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Boshar commented on Weirdness: North American Devil's Third Copies...:

@kensredemption so recognize able. I was there the first weeks of the EU launch. Wish I could relive that time again. I envy you. Happy hunting and don't forget to pick up a RPG 32. Those fortresses will improve, The RPG 32 will be handy as a door knocker and you will earn crazy points destroying strongpoints.



Boshar commented on Weirdness: North American Devil's Third Copies...:

@manu0 I'm sorry for you that you got in late. Those early days where every week a new region was opened where magical. Decent sized clans where battling it out every night discovering the game little by little. It was great and it would have been better if the reviewers (most of which never played proper multiplayer) hadn't scared potential players away.



Boshar commented on Weirdness: North American Devil's Third Copies...:

Game is good. Had a few incredible months with the online part while the player count was decent. Will never forget it. For me it was the best online shooter ever. Single payer is fun too.

The current review climate is asinine and lots of reviewers feed their options of each other (at least NL did it a bit better then the rest). Also games will get slaughtered for small technical inconsistencies. Small dips in frame rates get presented as huge problems (mostly digital foundry on ps4 and XBone releases).

People have forgotten that games are meant to be fun. For me Devils Third was the funnest game I picked up in 2015. It gives me what I want in an action game / online shooter. I will forever be bitter about the reviewers frenzy that kept this games from EU players and I'm mad about how Nintendo US handles their release.



Boshar commented on Poll: The Tricky Issue of Retail Games as Down...:

Love digital and I'm known to double dip when there is a discount on the digital game that I have on disc. It so easy to start up the Wii u and just select any game I want to play. No searching for the right disc. Instant bliss.

With the truly unique games I do get the urge to get a boxed limited copy. Project Zero and Xenoblade Chronicles are ordered. If I ever get my hands on a Bayonetta collectors edition I will buy it. Also ordered Rodea the Skysoldier to get the Wii game. I do feel this signals the end of an era. We are shifting to digital ownership. The NX will bring it even closer



Boshar commented on Editorial: A Wii U Price Cut is Still Worthwhi...:

The gamepad makes the Wii U expensive to make and any gain of selling more units will be offset by Nintendo taking a loss on the hardware.

Also having a few extra sales to consumers unaware that the NX is about to be announced? You will only create some mad customers. It's better to use the funds to keep existing customers happy and try to get them on board for the new console.



Boshar commented on First Impressions: Taking A Shot At Fatal Fram...:

Preordered the physical edition. The lack of mainstream success for the Wii U pains me but I think that this game would never have been released on a successful Wii U with lots of western 3rd party support.



Boshar commented on Itagaki Accepts "Fair" Devil's Third Criticis...:

Having a blast with this game and I'm playing (and liking!) the multiplayer more then I ever did in the COD's that where released on Wii U.

What makes a good game. Do you score an online shooter on how well it emulates established titles like CoD and BF (on PS4 or XBone) or do you look at it as an separate experience and how much fun it provides.

If you play the multiplayer you will level up pretty consistent (even when you are a bad shot like me). Leveling up will provide you with plenty of golden eggs. The golden eggs are mostly spend on fun costumes. I really love the colorfull and outlandish things you can put on to intimidate your opponents.

I recommend you find someone with the game and play it for a while before you take the published reviews as gospel. Sure this is not a new AAA franchise but it is a d*mn fun game that has some unique gameplay. Try and maybe buy!



Boshar commented on Review: Devil's Third (Wii U):

I had to have this game and yes I know the review scores. Being prepared for the worst I started it up with low expectations and 2 hours later I had trouble laying down the gamepad. There must be something wrong with my gaming tastes because I enjoyed every minute of it.

I played mostly single player and tried one online match. I'm happy with the game. It's way prettier the ZombiU (played it earlier this week). I'm having more fun with this single player then I had with both Call of Duty games (Might be my B movie preference acting up). So I join @ToxieDogg and @Tate24 in saying this is fun. Try it before you dismiss it based on all the bad scores and 'turd' jokes.



Boshar commented on Nintendo Removes Ironfall Invasion From 3DS eS...:

@Grumblevolcano region lock is just the usual excuse but once the exploit is out in the wild 90% will use it to pirate games.

Don't get me wrong. I think you and I could use such an exploit to play Jap games with fan translations and other wonderful stuff but the pirates that also get in on it will ruin the 3ds games market and there will be fewer good games in the future.



