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Nintendo is the best ever.

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Smash bros. is my favourite.

Wed 22nd May, 2013

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gamerphil07 commented on Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS File Size i...:

I was expecting it to be a whole lot bigger, like 19,000 blocks or so. 32GB, so I'm fine. Downloading Wii U and 3DS version. 3DS because I don't want it to take up the game card slot at all times, and Wii U because of my horrible childhood memory of scratching up melee's disc.



gamerphil07 commented on First Impressions: Hyrule Warriors Is Zelda, B...:

Warriors has always looked fun to me, but the aesthetic was one factor I was never too keen of. Putting a Zelda layer on top of a really fun looking game means count me in! I think the multiplayer is where the most fun is going to come for me, and I love games with lots of characters too. I know it won't be super ground-breaking and dazzling, but it will give me what I want; Lasting fun.



gamerphil07 commented on Video: You Really Don't Want To Know What Kids...:

oh, god. This is BRUTAL to watch. I would never buy an ipod, pad etc. My GBASP and 3DS and all of my Nintendo artifacts are all I need. I have systems from other companies (ps1 and xbox360) and those are likely my last. Nintendo forever, ipads are lame.



gamerphil07 commented on Hyrule Warriors Downloadable Costume Sets Feat...:

If you guys remember the Nintendo TREEHOUSE Live @E3 event, they mentioned, when playing this game, that many Zelda games are prominent themes in the game. I feel we've seen a lot of the Twilight Princess stuff, but there are probaby a few more playable characters. Ashei, Darbus, Illia maybe?



gamerphil07 commented on Shigeru Miyamoto Hints at Star Fox for Wii U S...:

In response to my previous comment, I just realized this doesn't mean it's an episodic game. I hoping it means something along the line of multiple small stories, like how he used the whole TV show thing. In that case, this game is 100 000 000 times better.



gamerphil07 commented on Hyrule Warriors Screenshots and Gameplay Detai...:

@Dragoon04 You've played Warriors? There are 3 things I need to know, if you don't mind. Replayability, Difficulty and overall fun, are things I look for in a game. Is there a difficulty setting? (I like games that are really tough) And are there any modes/features that make it fun to come back to? Again, I appreciate your help in advance.



gamerphil07 commented on Hyrule Warriors Screenshots and Gameplay Detai...:

EDIT: i just read more closely and it seems this game is going to be fantastic. LOL
I just want some good replay value and multiplayer. Otherwise I'll have to wait out and see. I heard the warriors games are easy and boring. Can't judge from what I've heard, but I still want to hold out a bit.



gamerphil07 commented on Nintendo Download: 6th March (North America):

@Ralek85 Not just eShop. If you hadn't noticed, Nintendo is extremely likely working on a new franchise, maybe even two. On top of Smash, Yarn Yoshi, Hyrule Warriors, the new Zelda, this mystery retro game and loads more. Right now, they're playing it safe and keeping the I.P.'s confidential until they have a solid idea that they can build on. Just you wait, bud. Give it some time.