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Fri 12th Mar 2010

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Sockymon commented on Crunchyroll Wii U App Can Now Be Used Without ...:

Cool news. I'm a Premium subscriber and switch my region to watch the US selection through my Wii U. I've always found the service to be reasonably priced, but at least you can dip your toes in the water more easily if you've never tried it before.



Sockymon commented on Nintendo Reportedly Pitched NX To Third Partie...:

I've been reading this next console as Nintendo "X" for a while, like that's the placeholder name. The more I think about it, I feel it will be the Nintendo "Cross," as in cross platform. A system characterised by being accessible over a number of different devices.



Sockymon commented on Nintendo Download: 8th January (Europe):

I've given Crunchyroll a go and I like it. Being able to get the app on my phone too is nice. I'm going to try out the two week trial and see if there's enough stuff I like to justify subscribing. I think this weekend I'll be binge watching a few series.



Sockymon commented on Latest Wii U System Update Allows Console To C...:

@Nightsider Well, it's not really a question of just being happy. All the changes in this update are minor things that should have been incorporated in the first place. They're certainly useful - just not major. Skimming through the thread more people would have liked the account structure fixing.



Sockymon commented on Wii Fit U Update Adds New Features, Extra Chal...:

I use Wii Fit U and my meter every day. Unfortunately my game has developed the glitch where it thinks the time/date has changed so won't measure any of my goals properly. As far as I know the only fix is to set up a new profile, but since I started with the original Wii Fit there is no way I'm losing all my data - so I'll just have to hope a patch is released to fix it (no such luck with the current update)



Sockymon commented on Poll: Have Your Say on Satoru Iwata's Nintendo...:

A non wearable, non-video game quality of life product? To me that says Nintendo wants a product that's not used in the living room, but never leaves the house - so that's one used in the bathroom (maybe a standalone Wii Fit branded set of smart-scales) or the kitchen (a DS type device that monitors the nutritional value of the food in your fridge). Off the wall, maybe, but there might be a market for it.



Sockymon commented on Iwata And Miyamoto Both Take Pay Cuts In Respo...:

@Artie Gestures of faith are nice. They don't create a single extra sale though, so the root problem isn't fixed. Executive pay cuts don't rule out future job losses at a later date either. The announcement that Nintendo need to make is, "Here is a big list of top quality titles that gamers will want to buy." Then hold up a bit of paper with the list on and their release dates



Sockymon commented on Iwata And Miyamoto Both Take Pay Cuts In Respo...:

@element187 Even if the Wii U is never going to pick up lost ground with the mainstream audience, there's clearly a die hard consumer base that's just crying out to put their hands in their pockets for new software. Heck, they'll even re-buy old games when the Virtual Console is updated... sporadically. How hard can it be to cater for those kind of gamers?



Sockymon commented on Iwata And Miyamoto Both Take Pay Cuts In Respo...:

Not quite falling on their swords, more like jabbing themselves with a letter opener. Next, take away their discount at the staff canteen, that'll focus their minds on... oh, I don't know... maybe making more games...?



Sockymon commented on Review: Wii Fit U (Wii U):

I installed the demo, then transferred my Wii Fit Plus data across. Now I get a black screen and a 'System Files Corrupted' error every time I load up Wii mode on my Wii U. Coincidence?



Sockymon commented on First UK Wii U Television Advertisement Breaks...:

They're facing the same problem as they had with the 3DS - it's not clear to the casual audience that it's a new console (doesn't help that it looks and sounds so much like the last one). Just looks like it's an ad for a PSP like handheld that works with a Wii. I'm sure once the games start rolling out, it'll take off - just not in the crazy way the Wii did.



Sockymon commented on Review: Planet Crashers (3DS eShop):

It's a little repetitive (IMHO) but I'm enjoying it. Perhaps £9 is a bit steep, maybe if it was closer to a fiver it would feel like a 7/10 game.

If this can go from being a £30 physical game to a £9 download, maybe Nintendo should pay attention when they're setting the price for their own download games.



Sockymon commented on Talking Point: Reviewing Nintendo's E3 Press C...:

It was OK, but they spent a lot of time explaining things that should be simple. Also, there are too many rehashes of Pac Man Vs. for me to get excited about just yet (as great as that game was). It reminds me of the Gamecube launch, when Nintendo held back on their big titles to create space for 3rd parties. Unfortunately, it didn't work out in the long run.



Sockymon commented on Rumour: Blockbuster UK Lists 25 Wii U Games:

Nothing much that grabs me there. I like to be early to the party with new hardware, but I think I'll be getting a lot of use from Wii U's backwards compatibility for the first few months of its life (i.e. still playing old games rather than picking up any of this lot)



Sockymon commented on Feature: The Wonder of Ugly Add-Ons:

Ah, these bring back memories... Nothing will bring me round to the Circle Pad Pro though, I just don't want to carry that hulking lump of plastic round with me.