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BulbasaurusRex commented on Scathing Nikkei Report Hints At Shameful Treat...:

@skylangford That reminds me of a Simpsons episode where Mr. Burns outscourced the labor force for the nuclear power plant to India with only Homer left on the payroll as their American manager (naturally, he had to move his family to India for the job). However, once Homer gave all his Indian employees standard American benefits packages, Mr. Burns could no longer save any money that way, so he fired them all (Yay, we get severance pay!) and moved operations back to Springfield.



BulbasaurusRex commented on Movie Review: Pixels Proves Once Again That Vi...:

This could've been an enjoyable guilty pleasure comedy, one where you're not supposed to think too hard about the semi-nonsensical plot, but the use of Sandler's juvenile-style "comedy" is what kills it for me. Not only that, but there are also three other idiots acting the same way. I may eventually check this out on Redbox, but I'm not going to the theater to watch four grown men act like idiots while tossing out lame toilet jokes and insults at each other.



BulbasaurusRex commented on Guide: How to Get the Most Out of Super Smash ...:

Well, this update is good for one thing: We can finally play stock matches online against random opponents! Yay!

Otherwise, I have to agree that having no local tourneys is disappointing while the online ones are missing some features.



BulbasaurusRex commented on First Impressions: Learning to Fly With Rodea ...:

Dual analog flying? Well, that sucks! Why couldn't they have used the left stick alone for the flight angle with gyroscopic camera control (that switches to an automatic behind-the-back camera on the ground with occasional slight adjustments made with the right stick)?



BulbasaurusRex commented on Review: Santa Factory (Wii U eShop):

Wow, the entire testing department (which sounds like it was three little kids and someone's granny) should be fired for this debacle! More importantly, how the heck did this mess of programming pass quality control?!



BulbasaurusRex commented on Review: 3D Streets of Rage 2 (3DS eShop):

It's a brilliant game, but I don't know if this is worth double-dipping just for the 3D, though. I never had much trouble beating the game even alone, so most of those extras don't really appeal to me, plus the original version already includes some fun extras via cheat codes.



BulbasaurusRex commented on Vote For The Next Character To Appear In Disne...:

@shaneoh I don't think Disney actually owns any rights to "Gargoyles," though. They merely had the distribution rights at one point to air it on the "Disney Afternoon" and again years later on "Toon Disney."

Wow, there's a lot of good choices there, and I can't believe some of them like Goofy, Cinderella, Ariel, Belle, and Beast aren't already in the game. I'm also a big fan of Kim Possible (Where else does the heroine completely overshadow her male partner/boyfriend in skill? Okay, besides the first "How to Train Your Dragon" movie, and only in pure physical combat in that case.), but in the end I've got to give props to "the terror who flaps in the night." Go Darkwing, better than any other Disney duck, whether its Donald, Scrooge, or even the Mighty Ducks (live-action, animated, or real life)!



BulbasaurusRex commented on Donkey Kong Nearly Missed Out On Pixels Stardom:

Reading between the lines, it still sounds like an enjoyable film for gaming fans. You just need to remember not to take the plot too seriously.

Besides, I find most Best Picture nominees year after year (with rare exceptions like "Star Wars") to be nothing but boring dramas and chick flicks. You rarely ever see even the best action/adventure, fantasy/sci-fi, comedy, or animated movies (my preferred genres) get that kind of recognition. Heck, I consider "Citizen Kane" to merely be a decent movie about investigating the infamous life of a rich jerk with confusing timeline jumps (and yes, I have seen it).



BulbasaurusRex commented on EVO Players Loved Hyperkin's New GameCube-Insp...:

It's definitely something I'll consider getting down the line. I've got a Hori GameCube-esque Classic Controller, but it doesn't have the GameCube face button design and of course needs to be plugged into a Wiimote.

There is a good reason for the analog triggers on the GameCube Controller, you know. Some GameCube games such as "Star Wars: Rogue Squadron 2: Rogue Leader" and "Super Smash Bros. Melee" tie two similar yet different commands to the analog triggers depending on whether they're pushed in part way or all the way. However, with GameCube functionality not an option, I understand why most people prefer digital triggers.



BulbasaurusRex commented on Review: Final Fight One (Wii U eShop / GBA):

I've got the original GBA cart, which is unfortunately probably the closest I'll ever get to owning a home version of this arcade classic.

If you're looking for just a single "Final Fight" game, I have to second the recommendation of "Final Fight 3." The only thing the second game has over the third one is a hotter female playable character.



