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Wii Sports Club: Bowling (Wii U eShop)

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The five beloved sports from the original Wii Sports – bowling, tennis, baseball, boxing and golf – make a dramatic and competitive return on Wii U! The games are being released individually as downloads featuring HD graphics, enhanced controls via Wii MotionPlus technology, as well as a much-requested online multiplayer versus mode.

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Posted by Thomas Whitehead

No splits here

When it comes to the games in the original Wii Sports that felt the most realistic and compelling, Bowling would have to be a candidate as the best of the lot. Golf and Baseball may have a say, too, while Tennis and Boxing — most definitely the latter...

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stephini said:

@rtr0GMR1 What I read was that Wii Sports Club will be free and then you will buy each game individually. 10 USD for lifetime access 1 USD for a day pass.



Ruthven said:

Great locally, seems like very little has improved from Wii Sports Resort Bowling.. But me and my family are enjoying it. Online paly is lacking

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