviour said:

Uh-oh. Nintendo is heading into the same direction SEGA was heading in the 90's. And by that I mean: hardware is going down the toilet. Seriously people are going to look at this and wonder: WTF. This is just screaming help.IDK about buying a 3DS now. I will have to wait a little until I am sure how I want to spend my money.



GRaven-25 said:

If this is the final design (hopefully not) I wouldn't mind if they crammed in a larger battery like similar third party accessories are trying to do. If so how will they plug that onto this add on (be like a giant lego brick in the end lol). My other problem is the headphone port seems to be facing upwards, a big mistake for my nice giant headphones with giant jack.



iPruch said:

I can't understand why is so importan to have a second stick. I've been playing for 15 years with the traditional directional pad or a single stick (or two, but second not needed, or at least not for the camera that can be moved with the touch-screen or holding a button...) and I think this isn't that necessary to sell such a horrible addon (and unacceptable for a portable system).



HipsterDashie said:

I hope this is just something that will be required (and hence bundled with) the new Monster Hunter. If it becomes standard, I can see a lot of people will be locked out of buying new games because they don't want to buy/know about the additional circle pad.

The other thing I don't particularly like about the attachment is the design. It looks like a horrible, cheap 3rd party peripheral. It needs to be much more in keeping with the 3DS design, i.e. glossy, layered plastics with less curving edges, and it needs to lose a lot of the bulk. Look, it more than doubles the thickness of the system! I'd rather not be carrying something the size of a Game Gear around (unless it's actually my Game Gear ).



CapnKael said:

Fair enough. To be honest, I don't mind that much. Hardware develops with the life of the console, and while it's right that Nintendo should have put this stick in from the start, at least they're doing it now.

One thing I know is that if they release a new 3DS down the line with the stick integrated, I will be contacting Nintendo to demand that all my data be transferred across.



alLabouTandroiD said:

Okay, i’m getting prepared for this to be true and the final design. But there are still some things that let me doubt.

  • It’s kinda hard to trust Nintendo’s UK reps with quick responses so soon after this.
  • I still don’t see where the add-on connects to the 3DS to exchange the needed information.
  • Not even the Vita does have L2 and R2 buttons, right ?
  • From the other new story ‘bout MH3DS: “ tapping the touch screen will make you automatically face large beasts” – Do you still need a second analogue for camera control then ?

If this is the final design the biggest concern I have is that I can’t use my recent hardcase if I want to play MH3DS outside or other games that most likely will support it in the future. I’m definitely not taking an unprotected 3DS with me.
Many people buy a portable to play games when they’re not at home, so in this regard it would be a fail.
On the other hand it could only be a control option and maybe you can still the play the game without the attachment…



Highwinter said:

This is a very poor idea by Nintendo, especially if it means a redesign is coming. If this is really Nintendo's business strategy, I'm honestly going to give up and order a Vita.



Sockymon said:

Has anyone referred to this as the proverbial Ugly Stick yet? That's what I'll be calling this piece of tat from now on.



Saviour said:

it would be nice to announce a model with this built in, since I have yet to buy a 3DS.



Birdman said:

Wow. It better be really cheap or Nintendo better allow us to get one free with proof of purchase before some date. Oh, and along with the extra Circle Pad and shoulder buttons, it better have something to improve the 3DS's battery life in there ...



V8_Ninja said:

I hope you know what you're doing Nintendo. This could either turn out to be very good or a complete disaster. Please, make the smart moves Nintendo. Please.



6ch6ris6 said:


because it is for a handheld.

wtf are they thinking??????



Radbot42 said:

They should consider doing a recall, and giving out a redesigned 3DS for free, This is some serious bull **** if for real. I've never been more pissed off at Nintendo than I have right now. This better just be a good fake screenshot someone made to piss off the fans



CapnKael said:

I understand people's annoyance with the possibility of having to buy an add on and the looming threat of a redesign so soon after the initial release, but what i will never understand is the people who say stuff like, "Screw it, I'll get a Vita." Surely you bought a 3DS for Nintendo games? That's the only reasn I own Nintendo consoles, for the Nintendo games. I'd buy a Vita if Nintendo franchises were coming out on it, but they aren't. It makes no sense to me when people say that stuff.



SullKid said:

Oh my god. It's like a blind date with a girl who lives in a black bathing tub and has a hanging deformed left breast. AND you paid for the 240€ dinner beforehand.

Seriously, if this turns out to be a stuttering step before redesign next year, I'll never buy a Nintendo console ever again until it's almost dead, like I did with Wii when I bought it 12 months ago (and it was STILL too early because WiiMote+ wasn't out, only M+ attachment).

I'm looking at you WiiU. I swear.



crazyj2312 said:

I pray that this is just a very very VERY successful troll and doesn't turn out to be true.



moosa said:

Hahaha you guys are all SOOO DRAMATIC. It does look a bit weird and bulky (there is a good chance it's not a final design). But come on, why is an extra pad and buttons a bad thing? Nintendo augments their design with new features and all I hear is WHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINE.

"They should have had this in the first place." Perhaps so, but this is the next best thing. If Nintendo didn't do this, you would all still be whining about the lack of a second stick and extra shoulder buttons. #neversatisfied



daznsaz said:

im not sure about this i showed the wife and she thought it was ok.shes left handed and said it would be better for her to use a slider with her right getting worried by stuff like this happening with nintendo.hope they stay on the ball.



Shiryu said:

So this means there will be a newer, better 3DS redesigned around the time the Wii U hits. There's no way the 3DS will fit in my pocket with that thing on. Guess I will have to wait...




Ridiculous. One its not required and two it should've beeN in the original 3ds design ffs. How long has it been since the release of the 3ds? Have they only thought of it now? How costly will it be considering I overpaid for the original design anyway? Oh but I'm gettin 20 free downloads of games the majority of which I've played back in the day. Stop being capitalist extremists like sonysoft.

Not getting it unless absolutely essential.



Link245 said:

I don't see the problem here. They're not doing a system redesign or anything, just selling an attachment for a game. That's all. You don't HAVE to buy it.



crazyj2312 said:


Some of us spent hundreds of dollars for a game system that dropped its price without warning in less than 6 months only to be paid off with 20 old as heck games we already own/ have owned. And with insult to injury, the system has a planned revision and the only way for the old system to be on par is to be stuck to a bulky mess which we'll undoubtedly have to pay for. THAT'S what I'm complaining about.



pikku said:

At first I thought this looked and sounded completely stupid, but now that they're saying that it adds L2 and R2 triggers, and overlaps the R button on the 3DS, it sounds like it will be much more comfortable. Honestly, it doesn't look that bad to me. anymore. I know I'm gonna get it, if only for Monster Hunter.



pikku said:

Come on, guys. you're acting as if they are absolutely going to announce t a new 3DS model next week. And even if they do, which we have no indication of, btw, then it's not likely to come out until Spring next year at earliest. this is what we've got until then. And even if it does end up being announced, be thankful they';re giving you the option to stick with your original 3DS by using this add-on instead of forcing you to buy the new 3DS in order to play games that require the second stick.



moosa said:

@crazyj2312: You decided $250 was worth it to you; nobody made you buy it. I paid the same price. Everyone knows that a revised 3DS will come out someday, as it has been with every Nintendo portable ever released. Nintendo continues to improve upon their products and you guys continue to complain.



TheBaconator said:

That just looks odd. Not only does it make the system larger and uneven, but that control stick is tiny.



