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Tue 10th Jun 2008

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OldBoy commented on Talking Point: Nintendo Should Make EA Co-oper...:

I can see the point the article makes but for me EA is no great loss.Not bought one of their games since they ruined burnout.I do get FIFA but always secondhand . They have ruined too many great ip's dead space being the latest. Very arrogant company they can go to hell for all i care.



OldBoy commented on Inafune: Japanese Developers Are "Too Proud" A...:

Such a shame that they feel they have to change their games to suit us westerners.The games they produce are some of my favourites because of there uniqueness.Will be a sad day if all games become like COD or Skyrim.The sad truth is though its all about profits and sales.Personally I think Japanese developers are still producing great games.



OldBoy commented on Site News: Happy "Nintendo Life" Anniversary!:

Congrats NL.I've been around since VC reviews and seen the site get better and better.All your hard work deserves this success,well done.Best Nintendo site on the web.. Also one of the nicest designed sites,so clean and tidy ,my OCD approves.



OldBoy commented on Talking Point: Time for Wii U to Treat Us Like...:

What a ridiculous idea.Not sure publishers are going to be pleased with this small 4 hour window to sell their games! And I thought the benefit of digital downloads was the convinienceof it.this store has worse opening hours than the high street.On the plus side though while your waitin for the eshop to open u can watch plenty of hardcore p0rn on the browser



OldBoy commented on 18-Rated Content on Wii U eShop Only Accessibl...:

What a ridiculous idea.Not sure publishers are going to be pleased with this small 4 hour window to sell their games! And I thought the benefit of digital downloads was the convinience of it.this store has worse opening hours than the high street.On the plus side though while your waitin for the eshop to open u can watch plenty of hardcore p0rn on the browser



OldBoy commented on New Super Mario Bros. 2 Will Cost £39.99 to D...:

Lets not pretend that it is only Nintendo that charge these ridiculous prices, have you seen the prices for games on Xbox/PS? They are always around RRP if not more, this is nothing new. If the price puts you off then buy the retail version ,simple!If only people could channel their energies into something more worthwhile than arguing about this kinda c**p the world may be a better place Sigh



OldBoy commented on 3DS XL Footage and Hands-On Impressions Hit th...:

Looks sweet. Wish they had shown RE running on it though. My 3DS gives me hand cramps after an hour or so so this looks perfect for me. I always carry a bag so portability is not a factor and man, those screens look great!!
Birthday present sorted.



OldBoy commented on Talking Point: 3DS XL - Why Now?:

Some people are making far too big a deal of this imo. Jeez Phones , TV's , Washing machines etc etc are constantly being superceded by new sizes ,more power ,what have you, and I don't see any fuss made of it. It's all part of the technology development process. If you waited for the best/biggest version of any technology you would never buy anything.
Don't like it? ,don't buy it
Do like it? ,buy it.
Like it but can't afford it? Well that's what credit cards are for.



OldBoy commented on Peter Molyneux 'Not Really Decided' on Wii U G...:

I think he makes a fair point, some of the hands-on impressions I've read have said that it isn't very natural to play. DS is completely different as those screens are adjacent to each other.This can only be judged once you have played it yourself though I suppose.
Also FYI Molyneux doesn't work for Microsoft anymore more.He left several months ago.



OldBoy commented on Reaction: Your Opinions on Nintendo's E3 Confe...:

If we are talking about the games revealed ,then sure, it was OK. Nothing got me excited,but that's personal opinion. What cannot be denied though is that the presentation was absolutely dire. Whether it be the two people talking at once, annoying!, the frequent moments of utter confusion/awkardness or the embarrassing 'Family videos' it all reeked of utter amateur. The only good bit was the beginning with Miyamoto and Pikmin3 after that it went downhill very fast indeed. Disappointing. How they f****d it up I'll never know but I've seen more professional presentations at work!!



OldBoy commented on Poll: Which Nintendo E3 Wii U Game Got You Exc...:

None of em'. There is nothing on that list that is making me want a WiiU.Especially when the next xbox/PS are round the corner and will blow the WiiU out of the water. Thankfully I can still get my Nintendo fix on my 3DS so I'm good.



OldBoy commented on E3 2012: LEGO City Undercover Exposed:

It can't be good when a Lego game steals the show, but I think it did. It actually looked really good and rather humorous Its good because while the Lego games are great they do all play the same.This looks like it is trying a lot of new things.Is this a WiiU exclusive?



OldBoy commented on E3 2012: Wii U Tech Specs Revealed:

You know what I love about having a harddrive on the 360. I can install any disc game.This is a much overlooked feature but has some great benefits including faster load times, better in game performance and less wear on the optical drive. Also when some demo's are nearly 2GB then that space soon gets taken. I hope to God that the WiiU can support an external HardDrive. If Nintendo is serious about digital releases they are going to need an HD. Most 360 games when installed are about 7-8GB FFS.



