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Tue 12th Jul 2011

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LittleKing commented on Illegal Nintendo Clones Are Running Rampant On...:

The truth is, while it would be nice if Microsoft policed this better, they are technically right. No matter how flagrant the violation, it is up to the copyright holder to complain. It doesn't matter whether its a small entity being infringed upon or a large entity. Microsoft isn't creating these, they only provide a service for hosting content. Is it up to YouTube to make sure no copyrighted content whatsoever makes it into the videos? No, it's up to you to catch violations as the copyright holder.

This problem is not exclusive to Microsoft. Let's look at Google Play search results for Pikachu.

And then on iTunes we've got crap like Wubu Guess The Pokemon. That sucker has IAP to boot.



LittleKing commented on News Site Claims That Zelda "Takes A Dim View ...:

@Sir420 Hilarious. Trust me; I do have trouble eating meat knowing its origins. However, instead of complaining about a game having happy/willing dairy cows, maybe the author should be pushing for everyone to become a vegan? Complaining that a 15 year old game had dairy cows that enjoy Elves getting healed by their milk will not change anything.



LittleKing commented on News Site Claims That Zelda "Takes A Dim View ...:

Also, I didn't notice the animal treatment section.

"In the game, domestication is portrayed as a mutually beneficial, voluntary arrangement. The anthropomorphized cows of Hyrule speak to Link, literally saying, “Have some of my refreshing and nutritious milk!” Of course depicting a relationship as anything like symbiotic when one party kills and eats the other, as well as the latter’s children, would be laughable if it weren’t so appalling."

All of the cows you can talk to in OoT are dairy cows. The only ones I know of that could've been eaten are in Jabu-Jabu's stomach. In later games it is suggested they could be used for meat. However, I don't think a dairy cow saying "WHEN I DIE MY FLESH SHALL BE CONSUMED BY APE MEN! HELP ME!" to Link in a Nintendo game that children will play is appropriate. It's natural to not want to think about it. Also, where is it suggested it is voluntary?

@Shadowkiller97 Thank you for the correction. My main point was that he didn't grab her because now she was a woman, when she had been a "man." It's been awhile since I've played OoT.



LittleKing commented on News Site Claims That Zelda "Takes A Dim View ...:

The relationship between the self-described “boss” of the carpenters and those he calls “my workers,” ... portrays the apprentices or journeymen as lazy and shiftless, and the boss as the only one willing to work.

I always took the relationship to be a humorous take on how the older generation views the older generation. The boss never lifts a single finger to help while complaining about his crew's directionless efforts. It's a mockery of what the critic is saying it portrays.

"The racial, ethnic and religious traits of the “good characters” and the “bad characters” within the game also demonstrate a certain xenophobia." ... All of the good characters, such as the Hylians and Kokiri, are white. In contrast, all of the bad characters, such as the thieving Gerudo and their king, Ganondorf, have brown skin."

Great job of only examining a single game and the relationship between two races. While in OoT Ganon has "brown" skin, in later games he has pure black skin, like a glove. Since Hylians are elves, I've always viewed it as more of a Light Elf versus Dark Elf relationship. These are fictional characters that do not belong to any race–if blue men existed, would they be compared to the Zoras?

Also, the Gerudo are NOT portrayed as being evil. They are a strong, proud, all female "brown" skinned race of warriors, whose leader rebels against Ganon by accepting Link. The second-in-command of the Gerudo, Nabooru is the essential SIXTH SAGE and wanted to stop Ganon's plots. Thus, she is one of the most important characters in the game.

Gorons are portrayed as a friendly, loving, protective people in every Zelda game. They always help Link and are my favorite "race." They are "brown." Don't tell me that they don't count because they eat rocks or some cr*p; none of these "races" exist, so they are all equally applicable or not applicable. Most peoples in the Zelda games are portrayed favorably. It is inevitable that some are portrayed negatively because you need a bad guy. That is, unless everyone where the same race, at which point this article would be complaining that ALL of the characters are white/yellow/brown/blue/purple. Apparently, portraying any race in a game as having negative cultural traits when it resembles a real-life race is bigotry.

I guess all the races in games should co-exist in a multicultural love-fest like they obviously exist today? Especially when they exist in a medieval-inspired time? Also, if "whites" are supreme, what about the "yellows" that worked on the game?