NX01Trekkie1992 said:

after thinking about this a while longer, and reading some of your thoughts, I actually like the idea of this, the add on most likely represents the universalizing of nintendo consoles, both handheld and home systems. Imagine this, universalizing WiiUWare and 3DSWare, play in 3d (and portable) on your 3DS and on the big screen on your WiiU (and maybe even in bigscreen 3D if you have a 3DTV!), also imagine, when you have to leave the house, pausing your game on your WiiU, transferring it to your 3DS, and taking it along with you. This really DOES have a lot of potential if Nintendo is willing to put in the work!

@GRaven-25 that's a GREAT point about possibly extending battery life, it would go a long way to fixing one of the main complaints about the 3DS.

@daznsaz also a good point, one of the first things I noticed about the 3DS is it no longer had the potential the original DS (and Virtual Boy for that matter) had to mirror controls for the left handed population, due to only one circle pad on the left side of the system, this addon will rectify the problem and allow for greater variety in game control.

Consider this also, the addon may not just be hardware, it COULD also contain software to compliment the new hardware (ie better programming for the gyroscope, speeding up the operating system, or throwing on more preloaded software), in addition, there may be new hardware we're not aware of yet (more onboard storage space, improved battery as mentioned by @GRaven-25, and so much more), people, don't criticize this til we know more about this and what it may do for us once released



crazyj2312 said:


I wouldn't be complaining if this was during the holiday season, or a year from now, because change is expected when hardware ages. But it's only been like 6 months. No one is releasing any good games until the holidays and next year, so I've been left with a system I've barely gotten to play. I was told there would be justification to the amount of money I spent but no such thing has occurred. As far as the revision goes, no one was expecting it this soon. Every other handheld Nintendo had was out for at least two years before it was re-done, and there were decent reasons like a lack of a back light and size. I'm not going to act like Nintendo is catering to me; its giving me crap on a silver platter. You're making it seem like it's our fault that we don't just bend over and take it.



NintyMan said:

Hmmm, looks like our predictions turned out false. I don't know if this would be optional, but the games I could see that being used for is FPSs, Monster Hunter, and Kid Icarus: Uprising. The odds of this being for everything are slim, but what do I know?



citizenerased said:

@crazyj2312 :

"I was told"

Don't believe what companies tell you. Nintendo's own philosophy: Playing is believing. Don't buy a console until it has the content you think is worth the purchase, plain and simple. So yes, it is your own fault. Nintendo took pity and gave you 20 games, props to them, that's more than any other company would've done.

Of course there is some bad luck going on, but Nintendo isn't happy about the current situation. No malice involved, it's silly to get mad at a company. I guess you've learned a lesson for next time not to buy crap, even when offered on a silver platter. And for what it's worth it, the 3DS still has many years with awesome games ahead of it.



Monsti said:

Look at this! It's huuuuuge!

Yes it actually might be more comfortably....but not on the road.

And after say a thousand times that the 3DS doesn't need second analogue they are releasing one not even a year later?!

And to everyone who says it might not be the final design: It's Nintendo! Of course it is the final design....



Samholy said:

this is...ugly.
this better be a simple gizzmo, because i dont want this huge crap in my hands, and i dont want games relying on it.

if THIS ever happens, the 3ds will be on ebay soon enough nd ill buy a ps3. if this ever happens, no more nintendo products for a long while. no wii u, no whatever happens with them before the next handheld console they will announce.
i had my load of bull-S with the launch price and that ambassador thing. yeah the games are fun, but i wont be using half of them for what the price drop was worth.



Doma said:

HA, looks ridiculous!

Well, this pretty much confirms the incoming redesign. No 3DS for me until it releases.



JakobG said:

Seriously Nintendo, over 25 years of game manufacturing and you still screw up.
Let this be a lesson to you: Do not overestimate your products, no matter how much people loved the demo at E3. The 3DS is critically rushed.
Weak battery life, high price, flawed design with the gyroscope, meagre launch titles, lacking second analog stick, belated and limited Webbrowser and eShop as well as serious delay on the prepaid cards for your eShop.
And now you're trying to fix those issues by slapping stuff like discounts and THIS ABOMINATION onto your original product because you're sitting on a pile of them and you can't risk any losses.
It's been OVER 25 years now, Nintendo.
I once thought that you are superior over your competitors do to your experience and quality control over your products, but if you keep doing THIS, then I can only predict doom for your company.



Corbs said:

Come on Nintendo! Leave the 3DS hardware alone and just get the damn games out for it!



NESguy94 said:

Does this remind anyone else of Sega in the early '90s? The only way I will see this as an improvement will be if a battery is added to this "thing" and it is free to ambassadors. Those of us who payed 250 for this are not gonna want to buy this just to be able to play normal games.



CapedGodot said:

What's with all the hate? Just sit back and trust that Nintendo knows what makes them money better than you do.



JayceJa said:

im annoyed, not because of the look, not because of the look, not cause ill have to pay for it, but just because it should have been there from the start, and because its an add-on, it will limit how much it will be able to become mainstream for all games, and it will be less comfortable than it should have been

its GOOD they are bringing this out, but BAD that the second analogue wasnt on the original



Spoony_Tech said:

That thing is ugly and I wouldn't be seen in public with it! I also have the extended battery and don't feel like switching of out just to lose battery life and stick this thing on and it will probably drain even more battery life. I'm not sure if anyone even thought about that yet. It has to drain on the battery somehow. We might get 2 hours out of it now. I do believe Nintendo is starting to lose it. I really hope some of their people frequent this site and read all the complaints! I don't think it would help since once they have a thought they will go through with it. If ever they need to trash an idea or product its now. If its included with only monster hunter then its forgivable but that the only way.



Gene said:

But do I really need 2nd analog stick? No? I'm not going to buy any 3DS FPS's and I can play MH3G without the stick too.




Looks about as chunky as the original DS phat. I'm guessing this won't sell well. I mean dual analogue pad/stick control is cool but its archaic by Nintendo standards. They already have gyrosope controls and touch screen controls which they effectively brought into gaming anyway. This is a step backwards to placate uninnovative, lazy 3rd parties. It should've been in the original's design ffs



SilverBaretta said:

Looks.....clunky, but definitely seems like a nice add-on. See? Now you left-handers can play Kid Icarus Uprising too!



shinobi88 said:

Well, I feel akward being the only person who correctly predicted this on the other threads. That's the life of a Shinobi. QUIT whining about hardware upgrades. Upgrades are good. Original DS SUCKED compared to DSi. Are you telling me you wished they never upgraded?? Ya, it's a lot quicker than normal, but it's waaaaaaay better in the long run. You KNEW Nintendo would upgrade eventually, you just couldn't hold out. You've gotten a few good months ahead of everyone else w/ your glasses-free 3D handheld.

Good news is it looks pretty cool. I thought it was going to be some cheap lil piece of plastic that just latched on top of the system. For those whining about ambassadors getting this free, you're already getting over $100 in free virtual console games so pipe down.

All 3DS games will eventually be made for dual stick control once they get a 3DS model w/ the dual stick built on. Now, all Nintendo has to do is announce ONE first person shooter for the 3DS and it'll be a legit system.



komicturtle said:

Is this really made by Capcom?

I think the pictures makes this think look big because the described dimensions makes it sound a smaller than what it appears. I was hoping it would be a clip that connects to the side and the slide pad would be under the face buttons so it'd be very thin and comfy.

Have to get my hands on this to even judge it right.