Boshar commented on Talking Point: Fatal Frame's Trial Version and...:

As someone that converted early to digital releases I'm glad seeing Nintendo further committed to a digital future. It gives more certainty to my existent digital games. Not that here is anything to complain about. My old Wii eShop purchases where recognized and I have no problem with paying a small fee to get an upgraded Wii U version.

2015 is an exciting Nintendo year. We will get a new account system and we might get more information about what will be in store for us with the NX. I hope Nintendo will use the current purchase info from the eShop to set up a software as a service system. Converting eShop purchases to licenses to use the game on any of their current or future devices would be great.



Boshar commented on Video: Capcom Shares Footage of Resident Evil ...:

I got myself the 2 archives editions. They where pretty easy to find 2nd hand, also cheaper then the HD remakes.

It would be nice if Nintendo released them as Wii VC titles on Wii U. They could even add RE 4 Into the bargain. That would be awesome.



Boshar commented on Review: Japanese Rail Sim 3D Journey in Suburb...:

@MitchVogel this application is not 'deserving of a 3' it is a 'game' targeted a a small niche group of users. To those users it is the best they can get on 3DS.

Some of the high scoring indies on Nintendolife have terrible glitches and slowdowns compared to other platforms but they still score 8's and 9's. There is nothing wrong with warning potential buyers of the limited production values but for a small target audience this is accepteble.



Boshar commented on Review: Japanese Rail Sim 3D Journey in Suburb...:

1st day buy when it comes out in Europe, Seriously!

I like sim 'games'. If they would make it more gamey that would put me off. I have played the old MS train sim and Trainz on the PC. What controls are missing? I don't see any difference between the controls shown & mentioned and the controls in the PC train sims. When you control steam trains in those it gets more complicated but otherwise the only thing missing is a dead mans button (or pedal) and I'm pretty sure you would not like it when they added that feature.



Boshar commented on Fresh Details Emerge For Shin Megami Tensei X ...:

I'm buying 1st day its available. It's kind of sad that there are few games out on Wii U but it does have the effect that we get the more obscure Japan centric titles translated and available in the west. I love this one and Fatal Frame. Add the more main stream Mario Maker & Yoshi's wooly world and I'm still pretty happy with the Wii U lineup.



Boshar commented on Review: Affordable Space Adventures (Wii U eShop):

I can't rember the last time that a game grabbed me like this one. I played 2 nights in a row and it I just could not put it down. I had to see the end. Totally satisfied with this. Worth the asking price. This game is fun!



Boshar commented on New Nintendo 3DS Ambassador Editions Already I...:

Just ordered mine. I tried to order yesterday but my Credit card was denied. Today I got an email from Nintendo that stated they had some technical problems, they made there excuses and indicated that it would now be possible to order.

I understand when people that didn't get the invite are bitter but I think it all has to do with if you fit their criteria. I was a first day adapter of the original 3DS, I registered everything via Club Nintendo. Because of the price drop I got Nintendo Ambassador status, I downloaded all the ambassador games and the Ambassador certificate. Later I got a 3DS XL and I transferred all the games and my certificate to that machine. Most importantly of all (I think) I gave Nintendo permission to send me their newsletters. If you opt out of those you will never get any of these deals.

I think the only other perk I got from the ambassador thing is the limitless Super Smash Bros. demo codes for 3DS. At least that is how it worked for me in the Netherlands.

Even if Nintendo has more bundles available than there are interested ambassadors it would be hard to come up with extra criteria who to include next. Also bear in mind that the official launch price for the new 3DS is estimated to be around 170 EUR. So Nintendo is still up to its old tricks of getting extra money from their most loyal fans .



Boshar commented on Developer of Retro City Rampage Explains, Agai...:

The game just came to late. I wasn't even aware that it was out until I read about de DX update. It's nice of him to update the Wii version and this statement put to rest the do I buy it on Wii or do I wait for the Wii u update uncertainty.

I had some club Nintendo stars that expire at the end of the month so I exchanged those for Nintendo points and got the game. I can't imagine playing this on a 3DS. Some of the sprites are tiny!



Boshar commented on Digital Foundry Gives Its Take on Watch Dogs f...:

I have the game (eShop version) and sure sometimes there is slowdown, especially when you like DF create a gigantic pileup of police cars and then use your grenade launcher to create havoc. But in normal use the game is very playable. Playing the game on the gamepad the frame rate somehow feels faster but I'm assured by more technically minded people that 'm seeing things that are not there. In my personal experience the only other open world game on the Wii U Lego City Undercover has more frame rate problems then Watch_Dogs.

