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Tue 30th Nov 2010

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SennaKurosaki commented on Animal Crossing: New Leaf Will Need Over 6000 ...:

Without a doubt I'm getting the physical copy, not the download, because I really want to physically own my favourite game.
In my opinion downloading a game is only useful when the game would otherwise be unavailable. But as there are no exclusive Japanese games that are only available in the West by downloading I see no benefit in just licensing a game download as opposed to actually owning the material copy.



SennaKurosaki commented on Special Luigi 3DS XL System Coming To Japan:

@Rockman and @Five-seveN
I still see lots of the special edition yellow Pikachu 3DS XL for sale at my local MediaMarkt in Holland. Price is 199 euro. I have one and I like it a lot. Outside is yellow, with a big Pikachu (and some stupid technical text) and the inside is white, with white buttons. It's quite gorgeous!



SennaKurosaki commented on Animal Crossing: New Leaf 3DS XL Bundle Confir...:

Fortunately I already bough the Pikachu yellow 3DS XL.
Too bad that the Animal Crossing special edition 3DS XL doesn't have any of the cute characters of the series on it. This design looks more like a Christmas edition, not an Animal Crossing edition.



SennaKurosaki commented on Nintendo’s Bill Trinen: 2013 Is The Year Whe...:

Of course I'm glad that Nintendo's 3DS is finally gaining momentum in the Europe and America. And it's quite obvious as to why: the price of the console has been lowered considerably and the introduction of the XL model has helped too. I think that many fans felt that Nintendo will introduce an upgrade soon. As with the "old" DS before it, nicer versions came soon after the beloved original "fat DS" and I guess many people expected Nintendo to try to pull of another stunt like that. Although I couldn't wait and have a small 3DS, it is the 3DS XL that I like the most. Also now there are some great titles coming. Thus far the West has been let down, with all the great titles being available only in Japan. Where is Ace Attorney versus Professor Layton? Where is Animal Crossing? They're still not available in the West.

Furthermore, the whole region-locking of the new 3DS is a monumental mistake by Nintendo. Most of my DS games I bought when I was on holiday because games abroad are usually 30-50% cheaper than in Europe. But with the 3DS I can't do this. I think this hampers adoption by fans. And it is the die-hard-fans that persuade the average Joe to want a 3DS too.

But now at least some of the great Japanese 3DS titles seem to be making it to Europe and America too.
Also I found that retailers in Europe really don't care much for the new Nintendo hardware and games. It's always in a kind of sad corner of shops and prices are ridiculously high: 45 euro (60US$) for a game is just plain madness! Those are PlayStation3 prices. A handheld game should retail for less in my opinion.
And there is one more thing that doens't help Nintendo (or Sony for that matter) and that is that many people are content to play simple games on their iPhones and Android phones. Everyone caries their phones with them all the time, but their 3DS usually remains at home (if they even have one at all).



SennaKurosaki commented on Code of Princess Shows Off Its Competitive Side:

In the good old days of the Nintendo DS games were region-free. This was great and I bought many great imported games that never were officially released in Europe.
But now this new Nintendo 3DS has that disgusting region-lock. This is so damaging to Nintendo fans especially for a handheld console that can easily be taken anywhere in the world. Region-locks are so old fashioned and short-sighted. I really hope Nintendo will remove this obsolete locks and treat the world as one country where everyone loves games. Especially great promising games like "Code of Princess".



SennaKurosaki commented on Rhythm Thief Arrives in Europe on 5th April:

I love music-rhythm-games! I'm definitely going to get this game.
However I do hope that they also keep all (or at least some) of the original Japanese music. The Japanese "Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan" series was way more fun than the Western "Elite Beat Agents". At least the DS had no region-lock. So I imported all the fun Japanese music games series like the "Taiko no Tatsujin" series. Now lets hope that more "typical Japanese" games come to the 3DS!