MT5mith said:

That is going to make playing incredibly difficult, maybe even unplayable. I do hope that it is only for Monster Hunter, otherwise you just know it's going to be overused in games, or even complusary after a couple of years. I just hope that Nintendo crop it down a bit for the release.



caityful said:

That's ridiculous. Very disappointed in Nintendo after this decision... One thumbstick was pointless enough for the most part, why throw in another?



warioswoods said:

OK, so this would seem to be only for Monster Hunter.

Unfortunately, it will be played out like a hardware revision or Nintendo idea. Which is tragic, because...
1 - That's just about the stupidest add-on I've ever seen.
2 - Capcom has no business making hardware. This just further confirms it.
3 - Nintendo's internal developers don't need 2 circle-thingies to make their games work on the system.
4 - This thing will play out terrible in the press as some sort of fix for hardware that was never broken to begin with.

Screw the conventional wisdom... Nintendo would do better to forget the third parties and just make exactly what it wants to make. Expand its internal developers and take on like-minded folks (Retro, etc) if necessary, but stop expecting 3rd parties to sell the platform.

I'm sorry, but third parties almost always fall flat on Nintendo systems. They don't understand and don't want to bother with N's vision, they don't want to invest much dev money in something risky, and they just hope to make a quick buck on a platform that doesn't have a large library.



Bigdog said:

Forget the second analog stick, if this is comfortable, I will get it.

I love my 3DS but it is uncomfortable as hell, cramps my hand like crazy and I have to constantly adjust. With my old dslite, I had this big old cradle that felt like a game pad and gave more battery life. One of the best video game purchases I ever got, and made the dslite be used exponentially more in my house. (

So, if this is comfortable, and adds more baterry life, I'm all for it. If all it does is add the circle pad, I think it's silly to damage the brand for such a small consideration.



TingLz said:

@wariowoods: Either way Nintendo's going to expand its franchises anyway. I don't blame them for attempting to get third parties on board since there are popular franchises outside of Nintendo.

It seems to me that this is just a peripheral that will be optional for some games, so I don't see why everyone has to whine about it. Don't want it? Don't buy it. Simple as that



chiefeagle02 said:

Don't know how I feel about this one, but deep down, I feel an urge to sell my DSi XL and my 3DS, completely write off mainstream portable gaming (Nintendo and Sony, because I'm getting burned out on console redesigns and add-ons reinforcing a feeling of inadequacy and obsolescence in the mind of consumers), and buy an OpenPandora. But I digress, let's see where Nintendo goes with this and see if it'll be worth the alleged $10 it's going for...



zionich said:

I dont know how I feel about this. Like James, I have also wondered why a second analog is needed like it wasnt in the PSP, but I suppose the placment of the D-pad could make a difference. If its what is required for MH, ill take it.


I think the push for third party support comes from consumers, not Nintendo.



ThumperUK said:

I'd bet this add-on is purely to get the MH series onto the 3DS. After all, most of the PSP's success in Japan was due to it having Monster Hunter. Like most people, I don't really need to have really complex games on a portable so don't see the need for multiple analogue pads. I just want more games on the 3DS that

a) are fun to play
b) last more than 3 hours



Geonjaha said:

This is absolutely discusting. Extreamly bulky and unnecessary just for an extra circle pad. I hope to god that this is never a necessesity. Its so bulky, how the hell can you hold it?



cwdlong said:

Looks silly. Nintendo needs to do the smart thing and quite producing hardware and stick to games.



BrainBoxLtd said:

The more I think about this the more it seems like a slightly more drastic version or bundling the Classic Controller Pro with MHTri.

I guess people are worried this signals some major design change looming on the horizon, but I just see it as a controller add-on more than anything. Just instead of something radically different like the guitar hero add-on it's a much less ambitious second stick and set of shoulder buttons.



TingLz said:

And I will laugh if people actually try this and say "OMG this is the most amazing thing I tried!!"

It has happened before



shinobi88 said:

We're getting closer to THE DREAM. "The dream" has always ben to have a full console experience on a handheld. If you're just interested in simple little games why are you on the 3DS discussion board? Go get an original Game Boy or a worthless Iphone.

There are a couple parts to "the dream". For one, graphics. The old handheld systems could never match up w/ the big boys. But the 3DS and Vita both have enough tech to at least compete with PS3 and X 360 in the looks department.

The other area is control. The more methods of input you have, the more total control you have of the in-game character and camera. So while the big boy controllers have d-pads, 2 sticks, face buttons, R1-R3 and L1-L3, 3DS was lacking in the input methods to make a full, deep game in a 3D open world, like Monster Hunter, Assassin's Creed, Call of Duty, Etc. ( I know the stylus touch screen can mimic a 2nd stick, but unless you're a cyborg, your hand shakes when you write. NOT efficient input method )

Enter this new attachment. Not only does it give a 2nd stick, but maybe R2 and L2 too. NOW, the 3DS has as many input methods as the big boys, PLUS it has the advantages of portability, 3D, touch and gyro controls.

Death to consoles and Iphones. Viva la 3DS and Vita.



bonesy91 said:

Wait so this is being made by Nintendo.... wow.... um Take note Nintendo, let this be your last 3D based system you make. (History really does repeat itself haha)

but either way, I still love my little gaming device... well soon to be a big little gaming device.... :/



GRaven-25 said:

I can still imagine getting onto a train, taking out a moderate sized 3DS then clicking this (I'll call it the 3D cradle for now) into the back. If it's done with a satisfying click sound then I'll buy purely to show off lol.

Would I still need to take this out after and plug in the other cradle for charging when home as Nintendo intended us to do early on. I don't fancy plugging it on top like Lego bricks (or do I?) lol.

@YashaStepanovic: The idea of universalising games to the WiiU would make sense when Satoru Iwata mentioned how to do Smash Bros on both formats.

P.s. @LittleFuryThing, @sykotek, @tealovertoma: Love the pics.



pixelman said:

Ouch, pressing the ABXY buttons looks uncomfortable (albeit not as uncomfortable as the claw, haha). Ah well, I'll do anything for Monster Hunter.

@James: On the PSP you can use the "claw" to control both the nub and d-pad at the same time. On the 3DS you can't do that because the positions are swapped.




LittleKing said:

@James I have played Freedom and Freedom Unite a lot, and it is only possible because the Analogue Nub and Plus-Pad are swapped in comparison with the 3DS, which allows you to claw your hand and reach both. Some people just mashed the L button to center the camera, but most hate that. It really needs a second stick on the 3DS.

EDIT: Dang it, ninja'd by Pix.

@pixelman Personally, once I got used to the claw, it was very comfortable.



Ren said:

I still like my 3DS, though I do wish I'd waited a bit for a more final design. I already had it sent in to fix screens that scratched themselves and now have to have a cloth clamped in the thing all the time. Then the price drop thing.
Yes, that analog stick looks pretty dumb, I want nothing to do with it, but why are people assuming it's something made by Nintendo? It doesn't look like it to me. It looks like any other 3rd party junk made for a certain game. So don't get it then. I know I won't.



Omenapoika said:

Still don't believe, I think I won't believe it until I use one.
It all seems quite... Bonkers. Although, Wii got a crazy array of wacky add-ons, it's just this is the first one we get on the 3DS it feels like a slap on the face.



Crunc said:

There's no way around it... that is an embarrassment. What were they thinking? That and the WiiU controller. It really feels like desperate times for Nintendo. They are just throwing stuff at the wall and hoping something sticks. Well, I'd actually like to see them become a software company anyway, so maybe it's just as well. If their hardware efforts continue to tank maybe that will happen. I'd love to see what they could up with for Kinect, for example.



