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Fri 28th Jan 2011

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Ralph commented on Petit Computer Lets You Make Games on Your DSi...:

This looks great but will it be coming to the Europe? If so I will buy it straight away. Can't wait.

"You can use MML syntax to simultaneously play an 8-channel melody and trigger 16 sounds at once. The available 128 basic tones (instruments), 68 drums, 8 patterns of PSG(duty cycles), and noise can be freely combined to create the sounds you want. You can also create your own 128 x 64 waveform patterns(steps x hours) and add 32 additional tones that can be used in MML."



Ralph commented on Interview: Gameloft - Let's Golf! 3D and the S...:

I would like a demo for this game just to make sure I'd like it.

Also giving the developers a chance to change pictures and prices is a good idea, like some games have been on the shop quite long so a price drop would improve sales.