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Fri 25th Dec 2009

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pikku commented on Video: Mario Kart DS Skids Onto Wii U Virtual ...:

This is definitely a great game, the single player probably has the most content of any Mario Kart games to date with all the missions, so I honestly don't even mind that the online multiplayer is absent, especially considering how limited it was in terms of course selection. I only wish GBA and DS games were available on both the Wii U and 3DS eShops.



pikku commented on Reggie Fils-Aime's Home In Animal Crossing: Ne...:

I love how you can buy items that you like from the houses of people you streetpass. From Reggie I bought those awesome glass show cases

I wonder how he got the hats to be shown on those black mannequin things though.



pikku commented on Review: Mutant Mudds Deluxe (Wii U eShop):

I had a lot of fun with the 3DS version for a while, but then playing through the levels stopped being fun and started to feel like a grind.And despite downloading it on day one, I still have never have finished the game, simply because the "grindiness" left such a terrible taste in my mouth.



pikku commented on Feature: The GamePad - From Waggling Remotes T...:

@VolcanoFlames pretty much my thoughs as well. I don't like whne it's used as an overhead map for games though. In theory, the overhead view for Sonic Racing Transformed would work and feel exactly like it does in Mario Kart DS/7, but it's so much harder to glance down at the GamePad and look back up at the screen in a split-second like you could on the DS. I really like off-tv play and local multiplayer with it though. I definitely think it has potential, developers just have to think about it a little differently than they did for the DS's second screen imo.



pikku commented on N++ Announced At GDC:

Oh man, I played through the DS version so many times. I would definitely buy this game.



pikku commented on Review: Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon (3DS):

I don't understand why anyone would need a CCP for this game. I'm a huge fan of the Gamecube game, and I honestly think Dark Moon has better controls. They stripped the needlessy complicated controls of the original to a much simpler scheme that is much more fun imo.



pikku commented on Review: Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate (3DS):

I liked the controls of the 3DS version actually. For some reason they felt better than the Wii U version to me. But it doesn't matter since I'm probaby not getting the game, just throwing my two cents out there.



pikku commented on Review: Metal Slug 4 (Wii Virtual Console / Ne...:

@Mk_II Unless you want to play with the classic controller, which is strangely absent from Anthrology. (I'm assume that you can for the VC version)

Unfortunately the wiimote waggling for grenades seemed a little finnicky for me at least.



pikku commented on Feature: The Big Wii U Direct Summary:

They better announce GBA games for 3DS in the next Nintendo Direct, but it's cool that they're coming to Wii U, I guess.

Also, at the part in the presentation where he mentioned announcing other collaborations in the future, did any one else automatically think about that Metroid/ Star Fox crossover rumor from a while back? It would be interesting if that was actually going to be a thing.