NintendoN8 said:

I'm not sure how I feel about it. I thought that the 3DS should've had a second analog stick to begin with. Furthermore, they still put the second stick in the wrong place. I think it needs to be moved lower on the ad-on (I'd really prefer it was below the ABXY buttons)
If it adds battery life, makes the system more comfortable, and brings more 3rd party support, then I'll deal with the dorky looks of it. The corners of every DS I've owned start to dig into my palms and cramp my hands after extended playing, so maybe this will make the system more ergonomic.



Nin-freak said:

I like this! Now anything can be done on 3DS 8)
And why are people complaining about bulkyness? PSVITA is bigger than this lol.



LordAndrew said:

Damn, that's ugly. And I'm still not clear on how it actually communicates with the 3DS. The system is not designed for control add-ons like the Wii, or even the DS.



Muzer said:

Why's everyone so negative about it? Who gives a fig about what it looks like - if it plays well and feels comfortable, that's all that matters.



Sam_Loser2 said:

This is unbelievable. As if Nintendo didn't already give us enough reason to not trust them. Notch's game making stratigy was to show a picture of the new emeny, read speculation, and do what the speculation said, pretending it was the idea all long. If Nintendo would just look at some of these threads, they would realize what a horrible idea this is and how frustrated current 3DS owners are. I love my 3DS as is, and I hope this attachment fades into obsucrity as a failed idea.



DarkKirby said:

If the cradle has a built in bigger battery it might be more popular then most might think as it would solve 2 problems at once. I had said a long time ago that Nintendo was foolish for leaving out the 2nd analog, trying to force innovation out of 3rd party developers to make up for it with the touch screen, instead we have 3rd party developers just not trying. Nintendo grew overconfident and made the same mistake with the Wii.



Tryken said:

What is Nintendo doing? I've been reading on Nintendolife for a long time, and never posted until I read this. I'm posting now to show that I'm disappointed in Nintendo. I love my 3DS. It's awesome. This peripheral is not. It's too large, too bulky, and any system that starts pushing heavy add-ons sees failure shortly there-after. No system has added large add-ons to a system without failure to my memory. N64 did pull off that memory card you put into the system, but that wasn't a giant bulky addition.



Knux said:

This will actually provide a better grip on the handheld, so this is good news for me. Think about all the games that could control a lot better due to a second analouge stick, like a 3D Metroid game or a Kingdom Hearts game for example.

As long as the second analouge stick add on is cheap to buy ($10-$20 at the most), then there are no problems here. But why didn't Nintendo just include this in the first place is beyond me. I am beginning to think Capcom convinced Nintendo to do this in order to bring Monster Hunter to the 3DS.



BenAV said:

Can't wait till the 13th.
Hopefully all shall be reveiled.

The more I look at it the more I get used to it...
It could add an extra optional control scheme for a lot of games, which isn't a negative thing in any way.
Sure, in the next couple of years a new model will probably be released with a second analogue stick (and extra shoulder buttons?) already part of it... But handhelds always get better models over time and I'll be quite pleased to buy my new 3DS with all potential control schemes covered when it does release.



daznsaz said:

it might be better for the more intense games that the 3ds is capable of.ive had a painful dint in my right palm from to much resi and might be good for that type of thing.would have to use it to find out



Late said:

Won't get that thing before I need it to play games that I really want. I have Monster Hunter on Wii already, no need for one on 3DS.



zezhyrule said:

Considering I still don't have a 3DS... maybe I'll wait for a revision.

@piknoob: Spring 2012 is no time at all to wait for me, especially considering there's no effing way this game is coming out before then.



Mandoble said:

Lets face it, all and every console PS3, XBoX, WiiU, Wii (Classic controller) and Vita have two analogs. So there is a reason behind this. Many people here will say, hey but to keep jumping and jumping with Mario I dont need that. That's fine, keep jumping and jumping forverer, but there is life behind Mario (in fact, life is behind it). Many here saying that MH can be played without second analog, many saying that they dont care, well, then lets talk about something else like Xenoblade, if you have it, try to figure out how to play without the second analog. Second analog is a must for a modern console (WiiU demostrates it). But this also confirms that they have been selling unfinished overpriced prototypes, and they are trying to keep selling them.



cyrus_zuo said:

It will make the 3DS an easy second Wii U controller.

I'd guess this has as much to do with that as anything.
Looks ugly and painful, but the next iteration of the 3DS will fix that...



Traxx said:

That was uncalled for. There was no need to add a second stick just for MH. Sure, it is the best layout to control a MH game, but camera controls using the touch screen would have been sufficent.
Now with this abomination the (original) 3DS' future and appeal to the masses will be more uncertain.



LordTendoboy said:


"Gyro controls screw up the 3D effect."

That's why you leave the 3D off. I can't even see it, so it doesn't matter to me. The gyro controls are probably the best thing about the 3DS; they work wonderfully in Ocarina of Time 3D. I love how you actually move the system to pan the camera and aim. It's so intuitive.



FonistofCruxis said:

I agree with Mandoble, (I never thought I would be saying that) many modern games do need a second analogue stick and as he said, Xenoblade chronicles is a good example of this so I can understand this decision even though it should've been at the launch of the console but that add-on is so ugly!!! Why didn't they make it a small add-on that fitted in the space under the a b x y buttons instead of this bulky travesty? At least the motion plus didn't make wii remotes look ugly.



LordTendoboy said:

Just found this bit of info from a GoNintendo commenter.

In the article, Monster Hunter producer Ryozo Tsujimoto is interviewed about the 3DS Circle Pad peripheral, which is technically being called the "Expansion Slide Pad." Tsujimoto calls the device a "secret weapon," which will help replicate the Monster Hunter Tri experience on a portable. --- IGN

So this add on is only for Monster Hunter?



FigetingPigeon said:

What a mess!! Makes the 3DS look like a right hulking piece of equipment. Nintendo you've messed up big time! Nintendo when you come to releasing the new model of the 3DS with 2 analogue nubs I want one for free! You can have your free 20 VC games and give all early adopters like myself of the 3DS a new model when released. I've always stood by Nintendo but after the Wii, 3DS and the upcoming Wii-U, I dont think i'll bother with you anymore if things dont rapidly change.



OldBoy said:

LOL. OMG that is one of the worst add ons I've ever seen. WTF Nintendo!!? I mean that device looks like it came straight outta the eighties
I would put my 3DS on ebay tonight unfortunately its now worth jack sh*t so I guess i'll give it to the kids. Screw you Nintendo, seriously this is the end for us, you have ripped me off too many times. Did you learn nothing from WM+ and how dividing your customer base is not good for developers.
I bet Sony are laughing their little socks off at this!!



koops330 said:

I wonder how the final product will look as an attachment and on the system to start



marc_max said:

I don't understand why a second stick is so needed.
Nintendo DS had a great touch screen that worked perfectly as a second stick. Metroid Prime Hunters was not a very good game IMHO, but it had an incredible control thanks to the touch screen.
Nintendo 3DS has a touch screen and even the gyroscopes.
Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker had awful controls due to the lack of a second stick. But I don't see any problem using the touch screen to move the camera.