Up til now I have clocked more then 22 hours playing the game. I like it beter then Assassins Creed (III & IV) and while GTA V (played on PS3) is technicaly overall the beter game I prefer the Watch_Dogs play style. The great thing in Watch_Dogs is the on foot combat and the way you are totally free to solve the missions any way you like. Most people go in guns blazing shooter style and will quikly go back to GTA V but when you like the stealth approach you wil learn to appreciate the way this game works. Hacking the environment. Taking down guards one by one. Planing an ambush on a criminal convoy. I love this stuff.

Lets put it very simple. When I finally buy a PS4 I will get Watch_Dogs immediately. I will buy GTA V eventually but that will be after I have finished play Watch_Dogs for a second time. The game play in Watch_Dogs is underrated and I will not get a cheaper PS3 version the has a slightly beter frame rate at the cost of lots of screen tearing.



Boshar commented on Nintendo UK Executive Says Wii U Has Had "Quit...:

Not dead yet!

But on a more serious side I'm really happy with my Wii U. A lot of the games released this year are ' my kind of games'. Love Hyrule Warriors. Eagerly waiting for Bayonetta.

On top of that the eShop promotions are interesting. Just upgrade DC (had it on Wii so just 1,25 to upgrade!) and then proceed to buy the digital version of Tropical Freeze with a nice discount. Somehow this system works, the Hyrule Warriors promotion left me with more old school Zelda games then I would otherwise buy.

Sure we're missing out on 3rd party releases and we always want more AAA Nintendo releases but form me money's no problem if PS4 or XBone have a truly great game I can buy it in an instant but uptil now there is no system seller release for me on those platforms. I rater consolidate my game library of excellent past en present games on the Wii U.



Boshar commented on Bayonetta 2 Demo Now Live In The European Wii ...:

De demo does a good job of teaching you the basics and gives a great taste of the first part of the game. I will treasure my 15 times startup limit. Damn you Nintendo I can only start this once every day I have to wait for the full game



Boshar commented on Wii U Version of Watch Dogs to Miss Out on DLC:

Not interested in playing a bad port that will cost more than the game currently costs on other platforms and as an icing on the cake no DLC.

Watch Dogs will sell really really bad on Wii U and the only party to blame in this debacle is UBIsoft.



Boshar commented on Talking Point: A Virtual Console Revival Could...:

I think 7 Euro for a GBA title is very reasonable. I already bought Advance Wars an Golden Sun while I have the original carts and a system to play them on (even have a Gamecube and GBA player so I could already play them on my TV).

The save point system, control options, digital manual & conveniance are worth it. Beats searching the internet on shady sites and mucking about with emulators .



Boshar commented on Fire Emblem Bringing The Battle to the Wii U i...:

Damn you Nintendo. I have the GBA cart but at that price I will also buy it for Wii U.

Now if they also release it on 3DS I can buy it a 3rd time. I have the ambassador Fire Emblem (the sacred stones) and it needs company 😉



Boshar commented on Nintendo Download: 14th August (Europe):

I sold 4 of my disc versions. When I include the Premium points 'cash back'. My switch to digital costs me 11 Euro for 4 games (AC III, AC IV, Rayman and Splinter Cel). Feels good.



Boshar commented on The Console Wars Live On As Night Trap Remake ...:

DAYUM! Still know the titlesong from this game. And poor Dana Plato. I played this on the Sega CD. Ground Zero: Texas is a similar game but is way better then Night trap. But games are atrocious by todays standards. Nobody needs a remake of this.



Boshar commented on Nintendo Download: 14th August (Europe):

Oh dear. My external 2TB HDD was just waiting for these discounts. I have the disc versions for a lot of these but at these prices! You can't beat the convenience of having it al available in the Wii U menu.

Going to need a Wii U menu update soon. Bring us folders! The menu is getting too cramped.



Boshar commented on Latest Wii U System Update Allows Console To C...:

"[IF] your original just "bricked" on you, then you're out of luck anyway (and presumably, there go your Virtual Console and eShop purchases...buh-bye). So basically this news DOESN'T CHANGE A THING."

Not true, you would need to contact Nintendo and supply them with details of your original hardware an your Nintendo ID. They will transfer your games and credit to a new machine.



