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BrainBoxLtd commented on The Force Is Strong In EA's New Star Wars Publ...:

Two of the four games you listed were made by companies who went out business earlier this generation. Another is a subsidiary of Activision whose only recent credits are for Call of Duty DLC packs and the last one is BioWare, whose founders quit the company after the Mass Effect 3 debacle and whose latest Star Wars product was The Old Republic, which was a mediocre WoW clone whose exclusivity agreement put the only other Star MMO out of business.

Good Star Wars games are a thing of the past, and you're crazy if you think EA is going to turn that around, especially when they just got voted worst company in America, are in the midst of laying off a sizeable chunk of their workforce, and their last CEO resigned for failing to lead the company to profitability.



BrainBoxLtd commented on Michael Pachter Admits That Wii U Pro Controll...:

"...seems to me that the ‘prize’ that would make the Wii U legitimate as a console of choice for multiplatform games is Call of Duty."

Yeah, that's the same leap in logic that didn't ring true for me yesterday as it did today, mostly because Activision already releases Call of Duty on the Wii, and the DS. Which, in addition to the controller barriers, also have the major hardware differences that prevents simply porting over the 360/PS3 version.

I doubt that Call of Duty was much of a prize for Nintendo considering Activison have already been fine doing the extra leg work to release it on Nintendo's older systems. Even if Nintendo didn't release a "Pro" controller they'd still would have put Black Ops II on the Wii U. It's more similar to the PS3/360 in both controls and system specs than the Wii or DS ever was.

Also, say what you want about Activison, but they actually have a slightly better track record for ignoring archaic controller standards than a lot of other third party companies. They also made DJ Hero, Tony Hawk Ride, Cabela's Dangerous Hunts, and the Skylander series, which all have their own add-ons.

I also doubt anyone would deny Activison is eager to port a successful series ANYWHERE that could be profitable. They made Guitar Hero for the DS by inventing an add-on for the DS, then latter made a drum controller add-on for Band Hero DS.

You know, I don't doubt Patcher's assertion that the this "Pro" controller may have been brought about from pressure inside the industry from companies who can't fathom how to make a game for a controller that's basically the same as the others but with a big screen in the middle, but I doubt it was Activison pushing for this.

If anything, Activision seems like one of the companies that would care the least. With CoD: World at War they forgot to even include Classic Controller support, and again when they ported CoD 4 over. It wasn't until Black Ops the Wii versions of CoD started supporting the classic controllers. If there's a market there they'll find a way to make it fit.

If Activison pushed for anything on a controller, I bet it was the Near Field Sensor on the Wii U game pad. There was no mention of NFC on the Wii U pad in the 2011 showing, and that's the basically the same tech Activison uses for their Skylander series. They were probably more excited about that since it'll save them time and money by not having to include that portal NFC add-on when they get around to releasing Skylanders on Wii U.



BrainBoxLtd commented on Wii U Power Lacks a 'Generational Leap':

@Mandoble PC’s only? Yeah right. That’s what Crytek said about their big fancy new engine, and they ended up porting all their games to dated video game consoles because they needed to money.

@slapshot Wow, it’s “rumored” that the PS4 is “very powerful”. Yeah, that’ll shut me up.

Tell you what. Someone come get me when the glut of developers stop developing for the Wii U because the PS4 and XBOX 720 are so ungodly powerful that they can’t possibly down-port their games anymore.



BrainBoxLtd commented on Wii U Power Lacks a 'Generational Leap':

I'm sick of hearing about this fabled power gap the supposed XBOX 720/PS4 are going to create, especially when neither of them has even been announced yet. I'm dubious that Sony will even announce another console anytime soon since the PS3 is finally selling well.

Who exactly is going to spend the millions and millions required to take advantage of such advance hardware even if they do exist? A lot of studios and companies folded just in this last generation because of the HD jump. You really think they'll be racing to suffer that misfortune again? Especially when the current HD consoles, PC's, and soon Wii U will still all be viable platforms that sell games.

Notice how there's almost no third party exclusives anymore and third parties treat the PC, 360, and PS3 as one giant platform? They really can't afford to do otherwise. They probably can't even afford to even spend extra money on platform that's widely different, probably why the ignore the Wii.

PC's out paced the HD twins graphically not long after release. Crysis was released in 2007, and it showed there was a major difference in then top-line computers and the HD consoles. And in the years that follow the same company released Crysis 2 on the HD consoles, and the original, and announced the third one would also be on the HD consoles in 2013.

Just because a machine has more processing power doesn't make the graphics automatically better. It still costs a lot to actually render all those pretty images people love so much. Their really isn't much room left for graphics to grow on a technical level, at least not without a major increase in budgets, which I don't think many companies are in position to do, let along want to do.

