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Sun 12th Sep 2010

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LordTendoboy commented on Tekken Boss Harada Inspired by Super Smash Bros.:

LOL @ all you people who expect fighting games to be realistic.

Look at Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter, Marvel vs Capcom, BlazeBlue, etc. Games with huge combo chains and ridiculously overpowered attacks are in no way realistic.

The only fighting games that are somewhat realistic are Soul Calibur (the older ones), Virtua Fighter, and possibly Dead or Alive.



LordTendoboy commented on Nintendo Download: 9th February 2012 (North Am...:

Caryslan wrote:

For those of you who are claiming that the "Wii is dead" or "Nintendo's focus is on the Wii U or Nintendo Network", I want to respond to your comments.
The problem with those arguments is the simple fact that the Virtual Console is not dead in Japan. Every month, they get a release schedule of new Japanese Virtual Console games and the list normally has at least four games that will be added to the service throughout the month.
The problem with the Wii's VC in North America is the fact that its been ignored over the past few months. I fail to see how setting up the Nintendo Network or prepping the Wii U for release should have any impact on the Wii's VC, especially when Japan seems to have no problems putting up new VC games.
The downloads are updated once a week, and I find it hard to believe that posting old games on a server pulls away resources from other things Nintendo is currently doing.
If Japan's VC was on the downturn as well, I would not be as annoyed at the recent treatment of the VC on the Wii. But Japan is still getting VC games on a regular basis and even Europe has started getting new VC games recently.
Right now, the Wii is still Nintendo's flagship console. That means its download service deserves better then to have a Wiiware game tossed on the server and NOA calling it a day. Right now, we have Adventure Island II, Adventure Island III, Mega Man X2, Prince of Persia, Strider, Super Street Fighter II(Genesis), and Monster World IV in the pipeline.
Even if we discount Super Street Fighter II and Monster World IV due to the alterations or translations that are being done to those games, that still leaves at least five games that could be released. Now, if Nintendo does a staggered schedule of adding VC games every two weeks, that gives Nintendo ten week overall before they exhaust the VC games that are likely to come over here.
And that's not even including games like King of Fighters 97, Samurai Showdown IV, and Real Bout Fatal Fury which have a decent shot of making it over here.
That's plenty of games to pad the schedule with, and ensure the VC gets a fair chance to add new content. I never had a problem with getting a VC game every two weeks. I'm aware that as time goes on, the backlog of older games gets smaller and smaller. But the games are there, and the fact that the VC has gotten nothing since August is pathetic.
Like I said before, I don't expect a VC game every week. But the Wii is still Nintendo's flagship console, and they need to make a better show of their newfound commitment to online. How can I as a consumer expect them to get an online network right when they can't even be bothered to upload an NES game for people to download?
The Wii shop channel has not closed down yet, and if the DSi Shop is any indication, it might not close down right away even after the Wii U launches. Focusing on the future is fine, and I applaud Nintendo for the strides they have taken with the Wii U and the Nintendo Network.
But there are still millions of Wii owners in North America. We deserve better then to be tossed a random Wiiware game every Thursday.
At this point I'm not asking for Donkey Kong 64, Earthbound or Starfox. I'm not asking to get a game every single week. All I want is for NOA to start releasing VC games again.


I actually want Nintendo to do what Sony does on PSN every week, upload a ton of stuff so gamers everywhere have something to choose from.



LordTendoboy commented on Nintendo Download: 9th February 2012 (North Am...:

Geonjaha wrote:

It is a very very strange game. You'll see what I mean if you do buy it. It's a decent platformer, but the strange gameplay and somewhat bad game design at times just mean you'll suddenly look at yourself and wonder what the hell it is you're doing.

That's how I felt about Catrap.



LordTendoboy commented on King of Fighters '97 Strikes Wii VC in Europe ...:

How can they fit Neo Geo games and TurboGrafix CD (Castlevania: Rondo of Blood) on the Virtual Console? Weren't those games way over the 40 MB size limit?