SennaKurosaki commented on Officially Licensed 3DS Headset Revealed, Pric...:

Use this Nintendo headset in combination with an Apple iPod for the ultimate coolness! Merging of cool brands results in ultra-cool fashion statement.
On a more serious note though... because it has a microphone, can this headset be used as a hands-free headset for an iPhone or other mobile? If I had to guess... I think it can!



SennaKurosaki commented on There's Hope for Layton vs. Phoenix Wright Out...:

If Nintendo doesn't release "Professor Layton vs Ace Attorney" outside Japan then it over and done for me. It will be too insulting. Then I will turn my back towards Nintendo. "Professor Layton vs Ace Attorney" is an awesome looking game that everyone should be able to play. (Also "Ni No Kuni" for the DS needs a world-wide release pronto!)



SennaKurosaki commented on Europe Joins the Red 3DS Ranks on 30th September:

Ah, finally... I have postponed my purchase of the Nintendo 3DS for two reasons. Firstly the high price had to drop and I wanted the red one as initially shown in Japan. Now that finally both events have come to fruition I will buy my long-awaited 3DS.



SennaKurosaki commented on Take a Look at Square Enix's Upcoming 3DS JRPG:

I really hope that this game gets a world-wide release. And for Europe, just Japanese with English subtitles is great... so no need to translate into five languages! Just release it! Even in France, Italy, Germany and Spain people can understand English... so release this great game as soon as possible!



SennaKurosaki commented on Professor Layton and the Spectre's Call Gets E...:

Instant buy... although I consider importing the American version as I want the complete game. Also I like the English vocals way more then any Dutch-language version. Furthermore I'm sure the American import will be cheaper than the European version which I am sure will be €40,- euro.



SennaKurosaki commented on Cut the Rope to Slice Up EU DSiWare on 22nd Se...:

I think they had to re-design a lot of levels because unlike the iPhone where the whole screen is touch-sensitive, the DSi only the bottom screen is touch-sensitive... so what happens on the top-screen? Will we have to scroll between screens with the D-pad maybe?
The 500 points price is really OK when compared to some of the crap that is available on DSiWare for more points. But nonetheless... it's overpriced when compared to iOS devices...
Nintendo has to be careful about their future. Soon everyone will carry around an iPhone, Samsung, HTC or Sony-Ericsson smartphone and then it will be "game over" for over-priced mobile platforms like the DS, 3DS, PSP and Vita no matter how much fun they offer.



SennaKurosaki commented on Interview: Tanukii Studios - Go! Go! Kokopolo ...:

Would it not have been for NintendoLIfe and this review / interview, I wouldn't have noticed this gem of a game! Nintendo does such a poor job of making the DSiWare Shop logical and easily accessible. So we need "external" information (e.g. from Internet websites) to draw attention to these great games on the DSiWare platform.
Thanks to Tanukii Studios and Room4Games almost everyone now can enjoy "Go! Go! Kokopolo". Now all that is needed is a Japanese release to "wake-up" Nintendo Headquarters from their slumber and start some good online presence.



SennaKurosaki commented on Nintendo Download: 8th September 2011 (Europe):

Honestly, I think firing some managers at Nintendo Europe isn't enough. Some more "rigorous" things need to be done. Nintendo Europe is sticking up a middle-finger to all of its customers again and again. We should all strike back! Like a boycott of everything! EVERYTHING!!! Hahahaha! I mean, if Nintendo wants to give their market-share over to Apple, well... then be my guest. I start to care less and less about Nintendo. They are as dead to me. The living dead that is.... zombies!



SennaKurosaki commented on escapeVektor Zig-Zags Worldwide on 29th September:

Looks like a nice original game. Too bad though that the visual style is so minimalistic and modern. I mean, how hard could it have been to have some little spaceship animation and aliens and stars instead of simply arrows and a grid?
But despite this little negative comment I'm going to get this game when it's released because the game-play looks fun!



SennaKurosaki commented on Intrinsic Pushes Amoebattle Back to 2012:

Delays are alright as long as the final product is brilliant and fun. I'm very much looking forward to this game! Now I just hope that it will be a simultaneous world-wide release. Also they should stick to making a DSi game for DSiWare and don't try to make it for the 3DS. The DSiXL has a nice big screen whilst the 3DS's screen is comparatively puny. Furthermore the DSiXL's battery lasts "forever".