"Just like in every other game in the series, Princess Zelda is incapacitated and in need of rescue from the central character, Link."

In most of the games, Zelda plays a central role of some sort beyond "getting kidnapped."

In Ocarina of Time, she immobilizes Ganon so that Link can finish him. She guides him as Sheik and is kidnapped once her disguise is gone not because she is no longer a "man," but BECAUSE HER DISGUISE IS GONE.

In Skyward Sword, she's the mortal incarnation of a GODDESS. Oh, no. How horribly sexist that Link should be a mortal with a sword and slingshot while Zelda is a GOD that apologizes for "manipulating" Link into helping her.

In Wind Waker and Phantom Hourglass she's the leader of a band of pirates. In Spirit Tracks, she helps Link by controlling Phantoms.

She's almost always kidnapped, but there are lots of females in Zelda games. Most of the sages, for example, are female.

“normalize extremely toxic, patronizing, and paternalistic attitudes.”

The solution, obviously, will be extremely toxic, patronizing and maternalistic attitudes. Right? We'll solve this by making the protagonist a "brown" female, and the enemies "white" males? Any honest look at OoT's story shows that the only truly evil "brown" skinned person is Ganon himself. The others are being manipulated. Any honest look sees that there are many, nice races in the game. Any honest look acknowledges the possibility that the worker "classes" are a commentary. Any honest look sees that the MAJORITY of important characters other than Link are actually FEMALE.

I cannot say this is an honest analysis of the themes portrayed in Ocarina of Time.



LittleKing commented on Weirdness: ABC News Tells Us All About How the...:

There's only half a dozen machines with names that are even remotely difficult to pronounce. Next she'll call the PSP the Pees Pee, or iOS 7 Eye Ohs/Eee Ose Seven, because they were all capitalized and she couldn't recognize them.

Whoever chose to prompt the 2DS dialogue needs to be taught how to read. "2DS, an entry-level dedicated portable gaming system that plays all Nintendo 3DS ... games in 2D." Straight from Nintendo. Hard to read all that text, I know. It was so long, they obviously skimmed it and missed the fact it's 2D.

I couldn't care less about the Wii U's name not being used. Nintendo's third console will probably be the Nintendo Mii and U, Happii: Wii.

However, regardless of the stupid names Nintendo has picked, they are not as bad as Microsoft's XBone.



LittleKing commented on Nintendo Of Korea Embroiled In Twitter Drama O...:

@theblackdragon I never meant to mean that the tweet was not offensive and wrong. Apparently, disagreeing with the correct context for a word makes me a horrible human being. I even agreed at the end that your assumptions were not unfounded, and probably correct. Sorry for nitpicking over such a sensitive subject, then. Thanks for the insult, I meant none to you.



LittleKing commented on Nintendo Of Korea Embroiled In Twitter Drama O...:

@theblackdragon This message was targeted at one woman, not at all women everywhere. The poster did not assume all women were brainless wh***s. Just this one. Who says they assumed she is a nasty piece of work because she is a female? Maybe they assumed she was a nasty piece of work because she is herself. So, really, you would need to examine the poster's motives and determine that they're motives were sexist. What if the person posting this was a jealous woman? By the wording, that also seems likely to me. Motives are complicated. The burden of proof falls on you to prove their motive was sexist, considering how many possible motives there are. That's not to say I don't think there couldn't be a sexist motivation on the part of the poster or that this wasn't offensive and inappropriate. I just don't think there is any point in labeling the comment as anything unless it is overwhelmingly clear. :/



LittleKing commented on Splinter Cell: Blacklist Features "Nostalgic" ...:

Anyone who has ever played a normal Splinter Cell game in their life can see from a Let's Play alone that Conviction shared very little with its brethren. I can only hope that Blacklist doesn't play like Conviction + Assassins Creed. Sliding around and executing 50 within a ten second time frame to get to the next torture scene isn't why I play a Splinter Cell game, Ubisoft.



LittleKing commented on Dragon Quest X Posts Poor Sales Figures In Japan:

I absolutely love Dragon Quest, yet, I have no interest in this because it is an MMO. Every MMO I've ever played has annoyed me to no end after awhile. Same thing with Final Fantasy; I never played XI and I won't be playing XIV.