When Nintendo released the Wii they figured graphics had already reached a point where there wasn't a lot of room left to go. They were half right. For the first few years the HD consoles had horrible sales and were constantly outsold by the PS2 and the GBA.

But after a a few years of financial strife and some foreclosures, third parties started treating both HD consoles and PC's as just one big platform as a way to save on costs, and they've been doing it ever since. The reason some third party companies are showing excitement over the WII U is because now they'll have another platform they can port the same game they already made onto.

If any companies wanted to display some major jump in graphics, they'd already done it on PC's. Crysis did exactly that five years ago, and nobody really cared. Since then PC's have gotten 7 core processors and graphics cards that could probably start fires, and the same company that advertised how advance PC's were in 2007 are now scaling their games down to work on the antiquated HD consoles.

The gold rush for the best graphics is largely over. Most companies nowadays are just settling on the Unreal 3 engine, or a single in-house engine, like Capcom's MT Framework. They really don't care to outdo each other graphically anymore, and I really don't think they're going to be if some new expensive hardware enters the market.

PC developers aren't, that's for sure, and they already have access to cutting edge hardware. Diablo III just came out and even its recommend system requirements are just a decent Dual Core Processor, 2GB of RAM, and what was top-line video cards in 2008 and 2009, which is pretty much the same requirements top-line PC games had in back in 2008 and 2009.

If there is any significant jump in hardware in the next few years, it'll probably just be used to run games at the same settings they're already made to run at on PC's. I wouldn't count on another graphical revolution anytime soon.



BrainBoxLtd commented on Developers: Wii U "Less Powerful than PS3 and ...:

@Nintendoftw: "If Nintendo pulls this crap again then I am officially no longer a NIntendo fan."

I got good news then. They have pulled this crap** again. You are no longer a Nintendo fan. You're now free to spend time at sites devoted to things you are a fan of.

With the power vested in me as a Nintendo Fanboy***, I hereby release you from all contractually mandated duties as a Nintendo Fan, now and forever. Go in peace my child.

(**Crap being defined as releasing a home console with a unique controller and graphical prowess equal to or slightly greater than previous generation of home consoles.)
(***Nintendo Fanboy being defined as one who owns a 360, PS3, or PSP and does not consider the Wii as a failure.)



BrainBoxLtd commented on Developers: Wii U "Less Powerful than PS3 and ...:

You heard them*, with the Wii U "The graphics are just not as powerful". You know the graphics, that thing people put in their game consoles. Very technical term, that's how you know these people are legitimate...

Seriously, the all "powerful" 360 and the PS3 came out 7 and 6 years ago respectively. This may come as a shock, but neither one of them has been cutting edge for years. It doesn't mean they're not capable of producing some dazzling effects, but try to remember it's all being done on dated hardware that's almost as old as YouTube itself. That's why they're both are so affordable now.

At this point Nintendo would probably have to deliberately go outta their way to produce a home console significantly weaker then the two that have been out for over half a decade. Just like how you would have to go outta of your way to find a computer built in 2012 that is significantly weaker than a computer made in 2006.



BrainBoxLtd commented on Analogue Stick Add-On for 3DS Revealed:

The more I think about this the more it seems like a slightly more drastic version or bundling the Classic Controller Pro with MHTri.

I guess people are worried this signals some major design change looming on the horizon, but I just see it as a controller add-on more than anything. Just instead of something radically different like the guitar hero add-on it's a much less ambitious second stick and set of shoulder buttons.



BrainBoxLtd commented on Nintendo Has "No Plans" to Bring Last Story We...:

Some website, that most of us have probably never heard of, reports a nameless Nintendo Rep said “We have no plans at present." (All though these headlines like to drop "at present") Sounds like PR talk for "I don't know."

Chances are if any of us wrote to Nintendo's customer service e-mail, we'd get the exact same response.

Destructoid at least contacted someone at Mistwalker and got they got the answer "Thank you for your concern. More info to come." about a western release. Almost as vague, harder to rephrase into something inflammatory.
it is possible to get your point across without being insulting. thank you -- TBD



BrainBoxLtd commented on Don't Expect Any 3DS Titles From Epic Games An...:

Mark Rein is just a corporate salesperson who's biggest concern is selling his company's Unreal Engines. Epic doesn't even really make games so much as Tech demos that happen to be games these days to sell their engine.

They've made the Gear of Wars series only because Microsoft bank rolled them to do it. Other than that they made Unreal Tournament 3 which was given a PS3 release first to showcase the Unreal 3 Engine on the PS3, Shadow Complex on XBLA to advertise it to companies making download only games on the HD consoles, and now this Citadel demo to try and drum up sales with iOS developers. They also said they'd port Gears of War to Mac's, likely to market to OSX developers. They actually never did, probably because Microsoft largely owns the Gears IP and doesn't want it appearing on their main competitor.

