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Tue 20th Oct 2009

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JakobG commented on Nintendo Launching Cloud-Based Pokémon Bank S...:

500 yen a year is REALLY good, especially considering most people who play Pokemon tend to buy future installments. There's still some questions, though; what happens when you cancel your service? Do you lose your Pokemon, are they trapped in the cloud until you use it again or something different? It'd be great if you could use the service to create savegame-backups, as long as methods to prevent savescumming will be implemented.



JakobG commented on New Phoenix Wright: Dual Destinies Trailers Re...:

Does anyone in the comments realize Capcom has NOTHING, NOTHING, I repeat, NOTHING to do with the rating? The ESRB has the only say in how the game is to be rated, and there's no indication that Dual Destinies is designed to be a darker entry; if it was, you could clearly tell.
I'll say it once again, in case you forgot it: COMPANIES CAN NOT PICK RATINGS.
Stop citing your "Mature rating to boost sales" garbage, it's a lie on so many levels.



JakobG commented on Wind Waker Lookalike A Hat In Time Could Be Co...:

I'm actually working on concept art and textures for this game, and there's definitely a lot of cool stuff in store. If you're interested in the game, I'd highly recommend supporting it on Steam Greenlight and checking out Mecha's YouTube channel for WIP videos.



JakobG commented on New Disney Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion Scre...:

So what, the game's becoming more and more like a Kingdom Hearts now?
Too bad, I liked that they explored the forgotten IPs from Disney Studios, as opposed to well established ones.
Either Aladdin has become more obscure than I thought, or they decided to bail and threw in more popular stuff for good measure.



JakobG commented on Analyst Calls for Mario on Non-Nintendo Platforms:

"Idiot Analyst wants Nintendo to kill strongest selling point"
What else is new?
Do these guys even realize Nintendo sells hardware as well?
There's no way Nintendo could sustain itself if they stop making their games exclusive. Either they stop making consoles, or they'll keep on making games for them.



JakobG commented on Feature: The Super Mario Renaissance:

I actually think Yoshi's Island is the best Mario 2D Platformer.
Super Mario Bros 3 is pretty great, but the controls aren't as enjoyable and tight as Yoshi's Island.



JakobG commented on Mobile Dev: "Iwata Makes Me Fear for Nintendo'...:

You'd be stupid to ignore the massive potential and the inevitable future bump in popularity of F2P-games.
However, I - or anyone, for that matter - cannot say what will happen to current retail games. I suppose they will change in order to coexist, adapt to compliment the static experience; perhaps they will be singleplayer only, with no DLC (except for the occasional patch), while all the fluid, open and constantly shifting and improving content will belong exclusively to F2P.
Iwata has a point, for most of Nintendo's licenses, the F2P-format does not fit. For instance, there's little room for optional items in a Mario-game.

The best I can imagine would be an F2P Fire Emblem game where you can customize your troops and gametime would be limited with supplies crucial to restoring your health in between battles. I think a lot of people would enjoy seeing the fighting sequences with their own customized fighter, as well as battling opponents online on constantly new maps.



JakobG commented on Disney Newsletter Accidentally Outs Epic Mickey 2:

It's funny how everyone complains about the camera in this game, I only recall having issues with it in the Jungle one or another time.
What really bugged me were the slightly messed up platforming physics, the travel system and some issues in combat, like the lock-on system and the massive hitstun you'd receive when getting hit.



JakobG commented on Nintendo Faces More Calls to Embrace Mobile:

Considering games such as Kirby: Mass Attack and Rhythm Heaven, I don't think Nintendo would have too much problems making games for something as limited as smartphones.
That being said, I wouldn't want Nintendo to leave the realm of dedicated platforms.