You never know.

Every man and his dog is predicting a Monster Hunter reveal for 3DS soon: Mizuho Security pegged it for TGS 2011, and now another rumour has reared its monstrous head, claiming we'll see the game shown off next week.

The source of the rumour is an anonymous Internet poster claiming to work for the Computer Entertainment Suppliers Association — organisers of the Tokyo Games Show — who alleges we'll see a 3DS instalment titled Monster Hunter Tri G next week. The title will allegedly link to a home console game, either Monster Hunter 3 (~Tri) or an as-yet unannounced entry in the series.

Of course this isn't the first time we've heard a Monster Hunter 3DS rumour: back in April Ryuji Tsujimoto hinted at an announcement before Captivate 2011 came and went without a mention of MH3DS. It seems the game is tipped for a reveal at every media event, and next week is no exception.

The insider also claims we'll see a third outing in the Baten Kaitos series and a long overdue 3DS follow-up to Mach Rider.

Nintendo's "3DS new product announcement conference" will be live-streamed next week, so we'll finally know the truth then.