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Sat 5th Nov 2011

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meltendo commented on Nintendo Reportedly Pitched NX To Third Partie...:

I'm terrified that third parties will see the next Nintendo as a platform to dump kid oriented/family games. Even though the original Wii was a huge success, it seemed like third parties only released kid-oriented games. Even Square held back their regular RPGs in favor of the cutesy Crystal chronicle games. Give us the same games that the other two consoles get and the NX will thrive.



meltendo commented on Analyst Thinks Nintendo Is Already Winding Dow...:

I felt burned by the lack of games on the original Wii--yes the first party games that Nintendo gave us were amazing but the huge gaps between releases meant my Wii gathered dust. I just can't get myself to have that happen again by getting a Wii U just for a few games. On the other hand, I find myself stuck with many unfinished PS4 games since there's been so many releases in the short amount of time that I've had one since October. By the time Nintendo gets the next Zelda out, all of their possible new adopters, like me, will have moved on via the PS4 and Xbox One. You need to work on third party support, Nintendo!



meltendo commented on The Legend of Zelda for Wii U No Longer Set fo...:

My gut feeling is that it's not coming out for the Wii U at all....a new Zelda would be the ultimate launch title for their new system! I hope Nintendo has learned that gamers really want the best possible specs for their consoles at launch. I'm betting that Nintendo will pack the NX with enough power to exceed the PS4 so third party publishers won't have to avoid it. Zelda would be the ace in the hole at launch!



meltendo commented on Video: Feast Your Eyes on Another Slick Xenobl...:

Looking forward to this--I even had some Phantasy Star Online memories pop up! Those textures are looking pretty bad, though--I wish they could add an option in games where turning off the 3D will make some of the graphics better.



meltendo commented on Interview: Nintendo's Damon Baker on the eShop...:

"I'd love to get to a point where we have marketing channels where we can promote direct communication with the community, where people comment on stuff and Nintendo can communicate back. That's my dream."

Total marketspeak. We screamed loud and clear for the second analog stick when the 3DSXL was first launching. Nintendo will always dictate their own decisions irregardless of what many of us scream for. Thank God we put up with this so we can play their first party games.



meltendo commented on Video: Capcom Explains Why Monster Hunter 4 Ul...:

Can't wait! Of course they're going to use the language "definite version"! They're main goal is to make money. If they announced a Wii U. version for the Holidays, that might make some people hold out from buying the 3DSXL version. I'm not counting on a Wii U. version, but if it makes them money, of course they're going to release one.



meltendo commented on Nintendo Stays in Profit With Wii U on Target,...:

I love my 3DSXL (and I've ordered the new one) but regarding the Wii U., I really wanted one at launch but I couldn't justify it to play the 2D Mario games AGAIN. I wished for a new Zelda or a deeper Mario game but in the next wave, the HD Wind Waker and the simple Super Mario 3D wasn't enough to grab me. This year I opted for a PS4 since the new Mario Kart and Smash didn't seem as new and exciting as some of the newer console releases. I'm enjoying my PS4 every day now since there are many games that I can play and discover. I can't afford to buy a machine and then just wait until the Holidays for the big titles to come out. My dream move for Nintendo: Announce the new Zelda for the Wii U. AND a new machine. They can cut their losses with the Wii U and start fresh with a machine that surpasses the competition. (Make the new machine backwards compatible?)



meltendo commented on Poll: Tell Us What You Think of the New Ninten...:

I'm overjoyed but sad that we have to wait until next year. I don't plan on buying ANY of the new consoles (including the Wii U) this year. I have a feeling they're holding it back so they can convince more people to buy a Wii U or if they haven't yet, get the current 3DS/3DSXL. They should have launched it in the US at the same time.



meltendo commented on Feature: HD Remasters That Would Be Perfect fo...:

It really bothers me that there aren't that many remasters. Sony did a remaster of Last of Us in one year. We're probably not going to get a Metroid or Galaxy remaster years from now. My dream would be if they showed us that they were going to remaster nearly ALL of their big titles down the line (even if it means the announced release is 2-3 years from now). Better to be comforted in knowing that they're going to happen than to be given only one remaster at a time.



meltendo commented on Nintendo Download: 31st July (North America):

This is insane...NOW is the time for Nintendo to release more VC games on the 3DS while everyone is waiting for Fall to come around for all of the big releases. My gut feeling is they really want their fans to buy Mario Kart 8 and a Wii U at this time--cutting off new releases on the 3DS puts more focus on the Wii U. They must not realize it makes buyers like me start to look at the PS4 and the Xbox One more positively.



meltendo commented on Gallery: A Closer Look At 13 amiibo Toys:

I saw them last weekend at the San Diego Comic Con...I was very impressed by their sizes. I expected them to be smaller like the toys you get from bubble toy machines. I hope the final versions are close to the prototypes that they had on display.