BulbasaurusRex commented on Don't Worry, Samus Will Be In Metroid Prime: F...:

Personally, I don't understand why they're going so far out of their way to connect it to the "Metroid Prime" trilogy. As far as we know, this game has no connection to the actual Metroid Prime after which the trilogy was named, so wouldn't it be simpler to just call it part of the Metroid universe and drop the "Prime" moniker from the title? While the same could also be said about "Metroid Prime: Hunters," at least that game starred the various extra bounty hunters who appeared in "Corruption." Then again, for all we know there could be a relevant story connection, but it does seem strange to me from what little we know so far.



BulbasaurusRex commented on Ubisoft Launches Its eShop Summer Sale in Nort...:

I've longed since picked up the three games of which I have any interest (Child of Light, Rayman Legends, Shadow Wars) from their various sales. They're all great games, though. I just wish I could figure out how to get "Child of Light" to recognize my UPlay account.



BulbasaurusRex commented on Review: LEGO Jurassic World (Wii U):

If I cared about the Jurassic Park franchise, I wouldn't be offput by the hub design. The open world in "Lego Batman 2" was poorly implemented, and it has terrible flying controls (although the rest of the game is still great). The glitches and framerate issues on the other hand, yes that's concerning.



BulbasaurusRex commented on Review: Kirby Squeak Squad (Wii U eShop / DS):

I much prefer Kirby's traditional entries over his experimental titles like Canvas Curse, Mass Attack, and Epic Yarn. I hadn't realized this was one of them, so I'll definitely be adding it to my Wishlist once it hits North America.



BulbasaurusRex commented on ​Fire Emblem Fates Birthright Edition Is The...:

Once they started including "Casual Mode" as an option, I think they really opened up the series beyond the hardcore strategy fans (I probably wouldn't have gotten "Awakening" without it), and the higher sales for the Birthright version seem to further confirm that. While the fact that your characters can die permanently is a trademark of the series and something the hardcore fans still swear by, I think it's limited the sales potential of the previous titles to a very niche audience.



BulbasaurusRex commented on Video: Here's a Brief, and Entertaining, Histo...:

@bitleman Except for the fact that his jump is a variation of his roll, Sonic did that first, so it's not unique.

I can understand why people like the series, but I personally find the DKC games to be too difficult, and I don't think the characters react quickly enough to ideally handle tricky platforming with the same precision that Mario and Sonic do. As for the original arcade games, Jumpman is even more sluggish than DK in DKC, and DK Jr. can't jump from the vines and ridiculously can't fall more than a foot without dying.



BulbasaurusRex commented on Hyperkin Is Working On The Ultimate Wii U Pro ...:

@shani The Mayflash adapter's point is to use GameCube Controllers in Wii games that support the Classic Controller but not the GameCube Controller. I had hoped that such support would carry over to the Wii U, but I've tested it and found that neither Smash4WiiU nor Mario Kart 8 support it.

Personally, I find it more confusing when the buttons feel exactly the same. I'm much more likely to get confused as to which button is which when position is the only clue. The X and Y buttons may be confusing at first, but it doesn't take long to get them down, and they're still less confusing than completely identical circles. As for A and B, the point is that A is the face button used for your most primary action in most games and therefore the one you press the most, so it should be bigger than the other buttons. B is usually your next most used action, so it maintains the circular shape but much smaller so it isn't confused with A. As for the C-stick, it's only used for very minor actions in most games, so it doesn't need to be that big. The one big exception is twin stick shooters, but the GameCube never saw many of them, and the Wii offers the much superior Wiimote controls for such games, so it was never much of an issue. If you do want to play such a game, then yes one of the classic controllers or the Wii U GamePad is the better option. I can understand your concern about the straight edges, although offhand I can't think of any games that require much circling aside from the aforementioned shooters. The point there is supposedly to aid diagonal movement, although it doesn't actually seem to help much with that in practice.



BulbasaurusRex commented on Hyperkin Is Working On The Ultimate Wii U Pro ...:

@shani Very ergonomic, uniquely and excellently designed shapes for the face buttons, and the face buttons being at the same level as the left stick are the three big reasons the GameCube controller is so popular. As long as you're not playing a twin stick shooter or something that controls better with a D-Pad, I think it's always the way to go.

As for wireless lag, it in particular may be practically non-existent, but input lag with HDTVs is unfortunately very real. I don't think wired controllers can do anything about that, though.