OldBoy commented on E3 2012: Wii U Tech Specs Revealed:

This is hardly the specs confirmed is it. We already knew who was making the CPU /GPU last year. Next you'll be 'revealing' how the WiiU is powered by electricity using a wire that plugs into the wall.



OldBoy commented on Feature: How Nintendo Can Win E3:

I didn't know you could win E3!! Will they get a trophy? Maybe a better title would be How could Nintendo triumph at E3. Anyway good article all the same.



OldBoy commented on If Mario vs. King Kong was Created Today:

I'm still waiting for a Mario FPS. I think it could really work but obviously it would be more akin to MarioKart than COD. Think Ink splat guns, Koopa shell bazooka's, water jet packs (Fluud) and the like. I'd love to see a Nintendo FPS, they usually do try and put their own spin on most genres ,RTS (pikmin) , Mario Sports games,RPG's (papermario) etc and I'd love to see what they came up with
I wouldn't want it to look like that cover up there though -SHUDDER!!!-



OldBoy commented on Review: Super Hang-On (Wii Virtual Console / V...:

For the amount of money I poured into the Arcade machine when I was young SEGA should be giving me this for free!! Loved that motorbike sooo much
Anyway its great that this is finally here and it's nice to see at least one company putting some effort into their VC releases.That sounds like a great list of new options that SEGA have added. Will be getting this to try out with the wheel, maybe I'll sit on my pushbike in the living room while I'm playing. ALSO Scan Lines FTW



OldBoy commented on Nintendo "Very Eager" to Help Third Party 3DS ...:

"would happily pass on knowledge of how to leverage the 3DS screen if asked"???

Err would this not void the warranty??
Seriously sick of the word leverage at the moment, I work in England but we have just been bought out by a massive American company. I was in a meeting the other day and that word was used 47 times!!! (yes I was bored)
Anyway its great that Nintendo are sharing their secrets, now if only they could show developers how to make amazing games as well as pretty 3D.



OldBoy commented on Got Room for One More Version of Cave Story?:

Finally. I've been wanting this for ages. I only played a little on PC and have been eagerly awaiting the EU DSi version ,to no avail! The 3DS version does not appeal to me at all so I'm well chuffed with this news.



OldBoy commented on Feature: Nintendo Banks on Its Old Money Makers:

I think it's understandable that they are going to rely on the same old I.P's when they have just made a loss. They need to start making profit soon to appease the shareholders and what better way than to roll out the reliable big hitters. I'm fine with it as long as upon their recovery they begin to innovate again. I think if they embrace the e-shop and make in house downloadable games then this is where they could experiment. I think this is what they were hinting at when they said Miyamoto was working on smaller games and he mentioned F-Zero possibly being a digital release. I really don't think it will be long before we see a Miyamoto game exclusive to e-shop. I for one can't wait



OldBoy commented on Talking Point: What Games Are You Playing This...:

Tonight I shall be trying to top my mates score on Sine Mora (XBLA). I will do it!!!!...I will......
I was thinking of having a lil MarioKart7 session this weekend too (it's been a while)
And if I can squeeze it in , a little bit of Skyrim for good measure.
Good times.
Enjoy your gaming folks!



OldBoy commented on Feature: Bargain Bin DS Games:

No one mention Soul Bubbles yet? Try it ,its a great little game and cheap as chips too.Also everyone should try GTA:CW even if you don't like the recent console versions. The top down view is superb and the driving is so fun.It also has the best set up for getting rid of cops ,mainly, ramming them off the road!!
So many great games on the DS ,I hope we see the same kind of library on the 3DS in the future.



OldBoy commented on Talking Point: Lessons to be Learned from WiiW...:

TBH the QA testing is not Nintendo's fault. Bug finding/fixing isn't a quick thing.Its not like Nintendo can throw a lot of resource on QA testing a small indie game and Beamdog themselves should have been perfectly capable of producing a less buggy game before submitting it, surely.
The 6000 copies issue is terrible though. Why would small companies want to take a risk like that if they can go on ios/android/XBLA/PSN without that stipulation. Madness by Nintendo.Surely a 500-1000 is more than enough for Nintendo to host the thing on the shop. The size limit is also ridiculous, but I suppose that is because the Wii lacks a Hard Drive.
I think Nintendo are slowly improving this aspect though and hopefully WiiU will be the next big step forward. As ever though Nintendo will always do it their way and won't imitate other companies (for good or ill!).



OldBoy commented on 8-Bit + 6 String = NES Guitar:

Sweet!! That's my birthday present sorted for this year.So cool. Does he make other consoles.A megadrive 1 or a SNES would be super sweeeet!!



OldBoy commented on Review: Pandora's Tower (Wii):

Poor camera and Time limits.My two pet hates in action games.Think I'll pass on this one.TBH I was on the fence about this one all along.At least it'll save me some money