Epic doesn't like Nintendo systems because they are relatively to program for, don't do HD resolutions, and tend to emphasis gameplay over graphics. All things that undermine they need for other companies to shell out money for Epic's brand of graphical engines.

I don't know if the DS can run Unreal 3. I wouldn't be surprised if Mark Rein doesn't know either because this has nothing to do with specs. You won't see Unreal 3 on the 3DS because it's not needed, irregardless if it's actually capable of running it or not. As pointed out by Oregano Capcom has already adapted their MT Framework (An Engine they originally built to use for the 360/PS3) to the 3DS for Resident Evil and SFIV and that's before it's even been released.

Notice the last thing he says in this article. "...but I think if they considered that our engine would be good on it, they would have probably talked to us about it."

He doesn't know what the 3DS can do or not do. Nintendo calling him tomorrow wouldn't change what the 3DS is made of. It's not about specs it's about business, and Nintendo doesn't want to do business with Epic because there is no need to.



BrainBoxLtd commented on Talking Point: Does Nintendo Need to Exercise ...:

The NES had about 800 games. How many of those were awful cash-ins whose only purpose is fodder for the AVGN? And that was back when Nintendo WAS a ruthless tyrant who told companies how many games a year they could release and had tons of werid conditions attached to releasing games on their system.



BrainBoxLtd commented on Sony: Publishers Pulling Resources From Wii De...:

You can't assume that Modern Warfare 2 is the average cost for every HD game and apply this 1/3 to 1/4 figure to it to figure the cost for every Wii game.

Stranglehold's budget was estimated to be around 30 million, Lost Planet 20 Million, Gears was supposely 10 Million. (Probably because they own the Unreal Engine and outsourced at lot of work ot Epic China.) THQ's CEO also said he hates using broad strokes like that for that reason. (Here's the right link, my last post reused the EA one for some reason.)

No More Heroes is particularly bad example for "costly" Wii games because GHM is famous for making odd low-budget games and No More Heroes was their first ever financial success that actuallly got a sequel. Something they never managed before.

We don't know what Dead Space Extraction cost EA or Red Steel 2 is costing Ubisoft. For some reason few Wii games have thier budget's announced so it's hard to guess what kind of succes they will be. (All though FYI, VGchartz claims Extraction has crawled past the 200k mark despite it's crummy opening.)

And it's funny you mention marketing for Wii game's. Exactly was the marketing for Dead Space Extraction and No More Heroes? I think Extraction had some web banners where as the orginal Dead Space on the 360/PS3 had a animated movie made after it, a digital comic series you could download, a demo, and some TV ads. Ubisoft wouldn't even bother to put the comic included in the JP/EU versions of No More Hero's manual let along advertise it. And yet they still rushed to publish No More Heroes 2 and even beat the EU/JP release so I guess they're making money off it. Oddly enough they immediately announced the wouldn't publish the HD port of the first NMH.

And what about all the major HD failures that these companies never talk about? Bionic Commando was a huge failure and the company that made it was shut down after 12 years of being in buisness.
Dark Void's people will probably be next.

EA Black Box (Skate 1 & 2) and Redwood Shores (The first Dead Space) are getting massive cuts.
And EA shut down Pandemic as well.
Guess Mercanaries 2 didn't do well enough.

Free Radical and Factor 5 folded after Haze and Lair failed to light up the charts.

Midway almost completely ignored the Wii and focused almost all their money on the HD consoles and went bankrupt. Take-Two has the mega-succesfull GTA series and yet they still post Losses almost every quarter.

I really don't want to hear about how the greedy Nintendo is making it impossible for Thrid Party companies to make a profit when those companies already pour most of their time and money into the HD Twins.

I also find it a little ironic that this talk of 3rd Party's leaving the Wii when Mistwalker's next game is for the Wii and published by Nintendo. Mistwalker, a company Microsoft dumped money into establish JRPG exclusives on the 360 is making a Wii game next.



BrainBoxLtd commented on Sony: Publishers Pulling Resources From Wii De...:

"That's never been confirmed or denied..."
Yes it has been confirmed

THQ CEO 2006 saying Wii games could about 1/3 to 1/4 as much as 360/PS3.
EA CEO 2009 saying Wii games cost about 1/3 to 1/4 as much as 360/PS games.

"MW2 cost around 20 million to make..."

Modern Warfare 2's budget has been reported to be 40-50 Million dollars to make, and it's "launch budget" was allegendly $200 Million.



BrainBoxLtd commented on Review: Endless Ocean 2: Adventures of the Dee...:

How exactly does "combat" work in this game? If you get attacked and injured are you forced back to surface and have to start over? And are you constantly warding off aggressive animals, or is there a set amount and once you pacify them you're free to explore until your next dive?