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Sat 9th May 2009

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Jr-Joe commented on Team Ninja: Wii U Is "Definitely Next Generation":

It doesn't matter if the wii u is "next gen" or not, its all about what you do whith what you have and Nintendo is a great example of that. Nintendo needs to focus on their online service first and foremost.



Jr-Joe commented on ZombiU:

Not liking the new title... oh well



Jr-Joe commented on Talking Point: Achievements, Trophies and Wii U:

I think stickers are a good idea, you could put them on your mii's face. Mii clothes would be cool too, like if you complete the first level of super mario bros then you would be awarded with an 8bit mario hat.



Jr-Joe commented on Nintendo May Not Call Wii U a Home Console:

This is what I think will happen, the Wii U controller will be portable. The Wii U controller will have limited functionality outside of the home(only music, small games and apps, video), but will need to be synced with the console in order to play more resource demanding games, upload/download data, and browse the web. The Wii U console will be the Wii U controller's only wireless gateway. I think the final design will be less clunky, therefore being easier to carry around.



Jr-Joe commented on Iwata Shoulders Blame for Low 3DS Sales, Cuts ...:

Nintendo needs to get back N to it. Hardcore gaming is the only way, we need a modern day N64 and gameboy color. Nintendo needs to stop being so soft! Why is everything baby blue and white, DIS AINT NO BABY SHOWER!!!