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Wii Sports Club Takes The Competition Online With HD Visuals And Wii MotionPlus Support

Posted by Damien McFerran

Regional clubs confirmed, each sport available as a separate download

During today's shock Nintendo Direct broadcast it was confirmed that Wii launch title Wii Sports is getting resurrected for a new generation, with lush HD visuals, online play, Wii MotionPlus compatibility and a new pricing model which allows users to buy daily access or purchase each sport individually.

Wii Sports Club is made up of the five sports seen in the original Wii pack-in title: bowling, tennis, baseball, boxing and golf. Online play is possibly the most exciting element of this package, as you'll be able to take part in contests with players over the web. The "club" element comes into play via regional teams, which can interact with one another via Miiverse. You can play practice matches with people in your own club or take on rival clubs to increase your team's standing in the rankings.

Tennis and bowling are the first two titles to be made available, and are hitting the Wii U eShop on November 7th. Downloading the Wii Sports Club application will grant free access to the available sports for 24 hours, after which point a day pass of £1.49 / $1.99 must be purchased in order to keep playing. Alternatively, players can gain unlimited access for £8.99 / $9.99 per sport.

Given the popularity of Wii Sports, this seems like a very clever move to us. Online play was the only thing missing from the Wii original, and the concept of being part of a regional team is genius. However, the pricing could be cause for concern - buying unlimited access to each sport is going to be expensive. What are your feelings on this news? Post a comment to tell us.

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WebHead said:

So basically this is a HD eShop free-to-play remake of Wii Sports? Cool!



galetyler said:

This is a BRILLIANT idea,

A) the day pass is a nice option if you want to test the game out or if you only need it for one night if your watching someones kids etc...

B) This is just all around something I've wanted for a VERY long time now, Tennis and bowling were actually really fun and I know some of that will be lost over online but so long as local play is still an option them rereleasing a game in this fashion is something I can get behind.

Only thing I find strange is that it isn't Wii Sports Resort that is getting this but instead the original



WebHead said:

Dang, Nintendo wasn't kidding when they said they wanted to announce games closer to release. I am really interested in this.



DarkCoolEdge said:

It's too expensive but I'm not interested in some of the sports so it's not a big deal to me (is it "to" me or "for" me? Thanks).



Furealz said:

Ten BUCKS per SPORT?!?! That's a horrible move to loyal customers... I thought at first that was the full game....



galetyler said:

@Furealz Meh, most people are only going to get Tennis and Bowling, at least those are the two I'll be getting right away I mean it was that or they'd be charging 30 or so dollars for all of them though I think they will have some sort of bundle option like they did with the streetpass games for 3DS



NintyMan said:

I'll be getting this for sure, but I probably won't get all the sports. I would want bowling, boxing, and golf since those were the sports I enjoyed the most from Wii Sports. I also like the idea of online state clubs for tournaments between the states and just general online play. Nice news all around!



galetyler said:

@DarkCoolEdge I mean 10 dollars per game isn't that bad per say I mean their will most likely be a bundle of all 5 (I think it was 5, baseball, golf, bowling, tennis and boxing?) for like 25 dollars in which case that'd still be more expensive for me since the only two I want to play again is tennis and bowling.



Peach64 said:

This just shows they have no direction right now. I love Wii sports, one of the games of last gen for me, but that casual crowd will not be enticed to buy a new console for more Wii Sports and more Wii Fit in HD. Nintendo wanted non-gamers, and they got them, but don't expect them to follow the habits of gamers.

Of course everyone here will love this, but everyone here loves Wonderful 101 and Pikmin 3 too, which didn't do anything to make Wii U sales respectable. The people responsible for Wii's success won't care, the only way to get then back is with something new.



6ch6ris6 said:

wii sports with HD-visuals and online play?

ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh baby!



Jonny said:

I don't love this but I'll happily put down 9 quid for Tennis and Bowling for multiplayer gatherings (Though I'm a tad annoyed we're getting Tennis instead of table tennis)

Is Motionplus compulsory? I only have 1 right now (I had 2 add ons but they've sadly gone missing)



jacksayspurple said:

Day pass is a really great idea for the people who only whack out these games at parties or to show them off to friends and relatives! Did Nintendo confirm any of the GamePad functionality which they showed in the E3 Tech Demo footage?



FritzFrapp said:

I think it's a great move. I'd like to see the prices drop a little, but they've probably gone for a higher pricepoint to give room for temporary sales in the future. Future sports is the most interesting aspect.
Now for Go Vacation U with online, please.



galetyler said:

@Peach64 So in order for someone to like something it needs to sell well?

What exactly is wrong with Nintendo doing something like this? Clearly it's not meant to be a "system seller" but it IS meant to be a nice little time passer for people who do get the console.

Seriously judging everything by "IS IT A SYSTEM SELLER" is dumb because some of the best games of all time sold like crap, I'm not saying this is some crowning achievement but it is something that I will gladly take advantage of to get Tennis and Bowling in HD with online.



ToniK said:

That 24-hour pass could come handy when I'm drinking boo... um, lemonade with friends and need something fun to do.



RupeeClock said:

Hold up, why does Wii Sports get online play, but Super Mario 3D World or Mario Party 3DS lack online play?



AG_Systems said:

Just sat down for my lunch and saw the tweet from Nintendo about Wii Fit U Direct. Then I saw the words Wii Sports Club and almost dared to dream. Then I watched the Direct and it made a grown man shout out with unbridled joy. Wii Sports Golf. In HD. Online. I'll whisper it but this could be all I need in gaming.

Still stunned and coming to terms with this. Out before Xmas is genius too. Loving it!



galetyler said:

@RupeeClock easy, 3D platformers don't do well with online, any lag at all renders it basically unplayable, their is a Mod for SM 64 which allows for online multiplayer and it's just unplayable the lag makes everything a million times harder than it needs to be... The online infrastructure is simply not their for ANYONE to make a 3D platformer with functioning online



deusy said:

Nintendo did well with this one. I'm mean, it's online HD Wii Sports for goodness' sake. I hope they do sales with these.



ajcismo said:

$10 for unlimited online bowling? I can't believe I'm saying this but sign me up.



Banker-Style said:

Certainly a very good idea,but £9 a sport,frack off!
And then I thought the £20 disk release of Wii Sports was a rip off.

But I have a funny feeling NIntendo will release this in shops.



Nintenjoe64 said:

Stop moaning about the price. If this had been released alongside the Wii U it would be a £50 release on a disc. At least this way you only have to buy the sport you're likely to play.



Ichiban said:

This is pretty cool, I dont own Wii Sports believe it or not so I wouldn't mind bowling and golf. Online play just sweetens the deal. more online please Nintendo, this is great.



WebHead said:

Truth be told, this would cost up to $30 for me since I didn't care for golf and tennis. So I would end up buying boxing, bowling, and maybe baseball.



