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Tue 7th Jun 2011

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Teh-Ray commented on Nintendo Download: 5th April 2012 (North America):

At first these WAH NO VC TITLES whinings used to annoy me, but now I'm actually starting to get amused by them. Something's wrong here.

Colors is finally here, though? This has got my morning off to a great start! Going to download ASAP!



Teh-Ray commented on Charts: 20th December 2011 (North America):

Wow, really? That's depressing. lol

Good to see I wasn't the only one who thought to take advantage of Xevious for 100 coins. A game I read about being decent and having really cool 3D but not really having a personal experience or really knowing if it's really worth it for 6 bucks? I dunno. The same game for 100 coins that I pretty much get for free? Sign me up!



Teh-Ray commented on Watch a Slice of Sakura Samurai: Art of the Sword:

Good to know I wasn't the only one thinking that Dillon would fit well in Super Smash Bros. Pullblox stage would be supremely awesome too!

Also, for some reason, this Samurai's nose really makes me think of the Wind Waker. If this is more action like Zelda and not so timing-based, I'll heavily consider it. Hope to hear more about it!



Teh-Ray commented on Review: Duracell Wireless Wii Sensor Bar:

Oh yeah? Well have you ever heard this one?

"A man walks into a bar....

lol Dragon Quest VIII.

Even so, why do these things always take four batteries? I already have a different wireless sensor bar and I ask myself the same thing about it all the time.



Teh-Ray commented on Nintendo America Loads eShop with New 3D Trailers:

Wait, people still think that their 2GB card won't hold everything? I have so many things downloaded, yet I still have more than 5000 blocks ( whatever those are ) left on my card. It won't be filled for a while, so I say people should stop worrying so much about it!

Also, that box art is amazing. Can't wait for any of these games, plus Dillon's Rolling Western is really making me want to play Spirit Tracks again. I heard somewhere it's made by the same developers of Phantom Hourglass/Spirit Tracks, is that true?



Teh-Ray commented on 3DS Ambassador Game Boy Advance Games Revealed:

Now all we need is multiplayer, and this'll be perfect. Kirby and the Amazing Mirror was simply...amazing with four players! Used to play it all the time at school with friends. Too bad no multi, though.

Still, there's a disturbing lack of Mario 3 everywhere. It wasn't in the NES games, a Classic NES game, nor in these GBA games. Oh well, good thing I own it multiple times then.



Teh-Ray commented on These Cut Scenes Never Made it Into Majora's Mask:

Wait, there are still people who don't know about the creepypasta for this game? My brother couldn't sleep for days after he read that. lol.

On topic, though, these cutscenes are adorable. I wish they were kept in the game, honestly. Plus, when the Great Fairy positions Link's arm in the second cutscene, I was a bit in awe because it looked really good.



Teh-Ray commented on Miyamoto Sure Has Some Weird Game Ideas:

Tanuki suits not controversial enough?

Have a game about family abuse!

No, but seriously, I wanna see this idea come to life, just to see what's in that amazing man's head.



Teh-Ray commented on Wii Celebrates Its Fifth Anniversary in Europe:

Missed out on the launch, and for a couple of weeks, went Wii-less. Months later, my parents randomly came home with a Wii, and that's the story of why me and my brother never finished Tales of Symphonia.

Nowadays, my Wii's on its last legs from all the games of Super Smash Brothers Brawl me and my family plays. Such a great system.



Teh-Ray commented on Aonuma: "We'll See" About Zelda Voice Acting:

I'd say keep Link silent, but let everyone else talk.

Heck, I think it'd be funny if Link opens his mouth to say something, but every time, he'd be cut off by something before a word gets in.



Teh-Ray commented on Charts: 5th December 2011 (UK):

Thanks for the tip! I don't know if I'm willing to pay 12 bucks for a downloadable game, but $4.99 sounds reasonable enough, even if everyone hypes Shantae as the best game ever.



Teh-Ray commented on Join the Official Nintendo Life Mario Kart 7 C...:

I've joined! I'll go ahead and start racing on here once I'm done getting all three stars. Seeing as I got all 50cc three stars, it shouldn't take long 'til you start seeing me, Ray, on the racing street against you guys!

All items joined, because Mario Kart's just not Mario Kart without 'em.



Teh-Ray commented on Hori's Mario Kart 7 3DS Wheel Is UK-Bound:

To be honest, even though I hated the Wii Wheel, I was really hoping this was also going to be packaged in with this game, like Mario Kart Wii.

Can't hurt to try after all, right? I'll probably be getting it when I have money to burn, and then it'd just go displayed on my wall with my other Wii Wheel.



Teh-Ray commented on 3DS System Update Due Before 8th December:

Honestly, Nintendo's been delaying a lot of things 3DS-wise, so I could understand people's annoyance ( Including mine ). Of course, I don't think this is omg-end-of-the-world-must-sell-my-3DS bad.

I'll be eagerly awaiting this, but until then, Mario Kart 7!



Teh-Ray commented on Nintendo Lists Two-Player Mode for Luigi's Man...:

I'm with Geonjaha on this one, if anything, it might also be something along the lines of the Luma player in Super Mario Galaxy.

If it is going to be exploring, though, I have to wonder if it's multi-card or not. I can't wait to hear more!



Teh-Ray commented on Review: Step Up! (WiiWare):


I lol'd.

Also, where are the Miis? These kinds of titles usually call for the kind of person who really love the Miis, or so I've seen, anyway.



Teh-Ray commented on Reggie Pimps Nintendo's Ride at LA Auto Show:

Now I need to see if this is the same auto show my parents go to. It'd be great to have a family outing, and then seeing some Nintendo stuff, especially since I live about a 20 minute drive away.



Teh-Ray commented on 3D Classics: Kirby's Adventure Trailer Hits Eu...:

I never really thought the 3D would do much for this game anyway, but I do love this game that I'd buy it again on my 3DS. Really disappointed in hearing that it won't even extend to that widescreen display and will instead have those ugly black borders.

Might as well have released it as an ambassador game, honestly.



Teh-Ray commented on Zelda Top Brass Discuss Link To the Past in 3D:

This only makes me think of the fact that a lot of SNES games would look great with a 3D treatment because of the mode 7 layers. Super Mario World, Super Mario Kart, Super Metroid, and Kirby Superstar's opening movie come to mind.



Teh-Ray commented on Review: Nyko Power Grip:

I wish these companies would think about the fact that not everyone buys black systems. That, and I love my charging cradle.

Oh, and the 3DS's battery life is fine.



Teh-Ray commented on Review: Professor Layton and the Last Specter ...:

@5 she_gamer
In terms of replay value, there's a lot of extra puzzles to do after the story is done, but after you've pretty much done everything, there really isn't any replay value to speak of. But in a game like this, that's not surprising at all.

Trust me, though, it's good, especially if you love puzzle games.



Teh-Ray commented on Review: 1001 BlockBusters (DSiWare):

Hey, for 200 points along with your review, it doesn't sound like a bad way to waste two bucks.

It may be a 4/10 on NintendoLife, but at least it's still a discount mediocre game instead of an expensive mediocre game.