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Thu 27th January, 2011

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Portista commented on Feature: Nintendo Direct on 17th May - The Big...:

@1 Agreed. I also love the ability to play as Nabbit in New Super Luigi U. Hopefully the new Sonic game will be good. Overall, I actually think it was better than last Nintendo Direct, which left me hanging a little bit.



Portista commented on Guide: The Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Wii U Upd...:

There isn't much details on this game anywhere on the web. I'm probably gunna get the game, but still have some doubts. I loved the arena play mode on the Wii version, and was wondering how it is different on the wii u.



Portista commented on Guide: Transferring Your Monster Hunter 3 Ulti...:

That's great, but me and my brother were wanting to play together, one of us on Wii U and the other on 3DS, but it seems that one of us will not get the items he gets after playing together. Is there a way to get around this? Can you transfer on save file (that contains 3 profiles) instead of eliminating all save files? :/