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Mon 20th Jun 2011

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MarioMario commented on Talking Point: Are Wii U Games Going To Be Too...:

The sole reason this system will sell: Nintendo. We buy Nintendo products because it's the only way to play the next alliterations in our favorite series. We just can't play them anywhere else, all the other multiplatform games are just a nice plus. Expect the biggest boost of sales when the next Smash Brothers come out



MarioMario commented on 3DS XL With Two Circle Pads Advertised by UK S...:

I don't understand people that come here just to announce they've seen this story before. This site is my Nintendo news source, I haven't seen it before, It's new too me.

Also, They're going to have a lot of unhappy customers



MarioMario commented on Review: MotoHeroz (WiiWare):

Considering the restrictions Wiiware developers have to work with, I'd say this is a pretty impressive title all around. I've been thoroughly enjoying it and it's actually quite challenging every now and then. It's also nice to see they have future plans for DLC. It will be nice to get even more content later down the road



MarioMario commented on MotoHeroz Races to North America on 15th Septe...:

$15 really isn't even that bad, especially if it's as packed full of content as they say.. I've payed more for less interesting games

Edit - Granted I wasn't aware they were bad games, I'm just saying this one could be worth the $15 price point



MarioMario commented on What Are Aonuma's Controller Ideas for Wii U Z...:

Some idea's I'm interested in seeing implemented:
Using the WiiU controller as a gyroscope sensor just like the 3DS OoT for aiming items.
Flicking bombs from your WiiU controller in the direction you want them to travel and they will appear on the top screen the angle you flicked them.
If anything I can see this controller just opening up a lot of new puzzle idea's for the Zelda games and that alone can excite me about this controller. The puzzle aspect is the most exciting part of the games for me



MarioMario commented on Nintendo Video Application Launches in Europe ...:

I'm assuming when NA finally gets this service they will be 3D videos I don't really care for since cartoon's aren't really my thing anymore. But it's nice to see features finally starting to come out of the dark.. I'm really just anticipating Netflix and 3D movies to FINALLY show up >_>



MarioMario commented on RE Mercenaries 3D Save Data Will Not Die:

I wasn't planning to buy this right when it came out, but I guess I won't be buying a used copy sometime down the line either. It's not a game that's extremely interesting to me, but I really wanted to try it out eventually. Even renting will be out of the question if I'm not one of the first people to get my hands on it