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Wed 12th June, 2013

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conman2012 commented on Animal Crossing Content Is Coming To Monster H...:

Are you guys all idiots? Capcom have put nintendo ip in a capcom game. How is that either Nintendos fault or responsibililty? At worst, it is Capcom reaching out to nintendo fans - at best it is capcom marketing genius...either way, how is that nintendos problem?



conman2012 commented on Review: The Fall (Wii U eShop):

Yeah, I've been thinking that Reviews are lacking of late. Wonder why?

Too many games being released?
Staff changes?
Perhaps incorrect perception?



conman2012 commented on Nintendo Download: 14th August (Europe):

The Ubisoft sale could be compelling and for me is an acceptable replacement for VC this week.

AC4, Splinter Cell, Rayman and Zombie U are of interest and yet to be played or purchased. Perhaps this week will be the week for one or more of them.

Lets see on thursday.



conman2012 commented on Feature: Hyrule Warriors - Everything We Know ...:

It seems to me that Nintendo's main input has simply to be to ensure the Zelda elements are "supervised". It thus would seem that it is Tecmo Koei's choice to exclude online multiplayer, and not necessarily Nintendos.

Meanwhile, whilst this isn't likely to me my sort of game, I hope it succeeds to help prove that games other than strictly Nintendo ones can sell.



conman2012 commented on Talking Point: With E3 Long Gone, Nintendo Sti...:

Nintendo didnt mention any old stuff at E3 other than the Mother 3 tease, which makes me hope and think that theres some VC news on the way. surely even just some DS stuff seeing as brain age is now out, as a bit of additional news to pad out the new game announcements.



conman2012 commented on EnjoyUp Games Bringing Its Timely 99Seconds to...:

@ChrisT99 Jay Z has a cool song "Ive got 99 problems but a B*tch aint one"

Excusing the profanity and sexist vibes its a great track, which you kind of have to do if you like hip hop, its a great track.

As to why its in this article, I assume the writer is an old school hip hop fan.



conman2012 commented on Russian Phenomenon Tetris Celebrates Its 30th ...:

Im not 100% certain, but I believe I'm one of the few old enough to have played a PC version out before the gameboy. Probably on my 386, the fist PC after our XT (Memorys a little hazy there - tandy graphics!).

Anywho, colour old school tetris. Its rather amazing its still got a following after all these years.



conman2012 commented on Nintendo Download: 16th January (Europe):


Is luigi a general practitioner (GP) or a surgeon? GP's dont actually have a doctorate - they have two bachelors degrees. Surgeons are different - they do have a doctorate - something to do with the old days when surgeons were closely related to butchers



conman2012 commented on Talking Point: Regional Online Multiplayer Mis...:


Hey Tuurtledove, as a fellow Kiwi going to the UK for Christmas, I was just wondering, have you imported any UK PAL games? If so, do they work fine?

As for this Wii Sports Club, I've downloaded and will give it a go. It is clearly a work in progress title that has been released due to the terrible sales to date and small games lineup. We can only hope they will continue to improve it.



conman2012 commented on Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director's Cut Is A ...:

@Unit_DTH you have an interesting point of view.

However, this is a website that specialises in nintendo information and based on the nintendo hardware designs, download size is a relevant issue. As they review most/all games it should be childs play to maintain some sort of list.

My main point is that the e-shop should list this info, but they don't. Maybe this site could fill that gap.



conman2012 commented on Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director's Cut Is A ...:

14gb. Pffft. I downloaded AC3 unaware it was 17gb. I am know very cautious with my remaining GB's.

On this topic, couldnt nintendolife have a chart on here somewhere listing game name and d/l file size? Updated as new ones are released?

Its something simple that the e-shop could do with.



conman2012 commented on New Nintendo Selects Titles Coming to Australi...:

Hard to say - Haven't got a Wii, have gota Wii U.
Smash and Kart, may as well wait for the new ones next year.
Wii Sports, nah, going to download Wii Sports club...
Maybe Galaxy, but then theres 3D world coming...
So out of all of them, maybe Zelda.