Looking right at KOF '97's cover, it says over 450 Megs. That is way bigger than the Wii's size limit.



LordTendoboy commented on "Trustworthy" Third Parties Get Microtransacti...:

Iwata wrote:

"Please understand that this is totally up to each developer, and I am not in the position to say yes or no. Again, we will not turn down such requests by third party developers as far as they can establish an appropriate relationship with their customers."

It seems like Nintendo is relaxing their strict policies with third party developers/publishers, and it's about time.



LordTendoboy commented on Nintendo May Not Call Wii U a Home Console:

I'm getting flashbacks to when the NES was released. Nintendo refused to call it a "video game system" at the time because of the negative perception that video games had received after the Crash of 1983 ("it was just a fad").

The current situation isn't the same as back then, but I still found it amusing.



LordTendoboy commented on Nintendo Announces 2D Super Mario Title for 3DS:

@StarDust (8)

A level editor is what I've been dreaming of since Super Mario Bros. 3. Make it like the Mario vs DK games (and less like LittleBigPlanet) and I'll buy it day one. The level editor in the Mario vs DK games is incredibly easy to use. LittleBigPlanet, on the other hand, is too complex for my liking.

@StarDust (27)

Sonic Colors and Sonic Generations are two of the best Sonic games in years, and they both got very good reviews. I don't see how that's "lazy".



LordTendoboy commented on Nintendo Has No Plans to Fix Mario Kart 7's Ma...:

There are no plans to update the game to remove this shortcut as doing so would create an unfair advantage for the users of the original release of the game.

I'm sorry what? How is FIXING a glitch with a patch creating an unfair advantage to other players?



LordTendoboy commented on Turn Your Retro Cartridges Into ROMS, Legally:

If backups are illegal, then explain why Microsoft allows you to install entire games onto the Xbox 360's hard drive.

EDIT: Nevermind, I read some of the comments above me. I guess the gist of it is, if you backup the games only for personal use, then it's ok.



LordTendoboy commented on 3DS Hits 4 Million Console Sales in United States:


Ocarina of Time on the 3DS is a huge improvement over the N64 version. The touchscreen makes item selection much simpler (such as equipping the Iron Boots in the Water Temple), the graphics and framerate have been improved, and you unlock the Master Quest and Boss Rush modes after beating the main game.



LordTendoboy commented on Charts: 28th December 2011 (North America):

Excitebike isn't worth it. I expected Nintendo to at least update the stage creator, but they left everything the same as the NES version.

Mario vs DK: Mini's March Again is a very good game, but I deleted it once I bought the Mini Land Mayhem game card. No reason to have 2 games that are extremely similar.



LordTendoboy commented on Rumour: Official Legend of Zelda Series Timeli...:


New Super Mario Bros. DS can't be part of the original Super Mario Bros. series, since it has Bowser Jr. in it. It has to take place after Super Mario Sunshine, cause that's where Mario meets Bowser Jr. for the first time.

Here's my timeline:
Yoshi's Island
Donkey Kong / Donkey Kong GB
Mario Bros.
Super Mario Bros.
Super Mario Bros. The Lost Levels
Super Mario Bros. 2
Super Mario Bros. 3
Super Mario World
Super Mario Land (Super Mario Land 2 and the Wario Land games take place in an alternate universe)
Mario vs DK series (they can't take place during the original Donkey Kong games, because Toad and Peach have toy cameos)
Super Mario 64 (Super Mario 64 DS is a "retelling" of this adventure)
Super Mario Sunshine (Mario meets Bowser Jr. for the first time)
Super Mario Galaxy
Super Mario Galaxy 2
New Super Mario Bros. DS
New Super Mario Bros. Wii (Koopalings return after a long leave of absence, with Bowser Jr. as their leader)
Super Mario RPG (the Paper Mario games take place in an alternate universe)