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Sat 16th May, 2009

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ElFlorro commented on Annoyed About Age Restrictions On The Euro Wii...:

Honestly people! Blame Germany? WTF?
Gaming aside, some pepole don't even seem to know anything about Germany... that's really sad.
Germany holds Europe together. Commercially & politically.
Why do you think so many companies built their headquarters here and not in the UK? Don't get me wrong, I love the UK but it's an island where they haven't even the Euro. So what?



ElFlorro commented on 3DS XL Comparision Gallery:

3DS XL? I'm going to get! Love the new design!
But by the way: The USK logo is so annoying! Now they even print it on hardware boxes. Ridiculous!!! I'm German myself and witnessed the development here in Germany. Now they force whole Europe to use this s***!
What do British people think about the logos??



ElFlorro commented on Nintendo Delayed Skyward Sword To Get It Just ...:

In fact all game developers shouldn't release their games until they are really ready. It's perfectly alright to wait for such a gem.

@rafaelluik: The game looks really good. It has a great art design & distinctive watercolor style to it. But don't expect HD in any way. The graphics are as good as they can get on Wii. But to be honest: Mario Galaxy 1+2 had more "special effects" like fur and gloss effects. But still this a amazing looking non-HD game ;)



ElFlorro commented on Analogue Stick Add-On for 3DS Revealed:

@Pac-Suit: I think people are complaining, because a second analog stick could have been on the 3DS right from the beginning. It should be a standard now. So why this clunky thingy? I love my 3DS, don't get me wrong, but I am disappointed that Nintendo didn't do much more for it's design. For example the gamecard slot. It happend a few times on the DS & DS light that I exidently pushed on the top of the card and it came out while playing. This hasn't been changed with the 3DS. They haven't done a thing about it. Yet the old GameBoy had a saftey lock. So why not the 3DS? And sometimes I touch the volume control while playing, because it just isn't placed and designed well. I love Nintendo's products for nearly 25 years now, but I think they did a sloppy job with the 3DS in general.



ElFlorro commented on Rumour: Analogue Stick Add-On for 3DS Revealed:

This wouldn't be the first time Nintendo adds some crazy, clunky stuff to it's concoles or handhelds: Famicom Disk System, Stellaview, GameBoy Camera, 64DD & what not... they all weren't too successfull, weren't they? But honestly, what a waste to have a beautiful 3D world without having a second analog stick to look at it the right way... don't you think?



ElFlorro commented on NOA Will Be Watching European Xenoblade Chroni...:

Now that I'm a few hours into gameplay, let me tell you guys: what fantastic game! It really suprises me!

Just a few impressions so far:

  • gorgeous design (even though the textures aren't that good)
  • motivating gameplay
  • beautiful music
  • epic scenario

For all the JRPG fans in the U.S.: If this game doesn't come to the USA, import a European Wii, it's worth it!



ElFlorro commented on Tales of the Abyss:

As huge fan of the series, I'll be glad to finally play it. Europe hasn't been very lucky with "Tales" releases... I hope the other unreleased titles will also make it to Europe some time...



ElFlorro commented on UK Pre-Orders Bag a Gold Sleeve and Poster for...:

Here in Germany you get a beautiful black Zelda case for free when you pre-order at



ElFlorro commented on 3DS Battery Life Revealed:

And if it would last for one hour! Come on folks... it's the 3DS! The last time I was so excited for a new system was 20 years ago! I think this thing will be freakin' awesome!!



ElFlorro commented on Last Story:

I'm so waiting for this. It looks stunning (for Wii standards) and I like the new battle approach. Could be a winner (hopefully soon)...



ElFlorro commented on Rune Factory: Frontier:

I really, really, really want to have this too, but when is it coming to EU??? I need a date I can worship!!!!!!!



ElFlorro commented on Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal ...:

I played it a few days ago at Gamescom in Cologne, Germany. The graphics and the controls were awesome, but in the demo there weren't any combat situations whatsoever. That was a little bit disappointing :(
But I'm really looking forward to this title. I hope it will hit German stores in December! :)



ElFlorro commented on Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a...:

@ Bass X0: In a way it's like Crystal Defenders, but be sure to expect way more! You don't only buy units but also rooms for your tower. For example you have melee, ranged & magic units and rooms wich can attack foes, poison them or protect your own units. And foes are able to attack your units & rooms. So there are a lot of neat things they came up with. I would say that CD is really basic gameplay, while MLAAD is a lot more fun.

@ davegorack: To be honest: It kinda pis*** me of, that SqaureEnix goes with that DC stuff right from the start. If they would make the basic game and then go "okay we have came up with something nice we could add, so here's the stuff for a few bucks for the fans" it would be okay. But giving you the option for MLAAD to buy a dress for the main character for 300 points (and there are at least 2 of it) wich will cost you 6€ (5,20 pounds) it's really unfair. I'm kind of a completionist and like my games completed 100%, so it really hurts my gamer feelings (crying out loud to the heavens!). You pay 1000 points for the game and you could pay another 5500 points for DC!! So the whole game costs 65€ (56 pounds or $91) That's a lot of points (money)...



ElFlorro commented on Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a...:

I just played the first chapter and I have to say that I am impressed! I just want to share a few facts with you. SPOILER ALERT!

  • the game itself needs 319 blocks (+ 2 for the savegame)
  • Nintendo tells you right from the start that there will be more downloadable content
  • you play holding the wiimote horizontally (no gestures or waggle features included so far)
  • the controls are intuitive & fast
  • you add floors to your tower and set traps and foes for the arriving "do-gooders"
  • between the levels you custimize your tower and the monsters you can buy with NP (negative power, muahahah)
  • the first chapter has five levels an a boss stage (with Chime being the first boss)
  • MLAAD is a more sophisticated tower defense game with way more choices to make
  • it has charming visuals and enjoyable music & sound effects
  • the gameplay is is really addicting
    & rewarding
  • I only played about an hour so far but I'm really having a great time and can't stop playing. I do recommend the game for tower defense game fans & FFCC fans, too. If your still unsure wait for nintendolife's review.

I have to defeat some more "do-gooders"!



ElFlorro commented on Reggie Wants Your Dream Nintendo Franchise/Dev...:

As many of you said: I'd also love a new Mario RPG, but a real RPG. Like the original but with more depth.. I think that the folks at SquareEnix really could do that again.
Donkey Kong Country 4 would also be great. Love the idea! But who out there is really capable of doing it?
My idea would be a simulation game in the Mario Universe. Think of it like a mixture between Spore and SimCity. Would it work? I really don't know :D But Maxis could do it!