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Thu 29th Aug 2013

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VoiceOfReason commented on Nintendo Applies Minor Miiverse Update on Wii ...:

Just because we have the option to report something doesn't meant we're doing all the work for the moderators or anything. It just means we have the option if we do happen to spot something.
And @rjejr , I think that by spoilers, they mean just the really big ones that would be REALLY upsetting and obnoxious. For example: In the new Professor Layton, Layton finds out **** ******* ** *** *******, *** **** ** ******** ****** *** ** ****.
That would really tick me off.



VoiceOfReason commented on Nintendo Download: 12th December (Europe):

Yeah, when I saw that ALttP was in this weeks download (I assume the US will get it Thursday) I hurried to club Nintendo and got the code. I'd much rather pay $1.50 or whatever than $8.

If the starship damrey discount comes to NA, I'll get it.



VoiceOfReason commented on Nintendo's UK Store to Release A Wii U Mario M...:

It doesn't sound selfish at all.
Nintendo should reward early buyers like they did for 3DS, especially for something $100 more (in the states at least)! It's going to encourage people to wait a year before buying a Nintendo product. Kind of like how the Wii U didn't sell for a year (assuming it will this holiday season).
Come on Nintendo.



VoiceOfReason commented on Soapbox: Super Mario 3D World's Playful Whimsy...:

Hey, no offence man! I was agreeing with you! Didn't mean to give that impression! I should have said most 13 year olds. Sorry. I know a 15 year old and we play Nintendo stuff (and PlayStation) all the time. He's not biased, but many others I know are, whether they hate Nintendo or are just going with the crowd. Most are in fact, which is why I said what I said at the end of my comment. I just meant that I hear a lot of (about the average age is) 13 year olds saying that stuff.
Good of you to be open minded. I commend you. Also, you seem very passionate, did you grow up on Nintendo at a young age?



VoiceOfReason commented on Soapbox: Super Mario 3D World's Playful Whimsy...:

I grew up on SNES (played NES for a bit, but mostly SNES) My favorite game is Super Mario World (Beat it when I was 5), and so when I hear 10-15 year olds say stuff like "Nintendo sucks" because its "not cool" I feel exactly what you are saying. I love PlayStation too, but when I hear "Nintendo Sucks" and "Sony Sucks" it hurts in two different place, really deep down (Especially since I've been playing almost since I was born). Todays 13 year olds don't give Nintendo a chance, and will grow up basically Nintendo-less, and I dread what will happen to Nintendo when everyone who's around thinks "They suck".



VoiceOfReason commented on Poll: Is Nintendo's Wii U Advertising and Mark...:

I laughed when I saw this. Of course not! I say blow the budget! Spend as much as possible advertising on every station. It's not like they don't have the money.
I have friends who thought the Wii U was an add on to the Wii. The friends who did know about the Wii U didn't believe me when I told them it was more powerful than the PS3. Consumers are dumb, Nintendo. They need to explicitly state stuff like this in their ads. As much as I love them, Nintendo is dumb. Or at least their marketing team is.



VoiceOfReason commented on Nintendo Updates Available Club Nintendo Rewar...:

If the problem isn't fixed, just directly call Nintendo's customer support. They're always friendly and helpful!
It's nice to see some good games on the CN rewards! For a while it was like the same games over and over, but this months and last months have been pretty good!
Also, All of my VC and wii shop purchases are still on my Wii (never transferred them) but I want to get A link to the past on Wii U instead of on my Wii. The problem is, I use Gamecube controllers to play VC on the Wii. I don't want to buy a horrible classic controller, so will the Wii U Pro controller register as a classic controller?



VoiceOfReason commented on Nintendo of America Cuts Recommended Price for...:

I personally hope Nintendo continues to cut the price on their own eShop when the retailers do in stores. It seems that they're now starting to realize that a game shouldn't ever stay full price on the eShopf for more than 9 months, because around then the price will already be cut in stores.



VoiceOfReason commented on Nintendo Disables Swapnote's SpotPass Service ...:

So many people whining. Why are people even complaining about this? Once Miiverse is released, will people even use Swapnote? With Swapnote you never even know if your message will be delivered instantly or in a couple of days. You have so many restrictions on Swapnote, like only sending 5-second sound clips, that the only real thing it's good for is sending phone numbers so that they can just call you.



VoiceOfReason commented on SEGA Confirms Western Release Dates and Detail...:

Awesome! Wish they were cheaper though, cause the four I want will cost me $20+, and there are just too many games I want right now to sacrifice $20.
Anyway, glad they now have a real version of the first sonic, cause that GG one wasn't cuttin' it.
Also, the Wii U could use these. It needs as close as it can get to some good VC games.