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Sat 19th Mar 2011

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Pac-Suit commented on Talking Point: Time for Wii U to Treat Us Like...:

I can't blame Nintendo for this, not because I'm a "Fanboy" or it hurts
my Spleen to say something negative about Nintendo. It's because there isn't
enough evidence out there, for me to take my Wii U outside, and burn it. All
there is, is two e-mails posted on Neogaf. One saying that 18+ games are only available between 11PM - 3AM, and another proclaiming it's due to German laws.

That's not enough for me to start screaming "Nintendo" in vain, or for me to start debating German laws. All we have at the moment are these two e-mails
and a bunch of theories.



Pac-Suit commented on Nintendo Rejects The Binding of Isaac:

Weren't they trying to get this released on the E-shop? Then I can see why Nintendo won't allow this game on the E-shop, because it's ran by Nintendo themselves.

If the Blinding of Isaac was going to be a retail game, maybe this story would be different.



Pac-Suit commented on Pokémon Black & White Version 2 Announced:

I can't think of a better farewell to give the DS. The 3DS is still early in it's lifecyle, so we have a good few years, for a bunch of Pokemon games to hit the system. I just can't see why people would be losing sleep over this.



Pac-Suit commented on Analogue Stick Add-On for 3DS Revealed:

So let me get this straight...we're receiving an optional device, that could open up new doors for the 3DS, expanding the library, and bringing us potential games like MH3 to the system....yet people are blowing a gasket?



Pac-Suit commented on Nintendo Likely to Retain Price Control in 3DS...:

Here is a bit more Info from Mr. Konno, that wasn't said in the Article

"Having a business model that allows for the prices to be driven down that low, as a developer it’s kind of scary because we want to protect our content, and the only way we can justify creating good content is if it makes business sense. It’s more than a pricing issue, it’s a company value. We want to compete with ideas, we want to surprise our consumer base. That’s the battleground for us — are we surprising consumers?"