Trikeboy said:

Buying them individually will be the same price as a standard release anyway. Bowling and Tennis were the most played on my Wii so I may only buy those two titles. The day pass is a fantastic idea if you are having a party or something. Well done Nintendo, well done.



Dark_Link said:

Nintendo finally waking up and adding online play to some of their games. This was needed for Wii Sports and I think it's great you can pick your sport(s) you want to buy. Now they need to advertise this like crazy at retailers, on commercials, internet ads, talk shows and on Oprah etc because casuals won't be watching Nintendo Directs. If they do that they could make a lot of money with this.



Shambo said:

Boxing. Boxing all the way! I'm unbeaten untill today, for when you know what you should do, this is a better boxing sim than any Fight Night.
Of course waving your arms like a kid with concrete swimming wear, about to drown, isn't going to work.
Boxing in a club of hopefully good players, against other such clubs... While really working out and not really getting punched? €10 is a steal.



shingi_70 said:

This is a good start to a Wii U turn around. I initially gave this head the cold shoulder but this may regain the casual audience. Is it odd that this and Kinect Sports Rivals are my most anticipated games.



CrazyOtto said:

I'll pick this one up. Also, if they make a Wii U bundle with this, it could actually sell a decent amount of Wii Us.



Emaan said:

Wii Sports in HD and online! Very nice.

I'm wondering if Nintendo will improve the gameplay of the sports at all, in a similar way to how they looked when the Wii U was first revealed at E3 2011.



Jonny said:

Bah, MotionPlus only, guess I'll be buying Wii Party for the free wii remote plus.



Jonny said:

Also since most of us are premium members it's worth remembering we'll get 10% off this



DarkNinja9 said:

i like the whole online thing but honestly it isnt enough to make me buy it so i will pass on this price?no thanks either



SphericalCrusher said:

Just watched the Nintendo Direct. Kinda excited to see this Wii Sports Club in action, although I am hoping it's not too expensive. Loved pretty much all of the original games.



tchaten said:

Online play!!!! That is going to rock - I can't wait - is USA the same date as EU?



AG_Systems said:

Suddenly remember the E3 that showed the gamepad being used to show a golf ball in the bunker. This is literally too good. But for the love of all that is holy Nintendo, give us many extra golf courses as dlc!

As a wise man once said, this will be a day long remembered.



SetupDisk said:

OMG OMG, maybe that's why tennis and bowling are first..... What if golf uses that and has a lot of courses! Got Tiger Woods and hated but Wii sports golf was so fun!

I can't believe I am getting so excited about this but this will be amazing. I can play online with my buds and family because everyone loves the bowling game!

My sisters who don't play a lot of games love bowling plus my niece and nephews do as well..... tourney time!



Marshi said:

Between this and wii fit u im now very excited as only wiiu gets things like this. It makes a nice change from shooting this, driving that, up to 3 teraflops of processing power this, 8 gig of ram that! I just wish I could access miiverse so I could chat about weight loss tips with my freinds(im perma banned due to an idiotic friend using my wiiu,dont get me started!)



BlockPunch said:

Wii Sports Club is a great idea!
Now Nintendo needs to do Wii Sports U, which takes full advantage of all the GamePad's capabilities.



TreonsRealm said:

While the price may seem steep, you need to consider the bigger picture:

  • You can now choose to purchase each game instead of buying a full set where you may only play 1 game regularly like the original release (most people I knew only played Bowling on a regular basis)
  • The games are now HD, fully support the superior Wii Motion Plus and feature full MiiVerse integration (there is development cost in doing this so they have to pay for that somehow).
  • The biggest thing to consider is full online play for FREE! Consider for a moment that if XBone or PS4 gave away similar games for free, you would HAVE to pay monthly for online play. Nintendo is the only next-gen system offering free online play so paying a little more upfront for that feature is a small cost overall.

I am also expecting 2 additional options once all games are available:
1. eShop Discount on all games together similar to the StreetPass games on 3DS
2. A retail disc for $50 that includes a Wii Remote Plus similar to Wii Party U

Overall the whole thing is a pretty smart move and really quite progressive for the traditionally conservative Nintendo. Wii Sports was a major selling point for the original Wii and with the correct marketing, this can help move Wii U. The Wii U is now only $50 more than the original Wii at launch and offers a lot more as a console (MiiVerse, Internet Surfing, Full Backwards Compatibility, A robust eShop service, etc.). Off-TV play alone has allowed me to game a LOT more than before since my wife and son are always wanting to use the TV when I'm in the middle of a game. The Wii U is becoming a better system with each passing day while still feeling like a game console. No offense to XBone or PS4 but their obsession with social networking and TV integration makes them feel more like some weird hybrid of a PC and smartphone and less like game machines.



MathRaph said:

That looks great! I like the clubs, the pricing is fair, wiimotion plus... I just hope golf will not take too long to come, as it was my favorite.



GraveLordXD said:

@Peach64 have no direction right now? Lol I don't think this is trying to be a system seller and this is a good move for people with the system already
I don't know who in their right mind thought the Wii u would break records in the sales department the original Wii was a fluke and IMO the worst Nintendo console of all



madness said:

I look at this and see it as an experiment, to see if Online and DLC will work.



Hyperstar96 said:

This seems like a good idea...
Actually, you know what? No. NO. This is an OUTRAGE.

"A 2D co-op Mario platformer? Who would want to play that online?"
"An interactive theme park centered around playing with friends, complete with multiplayer-only games? That couldn't possibly benefit from online play."
"A 3D Mario game that would more or less be a system seller with online co-op? That's ridiculous."
"An overpriced port of a seven year old tech demo that everyone already owns? Perfect! This is the game that will truly define online play!"

WTF, NINTENDO?! Are they being serious right now?! Do they have any idea at all of what they're doing?! Nintendo easily has the potential to have the best online service for 8th-gen consoles - they're already the only free one - but they can't do that if they keep making decisions that look bad to anyone who even remotely knows how video games work!!!



Justin83593 said:

All Nintendo wants is money. I don't think purchasing these games are a good idea, especially if you have the original Wii Sports (because you can still play it). However, Miiverse and online would be fun. What do you guys think?



Flash-Jordan said:

this is actually really cool,nintendo really are listening! and i like how all of these offer are coming shortly after i purchase the zelda wii u bundle,game on!



Tysamu said:

Perfect call. Bout time Ninten did this. Now if they're going back doing this, there's a possibility that they'll do the same for NintendoLand



johnvboy said:

Wii sports Tennis and golf in HD with online multi player,my body was not expecting this.



unrandomsam said:

Punch Out for the wii is better than the wii sports one.

Bowling is better on sports resort.

