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Fri 24th December, 2010

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Late commented on Review: Pokémon Trading Card Game (3DS eShop ...:

One of the best Pokémon spin-off games out there. Already had it for my GBA SP but I had to get it for 3DS too. I hope we'll get TCG2 too. It was only released in Japan. I think it's time to grant everyone access to this game in a language they can understand.



Late commented on Nintendo Download: 12th December (Europe):

Link to the Past and RUSH for me this week. I've been waiting for Link to the Past for quite a while. I thought about getting it from Wii Shop Channel but my mind always said: "It will be available next week."



Late commented on Teslagrad Wii U Release Drops Into 2014:

@GamerJunkie: The prices on Steam and eShop are actually the same or at least close to each other but as some said, Steam has sales all the time and then there's Humble Bundle, etc.

I've bought Humble Bundle games few times but most of the games have never been played. This happens to lot of people. Buy games because they are so cheap and then never play them. If I buy a game for a console I'll always play them. I enjoy playing on console more and I want to support those who make the games. Giving them 10€ instead of 1€ is my way of saying: "Thank you for this awesome game."

By no means am I saying that everyone should spend more money on the same game they can get on PC. I just wanted to point out that there are people who are willing to pay more.



Late commented on Cliff Bleszinski Thinks Super Mario 3D World I...:

I saw a Disney Infinity commercial few days ago that showed only Wii U gameplay and features. I think I've seen a couple of TV commercials about Wii U before but not for a really long time. Might be because I barely ever watch TV.

Also saw Super Mario 3D World ad in today's Donald Duck magazine (really popular in Finland) along with PS3 ad on the other side of the page.

A couple of weeks ago I went shopping and there was some guy talking about Wii U and how it's different from Wii and all that stuff. Found Nintendo Land for 5€ from the same shop (bought it for my friend since I have it already).

I think they're actually doing something to get people interested. Well... at least here.



Late commented on Review: Christmas Wonderland 3 (3DS eShop):

@Romeo: Quote from Nintendo Life's About Us page: "You won't find a more complete archive of Nintendo download reviews anywhere on the 'net, because we've reviewed every single game you can download for a Nintendo console."

They have to review every downloadable game to keep their words and having a review for everything available in the eShop is something you can be really proud of.



Late commented on Pokémon X & Pokémon Y: Super Music Collectio...:

I've never used iTunes before but had to get this today to show my support in Pokémon soundtracks. I would've preferred physical copy but I'm quite happy with digital too. It's better than nothing.



Late commented on Nintendo Download: 7th November (Europe):

I'll try the updated Wii Sports for free but won't purchase any sports until they are for sale (hopefully that happens). I have the original Wii Sports and I'm not that interested in online features.

I'll also get both Toki Tori games. More interested in the classic but it was nice of them to offer 2+ for less if you buy the classic.



Late commented on Nintendo Download: 31st October (Europe):

I'm going to get the Wii Fit U trial. Some really nice discounts but I already own Assassin's Creed 3 and Trine 2 and I'm not into horror games so no Resident Evil or Zombi U for me.



Late commented on Nintendo Download: 24th October (Europe):

I was going to buy Phoenix Wright day one but I think I'll wait until I've played Apollo Justice first. And I won't get Apollo Justice before I've had enough of Pokémon Y. Main game beaten but I have still things to do before I'll move onto next game.



Late commented on Review: Picross e3 (3DS eShop):

Already have Mario's Picross, Picross e and e2, no need for e3. I'm a big fan of Picross but enough is enough. I think Picross e series are worse than previous Jupiter picross games.

I'm pretty sure Mario's Picross had more puzzles than Picross e and there was also Time Trial mode. I've spent over 50 hours playing Mario's Picross because Time Trial gives me a random puzzle to solve. I don't want to know what the image is going to be before I start a puzzle so I'd like to have a random option in Picross e games.

I hate how they try to make it look like Picross e has more content than it really has by having an "extra" category. Those "extras" could just as well be part of Easy/Normal/Free Mode since they don't offer anything new. It's just called extra to make you think you have more puzzles than you really do.



Late commented on Pokémon X & Y Pre-Orders Set 3DS Record in Japan:

The wait is killing me. I've never been this excited for a video game. I'm trying to stay out of places that may have spoilers regarding Pokémon X and Y. I've seen every Pokémon that have been officially announced but I really want to have some surprises so I decided I'll try to stay away from rumors and pictures of new Pokémon.

I'll choose Chespin as my starter. I hope it's final evolution looks better than Quilladin (it looks bit silly). I was going to start with Fennekin but I don't want multiple fire starters and my sister is going to get it. Froakie just isn't that interesting. There have been so many frogs already.



Late commented on TowerFall Creator Has Been Approached By Nintendo:

@ShadJV: The trailer doesn't tell much about the game. Take a look at VGA's videos to see some really good 4-player action. I think this would become my most played game on Wii U before new Smash Bros. arrives if it gets released before it. Or if it happens to be released later it will most likely be my second most played game. I really like good multiplayer games.



Late commented on TowerFall Creator Has Been Approached By Nintendo:

I really want TowerFall for Wii U. I watched VGA videos of this game and instantly fell in love with it. I'd pay 20€ or maybe even more for this game although I'm glad that most of eShop games are only around 10€ or less.



Late commented on Etrian Odyssey IV Confirmed for European Relea...:

I've been waiting for this game. Unfortunately it might take me some time before I'll buy it because so many other great games are coming soon too. If it came at the same time as in America I would've probably pre-ordered it.