On the DQ side of things, I hope SE doesn't launch any new DQ titles soon. Especially of less traditional styles. SE should instead port DQ VIII, and localize Terry's Wonderland and DQ VII. The 3DS has a decent user base now, and ports are cheaper than investing in new titles with backing online infrastructure. IMO, the Dragon Quest world is one of the worst fits for the MMO genre. That's not to say that they can't turn a profit on DQ X over an extended period of time.

On the FF side of things, I'm seeing way too much of FF XIII. Sorry, SE, XIII wasn't that great the first time around. We don't need a sequel and a sequel to a sequel. The XIII arc has five titles in it now. Secondly, going MMO with both of your main RPG series was risky. Both FF XIV and DQ X are MMOs. FF XIV was a turd, and now they've had to rehaul it. Happily, it looks like they got it right this time, but it shouldn't of required two tries to begin with.

Also, asking whether or not the series has "lost it's shine in Japan" is the stupidest thing I've ever read on this site. 800,000 copies of DQ VII sold in four days says "no". The first-week sales of the remakes have been rising with every title. DQ VI is the only one to surpass DQ VII, and only by 10% or so (both first week and lifetime sales), and that's good considering the huge install base for the DS versus the 3DS. Terry's Wonderland sold over half a million copies in it's first week. According to VGChartz, it's almost at a million (0.95), only 400,000 copies behind Joker 2 (1.35). Not bad for a remake on a system with a mere third the Japanese install base.



LittleKing commented on Introducing: Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate for Beg...:

Nice guide. It seemed more like an introduction to equipment, though. There's some obvious, and too general, grouping of weapons, and some common knowledge of how to pick equipment.

Most weapons are in one group, but it's not very informative. For example, GS users have to nail monsters in the right spot with a level 3 charge. Great Sword users often do a lot of hit and run with unsheath criticals. Hammers KO monsters, meaning they stay close and try to pound the head between dodges. Their playstyles are drastically different. Hell, Switch Axes can actually change between an axe and a sword during combat.

Do note, that the most effective way to boost damage is not to get a weapon with an element the monster is weak to. The best way is to hit the parts the most blood comes out of. Those parts are the weakest, and often take two to three times higher damage than the worse spots, with the biggest example being Silver Rathalos's head in P3rd, which took pretty much zero damage, compared to his wings. Four times less, almost. Elements have hitzones too; even if the monster is weak to an element, that doesn't mean you can just hit it anywhere.

Additionally, elemental damage is almost completely useless on some weapons, such as Great Swords. It might be nice to warn people of that. Plus, there are many, many damage modifiers. The damage formula involves modifiers for individual hits in combos, the part of the blade that hits, the sharpness, and the distance from the target. All of these are important, and almost always more important combined, than equipment. Finally, I didn't see ANY mention of status effects.

A good HBG user that hits the right spot at the perfect distance with a Normal shot can deal 5+ times more damage than a HBG that is too far away, hitting a worse spot. A good blademaster with a fully sharpened blade hitting the right spot can similarly deal 2-3 times more damage than someone with a dull blade hitting the wrong spot. Thus, Sharpness +1 becomes the premier damage booster for melee weapons. I'd argue that stuff like this is more important to a new player than telling them to forge a weapon straight up and upgrading their old one to a new one to try multiple paths.

Also, unless things have changed from the ways things have worked in every other MH game, Charm and Armor Slot bonuses aren't direct like this article implies. Beginners should keep that in mind, as they screw that up a lot.

You don't gain bonuses: you gain POINTS that, at certain amounts, award SKILLS that give bonuses. As a result, mixing armor sets is a really, REALLY bad idea for the beginner. However, it isn't because you get a "boost" from matching armor as you imply. You may even end up with more points from a mixed set; it's just that you're unlikely to go above any of the required thresholds, which are usually 10, 15 and 20. +9 Defense and +9 Attack does literally nothing. +10 Attack, however, gives Attack Up (S). A veteran hunter can mix sets to achieve amazing skill sets, but not because of any mythical "boost": it's because they use their brain and don't make sets that don't break any thresholds.

