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Sun 24th Jul 2011

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Freeon-Leon commented on Today Was Shigeru Miyamoto's 63rd Birthday:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MIYAMOTO!!! An enormously creative man, yeah he's made some mistakes here and there, but ultimately, he's a GENIUS in every sense of the word. Hopefully we still get many years of his amazing games.



Freeon-Leon commented on Feature: A Pokémon Retrospective: Generation ...:

Man, I love these articles, amazing job Joe.

3rd gen is one of my favorites. I was a bit disappointed when I found out that I'd never visit Johto in all its 32bit glory, but other than that, this game was amazing. It certainly helped that I'm a water type trainer



Freeon-Leon commented on Super Mario Maker's First Major Update is Now ...:

Sweet update indeed. I plan to re-upload 2 of my levels to make them more accesible and I'm finishing a new one. Thanks Nintendo!

Click here for one of the updated courses.

@MasterWario: I like your new version of Giant Garden, I think it's better with checkpoints. Btw, the level I'm working on right now uses the same elements as Gutter Castle! I was surprised how similar they are.



Freeon-Leon commented on Fresh Project H.A.M.M.E.R. Details Reveal Shig...:

@gatorboi352 “For as much that he has done for Nintendo, he is now just as big a reason for their downfall. The guy just simply needs to go.”

What?! Did you even watch the video? He was upset because they spend a huge amount of money in cutscenes for a game NTS didn't even know how would played. Gameplay first, everything else comes later.

And people shouldn't be afraid about him telling every studio not to make cutscenes, that's not what he did. If a games needs something (such as orchestrated music, cutscenes, etc) then it's fine to spend money on it, on the other hand, if a game doesn't need it, then why spend so much money in something superflous?

Gosh, now everyone want a reason to hate on Miyamoto.



Freeon-Leon commented on Talking Point: Five Potential Reveals Coming F...:

As some people have already said, it'd be nice to hear about a price cut. Wii U needs to sell more and all the NX talking just make it more difficult for the console. I think the timing is right as of now.

And of course a new reward system along with a new network enviroment would be very nice.



Freeon-Leon commented on Weirdness: Miyamoto Wanted A Murder-Free Golde...:

People are bashing Miyamoto for an idea that could've been not that bad but wasn't implemented anyways? Have you forgotten what this guys has done for the whole gaming industry? God, it was just an idea, he can't always be right, he's just a human. An extremely creative one.