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b_willers commented on Nintendo Unleashes its Plans for EGX London 2014:

Also, I would not be surprised if Nintendo added other games to this list that were at E3 like Mario Maker. In 2012 they never mentioned Luigi's Mansion 2 would be there, and it was. And last year Mario Kart 8 was added to the announced lineup at very short notice.



b_willers commented on Video: Japanese Wii U Owner Gives a Handy Demo...:

I doubt they will add NFC to regular top up cards because they are more expensive to produce and intended for one use only. Hopefully they make the system compatible with contactless debit and credit cards though.



b_willers commented on Say Hello To The Nintendo 2DS - A 3DS without 3D:

The screenshot above shows a different icon in the top left where the brightness controls should be. It looks like a key, or maybe a spanner. Does this suggest the 2DS will not allow the user to adjust the brightness maybe?



b_willers commented on Rumour: 3DS Owners Noticing Software Performan...:

My 3DS would often crash in seep mode. Normally the blue power light would blink and it would wake on opening, but on quite a few occasions the light would remain solid blue and it would not come back on. Not noticed this since the update so fingers crossed.



b_willers commented on Fire Emblem: Awakening Download Takes Up Almos...:

Has anyone seen a load time comparison article for different class SD cards on 3DS? Would be interested to see if a class 10 is worth the extra money. Maybe this is an experiment Nintendo Life can conduct for a feature?



b_willers commented on Feature: The Making Of Star Fox Adventures:

I have fond memories playing this on the first Christmas I had my GameCube. It still looks better than most Wii games did and I got a lot of enjoyment out of it. Sure the voices were annoying but you could say that about other Rare games from the time.



b_willers commented on Nintendo Releases a Video Guide for Wii to Wii...:

For some reason the Wii mode on my my Wii U looks poor on my TV. Like its coming through a composite cable, even though it's HDMI. Also it's letterboxed around all 4 sides of the screen. It's no problem because I was planning to keep my Wii connected anyway. Anyone else noticed anything similar?



b_willers commented on Talking Point: The Wii U eShop Needs Patience:

So how exactly are we supposed to play GameCube games on the Wii U? Many of Nintendo's own titles made extensive use of the analogue shoulder buttons and their unique 'digital click'. There simply isn't a current Wii U control method that could support Luigi's Mansion and Super Mario Sunshine. I imagine if they are going to do GameCube Virtual Console they will have to first release a pro controller 2, and they won't want to do that in a hurry because they have only just launched the first one.



b_willers commented on Error Prevents Purchase Of ZombiU And Assassin...:

Ok I had my suspicions but this pretty much confirms it. It's not a bug or a glitch. Nintendo has decideded to ban the viewing or purchase of all 18 rated content before a certain time each day to protect minors, regardless of the parental settings on the system.