Not sure about the rest.



johnvboy said:

@ galetyler

Shame on you for saying Nintendo had forgotten about it's casual Wii customers.



Zael said:

I already have wii sport 1 and resort, I will not buy this remake because it isn't a new game. I would have preferred a wii sport 3 (a new wii sport)
Moreover I don't like to spend 1,99 to play only one day (ok there are other options like 9,99 for one sport but sincerily....)
It is bizzarre to see that the wii u supports the wii motion plus better than the gamepad for its new games. This confirms the fact that the gamepad was an error.
Ok it's a good move to use wii sport to sell more wii u but I think this will attract only casual gamers, and this is not a great thing for the support
This is not a revolution., nintendo is trying to raise its wii u but I see only cheap attempts, recycles etc.
At the moment I'm skeptical about this politic



Shworange said:

I wonder if they will eventually bundle it with the system. Also, I wonder if they will give an option of a retail release with all sports on a disk. When you buy it, you get full unlimited access. It seems like a cool option for those who own the system, but it may be difficult to communicate to those who don't own a system without giving it a retail presence.



bro2dragons said:

The new elements of this are really cool... the online "club" thing in particular sounds like a phenomenal use of Miiverse.

But I agree with everyone else that the pricing is WAY too high for these. I also don't have any idea why they couldn't also include more games. At least some from Wii Sports Resort, if not new games altogether. It seems like a cop-out to me.

I would have them include 10 games or more. Each can be purchased for $5 or you can get them ALL for, say, $30 or $35. That seems much more fair to me and with a LOT more value for the consumer.

I also hope you can go online and join a stranger in sports like doubles tennis. I don't know anyone else who owns a Wii U, so the Miiverse teams aspect is lost on me.



brokenpixel said:

Online multiplayer done right, I was hoping for something like this where you have region leaderboards and can play tournaments etc. Awesome stuff. I love Nintendo!!

Plus Wii Fit U and Wii Street U look cool.



Zael said:

consider that nintendo is still selling the wii standard with wii sport at $99
I think casual gamers will choose wii 1 for play wii sport, and it is the same game
about the the moment the nintendo network isn't perfect



Kirk said:


Well, it's "Free to Play" for one day.

After that you have to pay £1.49 for a days play of any of the sports or just purchase each sport you're interested in permanently for £8.99 per sport.

If you want to all the sports permanently then it's £44.95 for the full set.

It's a pretty decent way of giving people a few different play/purchase options basically.

I think Nintendo should actually try this with more games too; where it would make good sense.




Nintendo should include a pre-downloaded Wii Sports Club with every Wii U system, and advertise the hell out of it.



banacheck said:

This is the same game on the Wii? and whats that $299.99 for again? online play with HD visuals, cool. Doesn't it also come with a motion control? it almost makes the Gamepad pointless.



rjejr said:

"Given the popularity of Wii Sports, this seems like a very clever move to us."

Understatement of the day.

I have 2 sisters, a brother-in-law and parents who each own Wiis who may buy $299 Wii Us just so we can compete online w/ bowling and tennis and golf. Of course they need to be told Wii U exists first. This was a really good ND (minus 8 minutes of boring daily routine stuff, my that Iwata can drone) but they need to get the word out to the casuals, the casuals don't watch ND.

Important if anyone can help - can you only play in your region? My sons have first cousins in 2 separate states - Massachusetts and Michigan - and we live in NY. If we can't play against each other than this is a waste of my time. It was just unclear to me how the regional "club" works. I just saw the infamous warning "once you set your state you can't change it". It's at the 19:00 mark in the video. Probably should have been at minute 2, this is much bigger to me than Wii Fit U, unless that has online as well.



Gen0neD said:

I can only hope that they're retooling the golf. Barely playable and un-fun. I sill haven't beaten my 298 in bowling. Here's my chance.



Mrclaycoat said:

Remember that Golf game they showed on the WiiU demo video back in 2011? When are we gonna see that happen? I feel like that would get some big attention from all the golf fans out there.



Kirk said:


No, I think you can play against any region but once you set the region you're specifically representing I don't think you can change that. So you and your sons will always be representing NY and your cousins will always represent where they are from but you can still play against them.

That's how I interpreted it anyway.

That's probably only going to actually increase the fun you have when you realize beating your cousins isn't just about self pride but also the pride of you whole frikin region!



Kirk said:


The impression I got that this was just the first batch of games and they will be adding more later but I might have interpreted that wrong and all they were saying is that the first two Wii Sports games are available now and they will be releasing the other three Wii Sports games later.



Captain_Toad said:

I like this. I like this a lot. HD Online play with download options while not gimping on a boxed version? Nintendo, I want to hug you right now.
@TreonsRealm This.



WesCash said:

$10 per sport is ridiculous. The depth just isn't there. Not to mention the fact that the motion controls weren't even very good in 2006 and boxing was straight up broken.



Sinister said:

For me it will be Bowling + Golf + Tennis and if they ever add Wii Sports Resort Sports i will pick up Archery as well.



Moshugan said:

I'm pretty sure they'll keep adding different sports to it.
As such, a very good idea. (I think NintendoLand could've been a similar ''download hub'')
But the price is too much! $5 per game would seem better.



XneroX said:

I suck at Wii Sports Golf so I'm glad I don't have to get it. Might only get the first two and maybe boxing.



SanderEvers said:

Really here we go again.

"It's too expensive" "Nobody wants this" "Give us real games!!" "I want everything for free!"

Nintendolife really going down the drain. Guys I have a simple GOLDEN rule about this: IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT, DON'T BUY IT.



Kifa said:

I don't even understand how WiiSports HD is a good idea. Visuals mean nothing for this game and never did, and it was always about playing in a group in the same room, not online. To me this is the ultimate proof that Nintendo does not know what to do to bolster Wii U sales and that Iwata might need to step down, despite all the sympathy I have for him.

I will certainly NOT buy that - I already have WiiSports and WiiSports Resort, and the sole idea of dumping money on more of the same seems ridiculous to me. Why would anyone want to buy that is also beyond my comperhension, and if someone could explain to me why this remake is a good idea, I'd be much obliged.

@SanderEvers This has nothing to do with "going down the drain". Nintendolife, as a community of fans, has not only to praise Nintendo and it's efforts, but it's also responsible for critique. WiiSports HD definietly deserves the mixed reactions it gets, and whoever does not see that simply displays symptoms of Stokholm Syndrome.

Also - the rule you gave is very good. But does not prevent anyone from criticizing.



johnvboy said:

I love the way people are saying this is too expensive,as you can just choose which sports you want to buy,add this to the fact they are now in HD,improved controls and are online multi player.