I guess I'm being too cynical. Knowing everything about the mechanics of the series up to 3rd tends to make me want to have every guide explain all the mechanics. At the end of the day, this guide is actually pretty useful. Hopefully, you'll run another one eventually that will actually advise people on how to hunt.

Keep in mind that if you want to learn to kill things faster, GameFAQs is the best place to go. You'll find guides for Portable 3rd and Tri with the damage formulas. As a beginning gunner, the bowgun damage FAQ can double your DPS once you understand the mechanics. Most of the data is the same for Ultimate/3G.



LittleKing commented on Phil Fish: I Love Nintendo In Ways It Probably...:

@Chrono_Cross @GameLord08 @pixelman

I agree with you completely. This is not news worthy. There are hundreds of indies on Twitter posting their opinions all day long. That's why we have Twitter, so that people can Tweet every time they itch their family jewels and we can keep it off the news.

Some random little Twitter rant from an indie developer who made one game isn't considered news by most of humanity. I care about what Miyamoto says and what Iwata asks. I care about what major competitors and developers say about Nintendo. I don't care about what an individual indie developer says. It's one thing to post an article that tries to sum up the aggregate opinion of indies, but NL posts every time one of these guys takes a crap. It's not news that one indie developer doesn't like how Monster Hunter plays on the 3DS.

It's almost as pointless as the articles on ROM hackers. Anyone can open a ROM in a hex editor and mod a few graphics, especially if the assets weren't compressed and you don't want to change the color palette. People all day long around the globe are modding ROMs. There is free software specifically to edit graphics in ROMs. Yet, NL will run an article every single time someone changes a string of text or one graphic to make a male a female, because it'll generate a large amount of comments and page hits.

"Look at me! I can change this 11111111 11111111 11111111 to a 11111111 00000000 10000000 and make a black pixel purple, slanted towards red!" How is that news?

I may be making a mountain out of a molehill, but I see these posts as a contrast to the higher journalistic quality seen in other parts of NL.



LittleKing commented on Another Castle Won't Be Coming To 3DS:

@SteveW Then, I agree. It wasn't a good way to say it though, considering that games that use randomly generated levels can still be good.

Also, I would argue that they were designed; they were designed by the software to conform to a set of rules with the goal that they be enjoyable to play through. They aren't directly designed by a person, though, so I get your point.

Also, if I remember correctly, Another Castle's engine is based around Unity. Unity is available on every platform he is releasing the game for, including Wii U, yet not available on 3DS. It's probable that porting the game to 3DS would require a special redesign of the engine.



LittleKing commented on Another Castle Won't Be Coming To 3DS:


Translation: "I haven't played a good game with randomly generated levels, therefore, none exist."

I've played several good roguelikes that had decent randomly generated dungeons. It's possible to make a random level generator that generates good levels, it just requires working in a complex system of rules based on player expectations and level structuring to do so, making it complicated. That doesn't mean good games with random level generators don't exist, though.

For example, Civilization IV featured a highly complex level generator. With a 94% average, reaching universal acclaim, lots of people thought that game was "good." There are other games in the genre with good map generators, too.


When you accuse someone of lying, you better be prepared to back that with facts, not more assumptions. He's probably been working on the engine for a while to support all the different platforms, then he had to add Wii U support. 3DS support at this point may very well be too much.



LittleKing commented on Legend Of Zelda Hacked To Make Zelda The Hero:

@AJWolfTill @Bankai

What many people fail to comprehend is that, for anyone actually wanting to help the situation, because believe it or not there are people who actually do, it was never about getting more females in games; it was changing how said females were viewed.

There's something wrong with someone who points out Dead or Alive as a game with strong females. The reason why there are females at all in Dead or Alive is so that the developers can capitalize on their so-called "assets" to sell the game to males.

How would males feel on the flip side if every other male in games walked around with their butt cleavage showing, to be blunt?

Media and art, including games, helps to shape a person's perceptions of the world around them. It affects their values and it affects how they view themselves. By distorting the value of people in the media, we start to distort their perceived value in reality. We cannot say that they are "just games" any longer. We must be aware of the ideas we plant in the minds of children, positive and negative.



LittleKing commented on Developer States That Wii U Woes Were a Focus ...:


It has to do with the fact that "time" costs "money." The direct result is that developers need $20,000 and money to pay for the time. Nothing is free.

