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Sat 5th November, 2011

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meltendo commented on Review: Rusty's Real Deal Baseball (3DS eShop):

Great game but the whole haggling thing feels weird...I wish we could "haggle" Nintendo to lower the price of their releases... $39 is too much for the 3DS early released Zelda:Ocarina of Time. By this point, it should be $19.99 like Capcom's 3DS Resident Evil.



meltendo commented on Advance Wars Bringing the Battle to the Wii U ...:

If Nintendo believes they can sell more Wii Us by withholding it from the 3DS--I think it's a bad strategy. I would much prefer to play it on the go than to be locked down at home with the Wii U. I think they're strategy is to just piss us off.



meltendo commented on Nintendo Releases an Extended Gameplay Trailer...:

Getting this game but this is a perfect example of my belief of why Nintendo refuses to release any SNES games on the 3DS--they're retooling them as new games to resell to us. Look at the brilliant Zelda game they made from a Link to the Past. Hopefully they're thinking about redoing Super Metroid for us because I need to play that game again--preferably on my 3DS.



meltendo commented on Video: What Could Super Mario Galaxy Look Like...:

I would want any HD rereleases to be done in batches...not as a big event like Wind Waker. Give us an HD game every 3 months instead of only 1 a year. I would hate Nintendo to get lazy and believe they can simply release an HD game for the Holiday quarter instead of giving us something new.



meltendo commented on Mario Golf: World Tour Takes The Action Under ...:

It's too late for this one, but the next Golf game should be Nintendo themed like Smash Bros.: have character like Metroid's Samus as unlockable characters...make courses themed from Nintendo games: Animal Crossing course, Zelda Hyrule course, etc.



meltendo commented on Club Nintendo Rewards Updated for February:

I seriously think Nintendo is holding back SNES VC titles from the 3DS so they can resell them at a higher price point as new games--see how we got the amazing new 3DS Zelda instead of the VC version of A Link to the Past?



meltendo commented on Feature: 10 Nintendo DS Games We Want To See O...:

I'm starting to think Nintendo DOESN'T want to release their big titles on the VC so they can re-release them as full-priced games in the future. Why release Star Fox 64 on the VC when they can sell it as a $39 3DS cart. I love how we got Urban Champions on the 3DS...yet none of the SNES or bigger NES games in 3D. The listed DS games are great but I think Nintendo has less popular titles in mind for the DS release. ...and then in the other corner, we have Sony liberally putting games from the past year for free to PSN members.



meltendo commented on Nintendo Download: 30th January (North America):

Mario Bros>???? But the NES version? It would be cool if Nintendo released the arcade versions. I would buy Mario Bros., Donkey Kong, and Donkey Kong Junior in a heartbeat if they offered the original arcade versions. On another note--I've given up on SMB3. I think they're saving it up to coincide with the next big Mario sidescroller release (some time in 2015)



meltendo commented on Talking Point: The Wii U's 'Relevance' Is Abou...:

All I want are great, adventurous games and Nintendo hasn't delivered...yet. Give us the more open-world joy of Mario 64 or Metroid Prime. I feel like every release lately has Nintendo holding our hands (linear gameplay, too many hints about what to do next). C'mon Nintendo--deliver the games some of us want. I will die if the next big game announced is another 2D Mario.



meltendo commented on Nintendo Left Online Out Of Super Mario 3D Wor...:

Nintendo, why can't you have BOTH play modes? I think Nintendo is still very afraid to go online with anything that lets kids play with complete strangers. They'll never get out of the "kiddie" console label any time soon.



meltendo commented on Nintendo Download: 19th December (North America):

Got Streets of Rage and again I'm impressed with what Sega is doing. Nintendo on the other hand...I'm starting to think they believe in pushing only their big releases like Smash Brothers and leaving us high and dry in between those major event games. Boo. We'll be forced to play on other machines.



meltendo commented on Rumour: Could This Contra III Image Mean That ...:

I hope they don't allow us to buy games that will allow us to get the version for the 3DS and the Wii U. I love my 3DS and this means I'll have to go out and buy a Wii U. ASAP. Wait, maybe Nintendo is finally thinking clearly? Do it Nintendo and I'll run to the store to finally get a Wii U....!



meltendo commented on Nintendo Download: 5th December (North America):

Ok...Nintendo...what is up with no SNES games on the 3DS? Sega is giving us Genesis games like Sonic--where are the Nintendo SNES games? I was hoping Goemon was coming to the 3DS. I can't even think of any SNES games that have been ported to the 3DS...



meltendo commented on Former Sony Developer Feels The Wii U "Won't S...:

I felt burned by the original. Wii even though I thoroughly enjoyed nearly all of Nintendo's First Party releases.....What bummed me out the most? The long crazy waits between the big releases. For months I never turned on my Wii. I remember having to run out and buy new batteries to play Skyward sword. I can't get myself to get a Wii U because it looks to be happening again. I love my 3DS though--there's plenty of third party games I can't wait to play after I'm done playing the new Zelda and Pokemon.



meltendo commented on Nintendo Land Has Been Removed From the North ...:

Not cool Nintendo. It's hard enough getting gamers to pick up the Wii U.--they shouldn't play games with releases like this or gamers will switch to greener pastures like the Playstation online ecosystem where accounts aren't tied down to specific hardware and releases don't go in an out of circulation for no given reason.



meltendo commented on Flipnote Studio 3D Friends Gallery Disabled in...:

This is not good news since it might impact games--Nintendo might not do or allow certain types of online interactions or multiplayer in games out of fear of hurting minors. What if game developers avoid multiplayer features in their releases because Nintendo won't allow voice chat or sharing images? Remember how Starfox on the 3DS allowed photos on local play but no online options?



meltendo commented on Nintendo Disables Swapnote's SpotPass Service ...:

It's ironic Nintendo is out to protect children...from my view, children are abandoning Nintendo in droves for iPads and iPhones. I was at a Starbucks all day 2 weeks ago (Eastlake, California). Nearly every little kid playing with a gadget was toying with an iPhone or an iPad. There's an entire generation out there that's going to skip Nintendo.



meltendo commented on Shigeru Miyamoto Clarifies That Local Multipla...:

Grrr.... Nintendo's stance on online features drives me bonkers. Hopefully in 10 years time, adding Friends will be easier than the annoying friend code system, e-shop downloads will be based on accounts and not tied to the hardware, and more games have online play options.



meltendo commented on Nintendo Download: 10th October (North America):

My take on the lack of 3DS Virtual Console games: Maybe Nintendo believes we only buy online titles on the week that they're released? They don't want anything competing with Pokemon X/Y for the next few weeks?



meltendo commented on Microsoft Wants You To Know That Its Surface T...:

....which brings up question for me...Where are the SNES/Gamecube VC titles on the 3DS? I have this weird feeling Nintendo would rather do some sort of "HD" version of these games to sell them at a higher price point than to sell them as VC titles. Kind of like the way Disney can re-release their big titles in a 7 year cycle ad infinitum.



meltendo commented on "Small" Number Of Staff Laid Off At Sega Of Am...:

Sad news...I've been layed off twice in my lifetime. That said, my dream news: Sega announcing Phantasy Star Online 2 for the Wii U. or 3DS. Sega cancelled their plans to bring that game to the West on the PC and Vita. PSO is still an amazing game in the hearts of Dreamcast AND Gamecube lovers. Wouldn't it be a great game series to have under the Nintendo banner?