I suppose Nintendo should have charged £3.00 per game and then £35.00 a year to play online,as this seems to be a pricing model people are happy to accept.



rjejr said:

@Kirk - Thanks for the reply, what you say makes sense but this is Nintendo, online hasn't been their strong point. I traded Wii console codes with all my family memebers and we never once played online. We did use the codes for WiiSpeak messages though so I suppose technically we used the codes.

For all the people complaining about the price -
10 yr. old WW HD port - $50
15 yr old N64 games - $10 on Wiiware
20 yr. old NES games - $8

$10 to play online and the "regional" rankings they have set-up sounds ok. If it were only an HD update w/o the online then I would completely agree it was too much.



Freeon-Leon said:

I like this. As much as I loved playing tennis with my family sometimes I didn't have anyone to play with and this is the best way to keep playing it solo without it being repetitive or boring.

I just hope Nintendo advertises this... I really do.



LittleIrves said:

Wow. This is very, very interesting.

I have to imagine this is a fairly quick-and-easy way to get some HD Wii Sports out there in the world while they work on the proper follow-up which uses the GamePad. Also a nice way to test its online components. Then come Summer 2014 they release a full-featured Wii Sports University or something.

Happy to see a majority of positive responses here. There's a lot of content coming down the pipe this holiday. Hope they get the word out...



TheAdrock said:

Great idea (4 years late, but yeah). Way too expensive. $10 per sport per month to be online... WTF is this Microsoft now?! Change the cost to FREE for online and then people might get interested.

EDIT: Looks like I mis-read it. $10 per sport, once, is fair.



WiiLovePeace said:

@theadrock13 the article says: "Alternatively, players can gain unlimited access for £8.99 / $9.99 per sport" there is no per month. It's $10 for each sport forever afaik.

I'm quite pumped for this! What a nice suprise I get to buy some of the sports I want to play but not have to buy the ones (or one, boxing) I won't play AND get to verse other's online? Awesome! Can't wait to show off my virtual tennis skills & have some great fun times Nov. 7th is going to be an awesome day, like the first time I played Wii Sports Tennis all over again



AyeHaley said:

Online multiplayer! Yay and I won't have to buy every sport! Just the ones I like.



TheAdrock said:

@WiiLovePeace , I must have mis-read it. Or else I'm so conditioned by Microsoft to pay $10/mo just to connect to online content that I figured it was a similar rip off.
$10 per sport, forever, is decent, if that's what it turns out to be.



AlternateButtons said:

@Peach64 Will there ever be a day where a Nintendo reveal isn't greeted by your negativity? -_-

Very smart move by Nintendo. They're taking one of their best selling games and repackaging it in HD with added online play and motion plus support. Might be expensive at 10 bucks per game but add up all the sports, that's 50 bucks. 10 less than a full retail game. And you dont HAVE to buy all the sports, just the ones you personally love. I think it's a great deal for consumers, especially those new to video games.



TheAdrock said:

@galetyler I believe the original sports were the most popular so I think it makes sense to start with those 5. Also I'm sure they'll add sports over time to include the resort ones. Seems legit to me.



bezerker99 said:

It's amazing that Nintendo made an online multiplayer game like this. nintendoland should have been online multiplayer >:[



andreoni79 said:

@SanderEvers If we don't like it, we don't buy it and Nintendo fails.
The only good thing in Wii Sports is playing with someone else in the same room. Who cares about HD and online in a cartoonish and unrealistic sport game?



shezbot said:

My initial understanding was it was only $10 total. Per sport is pretty disappointing. Maybe if it was $10/sport, or $30 for all 5 it wouldn't be as bad.



Lylvia said:

Awesome news. Online HD Tennis, Golf, & Bowling are a definite must. Would really like to see the addition of archery and table tennis in the future! Maybe even online disc golf.



JuanitoShet said:

$10 per sport is "too expensive"? They're letting you CHOOSE what bits of the title you want, they're not MAKING you buy all of them! They're giving you the choice to decide with your wallet, and variety in choice is what Nintendo's all about! (Look at the 3DS models, for example.)

Furthermore, the games will be enhanced with HD visuals, and the gameplay improved. You'll be able to play online. They have to gain revenue to pay for keeping those servers running, and for all of the enhancements they're performing.

I say it's a great moge. Nintn



JuanitoShet said:

Stupid phone.
It's a great business move; they're trying to make a profit, improve one of their greatest titles ever, AND please the fans. If I owned a Wii U, I'd support this right away.



sillygostly said:

This is awesome news. A retail version has the potential to sell systems to newcomers, but they may need to include more than just online and HD visuals to justify purchasing this over the existing Wii Sports + Wii Sports Resort bundle for the Wii.



Ryno said:

@andreoni79: By the amount of copies of Wii Sports in the world, then yes it's one of their "greatest" titles ever for that reason alone.



ultraraichu said:

This is a cool treat. I can't think of any Wii U games besides Nintendoland and ESPN Sports Connention that uses motion+ controls.

I wonder if they are holding back on telling is what role the GamePad will play (if it have any). Remember the trailer back in 2011, using the GamePad the pitch and catch in baseball and laying it on the floor to swing at your ball in golf.



DerpSandwich said:

@Peach64 I absolutely agree. The Wii Sports crowd doesn't give two darns about online play and HD graphics. Like, none.

All in all I also just think this is lazy. We've been waiting for the next sports title and they end up giving us an upgrade to the old one. They couldn't have added two new games or something? And seriously, ten bucks each? All in all I feel like this is an immediately sort of cool but implicitly terrible announcement. It really does seem like they're not even trying anymore.



SKTTR said:

Very interested in Baseball. I hope they flesh it out somewhat. Saw the trailer of catching the ball with the GamePad. Well, that alone makes it twice as good as the Wii version. MotionPlus for batting was needed as well and will make the controls infinitely better. Online, Miiverse, regional teams and HD are just bonus. Can't wait!

Golf also has some interesting function for the GamePad, as seen in the trailer.

All in all Wii Sports Club seems to have some of the best use for the Wii U GamePad at the moment. It's used where it makes sense, and it's used in original, fun, and comfortable ways that aren't possible on any other system.



Pod said:


I certainly consider Wii Sports a full game. There's much more in there than most people ever found. It was however always part of the Nintendo Selects line when released as a separate box, so it was never full retail price anywhere else than Japan.

Wii Sports club has a multitude of new features, it would seem, and I'd be very surprised if not the Wii U GamePad could be used for score keeping during party bouts, as to keep everyone included and the screen uncluttered.

It wouldn't be the first game to straight out say "you won't be holding your GamePad while playing" either, as Just Dance 4 came out with the system and clearly stated on the box that you'd need a Wii remote.



chewytapeworm said:

People have clearly been meaning to put that these sports are "too expansive."

Certainly intriguing is this.



Pod said:


I certainly don't care much for online play, though I do care about Wii Sports.

We'll see what happens.