Surely even using rough, small underestimations anyone can see this. For example, a small team of ten employes working for two years on a game at $50,000 a year would cost $1,000,000. Plus the cost of PR, workspace, development kits, tools, etc.

As for those talking about the Vita, while we haven't seen a lot of vocalization, what @Bankai said is true. Looking through PSV games on Metacritic's New Releases and Coming Soon lists is painful.



LittleKing commented on Amazon Lists The Legend Of Zelda: Wind Waker H...:

WW is getting old and many people have never played it. For those people, it's a new Zelda game. It's not a worse game for being a remake. Sure, it costs less to remake an old game than to pull a brand new one out of a rabbit hat, but I'm sure plenty of people would buy it at $59.99.

That's not to say I wouldn't like to see it being priced at $49.99, however.



LittleKing commented on Disney Infinity Will Have A New Game Released ...:

So, if you buy one toy a month and the new game every year for three years that's $700. That's before buying any additional stages. Plus, one character a month is conservative for many.

Unless you are a Disney merchandise collector or a kid who will get a LOT of enjoyment out of these toys, you're probably better off spending that money elsewhere. You know, like for a PS3 with two dozen games.



LittleKing commented on Talking Point: The Blurred Lines of "Collectab...:

@uel "I don't think on-disc DLC is intrinsically bad; my reaction depends on how the DLC is done. The problem is that on-disc DLC is almost always done badly."

Agreed. The problem I have is that people often complain about the method itself. I have no problem with good DLC. Of course, by good I generally mean content that wouldn't be considered an essential part of the game.



LittleKing commented on Talking Point: The Blurred Lines of "Collectab...:

The prices are ludicrous when you think about the actual game content you're getting. $75 for the starter pack plus $65 total for every pack of three characters with a corresponding stage. Want one stage with three corresponding characters with your game? That will be $140. Throw in another stage with three characters and you've got $205!

Why pay $65 for three characters and a level when I can buy two full games for that price? However, each figure does come with a toy. It's not just that the DLC part is so expensive--it's that you're forced to buy a relatively expensive toy to go with every piece of DLC if you want to unlock game content. As a result, if you just want the game content, it's a rip off. Thus, most people here will detest it since they don't want the toys that much. However, if you really like the toys, then the price isn't actually that bad. If you look at it as a $10 figure with probably $2-3 dollars of DLC thrown in, it gets to be more attractive. $8 toy, $2 DLC.

What it is, is a way to bundle stuff together and sell it for huge profits. Some kids just want the toys but it comes with DLC, so they pay more for the figures and will probably end up buying the game to utilize the data already on the figures they bought. Some kids just want the DLC that comes with the toys, but there's no other way to get it. Plus, parents are naturally suckers. It's hard to resist purchasing stuff for kids and they practically justify it for you. "I don't know, that seems like a lot of money," says the wary parent, to which the kid replies, "Well, yeah, but it's not just a toy--it unlocks a whole new character in that game you bought me!" Instant. Purchase.

You might as well hire the kids to steal their parents' credit card information and email it to It's not like it's that much more devious than LEGO sets that cost hundreds of dollars, though. I mean, $529.99 for a LEGO Death Star? o_o

As for On-Disc DLC, many of the problems people have with it are contrived. A great deal of DLC for many games is developed at the same time as the game. How is it more of a rip off if they put it on the disk than force you to download and install large files? Why does it matter if it is on the disc? They have already developed the content. They're taking your money either way; it makes no difference to you whether or not it's "already" on the disc. The "ripping you off" part of the equation came in when they decided to not include it for free on the disc, which usually occurred long before the game was released. Whether they chose to lock it on the disc or put it on some server for you to download instead makes no difference. If they couldn't have On-Disc DLC, what would happen--assuming DLC was still massively profitable? It would become Off-Disc DLC. Congratulations. "It's on the Gold Master so we should get if for free." Solution, developers? Don't stick it on the Gold Master and go back to sticking it on a server somewhere. Apparently, you can rip the customers off all you want then.

We're making great leaps for mankind today, aren't we? If you dislike On-Disc DLC so much, do not buy games that have it. Problem solved. If it's so big a problem and so many people hate it, it will have a big enough impact on their wallets to make them reconsider their stance.