This second stick addon is very horrible. It seems poorly designed and transforms your 3DS into a monster. If it's going to be used in all games from now on, then a redesign is needed.



lockelocke said:

hahahaha this is hilaaarious.

if they bundle it with monster hunter, i'm in. otherwise i cant really see myself shelling out money for this hideous contraption. plus it looks hella uncomfortable/unnatural



Omarzuqo said:

It's fugly and looks like it'll make the buttons hard to reach,

I would never use a 3DS like that in public, and I refuse to buy a redesign.



MarioMario said:

My only hope is that this isn't an actual Nintendo design, but a add-on made by capcom that won't be used on many other games outside of monster hunter tri g



Neram said:

This is something I would only use at home. There is a few good things though, more to hold on to, easier to press shoulder buttons, and the A button looks like it's in a more natural position. Aside from looking like a disgusting growth, it has its upside!



MeloMan said:

Damn, what's with all the posts? 194??? LMAO @ 118... I almost bought one of those

By 2013 the revision of the 3DS will come which will have a nice little 2nd analog for the main purpose of satisfying left handers, which imo is what all the fuss is over a 2nd analog for in the first place as there's no necessity for it, and even if N is endorsing this attachment, I hardly think it will be a requirement but a tide over until the revision comes so peeps will shuddap about it (but as you can see, can't please everyone). Haven't left-handed gamers existed since the NES and before? Why such the fuss now, I thought everyone dealt with that just fine...?



ThumperUK said:

How long until Sony put three sticks on a PSP and then all the sheep demand the same for the Nintendo handheld? Where will this end?? 10 analgue sticks one for each finger??

For complex games with 2 sticks I already have home consoles. There's not really that much of a need to have a portable doing everything that the home version does.....the console stops being quite so portable.



iPruch said:

198 comments that possibly wouldn't be here if Capcom tought of an automatic and useful camera (well programmed, of course) for the Monster Hunter series. I also wonder why is so important to have a stick with the only purpose of moving the camera.

I haven't red any bad comment about Zelda's camera. Think about it: It's semi-automatic, it focuses from Link's back by pressing only a button and can be switched to first person and be moved with the gyroscope or the stick in order to explore or use some weapons/tools. And it works fine with no need of a second stick. Wind Waker and Twilight Princess (GC version) had the option of moving the camera manually with the C-stick, but I've really never used it because the "targeting" was much more usefull and fast: Make Link look where you want to see -> Press and release the targeting button (and semi-automatic camera takes the control from here, but with the angle you want).

About the second stick addon... ridiculous. I've played some FPS games at Nintendo DS (KEEP AN EYE!!!) without any analogue stick, with a classic directional pad for moving and the touch screen for aiming and it's a million times better than playing a FPS with two sticks (I can't believe how this genre has spread over the home consoles with such an uncomfortable control).



Supremeist said:

When I first saw that this was confirmed I got really ticked off. What is Nintendo even thinking? Trying to ask for MORE money for a second analog that they should have released to start with?

If more things that make me this mad about the system start coming, I will sell my 3DS. But luckily this is just an add-on, not a new design. But who knows when they will announce a new design?

I think Ambassadors should get the second analog shipped to them for free. Who wants to pay $250 for a handheld and then have to buy another analog which will probably be over $20.



TheGreenSpiny said:

@130 Legend_marioid & 190 marc_max: At least someone else here gets it. None of the first person shooters on the DS needed an analog stick so I don't see why 3DS needs one. I for one hate dual analog controls. In the case of Monster Hunter, it's just a matter of Capcom being lazy. The controls for Tri were just plain awful. If they used some kind of automatic camera controls it would fix the problem without the need for a second analog stick, or just utilize the touch screen as many games have done before it. Using dual analog is taking a step back control wise. It's funny how people always bitch that Nintendo is behind the competition tech wise, but they have always been ahead of the competition in control innovations.

@190 marc_max: It's funny that you should mention Metroid Prime Hunters because that was the game that sold me on touch screen aiming, I'm glad to hear that Kid Icarus is using the touch screen for aiming as well.

@164 DarkKirby: Why wouldn't we want 3rd parties to innovate? I sure as hell don't want them to be lazy and go for crappy out dated control schemes. Once upon a time systems had only one analog stick (N64) or none at all (PS1). That didn't stop Sony from introducing the dual shock. Or stop developers from developing dual analog controls. So why are developers being cheap and lazy with the 3DS?



goldboy27 said:

as long is this is not requiered for the huge amount of games im okay but if this is gonna be requiered ummm i feel cheated



J-Forest-Esq said:

As long as it's only used for a few games that I don't want, then I don't mind too much. If it becomes a standard for first-party games too, then that would be a tad annoying. Either way, it doesn't alter the fact that that thing is ugly and gives the impression Nintendo is grasping for any ideas out of thin air and then rushing them, which isn't helping.



R-L-A-George said:

winter123 wrote:

I meant /pretty/ (italics) good... I'm actually surprised a revised 3DS hasn't been announced yet, we're approaching 6 months since launch. That's about how long they have been waiting before announcing each DS revision! I expect it be announced on April 2012. and 2013 release.


I keep seeing attachments that make it look it just as bulky. Made by a few brands, they are suppose to simulate the feeling of a home console version. Some bulkier than others



Mandoble said:

What is even more incredible is how someone may still wonder why it is so important the second analog (might be you need to play more games than these of nintendo and on different platforms), nor these claiming that having the touchsreen enslaved for the camera is the way to go when the big advantage of it was supposed to be inventory, map, action selection, etc.



armoredghor said:

@pacsuit basically yeah. People will whine over and over again but this actually looks pretty cool.
It's bulky like the vita, might have an extra battery pack, and is probably still in prototype form. 3rd parties are clients so they need something they can easily develop for. That's why they're adding the extra triggers and slide pad because those have become standard on all consoles. This if anything will probably become an option for people who don't want to use a touch screen to aim.
@thedarkness whether or not you use dual analog, it IS standard now for any famous fps. It's just an option.



Shining-Void said:

NO... just no... why would anyone with a functioning brain by this ... i agree with most people ... but bios_update i don't think nintendo should stop making hardware i mean sure it's gotten rocky but the wii u will (hopefully) bring back the nintendo everyone loved and the 3DS is just getting started, plus nintendo will NEVER only make software anyway



Dodger said:

Man, that doesn't look easy to hold. :/ It looks like trying to play sideways NES games without taking off the motion plus. It just doesn't work well because there's a large plastic accessory in the way of the buttons you need to press. Whatever. I'll wait and see how it winds up working. It had better not cost more then $25.

Or another example, trying to play the 3DS with the charging dock in because that's what it looks like. I hate playing the 3DS while it's in the charging dock and that looks even worse.

I'm not excited but it could turn out well still. Just hope that isn't the final model. Shows how little planning went into the 3DS. The eshop wasn't ready for launch and the only new game out for it is still Let's Golf 3D after months, the system scratches itself, they had to have an emergency price drop, the messaging feature only has 16 characters to work with, the launch titles barely used the features of the system, it's getting an attachment for something that it really should of had in the first place, etc. I'm really excited for the games this winter but I'm rather upset at how they've handled it so far. I wonder how many cool features were scrapped because they wanted to get it out before it was ready.



WolfRamHeart said:

To the people saying that you don't have to buy this: I think it really depends on if Nintendo and other developers will be making games that utilize this new peripheral. If this is just for Monster Hunter then people who don't want it can just skip out on it, no problem. However, if this leads to a redesigned 3DS system with a second analog stick then our current 3DS will become obsolete and we will either have to upgrade to the new model or buy this attachment. If this is the case then I will just wait to purchase the newly redesigned 3DS and pass on this attachment.



yoyogamer said:

This is what happens when Nintendo listens to third parties. Capcom wants a second analog stick, Nintendo doesn't want a second analog stick, Nintendo is told they need to listen to third parties, Nintendo lets Capcom make a second analog stick. Let's just hope they don't go to far with this..



