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SaKo commented on First Impressions: Digging into Shovel Knight:...:

@Einherjar What I'm trying to say is that Yacht Club Games can pull it off. The people who work there have experience and talent. They're not some small indie developer trying to make a 'retro' looking game without having any idea of what the limitations of old games actually were and what made the sprites from old games look so good. They have talented sprite artists who know what they're doing.



SaKo commented on Disney Infinity 3.0's Toy Box Mode Offers Blat...:

Damn, why is everyone so angry over something small like this. The developers are just showing that you can recreate other games in Disney Infinity, and someone else is going to make a Splatoon clone anyway so I don't get the big fuss. You can't copyright game mechanics and Nintendo didn't invent the word 'Squid'.



SaKo commented on Review: The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth (New 3DS):

@kokirii "Rebirth is a 2D roguelike dungeon crawler, which means that whenever you die it's back to the first floor of the dungeon to do it all over again"

It's explained in the review itself, although googling will help with understanding it better.



SaKo commented on Renegade Kid Twice Pitched Silent Hill DS Proj...:

@Prof_Clayton What's wrong with pitching games to other, bigger companies? Developers do this all the time, not just Renegade Kid. They're not whining about Konami not accepting the offer or anything. They pitched, Konami respectfully declined, it became its own game. Doesn't seem like they 'think they're all that'.



SaKo commented on It's Not An April Fool, The Binding Of Issac: ...:

Damn, some of the people here need to calm down. If you don't like the game, don't buy it then, you don't need complain about the game's existence to everyone. As for me, I'll be getting the Wii U version the moment it comes out and once I get a New 3DS, the 3DS version as well! It's such a fun game.



SaKo commented on Feature: Lifting the Curtain on Game Ratings a...:

I REALLY hate living in Australia...
We get to miss out on great games like Cave Story, Shantae: Risky's Revenge, Retro City Rampage, Nano Assault EX, Mighty Milkyway, 99bullets, etc. Plus the fact that the games cost 50% more... and the internet here is slow as heck so I can never join online games...



SaKo commented on Fan Feedback Prompted Capcom's Resident Evil: ...:

A couple people ask for a HD version of a 3DS game, on completely different consoles which needs higher resolution assets and will have less owners (compared to the potential 3DS owners)? Capcom accepts.

More than 100,000 people ask to continue the development of a 3DS game in which they already have the assets and code for, SPECIALIZED for the 3DS and fans willing to help with the development? Capcom declines.

Seriously Capcom, WTF?!



SaKo commented on Review: Ikachan (3DS eShop):

A score of 6 is above average, which is not bad at all! I don't understand why just because a game gets a 6, everyone acts like its a really terrible game and that no one should get it at all! Then when a game gets a 7, ONE point more, people say it's a really great game and everyone should get it! This refers to many games, not just this one...