I'm sure Nintendo is attempting to make the internet seem friendly and inviting in several not-previously-attempted ways, as to extend life of their casual offerings and thereby the long-term selling potential to the casual audience.



unrandomsam said:

If the motion controls were right for Mario Power Tennis and Mario's Super Sluggers I would prefer them to any of the wii sports ones. Prefer any other golf game to the Wii Sports one as well.

I do prefer Punch Out wii (With Balance Board) to wii sports boxing and the bowling in sports resort to the first one.



Ryno said:

@unrandomsam: Sure it is. Greatest is subjective anyway. Making a follow up game to one of the most popular games of all time (whether it was packed-in or not) makes great business sense.



element187 said:

"Of course everyone here will love this, but everyone here loves Wonderful 101 and Pikmin 3 too, which didn't do anything to make Wii U sales respectable."

@Peach64 Why are you under the impression that any one game will sell consoles? its the whole collection that will make the Wii U an attractive proposition, not one off game. And each and every game released will make the console a little more attractive.... I don't expect sales to pick up until November/December... what i'm interested in is how Nintendo keeps up the momentum going into next year. If they can put out Smash, MK8, and Bayo2 in the first half of the year, they maybe to sustain the holiday sales a bit.

and besides Wonderful 101 is a brand new IP, nobody should expect it to sell like a killer app. It costs way way too much money to promote a new franchise to the point it gains saturation in sales immediately. Think about how much money Ubisoft has poured into Watch Dogs these last 2 years, or how much money Sony has poured into TLOU.... There is no way Nintendo would ever follow suit with Wonderful 101... heck Nintendo doesn't even spend that much money for their own games.



Mahe said:


  • New HD graphics
  • Natively playable on Wii U
  • Online features
  • Motionplus controls


  • Same old games, already available on the Wii Sports disc
  • High price

It's a nice upgrade, but the asking price should be lower.



sleepinglion said:

I really like this idea but think the pricing could be improved/simplified. I'd be far likely to buy ALL of the events if a lower-priced bundle were to be made available like with the new Street Pass Plaza titles. 10 US per event... that's steep, especially when a lot of Wii U owners probably still have Wii Sports thanks to their original Wiis. 5 dollars an event would have been way more reasonable for families.



HeatBombastic said:

@DerpSandwich While the original super Wii Sports fans don't care much about this, this means a lot to me since I enjoy online gaming for something like Wii Sports than local. It's not like I always have someone to play with.



ScorpionMG said:

We all knew this was going to come sooner or later! Lot's of people love wii sports, and this should be even better with online! I just hope we see some gameplay of these, and i do hope it has the same features like the showed in the tech demo of 2011



Judah_83 said:

All the negative nancy ppl on here, I disagree with you all. This is brilliant move by the big N being that this was missing in the first place with the original. Ppl wanted online and HD now you have it. SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!!
Watch the insults and profanity please — TBD



chiefeagle02 said:

Considering Wii Sports was released separately in Japan at the equivalent of $50, this isn't too far fetched an idea (but are HD and online gameplay worth the extra $30?). Also, giving games the option of buying the games they'll spend the most time with is a good move (though separating the individual releases by "months" is questionable, especially if this is supposed to be a "holiday" release). It would be great if there was a bundle package allowing you to buy all of the sports at a discount (like there is with the Mii Plaza games).



Turbo857 said:

This is a great move and with system launches on the horizon, the timing is perfect! Since the Gamepad's built with a functioning sensor bar, I'm hoping this gets Off-TV play as well (and Nunchuck movement for Tennis).



element187 said:

I can't wait. I have been wanting Wii Sports online for a long long time... Thats worth the $10 for each...

I knew they would release an HD version of Wii Sports eventually, but i wasn't expecting online multiplayer. I'm also glad they are splitting it up because I didn't want to pay $50 for this and to have games I would never touch..

ala carte should be how all minigames are sold. I don't want Game and Wario, I only want one minigame from it... so I'm not purchasing it. But if they sold the Gamer minigame and the fronk game, those two I would purchase.



element187 said:

@Furealz $10 is a steal for adding an online multiplayer component. Its not cheap to put this feature into games, and Nintendo should expect to be compensated for it... If you don't want online multiplayer, Wii U owners are more than welcome to put in their wii sports disc and play through the Wii Menu.

Its the same BS we heard with the virtual console release. "Oh man $1 upgradE?!?!? thats a ripoff, Nintendo is gouging its loyal customers!!!" But when you look at the features they added to their rom emulators, its more than worth it. Nobody is stopping people from playing their games in Wii mode... the upgrade fee is only for those who want the new features.

its a good price for a welcome upgrade. My only question is will the online multiplayer have voice chat? Why does it seem like only Nintendo gamers expect everything for free? Nintendo is a business, they made an investment into an existing product, why would you expect the upgrade for free?



element187 said:

"E3 Tech Demo footage"

@jacksayspurple Are you talking about the golf ball on the gamepad in front of you on the floor? That was a parody video on funny or die. its not real.



millarrp said:

$9.99 per sport seems a little steep, so time will tell if the improvements to each sport will be worth it...



element187 said:

"Suddenly remember the E3 that showed the gamepad being used to show a golf ball in the bunker. "

@AG_Systems That parody video must have been great, there is like 3 people here that thought it came from Nintendo's E3.... Its a parody from funny or die. They were making fun of Nintendo because of the gamepad.



element187 said:

@Kifa I don't think many people care about the HD update. Its the online play and regional clubs that makes the $10 price for the upgrade worth it.



aaronsullivan said:

This is all good. The price is just uncomfortable enough to mean it's probably at the right level. I really do enjoy these games and I'm very curious how motion-plus enable they are.

More importantly, it gives me hope that Nintendo Land may one day go online or at least its sequel. So many people expected it to be online and it almost feels like it IS because of the miiverse integration. Then, you go to play these multiplayer centric games and it's not there. Could have boosted that game up in many critics and players eyes.

I personally think it plays great in single player and stunningly in multiplayer gatherings, but it deserves more recognition and the idea is sound as a way to centralize, celebrate, and nurture many franchises. I do hope for a sequel, and add-on, or an upgrade to Nintendo Land.



aaronsullivan said:

Not sure if you're being sarcastic or just uninformed. The original announcement of the Wii U had a video that DID show a gamepad on the floor for playing golf on. It also had other demo stuff that was repurposed for other games like the shooting of throwing stars as it eventually ended up in the Nintendo Land game.



Magiick said:

I'm happy that they are bringing Wii Sports online with an HD upgrade and Motion-Plus, but making pay for access is a little too much. I feel like Nintendo owes us for not trying hard enough to get sport games on the system this year. No Madden 25, NBA 2k14, FIFA, etc. Its nice of them to give us the option to buy whatever Wii sport we like, but would they do this if we had those big third-party sport titles coming?



aaronsullivan said:

HD is not just about textures. In group games like tennis it's very nice as you can see details of what's happening better. For instance, the spin of the ball is more apparent now and that may not have translated well when the ball is smaller on the screen if it was only SD.

