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Tue 20th Jul 2010

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LuigiSucks commented on New Super Mario Bros.:

I have every level memorized, every star coin and mushroom house and I'm bored. I wish you could download more levels like in Mario vs donkey kong mini land mayhem. That would be SO SICK!!!!



LuigiSucks commented on Super Mario 3D Land:

Oh ya numba thirty!
This year im gettin:
super mario 3d land, mariokart 7, starfox 64 3d, and luigi's mansion 2(febuary)

I already have SUPER Street Fighter IV(10/10), Ridge Racer 3D(9/10), LEGO Pirates of the Carribean(7/10), LoZ Ocarina of Time(59.8/10), and Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D(9/10).



LuigiSucks commented on Amazon Suspends 3DS Sales:

Because the 3DS is a fingerprint magnet, I often find grease lines where the touch screen touches the 3D screen. But I've never found any scratches.



LuigiSucks commented on Sonic Colours:

HELP!!!! I HAVE to choose between Mario vs Donkey Kong: Miniland Mayhem and Sonic Colors DS. Which do I choose??????