Tare said:

What was that company that kept adding to their devices? It was sometime in the 90's...They were Nintendo's main competitor...Gosh the name escapes me...

Sarcasm aside, this makes me really nervous. If first party games use the peripheral, I think I might go back to PC gaming entirely. I know we will get a great game for this, I just don't know if we will get more than that one.



noideadoyou said:

Ok, perhaps it is a little clunky for my tastes but in being so it has 3 really solid advantages going for it.

1. Dual analog control will make some games possible on the 3DS that would not be otherwise,not just fps games and monster hunter, but other 3rd person hack and slash / rpg / shooter titles. This is a very good thing.

2. Being that big, it is very likely it will up the battery life big time. If that is the case, it solves one of the 3ds's major problems and adds other features at the same time. This may actually make the 3ds worth buying.

3. There is no reason why extra shoulder buttons shouldnt be on this thing, and as someone posted before me, more control is a damn good thing.

I mean, come on guys, how the hell did you all think that kingdom hearts or kid icarus was going to work with the inverted dpad and analog? This had to be done, and hell, it may even be packaged with monster hunter for little extra, just like the classic controller plus was with mh tri.

If thats the case, why complain, you get a damn good game and an extra analog / battery / shoulder buttons for a maximum of £45? Thats my guess as to what will happen.

So what if its ugly, if it improves battery and makes good hardcore titles playable then it will definitely be an asset to the 3DS



R-L-A-George said:

It may not be this bulky, if they go with a better attachment design. Although I wish they added the second joypad in the original 3DS design.



OldBoy said:

OMG:D The more I see of it ....... ,the more I laugh at it!! ..................Which, in a weird way, is now making me want it!!
It makes your 3DS look like a some poor disabled game machine which has had some effective, but ultimately cheap, prosthetics attached. You know how they put wheels on dogs? Awwww I think I'll just wanna cuddle it.
But my God, its ugly



citizenerased said:

Making fun of a 20 year old device's aesthetics is a bit like kicking orphan puppies. Nintendo's supposed to be in the here and now.



ThreadShadow said:

Nintendo has to do this. The lull in 3DS sales scared them, so now when third-parties say jump, Nintendo is at least going to lift one foot off the ground. It's been said already that they want to de-emphasize the 3D aspect, and perhaps they want to de-emphasize the other "unorthodox" mechanics. If gyros are considered "unorthodox" these days. Having two sticks is comfortable and normal these days.

So I think at E3 2012 you will see a new 3DS iteration that has all the extra stuff of the attatchment built-in beautifully.

And Nintendo also has to do this to position the 3DS as an extra controller for the WiiU. Notice how with the attatchment the 3DS almost fully compares to the abilities of the WiiU controller? Touch screen, two sticks, four shoulder buttons, various connectivity, gyros and sensors, camera. Though I guess the 3DS doesn't have the magnetic sensors I've read the WiiU controller has.



AVahne said:

I think this thing is best for home gaming use. Maybe it's made for more comfortable gameplay at home. You put in your 3DS and you can play MH3G with more comfort and better controls and you can use it as a Wii U controller. Then, for MH3G on the go, they can put a virtual pad on the touch screen. On the Classic controller you had to move your thumb to reach the stick anyway, using the touch screen as a stick won't actually be any different. So again, I think this thing is made for home use instead of on the go use.



Leon_Pryde said:

I rather like it, although it looks a bit bulky. However, the thing is, If Monster Hunter is going to have support for this, wouldn't that mean that Capcom is at least partially responsible for making it? And why would Nintendo remake a system because of a third party company? That would be HORRIBLE for business.

1. They would lose customers and their loyalty
2. The stock holders may think that Nintendo is dying due to the price drop and the model remake
3. The remodel would do the exact thing it does now (with the accessories built in) and they would need to charge more for it.
4. What rival company is releasing a new portable system soon? That's right, Sony. Nintendo wouldn't want to have all of the above and have to compete the new model against a PSVita (which would be out and bought by the time the 3DS2 would come out)

Unless I am overlooking something, I feel everyone is jumping to conclusions. Every system has some third party peripherals, but it doesn't yet mean a remake.



pntjr said:

Hopefully it's only for Monster Hunter. If it's gonna be on 1st party AAA titles, then @Kainard "I have lost all faith. Nintendo has abandoned us".



SuperLink said:

Here's a question:


Seriously! Just wait a year or two and make an updated version of the system! Now, I'm probably not going to be able to carry this in my pocket and play games that require this at the same time!

That's another thing: Eventually, most of the titles for the 3DS is going to require this! So, we'll have to get it eventually, or just buy the updated system. WHY?! >:nO

If we're able to play OoT and SF643D with the controls as they are now, then why are we going to need this for other games!? "secret weapon" my *ss



Mr_DSi said:

They should give this to current 3DS owners for free! It's not fair that we have to pay again.



Tasuki said:

Lol my god the 3DS is becoming the biggest joke of Nintendo yeah the Virtual Boy was a flop but at least they didnt try to milk every owner for their hard earn cash.

IMO Nintendo should just abandon the 3DS admit that they f - - -ed up and move on the the development of the Wii U



CanisWolfred said:


We're hating on it because it's ugly and we don't want it. If no one wants it, how exactly is Nintendo supposed to make money on this?



ueI said:

What saddens me is that Nintendo doesn't have enough confidence with the existing 3DS. I think that's the main issue.



Curt said:

If there going to be a console redesign including the new stick? If so, I'm becoming a primarily Vita based gamer, only relying on the 3ds for exclusive games. The price drop was one thing, but now Nintendo's going ahead and making huge changes to the design and control scheme of the 3ds, which is unfair to early buyers.



Punny said:

Why is it so clunky looking!? It could have been much smaller and compact, but NOOOOOOOOOOOO! >:[
But, I'll have to play it for myself before I make a final opinion.



shadowblade123 said:

It might have some good come from it...

But it just makes it bigger. And the 3DS is already thicker than the DSi. I bet it'll get in the way. But with that maybe they could make new games other than that. Like black ops, because XBOX and PS3 both have two joysticks.



Jr-Joe said:

It just might work actually, it looks comfy. Didn't the N64 controller look funny?..



pixelman said:

You guys will want it when the redesign comes around and you can't play that awesome new game that requires two analog sticks on your first generation system.

Nintendo made some big mistakes with the 3DS, but they're doing their best to not make the consumers suffer for it (too much, at least ).



Slapshot said:

Sometimes I absolutely hate being right! I called this the day we first heard the rumour, all the way down to the cradle that the 3DS fit into too!

The telltale is going to be if Nintendo decides to open this peripheral up to all developers or not. If they do, then the third parties will be porting Vita titles over the 3DS and vice-versa, which is fantastic, but it will inevitably lead to a redesigned 3DS.The second analogue nub and extra buttons really add significant options to developers, and I have no doubt the redesigned console is already well into the works and will release in the next year or so because of this.

Regardless, it still shows that Nintendo is making some poor decisions. The 3DS was already struggling bad enough and this isn't going to justify it a bit - just when it was gaining steam too. This will only drop the 3DS sales during the holidays, because even if Nintendo denies it, people are now going to wait for the 'new' 3DS to come out instead.