Plus jaggies are just distracting and ugly. No way around it really no matter how simple the graphics are. Old stuff just looks pretty bad on new televisions.



TruenoGT said:

Online clubs sounds super cool! Hope they bring back some of the Resort games eventually, like the Frisbee games especially. I'm definitely going to snag a couple games, but hope they have some combo pricing deals.



Kaze_Memaryu said:

This might end up being a better deal than the original Wii Sports!

And I don't get how people actually complain about the price! Show me any good competitive game WIITH full online functionality for less than 10 bucks!

Besides, now you can exclude any sport you didn't like, so you'll end up having your favourite Wii Sports disciplines with online mode and still potentially save some cash compared to being a full retail game with a 40-50$ price tag!
I'm already sold on Tennis and Bowling, and I might consider Baseball once it turns up!



Luffymcduck said:

So basically I download it for free when I have all my friends at my place and have a 24 hour game marathon for free. Hohoho, sounds nice.



WebHead said:

Wouldn't it be cool that in a proper Wii Sports U in the future, you could make a club? I'd make a bowling team!



Dark_Link said:

@element187 I have owned both of those games on the cube and the Wii so yes I am familiar with them and that is only two games that really feature online play. A huge complaint against Nintendo was a lack of online play. So this is a big move to include this in Wii Sports, just that alone makes me want to get this game and lots of others all over the net are saying the same thing. They need to do that more and more with other games besides Mario kart and smash bros.



AG_Systems said:

Can't wait for HD golf. Think I put over 50 hours into Resort on the golf alone. Just hope there's new courses to play eventually.

This is a genius move from Nintendo and will offer many hours of entertainment for very little cost. Couldn't be happier with today's announcement.



astros75 said:

Best news of my day thus far! I think the pricing strategy is perfect for this game



AVahne said:

Would be nicer if they were priced at $7.99.
I'll wait to see if Nintendo does sales.



IxnayontheCK said:

The issue here is how much they're charging for a game that most people played until they were sick of it on Wii. Now we're gonna have to pay more to play it again? Yes online, cool. Online is great, but big N should be throwing us a bone here!



Ernest_The_Crab said:

@Koto They generally don't do sales unless it's one of their own indie titles (as in they published) or the game's original sales were fairly poor (Steel Diver, Excite Bots come to mind).

Well they do have the Selects line but that's only for games that have been out for awhile.

This is mostly due to the fact that the norm for Nintendo games is that they sell well and have long legs compared to other software. They don't really need to do sales on their own software.

HOWEVER, this is not a box release and could be counted among their purely digital releases which means the games have a decent chance of being put on sale (Super Luigi U doesn't count since it's a DLC and a standalone game when boxed).

Hm...the original title (Wii Sports) was $20 standalone wasn't it. So, what, $4 per game? That means we're looking at an additional $6 for remaking each game in HD, adding MotionPlus specific code changes (and yes it would cost extra for this since usually games that use solely the WiiMote have additional code implemented to set boundaries on movement), and online? Well, also Miiverse implementation for each major area that can then also interact with other regions.

Most of the cost is probably from Miiverse and HD changes I guess.



pixelman said:

I'm really excited about this, actually. MotionPlus tennis with online multiplayer? Sign me up!



Williaint said:

@jacksaypurple I was just about to support you on that fact! Golf would be better, if you could use that G-Pad gameplay.

So, Nintendo is allowing for a "rental" systemI'm most excited about making my own club, and competing against others. That sounds like a lot of fun.



Mario-Man-Child said:

Am I the only one who thinks this is an absolute rip off? 10 euro a sport is laughable. We already had an online tennis game from EA on Wii and online golf is nothing new.



idork99 said:

I don't know. Bringing these Wii Sports in HD is a brilliant move but the on line I'm not so sure. Personally, the multiplayer in motion sports games are better enjoyed with a crowd. I can see a tennis game getting boring while playing on line. I could be wrong but that's just me.

Unless there's an option to have the cameras/microphones on while playing so you can interact during the game with your opponent. That would be fun!



Araknie said:

@Banker-Style I didn't cost 20£/€ at launch, it costed 50€ here in Italy if you picked it up, i repeat, AT-LAUNCH.

So really it's 9£/€ not 10, and you get the full online feature for free.
That's a thing Xbox One and PS4 won't do. You can online for free on them console, but you have to pay a subscription to play the games.

It's just getting blatant that everybody like to complain at any kind of move Nintendo does, it's just bright.



Caryslan said:

Am I the only one bothered by the fact that Sony, Microsoft, and other companies were demonized for doing something like this for years, but when Nintendo does this, they get praised for it! This is just like every single other pay to play game that is out there, and anyone who bashed Sony and Microsoft in the past for using this model should be ashamed of yourself for praising Nintendo for this.

I'm really trying hard to not sound like a Nintendo basher, and I know several people on here will likely label me as such, but Nintendo was supposed to be above nickle and diming their consumer,.

Nintendo is doing the same thing that others were bashed for, and that is sell a complete game bit by bit rather than a total package. I thought this was what was wrong with modern gaming? How everyone wanted to stick it to consumers and bleed them out of their money.

Why was this not a 50 dollar retail game? Why should I have to rent the game to play it or buy it piece by piece? At the end of the day, Nintendo wants to test the waters with this model.

Why are people supporting this? I thought this was why mobile gaming was so bad? But Nintendo jumps in with the same business model and people praise it.

We should be demanding Nintendo sell a complete game on a disc. And if anyone on here is praising this as some brilliant move after spending years bashing Microsoft, Sony, EA, or mobile gaming for using the same model then you're a hypocrite.

This just proves Nintendo is not above playing the same games as the others. I thought their approach to DLC and downloads was never to nickle and dime their consumers.

This should have been a full disc game, plain and simple. And if Nintendo does do that, I'll gladly back off.

I don't hate Nintendo, I love my 3DS and I'm upset they went this route with the new Wii Sports.

This was just a very low blow from Nintendo.



Tony_342 said:

I couldn't care less about online multiplayer, but I'm pretty excited about playing Golf, Tennis, and Bowling in HD with MotionPlus support. I hope they do this for the Resort activities, too.



Discostew said:

$10 per title seems a bit much. I hope they do the same thing they did with the StreetPass games, re-evaluate the pricing, or bundle these games on a disc and include a Motion Plus controller. Better yet, make this free as part of an Ambassador Program.



Trikeboy said:

Do people not use maths? The full cost of Wii Sports Club comes in at $50, the same price as many Wii U games are selling at on release. If you want the full game, you pay full retail price. If you want select sports, you can buy what you want.