SennaKurosaki commented on Review: Magical Whip: Wizards of the Phantasma...:

Why isn't it simultaneously released in Europe too? Does Nintendo really want to drive people away to iPhone's, iPod's and iPad's? This is obviously a game suitable for all-ages, so why the delay? Can't be a rating issue. Simultaneous world-wide releases that is the way to go!



SennaKurosaki commented on New Wii Design Could Go As Low as £80:

Before Christmas there is, in some countries, also Sinterklaas. So in Holland at least there are two times children receive gifts in December! Sinterklaas is on 5th December and Christmas - as everyone knows - is on 25th & 26th of December. So it is not too early for Nintendo to start gearing up for the gift-season.



SennaKurosaki commented on New Wii Design Could Go As Low as £80:

I think that Nintendo doesn't lover the price in America because it is a much wealthier land. Sure Europe is rich too, but many (Eastern) European countries are poor and also there might also much individual "export" from Europe to nearby Africa... might be that these are the reasons for a European "budget"-model. But maybe this is all nonsense and America will also get this "new" Wii after Nintendo has simply "tested" the money-making-effect on the European guinea-pigs a.k.a. consumers.



SennaKurosaki commented on Feature: Wii Controllers - What Could Have Been:

Total wireless connectivity would have been great! No wire between the Wii Remote and the Nunchuk and no wires between any Classic controller and the Wii Remote would have been very convenient and, I think, not that hard or expensive to make. A little bit larger directional-pad, for adult-size thumbs, would have been useful too! And the Nintendo Gun looks awesome... but too bad that light-guns don't work with modern-day flat-screen televisions. (They only function well with classic "tube"-televisions).



SennaKurosaki commented on Nintendo DS Sales Figures Make Wii's Look Tiny:

I have 33 DS games, 11 of which I have imported. But there are just two titles that I played more than any other game: New Super Mario Bros DS and Nintendogs. I also have a Wii, with a whole bunch of games, but for some reason I keep coming back to play with my DS, I even recently bought the DSiXL. I hope the 3DS will also come in a XL version soon!



SennaKurosaki commented on Iwata Writes Open Letter to 3DS Owners to Say ...:

I wished to be an early adopter of the new Nintendo 3DS, and I did buy the original "fat" DS very soon after it's initial release. But this time I found €244 was just too much. Also I found the screen a bit small and I am waiting for the red version. Black is ugly and blue is alright, but red is the one I'm going for. But now with the much better price point of €169 I might just buy a 3DS come August 12th.



SennaKurosaki commented on Pro Jumper! Guilty Gear Tangent!?:

It´s about time that Nintendo starts releasing this title in Europe! I´m seriously running out of patience. The situation is getting critical and becoming unbearable! I want to play "Pro Jumper! Guilty Gear Tangent!?" now!



SennaKurosaki commented on Capcom Apologises for Poorly Worded Tweet:

If they don't want to make and sell "Mega Man Legends 3" then what do they want to sell us?
Well as long as Capcom's & Level 5 collaboration "Professor Layton vs Phoenix Wright" is made and released world-wide I'm happy.

And maybe companies shouldn't use Twitter anyway. Twitter is just a medium for "brain-farts". If companies want to communicate to their audiences, just post a cool video on YouTube or place a carefully worded statement on their own websites.



SennaKurosaki commented on Amazon Suspends 3DS Sales:

Maybe the reason for suspending the sale of the black 3DS is because it is UGLY!* The blue one is somewhat nice, but the red one - which has just been released in Japan - is the beauty! So maybe Amazon is simply replacing black with red. (*just my opinion)



SennaKurosaki commented on Review: ANIMA: Ark of Sinners (WiiWare):

Scantily clad female heroes are always an important plus point, however the game itself must be good. Too bad this isn't the case. If Anima Game Studio is smart they fix these difficulty and control issues a.s.a.p. and re-release it. Bad controls are unacceptable and frustratingly difficult or annoying game-play is no fun. And games have to be fun! Duh! Obviously!



