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Wed 29th Jul 2009

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1080ike commented on Nintendo Has Sold 268.97 Million Consoles And ...:

"Since the Famicom was launched in Japan in 1983, Nintendo has sold an astonishing 268.97 games consoles — that means Famicom / NES, Super Famicom / SNES, Virtual Boy, N64, GameCube, Wii and Wii U. The company has also shifted 385.15 handheld consoles since the launch of the Game Boy in 1989. That includes the Game Boy, Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance, Nintendo DS and Nintendo 3DS." Shouldn't the numbers be in millions?



1080ike commented on Remake Request: Langrisser:

I haven't actually played Warsong, but I've played most of the Shining Force games. Lemme tell you, THAT is the closest thing to Fire Emblem you will find on a Sega system (and in general; shame there hasn't been a new game released in west since III). And no, the remake doesn't count.



1080ike commented on You, Me, and the Cubes Designer Dies Ages 42:

R.I.P. Kenji Eno. You were one of the greatest storytellers in video games, according to the Happy Video Game Nerd, and it greatly saddens me that the day I finally get around to buyomg one of his games (Enemy Zero) is the day that he passes away.



1080ike commented on New Wii is No Smaller Than Before:

If they gave it more internal flash memory, or made it able to do 720p like the developers use when they making games, then people might consider it more. However, that would defeat the purpose of lowering the price, so this is still fair.



1080ike commented on Review: Xenoblade Chronicles (Wii):

Congrats, Euros. Enjoy, and watch the rest of the American reatctions, because you deserve something like this, after 15+ years of getting screwed over.



1080ike commented on Current Wii Model to be Discontinued:

So glad I've got my Wii. Smash Bros., Mario Kart, FE: Radiant Dawn, various N64 VC titles, all are so much better with my favorite traditional controller of all time.



1080ike commented on There's Nothing Suggestive About This Video At...:

As much as every hormonal male in the world would like it too, this isn't coming out of Japan. The rest of the world likes to say that they're not horny perverts, while secretly having their own porn stashes hidden somewhere. For that, I respect the Japanese. They're not afraid to admit that they're real men, who live to create fanservice for other real men.



1080ike commented on Here's Your List of DS Games Due Out This Year:

SMT: Devil Survivor 2, possibly Kirby, maybe Layton. What I'd really like to know, though, is where Fire Emblem 12 is. It was released last year in Japan, and we haven't heard anything about a western release.



1080ike commented on This is the Wii U Controller in All Its Glory:

Just wish WiiU was still GC-compatable, or at least allow you to use a Gamecube controller, because it's my favorite controller for Smash Bros. I'm not saying I don't like this new one, because I do, but sometimes, you need to just go with a conventional controller.



1080ike commented on Rumour: Wii Successor Won't Have a Traditional...:

Happiness. Hard drives are annoying, anyways. And, adding insult to injury, flash memory makes the console cheaper, while still giving users what they need without huge amount of unused space. I'm looking at you, 250 gig 360.



1080ike commented on Talking Point: Can Nintendo's Next Console Top...:

I don't know. Can it? At this point, it looks like it won't, especially considering the rumored $350 price tag, and the fact that the Wii launched at $250. If the hardcore games that Nintendo missed out on this generation are released for the next console (F-Zero, etc.), then probably. But that doesn't count the fact that Microsoft and Sony jumped on the bandwagon and are now selling similar titles to what Ninty was selling before, except with better quality motion controlling. Nintendo is going to need to come up with something good, fast.



1080ike commented on Over 2 Million Players Bought Mario's 25th Ann...:

I don't feel ripped off. The only one of the games in the collection I already owned was SMB3. I USED to have the GBC port of SMB, but I lost it ages ago. So, I was basically getting three games, one of which is a classic known to all videogamekind, one of which is a curious black sheep, and the final is quite possibly the hardest Mario game made, all for $20. Oh, and a pretty much useless CD and history thingy too, but I don't count them.