PikminWorld said:

Now all they need to make is a completely new one like they had in the Wii U launch trailer at E3 2011. That game looked awesome, with online that would've been totally awesome! I mean Wii Sports is the most sold game ever, and it might pick up hardware sales.



element187 said:

@jacksayspurple Not once did I call you any names, so I would appreciate it if you could return the favor and keep the discussion civil. We are all adults here, or at least I was treating you like one.



Cesco said:

My hope is that sooner or later they'll eventually add the Kendo game from Wii Sports Resort.



HawkeyeWii said:

Great idea, but this should have happened a long long time ago. Espicially with the release of Wii Sports Resort. I guess late is better than never though I will probably get an unlimited pass for Bowling and Tennis and that will be all.



Yasume said:

This is hilarious. I absolutely love Wii Sports on the Wii, but are they seriously releasing the exact same again, add online and charge 50 bucks for the full experience? You've lost me, Nintendo. You're getting more crappy by the day.



Aerona said:

Sigh, really? It would cost fifty dollars to rebuy I game I got for free with my Wii with some minor enhancements? I like the idea of having Tennis and Bowling downloaded to my system, but for that price I think I'll just stick to the Wii version, thank you.



jacksayspurple said:

@element187 I didn't call you any names, I was just pointing out that with your comment you seemed to be trying to belittle my thoughts and make me look stupid, and in doing you managed to make yourself look the fool. If I've misinterpreted your comment then please accept my sincerest apologies. The internet can be a dark and scary place filled with nasty, cold, rudeness and as such it can often be hard to distinguish between that and good natured replies. If your comment was the latter then I am most sorry, if it was the former, then I am not.



GazPlant said:

@Peach64 Absolutely, this decision smacks of a lack of focus. They don't want to give up on the GamePad, but then they roll out a Wii launch game that literally every Wii owner got for free. Wii U era Nintendo are inexplicable sometimes



Mahe said:

@Yasume It isn't exactly the same, but yeah, it's not the best possible deal either. What's so hard about releasing a retail disc?

Best case scenario is that Nintendo is using this to prepare the Wii U userbase for an all-new Wii Sports for Wii U. Something to tide the Wii Sports players over while they work on the next game.



Yosher said:

Will definitely be getting these! Played it quite a lot on the Wii, and now with online play I'm surely looking forward to playing it with my online buddies.



Nictendo64 said:

Oh man I love bowling. This is an amazing idea! I only really played bowling and tennis anyway.



Memeboy3 said:

There are too many Amazing scenarios XD lol!
Guy: OH BOY! i can wait to play this game!
*Plays online and see's the name ''MLPMichael''
Guy: O_o!
Michael: Oh god..i just had a crappy teamate..BUT THIS GUY HAS THE GOOD STUFF!!!
Guy: i'm on Rage Quit!!



Arianabtd said:

You have no idea how happy I was when I heard about this. I'm very VEEERRY excited for this~



HandheldGuru97 said:

I actually like the sound of this. I would gladly pay $10 bucks for bowling alone, but bowling with Motionplus and Online??????? PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Discostew said:

@Trikeboy True as that may be, the original Wii Sports got bundled for free with the Wii in most regions, and the disc itself when sold separately was ~$20.



MitchVogel said:

I was always wondering about this. I can remember when the first video of the Wii U was shown, they showed us a wii sports with the gamepad integrated into gameplay. Guess that wasn't just a concept video!



FJOJR said:

Fantastic news. I wouldn't mind an upgraded Wii Sports Baseball. Good to see the Wii Remotes being used for something. Still waiting for the gamePad's killer app...



Spideron said:

So it's $10 each for 5 sports, totalling at $50 - which is a low price for a new WiiU game here in Norway - day 1 insta-buy...

>However, the pricing could be cause for concern - buying unlimited access to each sport is going to be expensive.

That's just NintendoLife's cheap way of generating lots of comments - which happens in nearly all articles if you pay attention...



Parasky said:

I hope most of the comments here are sarcastic, as this is stupid. All it is is a HD version of a game which shouldn't been remade.

And then there's the stupid payment model and the fact this isn't new content.

How can anyone be exited for this?



MadJay1664 said:

The payment thing is bloody good cos you don't have to buy sports that you ain't gonna play!



yenly said:

GREAT MOVE FROM NINTENDO. In this economy cheap prices are going to make customer move and specialy with franchises they know... Now PS4 ns XB1 are in deep water; good for them that they have ps3 and ps4 which will suffer from Wii U Exposure.



Vee_Flames said:

@Araknie Seriously. PS Vita TV was oohed and ahhed by everyone, but 2DS?
'WE WANT ONLINE GAMES, NINTY!' A game comes out with it. 'NO.'
It's getting terribly annoying. In other words, they are sugar coating those words that actually say 'Go the route of other game companies!' Abysmal.

On topic: Excellent news. Now, bring on the other unannounced games! In a huge 1hr 30min Direct, of course. If I were to be getting this game, I'd definitely not get Baseball..



WaxxyOne said:

$50 for unlimited access to all five games is not unreasonable given the package they're putting this in. Allowing you to pick and choose which games to pick up just makes it even sweeter! I don't see how anyone could fairly complain about the pricing model. Try all the games for a day for free, if you're still not certain about a particular sport you can get another day for $2. (I don't see many people taking advantage of this) If you like it, drop $10 on the table and it's yours.



Vee_Flames said:

@FJOJR Hope MK8 uses the ideas I have in my head!
The GamePad's killer app would be Metroid Prime 4 or the 3D Mario(not 3D World!). Or an entirely new game.



Ren said:

Believe it or not this would have worked pretty well at launch, too bad they didn't at least have this waiting in the wings in case the launch went horribly which... it did. Now?! It's great but I won't buy a WiiU for it.



tripunktoj said:

At 19:10 of today's Nintendo Direct it reads "downloadable version" when they announce this game's release date, but its the only lead/hope I've for retail release on the video (which could be a mistake). Any other info about a retail release NL?



JaxonH said:

Buying unlimited access is anything but expensive. What is this guy talking about? You can buy all five sports for $10 less than the price of a retail Wii U game. And the fact that you can buy individual sports instead of automatically getting ones you don't want lumped in, it's nothing to complain about. Now if they were $19.99 per sport, THEN he could say it's expensive.



jsubbuteo said:

Here's me in a few months. "I can't go out tonight I have my online Wii U bowling league. The Wii Ballers"



conman2012 said:

Sounds good to me. Never had a Wii so I might be one of the few without Wii Sports.

