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Mon 9th July, 2012

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RupeeClock commented on Cubic Ninja Sales Spike Following Announcement...:

Pokémon ORAS already went gold, and all the manufactured game cartridges couldn't possibly include a firmware later than 9.2, it might only have 9.0.
The most they can do is release a firmware needed to access the eShop, then to download a patch needed for online play.
That would be one way to force players to update, if they value the online play. They could probably do it for Smash Bros too, and likely will with the anticipated v1.04 balance patch.



RupeeClock commented on Pokémon Star Pikachu Is Getting His Own GameC...:

@SilentHunter382 The real question is, why not release a Gamecube controller shaped Wii U Pro Controller? Seriously.

In any case I'm all for the Gamecube USB adapter, since it removes the wireless latency and provides a wired connector for the least latency. It's actually a big deal in fighting games when split-second timing can decide the outcome of a match.



RupeeClock commented on Video: How Much Faster Is The New Nintendo 3DS?:

@Of_Folsense It can definitely depend on how much data is on your SD card, or the SD card itself.

With all the music, photos, screenshots, streetpass and spotpass data, downloaded games and miscellaneous stuff on my 3DS XL SD card, it CAN take quite a while to do some things.



RupeeClock commented on Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley Heading to PAL R...:

It's Harvest Moon in name only, and has nothing to do with the actual Harvest Moon series of games developed by Marvelous AQL.

Natsume have previously published the games without developing them. They are for some reason developing this game and calling it Harvest Moon when it actually is not.
The real next installment of Harvest Moon by Marvelous AQL is Story of Seasons.



RupeeClock commented on Game Freak Confirms That The Pokémon Stadium ...:

Let's be honest, it's taxing enough for them to have modelled and animated 721 Pokémon, not including different formes, gender differences and mega evolutions, just for the mainstay 3DS installments.

To do this all over for an HD Wii U title would probably be so expensive and such a risk just for a battle system, that they'd be in the red just for trying, and the sales would most likely not be enough.



RupeeClock commented on Now You Can Gawk at New Nintendo 3DS Demo Unit...:

You'd better believe I'm excited, I'm already researching how to import one of the Australian New 3DS systems that launches November 21st.

The two sites I'm keeping an eye on right now are, and which is the sister site to



RupeeClock commented on Video: Here Are Some Cool Facts Around the DS:

I regularly see videos from Did You Know Gaming and the VG Facts network get posted on here, like the three part Mario easter egg hunter videos.

Just out of curiosity does Nintendo Life publish the videos out of general shared interest, or does VG Facts reach out to Nintendo Life?
I personally would think it's the former, I enjoy the videos myself as well.



RupeeClock commented on Nintendo Direct: New Nintendo 3DS Models Comin...:

@LichiRichi I received another much helpful response today.

Thank you for your email regarding the 3DS XL console.

I can confirm that games purchased in the UK will be playable on an Australian console as both regions use PAL. This information should also be visible on the back of the game box under the heading "IMPORTANT".

This is great, I just asked a follow-up question about system transfers.



RupeeClock commented on Nintendo Direct: New Nintendo 3DS Models Comin...:

@LichiRichi I got my answer back from Nintendo UK, but it's a canned response.

Thank you for your email regarding the Nintendo New 3DS XL

The Nintendo New 3DS XL is region coded due to the differences in online services and game ratings across the different regions.

Certain games feature online rankings that are specific to the region that the game is purchased in. The use of a game in a different region then it would not allow the player to use the full functions of these games.

Each region has different governing bodies for the rating of games. The region locking is required to provide compliance with the rules and regulations specific to each of these countries and regions.

If you have any further questions or queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.

This obviously does not answer my question about compatibility between UK 3DS merchandise and the Australian New 3DS, so I asked them again, hopefully I will get a written response.
The subject field even had FWD in it...



RupeeClock commented on Nintendo Confirms Development of Games That Wi...:

I'm okay with this, I've come to expect it after the Gameboy Color and the DSi.
Developers tend not to produce these exclusive upper-end titles unless it is truly necessary, else they'll shoot for the broader market and add perks for the upper-end users.



RupeeClock commented on Nintendo Direct: New Nintendo 3DS Models Comin...:

Like MadAdam81 said, it's also my opinion that they're releasing in Australia first because they have a much smaller user-base to target than even the UK, let alone Europe and America.

Still this is great news for Europeans who are willing to import like I am, since I understand that PAL 3DS systems are the same between England, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Australia, etc. It's just a matter of which country you pick on startup the determines your eShop selection, I believe all PAL software is compatable between Europe and Australiasia.

To be safe I've already contacted Nintendo UK's support to know if I can expect to import a New 3DS XL, and transfer my existing 3DS XL profile to it, and continue to enjoy the full range of EU software I have both physical and digital.

If the response is all clear then I am totally importing an Aussie New 3DS XL. Ya know, provided they don't actually prohibit it, it's possible that they do as Nintendo have embargoed specific imports before.



RupeeClock commented on The Japanese New 3DS Packaging Is Both Cute An...:

Totally sweet, right?
It really brings home how the regular model emphasises customisation with the plates.
It's actually making the decision to get a New 3DS XL that much harder, as despite loving the metallic blue model and preferring the size, it just doesn't have that lovely customisation.



RupeeClock commented on Poll: Tell Us What You Think of the New Ninten...:

I sincerely hope that they don't use the "New" branding in the US and Europe, it stands to be a disaster as people would refer to it as a "new DS" or "new 3DS" in casual conversation anyway.

So glad this is coming out though, I've had the same 3DS XL for 765+ days since launch and after 2300+ hours of play, it's showing its wear.
I mean the idea of portable Xenoblade or enhanced Smash Bros alone is thrilling, and I love the Metallic Blue XL, Metallic Blue was my favourite colour for the DSi.