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Mon 9th July, 2012

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RupeeClock commented on Nintendo Download: 1st May (Europe):

I have been waiting a ridiculously long time for this, for as long as the DSiWare version never even launched in Europe!

Finally, my favourite indie title on my favourite handheld.



RupeeClock commented on Fresh Super Smash Bros. Screens Show Zero Suit...:

Shortly after the Smash Bros direct, a press kit containing 247 screenshots was released.

And after that, yet another press kit was released with 212 further screenshots prominently featuring Zero Suit Samus, Yoshi, Sheik, Charizard and Greninja, more of which feature 3DS screenshots.
The five ZSS screenshots you see in this article came from this second press kit.



RupeeClock commented on Swedish Speedrunner Breaks Record For Fastest ...:

It's a little unfair to say Cosmos is only ranked 97th next to EnNopp112, Cosmos practices multiple different runs of Ocarina of Time whilst EnNopp112 practices his Majora's Mask runs.
One of the beauties of the speedrunning community is that multiple people do ever so many different games for a wide coverage that makes marathons like Awesome Games Done Quick possible.



RupeeClock commented on Weirdness: Engineer Uses Four Monitors to Disp...:

The first level of SMB1 is 3584 pixels long. If you were to play it at 1:1 scale, you would only need two 1920x1080 monitors to display it.
Other levels might get longer than two widescreen monitors though, and obviously the vertical resolution's only 240 so that's a lot of waster space.



RupeeClock commented on Review: Mario Bros. (3DS eShop / NES):

Although it's on the Wii U, it's worth a mention that if you have New Super Luigi U data on your system, and you have Super Mario 3D World, you already have this in the form of "Luigi Bros."



RupeeClock commented on Review: Super Punch-Out!! (Wii U eShop / Super...:

Something that always stuck out to me about Super Punch Out was the box art, featuring three of the best boxers from the NES Punch Out, and not any of the new boxers.

The only boxers from Super Punch Out that were ever seen again were Bear Hugger and Aran Ryan, the rest didn't really hold up as well.



RupeeClock commented on Pokémon X & Y Update Mandatory for Online Pla...:

Well, looks like Instacheck has also be blocked now, making it impossible to discover trainer and pokémon "shiny values" and also a pokémon's exact IVs for the time being.

No biggie, it was good whilst it lasted. I hatched a fair few nice eggs for peeps.



RupeeClock commented on Mighty No. 9 Studio Comcept Facing Fan Backlas...:

@cookiex True, though she is actually part of Comcept's team now and that means she still has creative input into the game's designs.

With the allegations of nepotism, little to no background or investment in the Mega Man series, and what may be a political agenda, it's very concerning to anyone who backed a project expecting nothing less than a spiritual successor to the Mega Man games from the very people who designed them, or the people who were most invested in them.

I just want to play a game without politics, but these days with several media outlets it just seems to keep creeping into things.

I actually don't disagree with providing a female character option for Mighty No. 9 at all, Mega Man ZX provided both Vent and Aile, and then Ashe and Grey and it was great.



RupeeClock commented on Mighty No. 9 Studio Comcept Facing Fan Backlas...:

She is indeed claiming to be a designer now, that is a part that particularly worries me.
Regardless of any political agenda she might have or how she even got the job, her work is at odds with the established Mighty No. 9 style. I backed a project with very Japanese aspirations and her work isn't really all that Japanese at all, nor does she have many if any aspirations from the classic Mega Man series as she admitted herself.
The fact that she may be designing some of the game's characters irks me, it's at odds with the project that I backed in the first place.



RupeeClock commented on Nintendo Confirms That Smash Bros. Isn't Lined...:

Spring does seem too early, the game is still in development by the looks of things and it was only announced this past E3, so not even half a year yet.

Good games take all the time they need and I don't mind, heck prefer if they approach development this way for a change. Both Melee and Brawl have absent content as a result of deadlines.



RupeeClock commented on Pokémon X & Y Online Battles Vulnerable to "B...:

Similar software has been used to ensure that pokémon eggs can be hatched as shiny or to check the details of a pokémon, such as its hidden IVs, but these features are either cosmetic or merely fact-checking as opposed to reading your opponent's every move.
Pretty crazy stuff, apparently Game Freak would have to encrypt ALL wireless communications to prevent this.



RupeeClock commented on Nintendo Download: 21st November (Europe):

Since I'm going for the collector's edition of Link Between Worlds, no need to get a digital version really.
I'll get the Sonic Lost World 3DS demo at least, I hear only a few levels are actually worth playing, taking a serious nose-drive after the enjoyable part anyway.



RupeeClock commented on Pokémon Bank Pricing Emerges For Europe:

@DonnaxNL Actually, it's simple.
The transfer app is stored on the 3DS.
You plug in a Gen 5 game, and select the pokémon you want to transfer.
They get temporarily stored on the 3DS in the app's save data, until you remove the Gen 5 game, and plug in the Gen 6 game to transfer them to, or even the Gen 6 game found on the 3DS SD card.

The cloud storage is genuinely unnecessary and complicates the transfer process. Pokémon Dream Radar has already proven that hot-swapping game cards is entirely safe and possible whilst the eShop title is loaded too, you do so to trigger legendary events with Generation IV titles.



RupeeClock commented on Nintendo's Miiverse Social Network Finally Mak...:

Something occurred to me during the presentation.
3DS users aren't required to make a Nintendo Network ID (NNID), at least for purchasing eShop software. Free software downloads will necessitate a NNID though.
What does this mean as friend codes are concerned? Will NNID actually function as a replacement for the friend code system? Is it in place simply for the eShop combined balance and for Miiverse or will it actually serve as the foundation for online play in games from now on?



RupeeClock commented on Nintendo Download: 14th November (Europe):

I'll skip Picross e3 this time, it no doubt repeats the mistakes of lacking a "try it out" mode for free mode, and has a maximum puzzle size of 15x15 again aside from a gimmicky mode like Micross.



RupeeClock commented on Are You Fast Enough to Enter the SteamWorld Di...:

That does sound pretty cool! It took me something like 5 and a half hours to beat the game, ended up having 4 deaths though.
That was only my first run, I definitely look forward to playing the game again.
Doing a perfect run like this though would probably take wandering through the dark a hell of a lot.



RupeeClock commented on Parent Trap: Helping Newcomers Start Playing P...:

As long as it's not Other M people are being introduced to, we don't need newcomers getting the wrong idea about Samus...

Actually I would suggest newcomers to Metroid start with Metroid Zero Mission as it has an easy mode, offers a lot of freedom in exploration whilst providing clear directions on where to go next, and is generally the beginning of Samus' adventures anyway.