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K-Pop influences me too much.

Female, United States

Hi, my name is Ariana. And I'm that awkward kid.

Thu 4th October, 2012

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Arianabtd commented on Hands On: We Check Out The New Nintendo 3DS XL :

I was so hoping to buy the smaller one (as I have an xl already). I'd like a more portable 3ds, but not as small as the original. /muffled sobbing in distance

I think I'm probably gonna upgrade to this one anyway, once I find someone to take my xl off my hands...



Arianabtd commented on Review: Wii Party U (Wii U):

Most of my family members aren't really into most videogames, but they all enjoyed the last wii party and that's the only way I could get them to play on the wii with me.
I'm sold on this one.



Arianabtd commented on StreetPass DLC System Update Finally Hits Nort...:

I was kinda sceptical at first, but after that helpful bunny told me about the games I totally want them now.

I'll just have to find $15 somewhere x3.
I hardly get any street passes, but I get loads of play coins since I take my 3ds with me everywhere so I think I'll have fun anyway.



Arianabtd commented on The Image Of Tharja In A Swimsuit Nintendo Of ...:

I mean, I'm very much against these pictures (I mean Chrom looks pretty spicy but...) I really don't think it's appropriate. After watching anime and things, I know that fan service like this happens often in Japan. I don't approve, probably because of my Christian values :3.
I'm still gonna play this game, but of course I'm not gonna buy the DLC :3.

But seriously, that cloth. It makes it look so much more sexy then the original already is >_<.