1080ike said:

Not getting this, unless it's bundled with MH3G like the classic controller was bundled with Tri.



Thwiidscube said:

What the heck? Nintendo... why do we need TWO analog sticks? All you're doing is making the 3DS too bulky. I don't even see why we NEED this stupid thing... Plus, have you already forgotten about StreetPass and Play Coins? How exactly would we fit our 3DS' into our pockets with these things?



JimmyWhale said:

My burning question is is this peripheral made by Nintendo or Capcom?

Frankly, I hope it's only used for a few games and then flops. I would've taken a second analog stick, sure, but... not something that ugly and uncomfortable :/ At the same time, I think getting pissed at Nintendo for what will, in the long rung, probably be an optional thing, is silly. I can't really see many games "requiring" it, but instead "offering" (like how some Wii games allowed Classic/GC controllers).



XCWarrior said:

Wow over 250+ comments. Most bad, and deserving so. That accessory looks like a piece of garbage.

And more good news, Monster Hunter not planned to be released outside of Japan. So maybe this hunk of junk won't be either.

Nintendo, get your head out of your ***. You're getting embarrassing at this point. Iwata needs to step down, as does Reggie. They are dishonoring the company and its fans. It's time for a change.



Aqueous said:

Personally I'd rather wait at this point now that the shock of a possibley fictional thing has now worn off. It's not under 3ds accessories so it's not offical. Besides it could like many people have said have been cooked up by Capcom, or it could be as a wii u controller support instead of just an a upgrade coming other wise why add k and s ( guessing the new button names) if we just want another anlog and for more control options on fps is barely a good reason. Still how is it going to connect, I can't find any ports for thrid party devices or system upgrades anywhere. I'm going to pay attention to this but until Nintendo comes out and announces it or puts on their websites or even Capcom comes clean as it's creator which would be interesting. I'm going to watch rather then freak out (yet) because it could be fake, after all this is the internet. Though it will be interesting to see what my streetpass group has to say on this.



Blue_Yoshi said:

First of all this is the most ridiculous move ive ever seen Nintendo make and this is clearly fake. One of the complaints of the 3DS was the bulkiness this doubles it while doubling a control pad and battery life presumably. Is that all? Is this supposed to make the 3DS more appealing to developers and encourage ppl to bring it outside with them? Even with more battery and a second pad this is just gonna make the system even worse nd make the Vita look better. Worst of all some games might be forced with this second pad so it might not even be optional. The only way I could ever see this thing succeeding is if it was 20 not not even 10 bucks. Extremely cheap, than yeh ill buy more battery and more controls at the cost of portability and maybe even color. All im saying is this thing HAS to improve on battery if not it just proves that Nintendo is officially if they missed there ONLY opportunity to improve the battery on the original 3DS before releasing a lite.



kurtasbestos said:

You people bad-mouthing Nintendo and/or Capcom crack me up. It doesn't matter how/if they try to appease their fans, people will always find new reasons to complain. I bet if you actually had one of these things in your hands and were playing a game that supports it, it would work just fine.



Odnetnin said:

It's really embarrassing to be a Nintendo fan right now. >.<

That's a device only Reggie could love.



tanookisuit said:

Wow talk about blowing this way out of proportion with parts of a story and not all the facts laid out. As of now the best information shows this is a Nintendo authorized Capcom made up tool to allow Monster Hunter players to have enough buttons and controls to properly handle the game, that's it. Nintendo has fought for 10years against whiners wanting SNES buttons on a GBA and a second analog since the original DS came out and have totally. At most I see this work with MH and a few other games perhaps from Capcom, but until Nintendo comes out and does some shameful act with the thing saying it is the way they're going this is all over blown rumors and bs.



BulbasaurusRex said:

I'm just not going to buy it, but I'm worried that future games I want to play will require it instead of working out a gyroscope control scheme.



Doma said:

Seeing as it's Nintendo who'll be releasing/announcing the thing, doesn't that already confirm it was actually made by them?
There's no way it was made just to support one game, people.



RYBlast said:

I hope it's just a thing for Monster Hunter and that's it.

I'm starting to think that Iwata is high or something.

Anyway, why is that Circle Pad so small compared to the regular one.



timp29 said:

Wow, most comments ever on Nintendolife? I'd be curious to know

Anyway, time will tell if an analog stick add-on is the gaming equivalent of jumping the shark.



Golden_Kumquat said:

I honestly would buy a hammer and barbecue pit attachment to play monster hunter if they were required. This does look like it will be more comfortable for long play sessions too. Ugly? Yes, yes it is.



PSICOffee said:

Ahhaha watching all you right-handers complain is satisfying! It's about time this happened and maybe now I'll get a 3DS.



Tigus said:

This is new but its so BIG I hope they make a smaller version cause thats going to be hard to get in my backpack.



armoredghor said:

Okay let me get all the hasty conclusions straight. A magazine announces a peripheral that nintendo confirms is in the works; it's supposed to be for a game created by a 3rd party. Nintendo is now seeing that the 3DS that has yet to see a major first party game is now backpedaling in fear because they dropped a price almost as soon as they did last generation. As a result they are going to try to imitate a new a rendition of the console that sold worse than any other system in its time. Now they are going to try to make all their games dual stick required which never happened on their latest home console and even though their last major attachment on their home console supported under 40 games in 2 years of life. Then they will fail because it isn't as strong as a device thats last rendition's library consisted of mostly ports. They will then move on to drop a device that exists in the market that they have dominated for nearly 20 years. To rectify this, they should remove their CEO which developed Kirby and remove their head in America who is their best press speaker. Did I get that about right?



Sh00kst3r said:

Welllllllllllll, it won't be long till Activision/Treyarch makes a game using this, and 3DS sales skyrocket. OH ZIS IZ BAD!

Tank controls?
With two analogs?
...No comment.



moomoo said:

I'll probably get it because I love shooters. It's absurd that this wasn't in the 3DS in the first place though. At first they say "the touch screen and gyroscope work fine for camera movement" (which don't, by the way.) I find it necessary for porting games between Vita and 3DS.



SuperSonic said:

No, Nintendo, NOOOOOOOOOO!!! Why are you getting infected by Sony!?!
We don't need a second analogue stick when we have a touch screen and a gyro! And I strongly disapprove of the amount of sexyness levels emitted from that ugly 3DS add on! I expected waaaay better from you, Nintendo! It should have at least been this tiny clip thing that goes under the face buttons, but not that bulky monster! I hope 3DS owners get some super special discount on the new model, like trade in an ambassador 3ds for a free new model, or if you present your 3ds's cereal number you get 50% off a new model.
But this IS Nintendo, not Sony. They must know what they're doing, or have some huge trick up their sleeve... |:{



StarDust4Ever said:

Anyone remember the "thumb pad" you put on the end of the tassle, which came with the launch model DS systems? It was used for an alternate analog input control scheme for Mario 64x4 DS. I only ever found this mode useful for the Bowser fight, during which I had to constantly rotate my view without letting go of the grab button, in order to properly aim Bowser into the bombs. For normal run-and-jump platforming, it was far too inaccurate. But why not use the touch screen as an auxiliary analog input like Super Mario 64 did? Combine the touch screen input with optional gyro controls, and there is no further need for a secondary analog pad. Yes, you do have to momentarily take your thumb off the action buttons, but you also have to do the same for any other existing dual-analog pad, like PS3 or Xbox controllers.