@Edge_Diest What's the difference, in regards to DLC? So, if I develop DLC during the debug phase, don't tell anyone, then release it two weeks after the game is done I'm a wonderful guy trying to lengthen your experience. If I develop the same DLC at the same time, announce it to the public and then make it available on release day, I'm a greedy arse? I know you didn't explicitly say that. However, saying that you wouldn't call one greedy sort of implies that the other one is greedy, since you didn't apply it to the whole.



LittleKing commented on Wii U Advert Banned In The UK:

Why pick the second feature? These are almost all misleading.

#1 "Do things you couldn't do before."

It's up to the developer to "implement" this. It's not applicable to all games. Example, cross platform games with no added features.

#3 "See what you couldn't see before."

Same as #1. The way the advert says it, all games should allow you to look anywhere you want using the pad.


The guy mentions fighting zombies. He doesn't mention you need to buy Zombie U to do that.


The guy mentions seeking out clues. I can't do this in NSMBU so I am disappoint.

All of these are only applicable for sure to the specific game shown in the advertisement and may or may not be applicable to any other titles. This is like complaining about a Wii commercial advertising motion controls because some games don't use them.



LittleKing commented on DreamRift: Publishers Are Scared Of Piracy:

@Bankai This. Every time this comes up I start typing up the equivalent of a multiple page article but, at the end of the day, that's about all there is to say. All I ever see is a ton of people saying things like "99.9% of people who pirate wouldn't have bought" without anything to back them up. All I'll say it that for developers, especially smaller ones such as indies, the difference in income between being in the black and in the red can be small. On some platforms where the amount of pirated copies is high, I'd say it's definitely enough to have an impact.



LittleKing commented on This New Monster Hunter 4 Trailer Will Bring O...:

"and - not surprisingly - what appears to be a cooking Felyne"

Fixed. Since when have Felyne chefs ever been a surprise in the series? In both Freedom and Freedom Unite, Felynes cooked you food in the kitchen of your house before you went out to fight. In Tri the village chef was a Felyne. In Portable 3rd, although there was no food, the drinks that replaced them were purchased from, again, a Felyne. Felynes could also cook ten stakes at once on a giant spit in that game.

Basically, if it's some sort of consumable that provides buffs and temporary skills before combat, it's probably cooked by a Felyne.



LittleKing commented on Miyamoto: Pikmin 3 To Be More Like Series Orig...:

I hope they don't put another ludicrous 30 day time limit in the game and make you start all over again. I hated that. I never wanted to explore because I knew I'd run out of time. The result was a Pikmin game where I just ran to the ship parts as fast as I could and returned them to the ship. The Pikmin army building, berry/spray farming or treasure hunting from Pikmin 2 made it far more enjoyable for me. I could take my time and explore the area, getting as much treasure as possible within the constraints of each day. I didn't like that a great deal of the game was spent underground, though.

If they put a time limit like in Pikmin 1 I may just skip Pikmin 3. Half the fun is exploring the lush colorful world and figuring out how to get treasures, not scrambling under a time limit for the whole dang game. It didn't really add that much strategy anyways. As long as you know where a ship part is and bring the correct Pikmin types you were good to go unless you were an idiot and got them all eaten.

Most of the people I know who liked the time limit replayed it to try to get the days lower. That's nice, but Pikmin 2 tracked your days too, didn't it? What the hell stops people from trying to beat Pikmin 2 as fast as they can? Do they need a timer ticking down to get their speed run juices flowing or something?



LittleKing commented on First Impressions: Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate -...:

Lagombi, TBH, is not there to challenge anyone. Ice Agnaktor or Barioth on the tundra, maybe. Lagombi is like Arzuros in the forest areas and Volvidon in the volcano. It's a big punching bag that does very little. He's there to break you into the area. He's the Tundra equivalent of Great Jaggi, right after Great Baggi.

You're pretty much right about Zinogre, though. He's one of the harder monsters for the point in the game he appears in. However, Normal Zinogre is held back from the higher tiers of monsters because he's exceptionally slow with easy tells when he's not enraged. When he starts charging, focus on one point and stagger him; he instantly loses his charge. Can't stagger him? Trap him, or FB him. Hell, even Paralyze/Sleep him. Any experienced group of hunters can nearly completely prevent him from raging until he's dead, in which case he can't do much of anything.