I could get into this, particularly if they release new sports down the line. Price seems more than fair to me. I definitely will download and give one of the sports a go at least.



fortius54 said:

I don't think the price is too high. I am actually looking forward to this. A big yes for tennis and bowling. Golf and baseball most likely. I will probably stay away from boxing. If they move to Resort, I am in trouble.



hcfwesker said:

The price is good for the added visuals, controls, and online ... it already has more added features than WW-HD that they're wanting to charge $50 for :/ Will get bowling, and look forward to golf's release. I just remember the mini-game challenges in golf being a blast.



Marioman64 said:

wait wait wait wait wait... it's not Mario Kart or Smash Brothers and it's gonna have online-play?!? woooooow can't wait



meltendo said:

Price is steep but you can see Nintendo attempting to reel in the millions of casual buyers of the original Wii...All they NEED to do now is to rename the system with a moniker that clearly communicates that the system is a true sequel to the Wii...something like "Super Wii 2HDXL" and the money will start rolling in again.



Windy said:

It's a Christmas Miracle! Online play! Untitled Now I will buy a Wii-U. I just hope Nintendo will support the Online play with other titles. Time to embrace the online play Nintendo! Can anyone say Dragon Quest X?



ToastyYogurt said:

I'm actually more excited about Motion Plus for Tennis than the online play. That game in particular really needed it, it's not as fun when any motion you make produces almost identical results. Table Tennis in Wii Sports Resort was fun, but not the same.



Realgamer4life said:

@Peach64 Look Nintendo is a company that has to do whatever they can to make money. You are not an analyst and know nothing about business moves. For one if they can market this right they can move units and reach that crowd again. A lot of casuals bought this game and a lot will buy it again. Every site you go on people are applauding this move because it is a smart move.



james_squared said:

Looks great. I'm a huge fan of the tennis, golf, and bowling from Wii Sports. I'll definitely pick those three up and enjoy the online play.



Yoshis_VGM said:

I'm all in! Our family LOVES Wii Sports (and Resort) so this is perfect! Maybe they'll add the Resort sports as DLC at a later date...I want the air sports and swordplay sports!!!



GamerJunkie said:

HD graphics? hahahahha This looks the same as the Wii ones that came out 5+ years ago???

Sorry Nintendo November is PS4 month, not gonna waste my money on old crap that you keep selling on this new machine and pretending its new content.



Ophis said:

@rjejr It says "Once you join a club, you cannot change clubs again for 24 hours" at minute 18:30 of the direct. So is not permanent



Morph said:

Just brilliant, been waiting for updates to tennis bowling and golf for years, and now we get them, im fine with the pricing structure all 5 sports would be 45 quid which is about the price of a game and id be surprised if there wasnt a deal like buy 4 sports and get one free. By december we will finally have the console that should have launched last december, nintendo have done well in 12 months I think, even if the launch was a mess up



retro_player_22 said:

Me and my folks are good with the free copy of Wii Sports and Resort for the Wii so I'll skipped on this one for now.



johnvboy said:

People are forgetting then Nintendo are the only company out of the big three that do not charge for online play.

So £9 per game considering you get unlimited online play per sport is a good deal,add the fact the games will now look a lot better in HD and the improved controls the package is very sweet.

I would much rather this than paying £5 per title then an yearly subscription of £40 or so to play online.



WiiLovePeace said:

If any other Australians were wondering, Nintendo Australia have just put out a press release here: For Wii Sports Club, a Day Pass on Nintendo eShop will cost AU $2.60 to play all available sports for a 24-hour period, or you can buy permanent access to individual sports for AU $13.00 each. Awesome deal imo as UK players will pay the equivalent of AU ~$15 so we get $2 off



MadAdam81 said:

@Furealz That's $50 for all 5. If you will never touch boxing & golf (like me), then $30 gets you everything you want - better than buying the disc for $60 or so.



Nico07 said:

Day one purchase for all sports for me. It appeared tennis and bowling may be the only games available to buy in full day one, but they would all be playable via the first day free pass. Did anyone else get that impression from the Nintendo Direct? Also owning a Wii balance board the Wii Fit Meter at $20 is day one for me too. As it unlocks the whole game. Great surpises in this Direct.



rjejr said:

@Ophis - "you cannot change clubs again for 24 hours"

Oh hey thanks for that, must've missed it. Whenever Nintendo does stuff right I always get confused



allav866 said:

Weird how Wii Sports started as a free pack-in title, then became a $20 Nintendo Selects title, and has now become a $50 Wii U title (assuming you use the Club Pass and buy each game for $9.99)



defrb said:

they make zelda windmaker in a hd for 50+ euro and everybody is enthousiast but when they make their most legendary sports game ever in hd its overpriced?
Great news will buy tennis + bowling.



BulbasaurusRex said:

This is BRILLIANT! I've always wanted to play these games with MotionPlus and more often in multiplayer. The fact that they're in HD and will probably include GamePad features are then icing on the cake. Even better, I can save money by not buying Boxing nor Golf.

I don't see any problem with the pricing. With MotionPlus and online play, this is the full package instead of the tech demo it used to be and therefore deserves the nearly full price of $50 for the entire package.

@galetyler Wii Sports Resort already has MotionPlus, so it's not worth doing as much as it is with the original Wii Sports.



Pod said:

I'm very thankful that Nintendo has the guts to demand MotionPlus.



LittleIrves said:

The more I think about this, the more I'm curious how the sports will benefit from Motion Plus. Could feel quite nice.

Man, Nintendo is doing some serious counter-programming this holiday. XB1/PS4: Battlefield, Forza-Turismo, GTAV. Wii U: Mario 3D, Donkey Kong, Wii Fit/Party/Sports. A strong push for families. Can't wait to see how it all plays out.



MadAdam81 said:

Can't wait to beat the Victorians and Poms. The Club idea is a goldmine, and will make great use of city and international rivalries.



Pod said:

MotionPlus did wonders for both Golf and Bowling, so I'm quite excited to see what it adds to Tennis, remembering Table Tennis from Resort quite fondly.

It's indeed interesting to see Nintendo tactics in play here. Will they manage to capture the family audience again this Christmas?



donjuggalo said:

Controls aren't better enough to justify the TERRIBLE price point & neither are the graphics. Maybe a 5 dollar upgrade if u already own the disc? Or 5 bucks a game? Nintendo will make money, but they'd make SO much more if they stop being so greedy! (still charging 5 bucks for nes games, 8 for snes, etc.) If you're not sick of these games yet, go grab a friend to play with...cheaper and more fun. It was fun to play online, but ten bucks EACH? BOO NINTENDO - you're losing us. AND WHERE'S THE WII U SUPPORT WITH NEW GAMES???? (soccer but no hockey?)



donjuggalo said: they're gonna want us to pay 50 bucks for Super Mario All-Stars on VC. (like they already want us to buy every SMB and Street Fighter game ever made SEPARATELY and for 3-4 times what they're worth)

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