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United Kingdom

Wed 7th Sep 2011

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noideadoyou commented on Analogue Stick Add-On for 3DS Revealed:

Ok, perhaps it is a little clunky for my tastes but in being so it has 3 really solid advantages going for it.

1. Dual analog control will make some games possible on the 3DS that would not be otherwise,not just fps games and monster hunter, but other 3rd person hack and slash / rpg / shooter titles. This is a very good thing.

2. Being that big, it is very likely it will up the battery life big time. If that is the case, it solves one of the 3ds's major problems and adds other features at the same time. This may actually make the 3ds worth buying.

3. There is no reason why extra shoulder buttons shouldnt be on this thing, and as someone posted before me, more control is a damn good thing.

I mean, come on guys, how the hell did you all think that kingdom hearts or kid icarus was going to work with the inverted dpad and analog? This had to be done, and hell, it may even be packaged with monster hunter for little extra, just like the classic controller plus was with mh tri.

If thats the case, why complain, you get a damn good game and an extra analog / battery / shoulder buttons for a maximum of £45? Thats my guess as to what will happen.

So what if its ugly, if it improves battery and makes good hardcore titles playable then it will definitely be an asset to the 3DS