Now, if they rereleased Metroid Prime or Xenoblade, I'd be keen for that.



conman2012 commented on Review: GOLF (Wii U eShop):

Why is Nintendo releasing this rubbish?

Its hardly going to have the nostalgic appeal of those old mario games or the original Donkey Kong, so why bother.

Just get on with the N64 VC releases already.



conman2012 commented on Nintendo Confirms Three New Wii U Hardware Bun...:

I'm suprised they are still selling that 8GB pack, particularly due to the size of their OS updates.

Still, a good idea that they included the wii remote, I thought my launch premium pack was lacking that one. The system is now significantly cheaper with more game options than the competition. Hopefully this strategy works.



conman2012 commented on Wii Sports Club Takes The Competition Online W...:

Sounds good to me. Never had a Wii so I might be one of the few without Wii Sports.

I could get into this, particularly if they release new sports down the line. Price seems more than fair to me. I definitely will download and give one of the sports a go at least.



conman2012 commented on Nintendo Confirms Wii U "Price Reduction Initi...:

Asking for ambassador games is not unreasonable. They have set the precedent by doing it before. Also allowing owners x free vc games is not going to cost them too much. The marginal cost of nintendo hosting those files for us to download will be a pittance and there are likely plenty on there that owners havent brought. I for one have only thus far brought about five of them. I would prefer of course say $x of eshop credit to spend on any titles but i guess that would cost nintendo more as they presumably would have to pay 3rd parties if we spent it on those games. I wait and hope, lets see what happens



conman2012 commented on Call of Duty: Ghosts Multiplayer Outlined in L...:


Dude, you musn't have been listening at the big E3 reveal. Thats their big point of difference with the storyline etc. The announcement spawned a massive number of humorous Scooby Doo Call of Duty Dog Memes all over the net. Check them out for a chuckle. knew that already and are just being sarcastic...



conman2012 commented on Pachter: Nintendo Has Lost Its "Mojo":

Having deleted the expletive bases tirade I was about to post, I ask, can anyone state a single global marketplace duopoly dominated by two main players, that is completely stable and both participants are infallible and without rebuke.

Nintendo should be fine. From what I can work out, they have more exclusives that either of the other two, with some multiplatform support (obviously hopefully more). They have a niche product which amongst the 6 billion of us worldwide should make enough sales to support their workforce, which is apparently around 5000 worldwide.

Infact, why am I writing this, the wife and kid are asleep, Im off to play some COD and then VC mario. If you see me online, well done, Im not the best, to be brutaly honest. Be nice...



conman2012 commented on Pachter: Nintendo Has Lost Its "Mojo":

Pachters a lovable fluffy teddy-bear with an agenda to follow.
Watch the language. In no way is that word acceptable here — TBD
I have a Wii U, and hey, if no one other than nintendo produces games for it then maybe one day I might buy another console again.

But, as a 32yr old male with a young kid I remember two points a games company salesman said

(1) Nintendo will always have the kid friendly games

(2) you can play "off TV"

Serious man... I can take a dump and keep shooting/jumping for coins/zeldering!!!

The Wii U has specific advantages and disadvantages, and it will live and die by them. But Patcher is just an opinion. Unfortunately, he spends his time convincing others that his opinion is correct.

Dude, my son will be introduced to mario way before call of duty, and my wife dominates lounge TV viewing. Nintendo, market right there.



conman2012 commented on Ashes Cricket 2013 Pushed Back To July:

I was considering this one...seriously...The screen shots don't look very promising though. Region specific of course. Us down here we didn't get the dubious pleasures of Madden, and its a non EA sports game, thats a bonus.

PS - which one is elvis and which one is big foot?
Where is Mad Aussie bloke when you need him? Hes been posting about this for weeks.



conman2012 commented on Call of Duty: Ghosts Confirmed For Wii U:

Good news that another 3rd party major game is coming.

Whether or not I'd buy it I don't know. The missis got pretty upset when she saw me blasting young-ish looking africans in BLOPS2 - Might have to stick to missis and kid friendly mario kart.