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Tue 10th Aug 2010

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PSICOffee commented on FAQ: Your Super Mario 3D Land Questions:

No SMW-esque map? That makes another game series I can add to my list of never playing again. I'm sick of paying $40 to support Nintendo's laziness. That leaves Kirby's Return to Dreamland the last game worth looking forward to this year because Skyward Sword will just be more new Zelda garbage like TP,WW, MC,PH, and ST. Where is a new Star Fox, F-Zero, and proper DKC game?



PSICOffee commented on Unreleased N64 Game Glover 2 Surfaces Online:

Im surprised no one noticed the coin sound is taken from Super Mario Bros. I like the elements of Banjo-Kazooie in this, and I think this would have probably been better than the original Glover because of it. I would give this game a chance, and I wonder what the music would have been.



PSICOffee commented on Let There Be No Doubt - The Last Story is Aust...:

I gave up trusting NOA to do the right thing when "For the Frog the Bell Tolls," "X," and "Mother 3" were denied to us among other things. I'm sick of companies always telling us what we're allowed to like and hide the existence of everything else.



PSICOffee commented on Super Mario 3D Land Video Shows Raccoon Bowser...:

I agree with everyone craving a good level select map of old. I blame that new guy whose making the new Mario platformers like the galaxy series (or maybe Miyamoto himself is getting lazy or thinks creative maps are too hard and confusing for this new fluffy gamer generation).



PSICOffee commented on Review: Kirby Mass Attack (DS):

I see we are back to the US "Angry Kirby" cover to entice homophobic kids who fear pink as a "girly game" and want to be hardcorz. I didn't know this released so soon, so instant buy for me when I have money.



PSICOffee commented on Kirby's Return to Dreamland:

I still can't believe we would get another Kirby game on the Wii so soon after Epic Yarn. I'm glad this isn't some small Wii-Ware game like I thought it would be for a long time.



PSICOffee commented on NES Ambassador Games for North America Availab...:

Zelda, Zelda II, Metroid, Balloon Fight, and SMB are the only games worth downloading. NES Open Tournament Golf is the only one I don't already own and never played. No SMB2/3 or Punch Out? I expected all the games to be 1st party, but Ice Climber and Wrecking Crew? I guess I don't have to feel bad about not being an ambassador now.



PSICOffee commented on Japanese 3DS Sales Slump Coincided with Price ...:

It always pisses me off that Japan takes video games for granted sometimes (ignoring Okami DS, Zelda games selling less) when the rest of the world doesn't share all their privileges, but I can understand the reason for this one.



PSICOffee commented on FAQ: Nintendo Ambassador Program and Free eSho...:

This is the twelfth time I've been glad to not own a 3DS. Not buying at launch really proved to be a wise move for me! I told everyone they would price drop this year for months ever since we first heard the original price. I think this whole move pretty much proves the console was released prematurely Nintendo.



PSICOffee commented on Aonuma Opens a Treasure Chest of Skyward Sword...:

@32 I can only hope he would have a little Kefka in him, that would be cool.

I'm surprised there's no zelda-triforce-worhipping-die-hard fans here complaining about the lack of Ganon and how the game will suck now. I think it would be cool if this game explains the very beginning with the first original Link before all the "reincarnations."



PSICOffee commented on Preview: Super Mario (3DS):

This will probably be fun, and I'll play it some day, but it doesn't appear/feel like a regular 3D Mario or a 2D Mario. It's something else, and I don't know whether I love or hate it until I play a demo somewhere.



PSICOffee commented on Capcom Blames the Fans for Mega Man Legends 3 ...:

Hey let me complain too everyone!

All of you are wasting your time preaching to the choir. I guarantee Capcom is not reading any of your exhausting parallel grievances. You can prove your distaste by simple boycott (highly doubt it will work) and for every one of us mad about this, there are 100 people who don't care and will continue supporting Capcom. I am not one of those people (hate fighting games especially Street Fighter series for years anyway). 'Merica.



PSICOffee commented on Miyamoto: "Wii U is an Attractive Environment ...:

I completely agree with Gamer83 and I've made similar comments these past couple years but that doesn't make us trolls just because we don't blindly suck the teat of Nintendo anymore. TBD summed it up nicely.

I could have sworn Miyamoto said the same thing when the Wii game out, and we all know what 3rd party's did for that.