Late commented on Limited Edition Pokémon X & Y 3DS Models Reve...:

I would gladly update my 3DS to XL if either of them came in Europe. I love both designs but I prefer the blue one. I'd buy gold one if I couldn't get blue. I really liked the Charizard 3DS XL design too but these are much better. Please come to Europe.



Late commented on Second Project X Zone Demo Hitting 3DS eShop O...:

I didn't quite understand all the game mechanics (probably because I skipped all the text before battle) but I had fun. I think I have to try again later and read everything to enjoy the demo even more.



Late commented on Poll: Do You Follow and Watch Rival Console Re...:

I don't usually watch rival reveals but I thought I'd make exception today. I've watched Microsoft E3 before and I always get tired half way through and end up doing something else. I've never watched Sony reveals live since their E3 is always somewhere around midnight and I don't really care about their smaller announcements.

I don't really care what happens outside Nintendo news. With that said I don't hate Sony and Microsoft. They just don't have enough games I'd buy for their consoles. I've thought about getting PS2 which has enough games I'd like to buy and it's almost free nowadays but I have to wait a bit since there are so many good games coming soon.



Late commented on Feature: 3DS - A Report Card Ahead of Its Bigg...:

I'd say it's my favorite console thanks to Virtual Console, eShop games and because I can use it to play DS games. There weren't many must buy retail games before but now, in near future, there are almost too many games I have to get at one point or another.



Late commented on Review: Mario's Super Picross (Wii U eShop / S...:

I really enjoyed Mario's Picross and have thought about getting Mario's Super Picross for Wii but never did because it's more suitable for handheld. I think it's time for me to get it for Wii U soon although I already have plenty of Picross games.



Late commented on Nintendo: 3DS eShop And App Store Comparison I...:

I think sometimes phones get too much attention. What happened to those days when only thing you needed to do was call someone or send a text message? I have an old phone and I'm not going to pay money for features I'll never use anyways. I know so many people who always want the best phone and then they use it non-stop for a week and after that they only use things they could with their older phones...Not everyone are like that but there are still too many. Hundreds of euros for nothing... Nothing to do with the topic but I just wanted to say my opinion.



Late commented on DuckTales: Remastered Focus Testing Reveals Th...:

Everyone knows Scrooge here in Finland. Most of the kids and teens read Donald Duck comics and they still show DuckTales 3 times a week + 5 more episodes on another channel (which costs money). And I'm pretty sure they have it on Disney Channel as well.

It's just a shame they mostly show dubbed episodes again. They didn't dub even half of the episodes and the ones they dubbed are in weird order. I don't understand why they couldn't just dub them in order. Sometimes it jumps from one season to another and then back again. Same thing happened with TMNT.



Late commented on Nintendo of Europe Offers Free Game in "So Man...:

I already have Fire Emblem: Awakening. I'm going to get Animal Crossing: New Leaf, Luigi's Mansion 2 and Pokémon Mystery Dunegon: Gates to Infinity at one point or another. Guess I'll get one of them for free.

@Dambuster: Yes, since you can't register same game twice on Club Nintendo. I've tried before, couldn't register my brother's Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky since I had registered mine already.
EDIT: Looks like I'm wrong. Take a look at rjejr's post below.



Late commented on Nintendo Download: 25th April 2013 (Europe):

I'll get Rayman App and Mystery Dungeon demo. I should also buy all the Bit Trip games (currently have none) but I think I'll buy Bit Trip Complete for Wii instead of Saga since it's said to be better.



Late commented on Talking Point: Fire Emblem: Awakening - The Bi...:

Classic-Normal. If someone dies then they stay dead. I don't really understand resetting. I thought many say Fire Emblem is great because of the permadeath and still they want their characters to stay alive (reset if anyone dies). It's pretty weird if you ask me. It doesn't really tell anything about player's skills as anyone can beat the game using reset with a little trial and error. Most of players who do that could easily beat the game without resetting. Resetting may not sound so weird to others but I find it really weird and boring way to play. But if someone enjoys the game that way, I have nothing against it. It's not by business. I'm just glad they enjoy gaming. I'm just saying I don't enjoy playing Fire Emblem like that.

I'm happy there is a Casual option for them who just got into Fire Emblem. There is no reason not to include it. Makes the game easier to approach. And I think it would be a great option for those who get annoyed by constant resetting.



Late commented on Nintendo Download: 18th April 2013 (Europe):

I'll download Fire Emblem: Awakening, Kirby's Adventure and Virtue's Last Reward. Why, oh why, did they drop Virtue's Last Reward's price on the same week Fire Emblem comes. I just bought 999 and I was going to buy Last Reward after I've finished playing 999 but now that it's on sale I have to get it right away. Wouldn't complain if I had more money.



Late commented on New Mewtwo Form Revealed For Pokémon X & Y:

I don't have anything against this new Mewtwo.

And it's really funny reading all the comments how first generation was superior. Some of the designs are really weird but no one said it back then since there were no other Pokémon to compare to. And R/B/Y were kind of broken. Remember overpowered Psychic types, Wrap/Bind, how frozen Pokémon could only be healed by using Ice Heal or hitting them with Fire-type moves, etc.

I'm very glad that those aren't the only games. Since that we've gotten abilities, breeding, new regions, new types and many other things. One of the things is new Pokémon and some of them are really awesome. Surely there are some Pokémon that look a bit odd and aren't so useful but first generation had some really weird and useless Pokémon too.

I'm not saying that everyone should hate first generation but to just take a closer look at all the things it did wrong. I still play first generation games and enjoy them. They just couldn't get everything perfect on their first try and I like how they've evolved Pokémon series since then.