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Wed 31st March, 2010

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sykotek commented on Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire to Be Ava...:

Wow, everyone getting so worked up about this bundle! If it's not for you, just don't buy it. There are plenty of other deals elsewhere, Target, TRU...and to those getting mad at Nintendo of America for not releasing the limited editions in North America, I'm positive they will announce it as coming soon...exclusively to the Nintendo World store in NYC. -_-



sykotek commented on Poll: Tell Us What You Think of the New Ninten...:

I'm pretty sure this is just the DSi all over again. It's just too late to introduce a hardware change for the 3DS family. This is just a stop gap before they release a real follow-up to the 3DS. I think it'll have the same problems as the DSi too, with little to no support from third parties that will take advantage of the extra horsepower and new hardware. This will be a waste of money for consumers and developers. I foresee all development will still be focused on existing 3DS hardware until Nintendo releases their next handheld. I'll still buy it, but I'll wait for a special edition XL. What they really should do is just have a customizable build your own new 3DS/XL and faces sold direct from Nintendo.



sykotek commented on Nintendo Offers Condolences to Robin Williams'...:

I normally keep these sort of thoughts to myself, but how about a free/paid DLC combo that reskins or recolors the new Link as a stylized Mork in red jumpsuit, the one with an upside down triangle on the chest and space helmet.

Have the paid version be identical to the free version, but instead donates to charity that helps people dealing with depression.

People that want to pay honor to Robin Williams in Zelda would get to, those who want to help further, could donate and those that don't want it, just won't download the DLC.



sykotek commented on Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure Could Have Been ...:

This is just my opinion, but I don't think an alternate universe Nintendo exclusive Skylanders would've been anywhere near as successful as it is now since one of the major selling points for parents in the beginning was allowing kids to be able to bring their characters with their own custom stats and decorations to their friend's place to play no matter what system they had as long as their friends also had a copy of Spyro's Adventure.

Being a Nintendo exclusive from the start would've severely limited the audience for the game. Also, let's not forget all the hate Skylanders received for being a game with expensive on disc locked content unless there were extra purchases made. If Nintendo partnered with Activision for an exclusive, they would've received much of that criticism as well. How many parents would've wanted to spend that much on Skylanders when it's possible their choice of the Wii console would likely be because it's the lowest price compared to PS3 and 360?

Skylanders being an exclusive (for any console) would just be a bad business decision, both back when it started and right now. Activision and TFB should be really grateful Nintendo didn't partner with them on Skylanders. If they had, I think it's very likely Activision just wouldn't have the Skylanders money machine they have today. Nintendo totally made the right decision and it was to the benefit to all parties involved.

I still would like a Skylanders and Pokemon crossover game though...that also used existing figures from the Skylanders series and the few released for Rumble U. Maybe for the 3DS versions, c'mon!! :)



sykotek commented on Book Focused on EarthBound's Development and L...:

I'm not sure what the exact issue Nintendo has with this, but if Nintendo's issue with this is that Lindblom would be securing profits through Nintendo's IP and he was just going to gift it to the community anyways, he could just bypass securing publishing altogether and release it to the EarthBound community as a free to download e-book. If he's worried about incurring any costs such as from the downloading of the e-book, I'm sure Starmen would host it for free.



sykotek commented on Virtue's Last Reward Glitch Resolved in eShop ...:

@Irbricksceo: In regards to patching hard copies, couldn't the publishers/developers simply enlist the help of Nintendo to perhaps release a free eShop launcher app that detects a physical Virtue's Last Reward cart and get that glitch fixed that way? It was a relatively early 3DS title afterall. Maybe they could have it run in the background? Even if you had to launch the game using that app every single time, at least the glitch would be fixed then wouldn't it? I mean, it may not be the most elegant solution, but it'd be worth doing for those that bought the hard copies instead of just leaving them with a bad taste in their mouths.



sykotek commented on The Story of an Abandoned Mega Man FPS, Maveri...:

That looked awful.

I know with all the cancellations, Mega Man fans really want a new Mega Man game, but you can't blindly complain about it every time a Mega Man game gets canned..., sometimes it's for a good reason.

Seriously, who wants to play a generic Mega Man FPS anyways, ugh. Just go play Halo or Conduit or something.



sykotek commented on Wii Mini Is Official And Has No Online Connect...:

No online, eh? That's very curious. Will I at least be able to install games for faster loading/less drive wear? If so, I'm sold... should've made the controllers two tone too though. ...mmm, those colors remind me of the Virtual Boy.



sykotek commented on The Binding of Isaac Creator Still Thinks the ...:

I wouldn't get all worked up about it. Since religion is mostly based around where you are brought up geographically, there's really no telling if you're backing the right deities until you've officially run out of time.

