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Tue 7th Jun 2011

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TheUnknownGame commented on Review: Super Mario 64 DS (DS):

The graphics are really nice, and the added content is nice bonus. The contols...are a different story. I died SEVERAL times because of the annoying contol scheme. Still, fun game.



TheUnknownGame commented on Cave Story 3D Hit with Another Delay:

Since this game is getting delayed...again...this should be the best danm version of Cave Story! Worried about the Hell level, I can just imagine falling blocks and angels flying everything in 3D. Someone is bound to get a seizure.



TheUnknownGame commented on RE Mercenaries 3D Save Data Will Not Die:

What the h*ll? Why in the world would they do this!? I was planning of getting this game used, but no, appearently ya got to buy a new copy! Making Save Data unresetable should be BANNED!! D*mn it Capcom, you REALLY out-done yourselves...

If they do the same thing with Relvations, IMMA GONNA BE MAD!
(Geez, I sound like a raging fanboy...)



TheUnknownGame commented on Talking Point: Your Sonic the Hedgehog Memories:

Sonic Advance 3 was a really fun GBA game, but when I lost it, that totally destoryed me. That game was a lot of fun, but oh well.

I only played two 3-D Sonic games, Heroes and Unleashed. Heroes was a great game, and a happily played through all 5 (counting Metal Sonic) stories and I'd just loved it. Unleashed didn't come CLOSE of being as fun as Heroes, but it was a nice game nonetheless. Heck, with the Heroes, I bought it 3 times because the disks always getting scratched and I wanted to play it over and over again.

With Sonic Mega Collection Plus, I liked playing the old Genesis Sonic games, but not as much as Heroes... But those games are so much more faster than any Sonic games that have been released.