PSICOffee commented on Miyamoto Talks the New Generation Behind the W...:


of course it was announced, it's been announced the past three E3's or so! I'm talking about physical proof with a PICTURE or a VIDEO or some GAMEPLAY. That would really help. There's no evidence for a new SSB game but there was an "announcement" speculating on the possibility or idea of it. As far as we know, Pikmin 3 might still be five years from now or cancelled. We can't keep blindly assuming things will be released, as the cancellation of MML3 showed us.



PSICOffee commented on Pachter Thinks Nintendo has Superior First-Par...:

@Vinsanity Sony has some good games, but God of War is too easy on the hardest difficulty (just learn boss patterns and smash buttons), Rachet and Clank series is really fun until you realize what a simplistic joke it is (again very easy compared to the difficult platformers of the 80s and 90s like Metal Storm and Little Nemo I'm used to), I've never played the Sly series so no comment, and I've only played Daxter on PSP and that was okay. Modnation racers has terrible drift controls (Mario Kart isn't perfect but it's certainly better) and Little Big Planet is cool but really bores me (I'm not really big into customization and the platforming elements aren't as complex as something like Do Re Mi Fantasy for instance). I haven't played Team Ico games, but I've seen them, so I'm sure they're on par with Zelda.

I know this makes me seem like the obvious Nintendo fanboy, but shooters just aren't my style (except Half-Life, Goldeneye, and Metroid Prime Trilogy). Sony's got a lot of good games (like the Uncharted series) and Nintendo may suck lately, but as the PSP Vs. DS libraries show, Nintendo still has it where it counts.

Where is Sony's Kirby equivalent? Locco Rocco and Patapon (both very awesome)?



PSICOffee commented on Miyamoto Talks the New Generation Behind the W...:

I'd love to see more IPs that are good from Miyamoto, but what good is it if they have one game and are forgotten. *ahem MOLE MANIA

Not even Pikmin has a lot of support (still haven't seen any proof Pikmin 3 for the Wii U even exists).



PSICOffee commented on Mega Man Legends 3 Cancelled:

I'm more than shocked if anything. I even had to check the date to make sure it wasn't April Fools. I'm SOOO glad I didn't buy the 3DS at launch or at all.



PSICOffee commented on Dedicated Gamer Aces Dragon Quest IX After 773...:

Yeah, that's why I don't have the game. I hate customizing, and I'm a perfectionist who still doesn't have everything in Animal Crossing WW and spent 168 hours in Pokemon HeartGold and barely have all the pokemon. Screw these long games, I've got real life responsibilities to manage. It's gotten to the point where I have unopened games and many others only played for 10 minutes or so.



PSICOffee commented on Review: Donkey Konga (GameCube):

I've never played these games, and kind of always wanted to, but I didn't want to shell out the cash for the whole set (I just bought Jungle Beat on the Wii anyway) just like I never played DDR Mario. Living in the US, I can only imagine the terrible mainstream music presented shudder

While reading the review I thought you were going to end with a low score, mentioning average things (didn't expect an 8). That was pretty long-winded to say it seems average but is fun with people and you play sitting down so don't be shy and came before the Wii and Guitar Hero and Nintendo is great because they innovate. Curmudgeon? To each his own, I guess.



PSICOffee commented on Sakaguchi: Last Story Gameplay Took Precedence...:

"I think players hate it when they play a game where the story isn’t developed where they want it to."

I can't help but think that might be a jab at someone like Shigesato Itoi who wrote the Mother series (particularly Mother 3 in this case). But I sort of disagree, because by Itoi's reasoning, the story is a mirror, where he offers half of it, and the player fills in the rest. Mother 3 was nearly perfect by this reasoning, but I can understand why some would hate the style.

Of course with some games, people like me are just frustrated because the story just genuinely sucks and isn't developed or polished very well. Reading this stuff makes me want to play this game even more, though. If his interview can be translated, and the game can be translated, and even shipped westward elsewhere, why not the US!?!?!?!

Most likely its because the game is a risk, and for similar reasons Mother 3 never came here (possibly too Japanesy also).



PSICOffee commented on Nintendo Faces Lawsuit Over 3DS Screen Patent ...:

Do any of you actually read all the comments before posting (I do)? I love seeing the patterns of people repeating what others have said!

Nintendo won against Universal with Jack Kirby. If that doesn't show power, remember this case will be thrown out for the reasons everyone's already said. Thus it will be forgotten soon like the Wiimote one. End of story.