With that said though...

Food for thought.



sykotek commented on Rumour: Sega Is Working On Skies of Arcadia Re...:

I'd be okay with either an HD remake or a quality made sequel!!!

... ;__;

I just had a sad realization,
if SoA is a HD remake, Legends will be paid DLC
if SoA is a sequel, it'll be episodic DLC: Episode I, Episode II...

No longer want.



sykotek commented on The Binding of Isaac Creator Still Thinks the ...:

@Linkstrikesback: Definitely, I would too! I think it'd be a win-win for all! Just wanted to point out that you wouldn't be limited to just playing either TBoI: Uncensored or TBoI: Sugary Sweets Edition either, imagine being able to make your own custom sprites for the game... I mean, at its core, it's just an Adventure game with Rogue-like elements. I think it'd stop the complaining and bring in a new audience. :)



sykotek commented on The Binding of Isaac Creator Still Thinks the ...:

I have the perfect solution to this! Just release the game with all the sprites changed to family friendly sprites.

Instead of Isaac, change it to a smiley faced cherub.
Instead of shooting out tears, have him toss out heart tipped arrows.
Instead of fighting demons, have unicorns and rainbow colored ponies and happy clouds and trees and stuff.
Instead of enemies exploding, have them swoon or fall asleep.
Instead of vomiting blood as an attack, have him vomit rainbows.
Instead of gory environments, have them be happy kiddy environments.

...and then include a sprite editor or QR code scanner with the ability to scan for the original uncensored version, host those codes on Team Meat's website behind disclaimers and EULAs and stuff and releasing Nintendo from responsibility for that content. That stuff gets downloaded to an SD card as a custom mod.

Those that just want to play the uber friendly sugar sweet, non offensive version of the game can get that on eShop and those that know better and want to unlock the original uncensored graphics have no one but themselves to blame for downloading them to their own SD card.

All problems solved! :D



sykotek commented on Grab a Gold Nunchuk from US Club Nintendo:

@Gamesake: The Gold Race Wheel was never officially made available to North America...I mean, unless you're counting the Japanese Club Nintendo prizes on eBay...

Besides...what would Link ever need a Gold Race Wheel for...? :P

Anyways, if it ever is made available though, I should be able to easily modify my pic to add it in! :D



sykotek commented on Legend of Zelda Prototype Cartridge Posted on ...:

I see a test cart. I've seen Zelda test carts before...with labels. For what reason would one presume this is a prototype and not simply a test cart with a label that has been replaced and scribbled upon? It's not as though I have the money, but even wouldn't make the slightest sense to spend such a ridiculous amount on what could be faked for a lot less...unless I was planning to blend it...



sykotek commented on Grab Your Kirby 20th Anniversary Puzzle Swap P...:

Not sure if I should spend my near 300 coins buying up the blue puzzle pieces for this new puzzle... StreetPass Mii Plaza loses a bit of its magic when you're all finished with puzzles.

I wonder when they going to update Find Mii again? I only have 6 hats to go.



sykotek commented on Starship Defense is Your New US Club Nintendo ...:

@HeroOfCybertron: Did I say R button? Maybe I meant the L button. In the end though, both did the same thing which is speed up the game and both of my shoulder buttons died on my launch DSi anyway, so I must've been a bit confused when I wrote that.

It was a pretty good game though, even scored an 8/10 here on NL. It's kinda sad to see everyone here dismissing it especially with what other questionable titles the US Club Nintendo has offered in the past.



sykotek commented on Angry Birds Trilogy to Cost $29.99:

Even if I didn't already get some of them for free (thanks Amazon) and had to pay for them all on Android, it'd only cost me $4 and that's counting Angry Birds: Space!

Even if I were to spring for all four of the Android HD versions that'd still only cost me $12 total.

For $30 and for only the first 3 games, they should really say what extra content it includes to justify a 10x increase in cost over existing iOS and Android versions.



sykotek commented on Support Redux: Dark Matters Kickstarter and it...:

I love SHMUPs, but this game doesn't really look all that special to me in my honest opinion.

I mean,
...would I play it? Sure.
...would I buy it? Sure.
...would I pay to fund it? No.

This whole Kickstarter thing is kind of a bust for me.



sykotek commented on Talking Point: Should Zelda Go Episodic?:

Games are taking too long to make? You can't keep up with the latest technology? Forget going episodic. Give me a good story in 2D with existing polygons or sprites. C'mon Nintendo, I already buy your stuff, you should know by now that I don't give a care about graphics.