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Thu 3rd Jun 2010

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SullKid commented on Shovel Knight Confirmed For Wii U And 3DS:

Should update this news: "Wii U and 3DS game codes will be made available to everyone who pledges $15 or more. Upon release, you can choose (1) which version of the game you prefer: Windows PC, Wii U, or 3DS!"




SullKid commented on ShopTo Lists Wii U at Speculative £280:

I'll be happy to pay 2xx euros. Surprised if we get away with that.

Have to add that I still feel robbed by the original launch price of 3DS :S Never forget 25/3 2011, I guess.



SullKid commented on Brand New Cave Story 3D Gameplay Trailer:

"Alright. As soon as I heard the music, I was sold. Yet ANOTHER game I have to get this November!"

I thought I'd hate the new versions but I got goosebumps when I heard the theme tease.. I'm psyched! Looks great too, even in 2D.



SullKid commented on More Titles Announced at 3DS Conference:

I find it funny that some people are thinking 3DS was going to be filled with western 1st/3rd person shooters.
Come on, it's Nintendo.

And what @Nukerprime64 said. Mindless violence is for kids. I sure played Duke Nukem 3D when I was ten.



SullKid commented on Analogue Stick Add-On for 3DS Revealed:

Oh my god. It's like a blind date with a girl who lives in a black bathing tub and has a hanging deformed left breast. AND you paid for the 240€ dinner beforehand.

Seriously, if this turns out to be a stuttering step before redesign next year, I'll never buy a Nintendo console ever again until it's almost dead, like I did with Wii when I bought it 12 months ago (and it was STILL too early because WiiMote+ wasn't out, only M+ attachment).

I'm looking at you WiiU. I swear.



SullKid commented on NES Ambassador Games Available in Europe Now:

Why did they have to make controls a mess like they were on Wii Classic Controller too? I mean, it's extremely hard to play Mario if you want to hold B-button to run... Why couldn't they be like they were on SNES controller. Totally unplayable



SullKid commented on NES and Game Boy Advance Games Coming to 3DS V...:

What Slapshot just said. My thoughts exactly.

I don't know about being THAT desperate, I like to think that they are on the game; they realized that this just isn't working and made a move. A good move for both early adopters and late.
I too am very pleased, I mean Metroid Fusion, for f.. fusions sake!



SullKid commented on Preview: The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword:

Love everything about it. I just wish it would be the last traditional Zelda. Next one, on WiiU should be a major twist in concept.

3DS could have two or three classic Zelda's and a Majora remake too



SullKid commented on Nintendo Still Not Heading into iPhone Games:

No. I don't want any of that stuff.
Playing to me is something holier than that. Call me old fashioned but I want my gaming platforms dedicated to gaming.
Besides, I've played many many mobile phone games on both big platforms and they have yet to amuse me more than fifteen minutes a piece, tops.



SullKid commented on First Impressions: Nintendo Wii U:

@zeeroid Yeah, 3DS buttons feel a little too clicky for me too. DS Lite had it right, so I hope they "make 'em like they used to"! I think 3DS buttons might last longer in extreme use, and that's their reason.



SullKid commented on Talking Point: What You Want in a New Nintendo...:

Nobody I know can tell the difference between 720p and 1080p. Not at least with normal sized HDTV's, 50" and so. So I don't understand the hustle about 1080p.
Just make it HD and I'm fine And work the online features!



SullKid commented on Rumour: We May See a New Nintendo Console at E3:

One thing that I'm wondering with these HD speculations:
I think it would be extremely hard for Nintendo to find a gfx chip that could NOT provide HD graphics
It goes without saying that it will be HD console.