Consider the option to use the touch screen in lieu of a secondary analog device, and suddenly, the need for this ridiculous contraption becomes totally unnecessary.

Geeze, people... I take a break from online for like 2 days, and on new NL articles, there are already 270+ comments???



TingLz said:

I wish to point to the Fall release schedule to those who argue that they need to focus on games. Just saying



StephenYap3 said:

Oh boy! Although I do feel discouraged for its grotesque design, I could just see myself connecting this to the Wii U and monitoring three screens at once, and I'm imagining Smash Bros 4!



shinobi88 said:

I have NEVER seen a bunch of people more ignorant than the supposed Nintendo fanboys posting on these boards. Kind of like home schoolers that have never been out in the real world. Welcome to 2011. There are these things called dual sticks. Kind of important for games which require total movement of the character and camera. Try to pretend that the stylus controls for Metroid Prime Hunters and Wiimote controls for Resident Evil 4 Wii Edition were anything more than a gimmick that proved useful when there was no other option. But the rest of the world has already seen the light of dual sticks and aren't going to be tricked by gimmicks. None of you naysayers are Nintendo Loyalists. You're loyalists to yourself. Waaaah! I paid $250 for 3DS at launch. Well, you got a glasses free 3D handheld system before anyone else. Nintendo had NO obligation to give you 20 free games after the price drop, which value out at over $100 in virtual console money. But they did. Life moves fast in 2011. There are upgrades and add-ons. And they come a lot quicker if systems don't sell well. Get used to it.

By the way, Nintendo have already announced or release 17 first party games in the 1st 6 months of the 3DS's life. SEVENTEEN. Nintendo published games have almost zero appeal to the average hardcore gamer that Nintendo is trying to attract. But they do it for the fanboys. And you're complaining that they don't care about you. Why don't you all form a band called "Ungrateful Dead" and use the world's tiniest violins as your instruments.



Teh-Ray said:

@198 iPruch

Probably the best way to sum it up, honestly. I feel Ocarina of Time was a pretty good example on how to make a working camera in a third person adventure game without a second stick. If only more companies took notice of this.



shinobi88 said:

I've always thought guys WANTED extra girth. Look, if the added thickness of the add-on making the 3DS too big to fit in your pocket bothers you, I thought long and hard for a few solutions. Actually, I didn't have to think at all. See, there's this thing called your hand that you could hold it in. But if you're embarassed about being a grown man carrying around a modernized Game Boy, here's a couple more solutions: backpack, briefcase, tote bag, man purse, or fanny pack.



BJQ1972 said:

I think it looks fine. It increases the functionality of the 3DS and is removable after you finish playing the games that support it.

Is it any different from Nintendo releasing the Classic Controller Pro with Monster Hunter Tri? Or more relevantly the paddle controller that was released with Space Invaders and Arkanoid on the DS? Did people start howling that this was an sign of an imminent redesign with a paddle controller built in?

Why can't a handheld have peripherals and attachments?



b_willers said:

I'm confused, where does it plug in? I've heard someone mention it uses the IR port, but that would mean that it needs its own battery and it will drain the 3DS further. Another option would be wireless communications or through the game port I guess, neither are ideal.



Bass_X0 said:

its crazy that some people said they'll sell their nintendo 3ds' because of this. it'd be like me selling my wii because i didn't like the balance board despite me not being interested in the balance board nor any of its games. i didn't sell my wii, that'd be crazy.

as for it should have been released at some point, innovation doesn't stop once a product is released. nintendo will continue to think of new ideas, many of which are reactions to how the product is doing in the market.

and if you do end up buying it but don't like how bulky it is when you play your 3DS in public, just leave it at home and play it away from people?



alLabouTandroiD said:

A monster game releasing with a monster peripheral ? Honestly people, why are we so surprised ?

PS: I think the Splinter Cell games are the best example for double analogue needed. I'm not that experienced in "hardcore", non-Ninty games though so there might be many more games that play much better with 'em.



outrun2sp said:

Damn this 3ds is failing and nintendo are in real troubled times.

Vita has everything it needs built into the hardware and no upgrades required.



DrCruse said:

People like to harp whenever Sony imitates Nintendo, but this is a pretty blatant copy of the Vita's control scheme.



outrun2sp said:

3ds is a failure already. No one seems happy with it.

After Mario it will be the same dry handheld console.



skleiman said:

I don't think it's a smart move on nintendo's side but if its for more games I'm probably in



Bass_X0 said:

Vita has everything it needs built into the hardware and no upgrades required.

Well, its not released yet. There's likely to be upgrades later once its released.



JimLad said:

Are we back in the 90s? How about a magnifying lense? and a huge battery pack while you're at it.

I don't think they're going to re-design the 3DS for the sake of a second stick. They've already settled for the default control scheme, the majority of third parties won't support an add-on like this.
Seriously though Nintendo need to stop wasting time chasing the PSP/Vita, and concentrate on making decent games that make use of the 3D.



ThreadShadow said:

There's no use crying over spilled milk, but Nintendo should never have released the 3DS so early. The DSi was still very strong. The 3DS should have been released this Christmas 2011 season. This would have allowed them a super launch line-up; OoT/ Starfox/ Super Mario 3D Land/ etc. The eshop would have been up and running day one, and this analog stick +buttons attatchment would have been incorporated into the 3DS proper from the get go. The extra time in their own hands and in the hands of 3rd parties would have generated this "need" feedback before release. Positioning the 3DS as an extra WiiU controller, and posturing it as full competion to the PSV, right from the start.

I'm glad I haven't bought a 3DS yet. I'll wait for a consolidated version.



timp29 said:

On the flip side, Nintendo always seems to want to beat competitors to releasing the next generation of handhelds/consoles. Maybe Nintendo had to rush the 3DS because of the PSV? Also, the WiiU is going to come out well before Sony and Microsoft's next offerings... seems pretty much like a proven Nintendo strategy.

Reading a lot of these comments has increased my confidence in the success of the 3DS rather than dampened it.

Can we hit 300? Don't make me spam 6 more posts!



Tasuki said:

Truthfully I think Nintendo should have waited to announce this cause they just shot themselves in the foot. They are now going to lose millions of dollars that they would have made this holiday season with the lower price and SM3DL and MK7 coming out, cause alot of people arent going to want to by a 3DS now if a revision is going to be coming out so soon.



Henmii said:

Looks aweful! I personally hope this is just a pack-in peripheral specific for Monster hunter 3G. Because if many future titles need it, early adopters all need to buy this ugly peripheral. And if future 3ds devices will look like this, they spoil the good look of the 3ds!



ToastyYogurt said:

This can't be true. It can't be. It has a huge design flaw. With the second control stick in the way, how the heck are you supposed to reach the face buttons easily? I can only really imagine this being good for FPSs, since they don't make too much use out of face buttons.



Bassman_Q said:

/me barfs. That... is an awful design.

Plus, doesn't the touchscreen AND the gyro-sensor add enough as a pseudo-joystick? I mean, FPS's on the DS didn't even have an analog stick, and they worked just fine. I don't see how camera control will be an issue on the 3DS.



andreoni79 said:

I don't care about it if it's a "single game" add-on, but if it will push Nintendo to redesign the 3DS...



alLabouTandroiD said:

@Slapshot (248.):I don't know if the majority of people is going to wait for a new model. I mean as crazy as Japan is about portable Monster Hunter they most likely don't mind the accessory that much. And neither will the people buying it for the holiday's Mario games imo...

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