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Wed 17th Feb 2010

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komicturtle commented on Michael Pachter Doubts 3DS XL's Powers of Revival:

3DSXL is portable for me. Not "pocket" portable but even then, I never shoved my 3DS in my pocket... Never. doesn't feel right. When I go to college next month, my 3DS is going to be in my bag... Or 3DSXL if I have the dinero to get it (which I probably will).

3DSXL isn't supposed to be a revival. It's a choice for those who want a bigger 3DS.

The same can be said for Apple fanboys. Look at Engadget and see for yourself. Actually, this applies to ANY and EVERY fanboy. Don't single out Nintendo's



komicturtle commented on Bing Gordon: Nintendo's 'On Track' to Primaril...:

Nintendo being a "software-only" company won't happen anytime soon, especially when their software for the most part is built with the hardware in mind. If they make add-ons upon add-ons like Sega did with Genesis, release a console that's severely expensive, 3 years later craft a whole new console- then yeah, they'd go the software route like Sega.

Problem is, there are no signs of that happening. At least they're dipping their toe in the smartphone field with Miiverse. They're manipulating that so consumers can go back to WiiU and stay connected to it at all times. That's pretty smart.



komicturtle commented on New Super Mario Bros. 2 eShop Bonus Confirmed ...:

Hell, Steam sells boxed games at the same price as boxed versions.. Never had a problem with it personally. It's probably inexpensive to sell a game with a box and manual anyways compared to back then

Was always planning on getting the digital version. This will apply to Super Smash Bros. and Animal Crossing 3D. I'm trying to keep the box count en mi casa as low as possible. As for WiiU, I may get some games boxed and digital.



komicturtle commented on Review: Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance...:

They should make the KH series less OVERLY-ACTION Oriented and flashy. I miss the simple yet deep gameplay the original had. Didn't like the "Push Triangle" button sequences and how it made the battles far more easier than it should be.



komicturtle commented on Gearbox Interested in Bringing Borderlands 2 t...:

So it'll look even better than 360/PS3 versions. No surprise.

Gearbox, please negotiate with the publisher. Borderlands is the only FPS franchise to really peak my interest because it's not the typical FPS experience that's flooding and saturating the market. And I love the cel-shaded art work.




komicturtle commented on Review: Johnny Kung Fu (3DS eShop):

This looked really promising. But seems like UFO is slowly getting things to be.. decent. They just need work on the quality side and make sure their games are actually.. well, good.



komicturtle commented on Unreal Engine 4 Ports Possible on Wii U:

Anyone expecting the other next gen consoles to run UE4 straight up need to keep expectations low.

UE4 will probably have to be scaled down for nextBox and PS4 as WiiU- especially the former which is bound to use a very similar architecture to WiiU from the information I gathered the past few months so far



komicturtle commented on Angry Birds Trilogy to Cost $29.99:

I have to wonder if they're changing it to first person mode (like Boomblox style).

That's make better use of the 3D, I say. Not really interested in the dirty birds. Good for those who are.



komicturtle commented on Nintendo Download: 12th July 2012 (North America):

I heard this was the BEST of the new Frogger games. It even has Castlevania inspired levels and some other popular Konami franchise. You should look out for it. It got a good recommendation from Nintendo Power and they're somewhat picky when it comes to that it seems.



komicturtle commented on Talking Point: Another Look at the News - 6th ...:

You're taking the situation far too seriously.

I'm not arguing Wii doesn't have as many games as 360 or PS3. And frankly, I'm not asking you to accept anything other than to acknowledge there are more than 4 good games on Wii. Again, for the 3rd time, you're basing your views on other's opinions. And save the numbers- they're not important to me and really shouldn't be for anyone else. Even folks here on Nintendolife believe you shouldn't entirely judge a game based on a review. It's all opinions.

Why? It makes sense. And review these days are frankly unreliable with the bias thrown in- hence the poor review of Mario Kart 7 on Destructoid where the man whines about it being too much of the same yet he turns around to praise Dynasty Warriors and Call of Duty and claims "they push the genre forward". This goes for some IGN reviewers too, where they pull a pancake move all the time. And there were incorrect information in regards to Mario Tennis Open where they claimed there were NO 4-PLAYER online matches- clearly the review was written up on a whim. And you're telling me (I think) that I should look at everything objectively and base my thoughts on other's opinions?

No thanks. I'll be subjective and be happy. At the same time, looking at things in a broader perspective and acknowledging them. I play games to play them, not to nitpick which the media tends to do all the time.

EDIT: You wasted your time pulling out a list I just don't care for. It only proves that those games got high scores... that's it...



komicturtle commented on Talking Point: Another Look at the News - 6th ...:

I'm capable to distinguishing my opinion from objective discussions- frankly, I tell it like it is. Again you're basing your thoughts on another's opinion. That's what reviews are for, right? Opinions? Or no, in your world, it's all facts.

lol My ego isn't fragile booboo. Sounds like you're taking it far more personally and going on a tangent.



komicturtle commented on Talking Point: Another Look at the News - 6th ...:

Then maybe you shouldn't say "There's only 4 games on Wii" and try to argue that point. And you don't need to backpedal on your statements. Being subjective sounds like the best way to go as I rather be positive than to be sulking around.

I rather enjoy something for what it is than what I want it to be. The latter sounds miserable.

And I never said the Wii's library is the best thing ever. Putting words in people's mouths doesn't help the situation, huh?