meltendo commented on The NES Story Began On This Day 31 Years Ago:

I'm 45 and got an NES my first year of college during my freshman year living in the dorms. Fave memory: on the day I got the first Zelda, there was a huge party on our dorm floor (kegs, pot, etc.). I played Zelda until 6am and everyone had literally passed out around me (wasted or just tired). Eventually I earned the nickname "Meltendo" since the younger brothers and sisters of my college buddies would literally call me for video gaming tips (there was no internet like today in 1987)



meltendo commented on E3 2014: Nintendo Planning To Release Amiibo F...:

Awesome....I love collecting good figures. At least these will have a purpose outside of just looking good on a shelf. On another note, they could have really hyped this up by giving out a special E3-only amiibo this year.



meltendo commented on E3 2014: Nintendo Won't Bring Live Twitch Stre...:

I like watching streaming video gameplay...why? When I'm deep into a game, I can't pause and enjoy the graphics since I will be focused on the game. When I watch someone else play, I can look at whatever part of the screen I like and see things I would have missed while playing.



meltendo commented on Nintendo Hosting Two Big Evening Presentations...:

I would die if it's Metroid! The timing is perfect...the Metroid games seem to emerge when a platform is mature and the 3DS is surely at that point. Please Nintendo, I would die if it was Metroid and even better if it's back to the Metroid Prime vibe!



meltendo commented on Nintendo Shows Off Its Mario Golf: World Tour ...:

I can't for this game but the DLC better be stuff we actually download and add to the game. I cannot stand the DLC being a 10K key that simply unlocks content already in the game. I hope it also means that maybe after a year or so, they will offer new items to download and add to the game. On another note, one thing that makes me sad with added content: how will it be 10+ years down the line when we want to pick up and play this game and all of the DLC content is offline?



meltendo commented on Talking Point: Horror and Metroid Could be a P...:

Do this Nintendo and please get over trying to create your own multiplayer Halo-Gears of War-Call of Duty franchise. Like what someone mentioned above, I love Samus when she's alone in the universe and fending for herself.



meltendo commented on Review: Rusty's Real Deal Baseball (3DS eShop):

Great game but the whole haggling thing feels weird...I wish we could "haggle" Nintendo to lower the price of their releases... $39 is too much for the 3DS early released Zelda:Ocarina of Time. By this point, it should be $19.99 like Capcom's 3DS Resident Evil.



meltendo commented on Advance Wars Bringing the Battle to the Wii U ...:

If Nintendo believes they can sell more Wii Us by withholding it from the 3DS--I think it's a bad strategy. I would much prefer to play it on the go than to be locked down at home with the Wii U. I think they're strategy is to just piss us off.



meltendo commented on Nintendo Releases an Extended Gameplay Trailer...:

Getting this game but this is a perfect example of my belief of why Nintendo refuses to release any SNES games on the 3DS--they're retooling them as new games to resell to us. Look at the brilliant Zelda game they made from a Link to the Past. Hopefully they're thinking about redoing Super Metroid for us because I need to play that game again--preferably on my 3DS.



meltendo commented on Video: What Could Super Mario Galaxy Look Like...:

I would want any HD rereleases to be done in batches...not as a big event like Wind Waker. Give us an HD game every 3 months instead of only 1 a year. I would hate Nintendo to get lazy and believe they can simply release an HD game for the Holiday quarter instead of giving us something new.



meltendo commented on Mario Golf: World Tour Takes The Action Under ...:

It's too late for this one, but the next Golf game should be Nintendo themed like Smash Bros.: have character like Metroid's Samus as unlockable characters...make courses themed from Nintendo games: Animal Crossing course, Zelda Hyrule course, etc.



meltendo commented on Club Nintendo Rewards Updated for February:

I seriously think Nintendo is holding back SNES VC titles from the 3DS so they can resell them at a higher price point as new games--see how we got the amazing new 3DS Zelda instead of the VC version of A Link to the Past?



meltendo commented on Feature: 10 Nintendo DS Games We Want To See O...:

I'm starting to think Nintendo DOESN'T want to release their big titles on the VC so they can re-release them as full-priced games in the future. Why release Star Fox 64 on the VC when they can sell it as a $39 3DS cart. I love how we got Urban Champions on the 3DS...yet none of the SNES or bigger NES games in 3D. The listed DS games are great but I think Nintendo has less popular titles in mind for the DS release. ...and then in the other corner, we have Sony liberally putting games from the past year for free to PSN members.



meltendo commented on Nintendo Download: 30th January (North America):

Mario Bros>???? But the NES version? It would be cool if Nintendo released the arcade versions. I would buy Mario Bros., Donkey Kong, and Donkey Kong Junior in a heartbeat if they offered the original arcade versions. On another note--I've given up on SMB3. I think they're saving it up to coincide with the next big Mario sidescroller release (some time in 2015)