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Thu 30th September, 2010

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marc_max commented on Six Portable Mega Man Games, Including Mega Ma...:

Skip II.
PLAY IV and V. These are the best, and are probably over some of the best rated MM NES games. V has also cool and exclusive robot masters :-)

Xtreme and Xtreme 2 are also very enjoyable. A lot of unlockables and things to do.



marc_max commented on Reaction: The Pokémon Bank and the Inevitabil...:

Will the Pokémon be kept online even if I stop paying? Then I don't care paying the annual fee every year a new Pokémon game is released.

5$ or 5€ it's not a bad price (but it isn't a good price neither). But since I will be only using it once to transfer from previous gen to new gen, I don't want to pay a year fee if no new generation is released.



marc_max commented on You Can't Use Your Wii Virtual Console Saves W...:

@Raylax Cart savegames were stored on SRAM, that it's something completely different from a ROM. A ROM is a Read Only Memory, so you can't store anything there, you can only read from there.
Savestates, on the other hand, were not obviously on the real hardware. So are stored depending on the emulator.

Anyway... It's very easy to extract the SRAM from your VC games and use them in other emulators. Nintendo is just a bit lazy to create an app that transfers the SRAM from Wii VC to Wii U VC.



marc_max commented on Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D Rises From T...:

Mercenaries 3D should have been a download game from the first day. It's full of bugs, but it's still a very good game to play from time to time.
I guess they have fixed some of the bugs this game has.
Will the retail users get the update too?



marc_max commented on Wii to Wii U Data Transfer Details Emerge:

Some games like Animal Crossing may not be able to be transfered. The Animal Crossing savegame stores the MAC address of the Wii that created it. If you transfer it to another Wii (using homebrew methods), the online functions won't work on the new Wii.

I hope they can fix this!



marc_max commented on Feature: Let's Celebrate Kirby's Spin-Offs:

My less favourite is obviously Kirby's Pinball Land. I'm a pinball videogame fanatical, but Kirby's one has simply bad physics and no choices for beating bosses (just drop the ball and let's start again the level).

The best one is Power Paintbrush by far. An incredible beautiful and addictive game. It's hard, but it's fun to play and it's very long too!

I still have to buy and try Tilt 'n' tumble, I hope Nintendo releases it for VC using the 3DS motion sensor.



marc_max commented on Rhythm Thief Producer Aims to Revive Music Games:

Rhythm Thief is a poor game IMHO.
If you want to revive (I didn't know they were dead) please make a better game. Rhythm games must be very polished and Rhythm Thief is not very well balanced, some minigames played great, others didn't seem to had been tested: they were unplayable even for music games players.
I was very disappointed with it. A Professor Layton rip-off (and completely linear) with a story that looks promising at first and then it's killed by a silly ending, with a lot of frustrating minigames. Although it had some tributes to Samba de amigo and Space Channel 5 (killed by touchscreen controls).

If you want to revive music games, I hope you realize that motion controls don't work with them.



marc_max commented on Mole Mania Digging Its Way to 3DS Virtual Console:

I completed it some weeks ago!
I have to admit that the first stages are very boring. But then the game gets better at every stage!
It's one of these overlooked GB gems. It can offer up to 10 hours of puzzles. Very recommended!



marc_max commented on 'Majority' of Nintendo Games to be Released Di...:

Animal Crossing will probably be the only one that I'll buy in its digital version, even if I have to pay the same price as the boxed one.
I wasn't not going to buy the 3DS version (I feel that I spent too much time on the the DS version), but this changes everything. Having it installed will make it easier to switch between games or to play short sessions without having to swap gamecards.

If they fix the same price they make sure that there won't be any competition between digital and boxed games.
Personally, I don't like paying the same for a game without its box and manual. It should be at least 5€ cheaper.
But, from the company point of view, I think it's a good strategy, and should make consumers happy because that means that boxed games won't disappear (for now). They are just giving an alternative.



marc_max commented on Camelot Justifies No RPG Mode in Mario Tennis ...:

The original GBC and GBA had a generic character with your name and he/she even didn't talk. I don't see any difference between having a generic character and your own Mii, specially if you can dress him/her as you want.
So, yes. This is an excuse.



marc_max commented on MDK2 Dev Will Never Develop for Nintendo Again:

He is a bit arrogant, but I have to admit that he is right.
Wii Shop is a huge fail, in all aspects.

And selling less than 6000 units in Wii Shop shouldn't be considered shovelware as some users mentioned above.
Nintendo didn't help the developers to sell more in Wii Shop (slow and confusing navigation, demos that came late and with limitations, no offers, etc.), it isn't necessarily developers' fault to sell less than 6000 units.
And then we have that chimney simulator that sold more than 6000. Oh... That's the real shovelware.