For those saying Capcom should remove the flexing:

No. It's an intended mechanic to prevent noobs from bringing dozens of potions and healing all the damage they take. If you really want to lower the time, get Speed Eating +2; you'll chug those potions like they're nothing. Of course, you'll miss out on other good skills like Sharpness +1. Also, if they removed the flexing you'd probably STILL have to stand there; they'd just increase the amount of time you spend actually drinking the potion, is all.

It was intended to make the game harder. There isn't anything artificial about it except the type of animation they chose. If you hate flexing, perhaps you should dig deeper; why does the hunter stand still when drinking and a giant wyvern is about to om nom him? Why doesn't he walk/run while he drinks? Why doesn't he walk/run/crawl when he covers his ears while the monster roars? It's all there to make you think about the timing more.

For anyone complaining about the new names, as stupid sounding (Lagombi?) as some of them are:

I am sorry to inform you that the fan-translated names were not the "actual names." The "actual names" are whatever Capcom decides. Thank you.



LittleKing commented on Game of the Year: Nintendo Life's Staff Awards...:

Wow. Any time KI:U comes up, everyone explodes into arguments over the controls.

The thing that always baffled me is why people complain that they have to play the game holding the system with one hand and their wrist gets tired. I would say I have weaker wrists than most but I had no problems whatsoever. It's probably because I always held the system with both hands. Yes, I held it with both hands and had no problems with the stylus controls. In addition to my left hand holding it, I had my right hand's pinky on the R trigger, with the whole side of my right hand supporting the device. Or something like that. I can't quite remember, but that's how I've always played games with stylus controls and I almost never need to hold the system with one hand. I had no problems with multiplayer either this way and could react no problem. :/

You can imagine my face when I saw a random guy doing a video review complaining about the controls whilst holding the console solely with his left hand, poking at the screen from the front as if it was an iPhone and he was checking his mail.



LittleKing commented on Capcom Releases New Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate ...:

@Jeremyx7 I've played Freedom/MH1, Freedom Unite/MH2, MHT/MH3 and MHP3rd and the only thing that really varies is the HP/Size. Defense and Attack are based on the rank of the quest. TBH, monster variability is not high in the series; once you've got a species down pat, you've got it down pat. At least until you fight a higher ranked version, which sometimes has new moves. This isn't a bad thing, though.

@DarkKirby the Monster Hunter series is infamously hard. Many players say its game mechanics are archaic, such as a lack of lock-on, but in my opinion it fits the nature of the game. MH is a more methodical ARPG then most hack 'n' slash games. Think of it as a more complex version of Punch Out!! and you'll get the idea. From what I've seen of PS it's much more difficult than PS, but much more rewarding. The difficulty depends on the game, however. The first was the hardest followed closely by the second. The third, Tri, was what I started with and was the easiest by far until Portable 3rd came out. The combat is pretty complex but avoids bogging you down in heavy, overly complex mechanics. The complexity depends mostly on the weapon you choose. SnS is easy for beginners to learn; it has a shield to lower damage and recoil of enemy blows and easy to use combos. You can leap into combat with a jump slash, go into a combo then roll out at almost any time. On the other hand, weapons such as the Hammer, Heavy Bowgun and Switch Axe are much more complex. Bowguns can be customized in Tri to a large extent and can use a wide variety of ammo for all sorts of situations. The damage/recoil/reload speed formulas are somewhat more sophisticated, too. You want to hit the right points with the right ammo at the right distance. Hammers need good timing to hit the head and KO monsters while Switch Axes can change between Axe and Sword mode in the middle of combat, requiring good judgment as to when to use which. Each weapon has its pros and cons but none of them clearly beats the others. I'd say picking up a weapon and mastering it in a MH game against all the different types of monsters is one of the most rewarding things in any game. The moment everything clicks and you go from getting your butt handed to you to dodging all of a monster's blows and landing your own is great.



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Capcom is the stuff of Legends. Well, it was before the Legends were cancelled. I'm getting kind of tired of Capcom trolling their fans.

