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Sun 22nd May 2011

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Milkman-123 commented on You Don't Just Play as Mario in Super Mario 3D...:


very true. the point is, mario is a non-character. he has no personality who's only purpose is to rescue a princess, who doesnt have the common sense to have some security in her kingdom. at least luigi has a degree in survival instinct. and by the way, how come tails in considered inferior to sonic? they ran at the exact same speed in sonic 2 and tails can freaking fly! but we have to root for the arrogent blue tw*t, when we could be rooting for a giant squirrell with two tails that can fly.
luigi is superior, just like tails.



Milkman-123 commented on Review: Cave Story 3D (3DS):

never really played a cave story game. but im guessing that its some kind of darker mario title with a new cast, setting, and a level-up system. whatever, most side-scrollers all feel the same. im probobly wrong about this game though.



Milkman-123 commented on Symphonic Concert is the Latest 3D Nintendo Video:


lol, i did read, but not all the way through. ;0 it just feels sh*tty when europeans get an amazing symphony and all america gets is some hot air balloon video with a misleading title. whatever. its not like europe was ever as good as america(no racism) when it comes to nintendo. i mean, europe never gets anything america gets, or its REALLY late. europe deserves something nice. but if it were the ZELDA symphony, i would have thrown a MAJOR MAJOR MAJOR sh*t fit! xD



Milkman-123 commented on Mario Kart 7 Art Races Your Screen:


knowing nintendo AND mariokart, they probobly wont haveit installed. however on mariokart DS, we were able to inflate balloons with the mic. on balloon battle, so its a possibility



Milkman-123 commented on PassID Takes StreetPass To the Web:

no, you have to get puzzle pieces on REAL streetpass.

what i want toknow is why there aint any search button where you can search people. all i can do is search people on GROUPS and not as individuals. also, its impossible for me to get to know people on PASSID, because there isnt a comment section on each profile. can anyone please explain why?



Milkman-123 commented on Review: Thor: God of Thunder (3DS):


nicely said. arkham asylum was almost a masterpeice. arkham city will be, because its like a modernized assasins creed with batman. the problem with asylum was it wasnt in a really big sandbox. city is,s o theres much more to explore and solve. like i said, modernized assasins creed with batman.



Milkman-123 commented on Talking Point: Why No Plans for GBA on 3DS Vir...:

option C seems like the best idea. nintendo SHOULD do that. i mean, just more buttons and c-pads isnt enough for some people. they want nostalgia(virtual console), but if they can buy the actual game, it seems like their nostalgic game(AGVN references,ftw) collection will look more, if your 3ds loses power and breaks, you still have your games which you can sell for profits. but on virtual console, you're f*cked. you cant get your money back.



Milkman-123 commented on Review: Star Fox 64 3D (3DS):

meh, its ok but in a bad way. i wouldve given this a 4 though. it wasnt that appealling to me. i beat the entire game within an hour. and the game wouldnt let me go back to previous levels unless i was playing the exact level after. so when i was in the level past the asteriod field, i couldnt go back to corneria and find the alternate route ); thats a serious issure for me. plus the 3D effect sometimes only made the screen shinier, instead of actual 3D, which i only found in cinematics. and the gyro sensor features didnt even work that well, so all of the 3ds' capabilties were crushed, all except the remastered graphics which dont even look impressive at times. like i said, this is probobly more like a 4/10 than an 8/10