SennaKurosaki commented on Xenoblade Chronicles is Coming Early, UK & Europe:

Finally a game that makes me excited about my Wii again. (Last one was Kirby Epic Yarn and that's already a while ago.) I'm gonna buy Xenoblades, and I want to red controller too! Now only hope that the price of the special edition isn't too "special". Hahaha!



SennaKurosaki commented on Tales of Graces Wii Will Not Be Released In th...:

They don't need to translate it into 5 languages. English would be sufficient for the whole West. I think, if Japanese fits on a Wii disc, then English will also fit. Just leave out all the other languages. Better something than nothing. (By the way, I'm Dutch, so don't start arguing with me my German, French, Spanish and Italian friends.)



SennaKurosaki commented on Solatorobo: Red the Hunter:

Looks very nice! Plan to buy it. However I think most shops won't have it. Nowadays the DS game selection in almost all shops is pathetic and totally over-priced. Too bad that the game market has been destroyed by the R4 chip and the ridiculously high game prices.



SennaKurosaki commented on Review: Pro Jumper! Guilty Gear Tangent!? (DSi...:

And why is there no European release date announced? Because we don't matter. We are the "old world" so why ever would we be interested in some fun modern games?
Come on Nintendo and Aksys Games, release this wonderful cute looking game in Europe as soon as possible!
Besides this style of mustache is European! Or are we being punished because one "person" made this mustache a bit awkward nowadays?... that is all just history! We should move on... not forget... but just move on.



SennaKurosaki commented on Wii RPG Outrage Floods Official Nintendo Facebook:

By not giving these games world-wide release Nintendo is actually telling their fans to go play with their PlayStation3 (or Xbox360) instead. It is such a betrayal, disgusting! Ever since I bought my Wii - and I even drove 500km to buy mine in Germany as the Wii was sold out in Holland for months - I find it is quite a disappointment! Only a hand full of gems, the rest is utter garbage! And now Nintendo has decided to keep the last few pearl just for themselves! How unfair!



SennaKurosaki commented on WayForward Pursuing Shantae for 3DS Virtual Co...:

There is really no reason, no reason at all and no excuse whatsoever, not to bring out the original Shantae game of the 3DS Virtual Console. It will be an instant hit, I'm sure! (Also it should be a world-wide simultaneous release! Don't make Europe wait for months while Japan and America are already having fun!)



SennaKurosaki commented on Translated Episodes of Game Center CX to be Ai...:

This seems like it's going to be a very promising idea! I'm already looking forward to Shinya Arino's program! Now let's hope every one in the world can watch it online. I hate, and I mean, really hate, all region-coding and IP-segmentation and "Oh, we forgot the English subtitles" things. Everyone should have easy access to everything. There are so many wonderful things made all over the world, let's share these joys people!



SennaKurosaki commented on Regional eShops Will Continue to Offer Differe...:

There should not be any Nintendo America and Nintendo Europe and Nintendo Japan, etc... there should just be Nintendo Earth! This means that everyone gets the same things at the same time regardless of language or so called "expert" marketing opinion. It's just one of the many small steps needed for world peace. So come on Nintendo! Start treating everyone as equals.



SennaKurosaki commented on First Impressions: Cave Story (3DS):

Thanks to the genius of Daisuke "Pixel" Amaya the world has a great game in the form of Cave Story. But Nicalis keeps on messing things up by ignoring the rest of the world and testing everyone's patience.
The DSiWare version of CaveStory still hasn't been released in Europe and the WiiWare version took over 9 months to be released in Europe. And now for Cave Story 3D the European release date still has to be announced. I start to think that the DSiWare version will not be released in Europe at all with the possible release of the full-price 3DS version when it eventually inevitably will be released. I find this extremely narrow-minded and short-sighted from Nintendo too. Nintendo should support game developers to have simultaneous world-wide releases.
Every one loves great games and it's a small world now, so let's make the best of it!