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Thu 9th Jun 2011

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Tare commented on Indie Developer Phil Fish Says Japanese Games ...:

I sense bias on the internet.

Console wise I agree. Japan does produce some lovely games for the Wii and 3DS and whatnot.

PC wise, I don't think so. Japan is behind on this front for whatever reason. There are way more quality games on PC being made by American and European developers.



Tare commented on Feature: Nintendo’s Biggest Blunders:

Not accepting anything that had to do with online was a mistake. Missed out on a major market.

They are slowly correcting this with the 3DS E-shop but they've got a long way to go.



Tare commented on Feature: 3DS Games You'll Probably Never Play:

Don't worry guys, if Duke Nukem has taught us anything; these games will be fired up again in a years time, come out a year after that, and suck really hard.

I always liked Bomberman, shame that it couldn't make it.



Tare commented on Interview: Mutant Mudds Reader Questions:

It just seems dry. From the gameplay videos I've seen, your character moves a little too slowly. He moves kind of at the rate of Kirby, but without the flying/copy traits ability.

Also without bosses, this sounds like it's going to be a grindfest while simply moving left to right in two layers.

I was never really interested in this game, and it's not sucking me in now.
But any FPS made by R.K. will have me buying it day one.



Tare commented on Feature: Staff Memories of Nintendo at Christmas:

You know, my major console triumphs never happened at Christmas, for some reason I always got consoles or portables on my birthday, or when the end of the year report card came home.

I think I got a Gambe Boy Advance one Christmas when I was...8 or something. It came with a Bomberman game that I adored, but I forgot the name a long time ago.

Getting the free GBA does induce a bit of nostalgia, particularly the Mario Vs. DK. My friend and I always laughed when the TV says "Mmm Bananas, Mmm-"

Have a great break everyone.



Tare commented on HandyNES Is a Portable NES and That's Cool Enough:

I have something like this.
It's called the FC Mobile 2. It can hook up to your tv, and came with a light gun as well as two controllers. I think it was 70$ at an indepentent game store.

It's a nice way of playing SM3 on the go.



Tare commented on 3DS System Update Due Before 8th December:

I wonder if swapnote will be added. They said that we "would" be getting it in December, now the update is in December.
I hope they don't delay the Ambassador games until next year.

Anyway, I'll be playing SM3DL until MK7 hits, then I'll be playing that until the update, at which point I'll continue to play MK7



Tare commented on Metroid II: Return of Samus:

It will.

Oddly enough, the original metroid 2 came out in America before it came out it Japan. Now NA is getting it last...
Maybe they're still jealous?



Tare commented on Metroid II Returns to 3DS VC in Europe This Th...:

I'm surprised at how many people don't like Metroid 2.
It was the second game to come out; and despite being a gameboy, has one of the better story arcs in the franchise, next to super metroid and Fusion.

I'll probably get it when it comes out it NA. Soon I'll have 3 mmetroid games on my 3DS at any given time (4 if I have hunters in the game slot)



Tare commented on Resi Revelation's Online Mode is Locked Until ...:

I don't really like this. I feel like now I'm just going to rush through the singleplayer so I can unlock the raid mode. I kind of like it when I can do whatever I want like in Starcraft 2 for example. I played the campaign when I wanted, and played online when I felt the urge. I found the campaign more satisfying that way

I also think their reasoning is baloney :/



Tare commented on PETA - Relax Mario Fans, It Was All a Joke:

I called shenanigans

If it was a joke, that would PETA was trolling, and PETA doesn't troll.

I suppose this was the only right thing they could do, but it makes their image even worse.



Tare commented on Review: Super Mario 3D Land (3DS):

@84 With a pre-order, you reserve a copy for usually about 2 days. I paid for the game when I pre-ordered it, so for me it'll just be in/out. Oh, and I get a keychain (You get one when you pre-order MK7 too)

I'm looking forward to it. I told my friends and they laughed. Oh well xD



Tare commented on Nintendo Promises 3DS DLC for Next Year's Titles:

@ 46 I agree.

DLC doesn't really unlock things already on the cartridge or disk, it adds to it by saving something (that can be used by a cartridge or disk) somewhere in memory. Like your SD card.
It makes sense that good developers wouldn't be able to fit everything they want on a cartridge, they aren't super big after all.



Tare commented on Nintendo Promises 3DS DLC for Next Year's Titles:

DLC simply means that developers can fix bugs, or perhaps nerf certain things that could be considered as cheating.

I'd rather play one game that is completely perfect as opposed to a few meh-good games. DLC gives games more replayability

However as other have stated, it can be a complete waste of money as well. It's inevitable that some developers shell out half-******* DLC for ludicrous prices.

But, yo gotta take the good with the bad.



Tare commented on Explore Super Mario's 3D Land at New York Launch:

Not really. The whole world is going to know about this.
Besides, with all the sales of the DS's and Wii's, I think they can stand a little splurging.

Too bad it's in New York
I wonder how much a train ticket would cost me...



Tare commented on Iwata: We Want 3DS Sales to Show Consoles are ...:

@9 It's happened plenty of times in the past.

Tetris for the gameboy
Mario 64 for the N64
Halo for the X-box
Halo 3 for the X-box 360

Once a system get's a game that sets it apart, people will buy that system.



Tare commented on Iwata Reveals Big New Improvements for eShop:

@19 Just in case your not trolling...
The perfect system came out long before X-box live. Anyway;

So, am I too understand all of this, will not be coming in the next update? Just knowing demos and possible DLC (Hopefully good use is made of it) is making me smile.



Tare commented on Feature: Ten Games to Play This Halloween:

For Nintendites, I'd recomened Dementium and Dementium 2.

For anyone with a PC, I'd recomened Penumbra and Amnesia. Those are easily the scariest games I've ever played.