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Thu 9th Jun 2011

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JimmyWhale commented on Analogue Stick Add-On for 3DS Revealed:

My burning question is is this peripheral made by Nintendo or Capcom?

Frankly, I hope it's only used for a few games and then flops. I would've taken a second analog stick, sure, but... not something that ugly and uncomfortable :/ At the same time, I think getting pissed at Nintendo for what will, in the long rung, probably be an optional thing, is silly. I can't really see many games "requiring" it, but instead "offering" (like how some Wii games allowed Classic/GC controllers).



JimmyWhale commented on Dragon Quest X Goes Online for Wii and Wii U:

I don't know whether to be excited or disappointed. I love Dragon Quest, so I'll say excited. I love the idea of a Dragon Quest MMO, but at the same time I feel like they kind of teased us by calling it "Ten"...



JimmyWhale commented on Marvel at Kirby Mass Attack's Minigames:

I kind of want to see a full version of Kirby Quest now!

Also, I think Dash Course is like the spiritual sequel to 100 yard hop from Kirby 64. Too bad they didn't make one for Checkerboard Chase too...



JimmyWhale commented on Inazuma Eleven Finally Makes it to UK Today:

I thought I read somewhere that Level 5 DID have plans to bring it to the US. The fact that they brought it up on their Facebook page made me wonder too. Meh, even if it doesn't I can just import the PAL version



JimmyWhale commented on Super Smash Bros. Dices with Fan-Made Board Game:

Back when Melee was new I thought about how a Smash Brothers TCG would work out while looking through my trophy collection. I actually think it'd be kind of cool. Maybe Nintendo should look at their roots and make some "unplugged" games (just don't make it their main focus!)

Anyway, very nicely done. I'd be interested in playing this.



JimmyWhale commented on Review: DualPenSports (3DS):

It still really bothers me that 5 years after Wii's release, third party sports games still use their own character designs instead of Miis. Granted I wouldn't play them even if they did, but I still don't get it. They should at least be like We Ski and Snowboard and let you have a choice of using your Mii.



JimmyWhale commented on Square Enix's Final Fantasy 3DS Game is a Litt...:

Uh, Square Enix, what happened to those 5 and 6 remakes? Tactics Advanced would've been real nice too. I would have settled for CC...

Forget it. I don't think Square even cares. Seems like most FF fans would buy a 60 dollar game of Pong if it had the Final Fantasy name slapped on it.



JimmyWhale commented on Talking Point: The Growing Storm of Operation ...:

@Aviator: Back then, it was a good excuse. If you showed a kid in the 80's a copy of Famicom Detective Club and a copy of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, guess which one they would have picked? And during the N64 era, do you really think people who were busy playing Zelda and Goldeneye would think about picking up Doshin the Giant? They wouldn't have sold. But nowadays, there's a bigger audience for Japanese games. It isn't a bad market for them at all. How many friends do you have that fawn over the Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts titles? Don't you think they'd be interested in buying The Last Story?



JimmyWhale commented on Talking Point: The Growing Storm of Operation ...:

Very well written letter! I wish more people did more things like this and less of... well, if you've looked at Nintendo's facebook comments, less of that.

I really am hoping these games are released. I might not have hemorrhoid-inducing anticipation for them (with that being said, I'd still be interested in playing them), but I think it will encourage NoA to rerelease the games they didn't bring over in the past* and bring over more games in the future.

*= for those who don't know what I'm talking about, these games aren't the first games that Nintendo has rejected. It dates back to the Famicom/NES: Shin Onigashima, Castle Murasame, Famicom Detective Club, Mario and Wario, Doshin the Giant, Card Hero, Doshin the Giant, GiFTPiA, and the awesomeness of Captain Rainbow, to name a few, never made it to the states. It was understandable why they didn't release them back then, but nowadays, I don't see a lot of good excuses



JimmyWhale commented on Operation Rainfall Responds to Nintendo's "Nev...:

@Godot Last Story is really the only important game here, seeing how it's made by Hironobu Sakaguchi and Mistwalker. The others are kind of meh. I still want them coming to the US, especially if it means idiots will shut up and stop spamming. I'm going to get a freaking ulcer from all the stupidity being posted on Nintendo's facebook page.



JimmyWhale commented on Xenoblade's North American Release Chances Tak...:

@Marvelousmoo saying a company failed you because you don't think there is enough RPGs on the console (and I think that if these games do come to NA, Wii will have a sufficient amount of them), and you're too lazy to look into hardcore games (there's actually a lot on Wii, they're just overshadowed by the casual stuff) is pretty stupid.



JimmyWhale commented on Xenoblade's North American Release Chances Tak...:

Heard from a guy who imported that it was really boring anyway. Still sad though. Seemed like a lot of people were really looking forward to it. Well, here's hope for both this one and Last Story that they find their way over here.



JimmyWhale commented on Sony: Wii U is No Threat, Says "Welcome to 200...:

@Ryno You can stop bolding every third word in your sentence. It isn't helping getting any point across.

Anyway, as for this HD SD thing that came up, Wii was released when HD wasn't necessarily big deal. It was still commonplace to see SD TVs in homes (hell, it still is). HD doesn't automatically make a game look good. A game looks good when the people creating it put tons of work into the way the game looks. HD might add polish, but it sure isn't necessary.