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Male, 28, Finland

Nintendo fan from Finland. All-time favorites: -Metroid Prime Trilogy -Resident Evil 0,1,4 & Revelations -Thief 2 -Zombi U -Deus Ex -Little King's Story -Batman The Videogame -Kabuki Quantum Fighter -Zelda... all.

Tue 30th July, 2013

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ToniK commented on Ubisoft and EA Lock In Their E3 Presentation D...:

I have nothing against either one but I think they are both done with the U by now. In my wildest dreams EA would announce Dead Space Trilogy Remastered for Wii U and Ubisoft would bring some polished and properly optimized ports that take advantage of the hardware.

Both have done reasonably good job on U, I think. Most Wanted U is polished enough to be a first party product, ME3 was great and I've played like 5-6 Ubisoft titles and they've been varying in quality but mostly great.



ToniK commented on Here's a Rather Attractive Portable Nintendo 64:

Looks neat. Great job. Why is the Wii U gamepad so big? I love it but it is a bit clunky although comfortable. Just... I mean this thing holds a complete console inside and its still quite compact. Yeah the gamepad screen is big but it COULD be more "sexy". At least one old man would be happy if you know what I mean.



ToniK commented on Nintendo Is Working On The Next Mario Game, Bu...:

A little pause wouldn't bring the world to an end. Maybe even try something else. Something really far out! Maybe even a game without Mario! I'm crazy I know but that could really work...

No, I can't reach the necessary level of sarcasm right now.



ToniK commented on Weirdness: These Chinese Game Controllers Look...:

The best way to fight this problem IMO is to make superior products instead of endless lawsuits that lead nowhere. No way these cheap clones can make it in the market unless the chinese really know nothing about gaming which might be the case, I wouldn't know really.



ToniK commented on Review: Young Justice: Legacy (3DS eShop):

Wanted to see some gameplay so watched a video on youtube. That was hilarious in a painful way. The textures looked like they were from '97 and the animations and effects.... yeah. Can't see why they bother.



ToniK commented on Video: What Could The Legend Of Zelda: Skyward...:

I consider this the best Zelda ever made. It got a lot of hate when it came out and I do understand some of it but still don't agree. One of the highlights of my gaming "career" for sure :) To each one's own I guess.



ToniK commented on Feature: The Biggest Wii U Games of 2014 - Spr...:

It's sad to realize yet again that these games don't really interest me that much. I will probably need to get excited about some of them until PS4 gets a price drop and some interesting games. I still haven't bought 3D world or W101 so maybe the backlog will keep me busy.



ToniK commented on New Watch_Dogs Trailer Highlights a Living, Br...:

Still looking forward to this and I don't care about graphics but it's pretty obvious they had to tone it down. The first footage we got was a lot darker and shiny whereas this is more in the vein of GTA. Still, I hope this will be good and sell well.



ToniK commented on Review: Quake II (Nintendo 64):

Oh, I didn't even know. It would be nice to experience this via VC some day. Also I think RE2 was on N64 as well. Not sure if worth playing but as a curiosity I might check these forgotten gems out :)



ToniK commented on Video: Here's a Neat Summary of How Video Game...:

It seems that many games today include a ton of history or fictional lore. But the thing is, I really can't bother to read it all :) AC3 was my first Assassin's creed and I was overwhelmed by the amount of data. Mass effect too. Brief pieces of info is cool `a la Metroid Prime but walls of text is just too much. Thankfully it's usually optional to read em all. I just wonder who writes and/or gathers all that stuff.



ToniK commented on Latest Assassin's Creed Announcement Continues...:

I guess many publishers are now on hiatus when it comes to Wii U. They wait and see if Smash bros. and Mario Kart will boost the sales and if that happens they will hop onboard again. The install base of PS3 and X360 combined is over 160 million and current gen Sony/Xbone about 10 million. They just don't need the 6 million Wii U gamers now :/



ToniK commented on Nintendo Highlights Over 50 Unity Games on the...:

I would like to see more stuff filling the void between small indie (puzzle) games and blockbusters. Like budget games with more content and stories. This indie flood is great and all but hardly offers memorable must-have titles. More like play-and-forget. There are exceptions of course but I've already seen enough platformers with unique art styles. Not trying to sound too harsh, just my two cents :)



ToniK commented on Nintendo Unleashes Some Awesome Wii U eShop Tr...:

Cool. Stick it to the man looks quite creepy :) I'm still more excited about that survival horror game Forgotten Memories but I have no idea when it's going to arrive. Psychoz Interactive still has no news about that.



ToniK commented on Big Red Button Explains Its Sonic Boom Charact...:

It's cool. Things need to change every now and then and you're bound to disappoint someone every single time you change something. That's just the way it is. I like the new design and I'm one of the original Sonic fans and Knuckles was my favorite in the early 90's :) Sure he's different now but I don't take that as a personal insult.



ToniK commented on Nintendo Releases an Extended Gameplay Trailer...:

I'm not thrilled about this and I wouldn't pay full price for this. As a budget item or download only this would be just fine.

To me it seems they are targeting the younger demographic and people shouldn't be so harsh and needy :)



ToniK commented on Nintendo Download: 13th March (Europe):

I'm still to beat Wind Waker, started playing ZombiU again and also waiting Batman Origins and Lego City Undercover to arrive so I guess I'm good :) That Cube Tactics could be interesting though.

Oh yeah, Virtue's Last Reward and AiRace Speed are incompleted as well. Both bought from sale and totally worth it although VLR is not quite as captivating as I thought.



ToniK commented on Talking Point: Steel Diver: Sub Wars Proves Th...:

I was surprised how addicting this actually was. Behind the extremely clunky controls it's a pretty nice and simple multiplayer experience. I'm usually not interested in multiplayer at all. I have my tablet full of different games with real nice graphics and all but I actually prefer Sub Wars. Playing it with full 3D and earphones makes it pretty atmospheric even :)



ToniK commented on Latest PS4 Sales Figures Take it Past Wii U Li...:

Even at this early point it's pretty safe to say that this generation won't be much of a competition. I just hope Wii U will eventually get plenty of games although I'm pretty much forced to buy PS4 at some point for certain games. It's all good though, let's not be too serious about these things, mmmkay? :)