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Fri 23rd March, 2012

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defrb commented on Talking Point: Raw Power Isn't Vital to Ninten...:

It need to be at least the power of a ps4. If not it's a disappointment.
When it got less power you get those games with downgraded graphics on youre system. There's no point in a new system if it does not compare to a ps4/ xboxone



defrb commented on Tablets Stole The Wii U's Thunder, Laments Shi...:

Nintendo make awesome stuff, but they forget how important advertising is, why i see only ps4 when i watch the championsleague for example, they need to spam their products in everybodys face, it will help.

Also the name of the console was a bad choice (wiiu) My freinds still think its a wii with some extra features.

I am extremely happy with my wiiu, got some freinds with a ps4 but thats like pc gaming, no innovation at all. Yes it looks good but my gamepc looks 6 times better.



defrb commented on 3DS System Update 9.4.0-21 Brings a Whole New ...:

I'm sure theres more happening behind the stabilizing project.

You can build a church on my 3ds and pray afterwards for even more stability..

They could also be honest and call it a security update, why not?



defrb commented on Review: Super Smash Bros. for Wii U (Wii U):

so it got a 9 just like all the other games that score 9 ish?
that means this game should swim in the pool of 9 ish next to all the other games that got a 9, and they are with many!

a 9 is a decent score for a title that took so much attention the last year, there were like 4-5 articles a day for the last past year. it was almost spam :P

But well, will buy it anyways even if it score a 4. just as investment for my all time favourite gameconsole makers.



defrb commented on Spidey’s Arch-Nemesis Venom Is Receiving His...:

Will buy them all just like all the other tables that are released. Also played zen pinball on the ps4 where there was some input lag? lol i could not hit a thing with a time delay. wiiu is a lot better, more responsive ;p



defrb commented on New Nintendo Direct Airing 5th November:

As long they dont talk about their stability program......

Smash for Wii U, Amiibo, Captain Toad, Pokemon, and Mario kart DLC.
I expect no suprises. Maybe some MH4...



defrb commented on Review: XType Plus (Wii U eShop):

I dont like companies hwo take Euro's for Dollars, 2.99 euro is 2.99 $.
We allready pay more for things like diesel, gasoline, houses, wifes.



defrb commented on Talking Point: The Logic Behind Game Boy Advan...:

I agree with HylianSane, this aint the time for gba games on a home console, it should have been gamecube games, and gba games on the 3ds, logical sinds were talk about handhelds and homeconsoles.

People that modified there wii allready have complete libraries with gba nes snes n64 megadrive/genesis games.

No, this aint the future, it's the past. We need triple A+ titles and not some cheap gba ports to the wiiu -.-

Also the wii could run gamecube games, why did nintendo not sell us gc tiltles in the wii shop, missed opertunity?



defrb commented on Review: Pure Chess (Wii U eShop):

Bought it just to be able to play a game of chess on my wiiu + nice visuals. It succeed on that front.
Best looking chess game ive ever seen.
I agree with the review, it should have solid online play to get a decent score, though i dont bother online, sinds i dont trust anybody^^