The past few years of Capcom and Mega Man's history.

Hey, fans. Look what we were developing while you were taking a nap! holds up miniature globe with the writing "Mega Man Universe" on it. We just wanted to tell you we haven't cancelled the game... oh, wait. This just in: we have. smashes globe on the ground

Look! A great new Mega Man game! You can even help give the devs ideas! Come on, guys! Waste hours of your lives giving us ideas and deciding on the character designs!

Well, finally we've gotten a prototype version of that game we announced earlier. However, the game won't go beyond this prototype, because, guess what, CANCELLED. Oh, and we won't be releasing the prototype version for you to play whilst you cry either.

Wow! Get ready fans! For MM's 25th anniversary we're preparing something special! Maybe a game? Yes, that's right, we've decided to turn Mega Man into another crappy Canabalt clone with guns! Introducing, "Mega Man: It's Over." All the fun of pushing one button and boss fights you practically can't lose!

Hey fans, why r u ignoring us? Link... er, Fans, listen. Fans, listen. Fans, LISTEN! We got a new game for you, fresh off the "fan-made" boat that just docked over there. Play it and shut up while we think about how to kill off Mega Man while simultaneously delivering the most brutal trolling we possibly can.



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No component. No SD cards. No online. No GameCube support.

So, you're left with a Wii with even crappier graphics that doesn't allow you to play online multiplayer and cannot transfer data in any way. It also can't play GC games. Yet, it costs almost as much as a bundle on sale which normally includes a game or two. Well, I guess it's probably cheaper to produce. :/



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@Zach777 It would be $75.76. Our dollar is slightly more than a penny more valuable (1.03 pennies more valuable) than yours, apparently. I have to say, I've never seen anyone ask for a price conversion from Canadian dollars to US dollars before. They're generally almost identical. You can also just punch in <___ Canadian dollars to US dollars> into Google and it'll convert it for you.

EDIT: Oh, my. XE says our penny is worth 1.01254 USD today. That means it would be $75.93. The BoC says it would be $75.82 going by the rates on the 7th. Who knew it fluctuated so much? D:



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These numbers are from Nintendo themselves, but didn't the Wii sell 600,000 units in NA in its launch week? According to Nintendo in 2006 it did.

This doesn't add up no matter how you splice it. These sales figures for Wii U are supposed to be the sales for the whole month since launch in North America. How did the 600,000 Wii's sold in North America at launch WEEK become 475,000 Wii's sold in North America at launch MONTH? 600,000 (8 days) > 475,000 (12 days) but this comparison makes it seem like Wii U is doing better than it is. Sure, you can argue that those 475,000 units sold at launch month were only in the United States and the rest were Canada, but then why is this a North American comparison?

EDIT: Okay, so supposedly this data is seven days worth of sales for Wii U. Maybe the Wii sold 475,000 units in the first seven days and for some reason the eighth day spiked it to 600,000? That would explain it.



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Trolling is a bad way to describe it. To troll you need to intentionally want to provoke some sort of negative emotional response from the reader, usually anger. He's just trying to be funny. The term has become this kind of blanket statement. Even a slightly sassy and humorous comment is coined as a trollish statement. Trolling has less to do with content and more to do with intent. Being sassy isn't trolling. Being controversial isn't trolling. Saying you like a product on a competitor's board also isn't trolling in itself. You can't lovingly troll someone because trolling is about the sadistic pleasure of getting people angry/depressed over nothing. You either troll them or not.

Anyways, I guess it's kind of cute. Pointless, but cute.



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Nintendo apparently has to do this for legal reasons.

It's still stupid, though. Yes, this blocks children that go to sleep at 11PM on weekends from buying CoD: Torture Scene Ops. Yes, most people old enough to play the games will be up at that time. At the end of the day, though, it's not doing much except preventing people from buying games when they want to. It's also lowering sales. Every step you add makes some customers decide to not go ahead. That includes telling them to screw off and come back some time near midnight to get their game when they try to impulse-buy it.



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The last issue of NP gave this a 3.5 out of 10. That seems about right to me if 5 out of 10 is average.
Seriously. All you do is mash a button–any button since they all do the same thing–while moving around. If it weren't for multiplayer this would've gotten a 2.