Boshar commented on Latest Wii U System Update Allows Console To C...:

Great to know I can switch Wii U's iff my original starts acting ' funny'. Who knows maybe there are som nice special Wii U's on the horizon to make upgrading worthwhile.

The best feature IMO is that you can simply switch your external HDD after the transfer. I have a large external HDD so I won't need to re-download any content.

Okay its not 100% like Sony and Microsoft do it but we now have cross buy (EU / Squids Odyssey) and can use our Nintendo ID's to switch machines keeping all our content. Only problem left is if the original hardware dies in which case you need to contact Nintendo. We made a lot of progress these last few months. It will only get better.



Boshar commented on Sony: PS4 Is "Welcoming Back" Wii Owners Who S...:

I don't have a PS4 and its because I have a PS3 and more then 1 year PS+ membership behind me. That gives you a backlog of AAA games (Sony and multiplat) that will take hours to game through.

Now when I look at the PS4 in the stores here and I look at which games are available there is absolutely no reason to get a PS4 now. I buy new games for the Wii U. Play the PS+ free titles on the PS3. And I have a few select PS3 games (GTA 5, Red Dead Redemption, GT6). The PS4 - at the moment - has nothing going for it.

And don't get me started about the X-Box One...



Boshar commented on Review: Squids Odyssey (3DS eShop):

Looked like a nice game so I went ahead and bought it to encourage Nintendo to offer more cross buy titles. I'm guessing that digital distribution is more important in Europe. Nintendo is losing shelf space in the brick and mortar stores here. Tomodachi Lives is not available in stores here and I live in a big city. Last month I added a USB hard-drive to the Wii U and my 3DS XL got a larger SD Card. I wished Nintendo was further with the catchup to the digital age. Can't wait till Cross Buy and game binding to accounts are the norm. I'm ready and Nintendo has the games I like. Just wish they would hurry these changes.



Boshar commented on Nintendo of Europe Gives Free Retail Game to 3...:

Wow and al this on my birthday. Thanks Nintendo!

Its clear they want to now their customers e-mail addresses and they want us in the eShop. Giving away a free game pretty much guarantees we will do our best to find the eShop and download a game. They are hoping we will come back after that.

The same promotion for the original 3DS would create problems because of the small SD Storage. Sure you can upgrade but for most common customers thats a big hurdle.



Boshar commented on Konami Announces PES 2013 for Wii and 3DS:

I hope the 3DS versions supports the CPP. Its the only reason I skipped the 2012 version.

Its also significant that there is no Playstation Vita version announced. Maybe not so surprising when you consider recent PSV sale figures from Japan.



Boshar commented on Rumour: Analogue Stick Add-On for 3DS Revealed:

It won't win in the looks department but if the games that use this are good I will get it. Lets face it with dual analogue control we are talking about games for the core crowd. You don't have to take the Analogue cradle with you on the road. I guess the games that use it will also have a control scheme for bare 3ds use.

This is Nintendo covering all bases and making the 3ds useful for all game types.



Boshar commented on NOA: "Never Say Never," But No Plans to Bring ...:

Nintendo is letting us down big time. The release shedule for the Wii is barren, as a European I at least have Xenoblade to look forward to but I'm angry with Nintendo. It looks like they are focussing on Wii U. I have news for you Nintendo. You already have core gamers with the current Wii. They way yo are treating us now will make the Wii U a hard sell to your most loyal fans.



Boshar commented on Fils-Aime: Next Home Console Unlikely to be 3D:

@warnerdan That made me think. The 3DS is another big promotor of the Mii Avatars. They will probably extend the Mii Avatars and use them in games to increase the immersion (it's great to see your own Mii in Pilot Wings). Maybe online voice chat out of the box. A motion controller which also has decent classic control options or an adaptive controller with the same touch screen from the DS for controls and of course HDTV support.



Boshar commented on Fils-Aime: Next Home Console Unlikely to be 3D:

What do we expect. Nintendo opted out of HD TV output because (at the time) HD TV's where not installed in every household. There are even less 3D ready TV's in use at the moment.

I did see a PS3 with 3D game demo at a store. Its annoying to look at if you're not playing/wearing the glasses. Its a very anti social activity when you compare it to the console setups we are used to.

I experience the same with the 3DS. People will not watch what you are playing because its hard to see whats happening on screen. Less spectators being wowed means less sales. 3D games are harder to sell because of this.