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Thu 5th May 2011

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Jamouse commented on Sakurai Aiming To Please "The Silent Majority"...:

A low entry entry point doesn't necessarily mean he is targeting the game at "casuals".

I for one don't want to spend hours learning how to use each character before actually playing the game, yet I still clocked a couple of hundred hours in brawl and most certainly care about the character roster (and I'm sure i'm not alone).



Jamouse commented on Europe Now Receiving Club Nintendo Stars For A...:

I totally agree with you that the Club Nintendo rewards here are crap, but as far as games go, I think Nintendo Australia has actually done a pretty good job.

We get nearly all of the retail releases that Europe gets no more than one week after them (even the really niche titles). And considering there is probably only about eight of us in the entire country that buys them, I think they've done a pretty good job.



Jamouse commented on Tales Producer Says The Series Could Eventuall...:

Actually Monolith Soft don't think too highly of Xenoblade. They often consider it an "experiment", where they tried out various ideas to see how it worked out.

With that much confidence and some really great titles under their belt, I really do think their next game will be just as good (likely even better!) than Xenoblade.



Jamouse commented on Cliff Bleszinski Likens The Wii To A "Virus":

I'm just gonna point out in advance that I'm not calling this man or his opinion idiotic

(I don't want to see any of those "why do all nintendo fans get worked up every time someone says something bad about nintendo" posts.)



Jamouse commented on Liberation Maiden Takes Flight to iOS:

Good news.

I don't mind developers and publishers "not remaining loyal to the e-shop" or whatever if it means more success for them and a healthier game industry.