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Thu 21st Oct 2010

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SuperLink commented on Video: Use Your amibo Figures Without Removing...:

"I want to keep them in the box because they'll be worth more money in the future if I don't take them out!!"

Really? Since when did it become all about money? Are you buying a fun little toy to enjoy and appreciate, or are you making an investment? The whole reason you all go on this site is because you like Nintendo, and what is Nintendo all about? Fun. So have some fun and cherish your fun memories instead of playing the long con so that sometime down the road you'll be able to make a $40 profit on a figurine.



SuperLink commented on Catch a Shiny Pokémon at the National Champio...:

I was playing Diamond once, (and I still didn't really understand the strategic elements of Pokémon, and a whole bunch of other stuff about it), and I got to the tower just south of the town with the day-care, and I ran into a ghastly. But this ghastly was different, it was blue, and it sparkled when it came on the screen. Being young, I thought, "Huh...that's weird...meh, it's probably just what all the ghastlies look like in this game, I'll just kill it." I didn't realize until years later, that that was a shiny ghastly, and it was at that moment that I realized how rare shinies are, how awesome it could have been to have a SHINY GENGAR, and how much it hurts to punch myself in the face for being an idiot kid who knocked out a shiny ghastly.

I never have, nor will I ever forgive myself...



SuperLink commented on Talking Point: The Future of Pokémon:

I would love a Colosseum-esque game for the 3DS. It would just make the game so much more enjoyable. I mean, the 4-direction walking controls were okay back on the Gameboys, but by now, there should definitely be a more free control system, I mean, we have a circle pad to use!

Secondly, the trainer customization would be an incredibly unique feature that I believe a ton of people would appreciate. Because, if you some guy/girl in his/her twenties, I doubt they'll love playing as a ten year old kid (that's my opinion, anyway). An age specified story would be an amazing way to really open a real freedom to Pokémon games, that has not been present before.

Also, I like the idea of the Pokémon sounding like they do in the anime. That would make me feel like I was actually in the world of Pokémon. So, hopefully, that happens.

The bottom line is, I love these ideas (except the "gambling-the-pokémon" thing) and I'm going to pray to Arceus every night for something like this to come true.

(P.S. I , along with countless others, think Pokémon Chrome would be an awesome title)