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johnvboy commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Approach to Transfor...:

I can understand people being confused that Nintendo did not announce a "Animal crossing" game for the Wii U,the game is a big seller and would do pretty well for then,what surprises me is that fan's keep screaming for a "Metroid prime game,apart from the gamecube original which sold around 2 million copies,the franchises two follow up games have failed to even notch up a million sales,which is why Nintendo are not rushing Retro to make a fourth.



johnvboy commented on Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer Launching...:

I doubt Nintendo have made those Amiibo cards solely for the 3DS version of the game,Nintendo will reveal "Animal crossing Wii U" at this years E3,with a release date at Christmas,to fill in the gap left by "Zelda Wii U",Nintendo will sell a load of Animal crossing related Amiibo figures during the period as well (well if they make enough that is)



johnvboy commented on Preview: Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS Go...:

This game just seems to be a more perfect fit for the upcoming "new" 3DS models,and with the normal versions slightly bigger screen and improved 3-D effect it's a wait for me I am afraid.

Good job I sold my 3DS a while ago,although when the game is available in the U.S and Europe I will probably change my mind.



johnvboy commented on Guide: New Nintendo 3DS - Everything We Know S...:

I don't have a 3DS at the moment but I have owned both the previous models,there was a trade off as even though I liked the XL's larger screen,the original models visuals always looked better.

This time round I will buy the standard new 3DS model as the slight increase in screen size,plus the slightly larer form will be perfect for me.



johnvboy commented on UK Retailer GAME Less Than Happy With Rivals I...:

Like I said on another thread I don't blame the likes of Amazon for sending a game out a few days early,they have to give people the postage cost back if the game you ordered for launch day does not arrive on time.

High street retailers should abide by the rules and not sell titles early.



johnvboy commented on Here Are More Gorgeous Super Mario 3D World Sc...:

Some of the enemies clearly have a plastic/metallic look to them,Mario's clothes are wet in some of the levels,and appear normal in the levels where no water is present.

I bet just like on the Wind waker the game will look different when you see it on your T.V,the wind wakers visuals were not done any justice on screen shots or videos.



johnvboy commented on GamePad High Capacity Battery Available Now in...:


I have just installed the French version this morning,the battery is exactly the same in all regions,I paid 30 euros in total including delivery.

The battery adds no discernible weight difference over the gamepad with the stock battery fitted,I think people convince themselves that their is a difference,if you fitted this battery to somebody's existing gamepad without them knowing,I doubt they would be able to spot anything had changed.

On the very top brightness setting you will get around 2.5-3 hours out of the standard battery,the extended one will give you 5-6 hours gameplay.

If you have the gamepad brightness set to 3 out of 5 like mine you will get closer to 8 hours.

Overall I am very happy with this new addition for my Wii U.



johnvboy commented on UK Retailers Break Release Date for Pokémon X...:

" @SanderEvers Yeah, one or two days isn't so bad. But some stores broke the release date weeks ago. I should also point out that "who can blame me?" isn't going to hold up in court when you get sued for breach of contract. "


It makes no difference if a high street retailer breaks the date by one day or a week,the fact is they have broken the release day agreement.

As for retailers getting fined or punished in some way I doubt this will happen,companies like Nintendo and Rockstar need retailers and any talk of legal action is always going to be more a PR stunt than anything else.



johnvboy commented on UK Retailers Break Release Date for Pokémon X...:

My take on this is that high street retailers should not be selling the game early,that being said you can hardly blame online companies sending the game out early as they want their customers to receive the game for launch day.

Rockstar north were being very unreasonable when a game in such demand had to have copies going out a little early,it's just not logistically possible to pack a massive number of orders and send them out on that day,and in Amazons defence they will have to refund postage to anybody who was guaranteed a launch day delivery and it goes past that.

Shop to did not send my copy of the wind waker HD out soon enough for it to arrive on launch day,I simply then bought it at a store and sent my Shop to copy back to them when it arrived a day after launch,in my opinion you should get a pre-ordered game from an online retailer at launch day at the very latest.



johnvboy commented on Wii Sports Club Takes The Competition Online W...:

People are forgetting then Nintendo are the only company out of the big three that do not charge for online play.

So £9 per game considering you get unlimited online play per sport is a good deal,add the fact the games will now look a lot better in HD and the improved controls the package is very sweet.

I would much rather this than paying £5 per title then an yearly subscription of £40 or so to play online.



johnvboy commented on Wii Sports Club Takes The Competition Online W...:

I love the way people are saying this is too expensive,as you can just choose which sports you want to buy,add this to the fact they are now in HD,improved controls and are online multi player.

I suppose Nintendo should have charged £3.00 per game and then £35.00 a year to play online,as this seems to be a pricing model people are happy to accept.



johnvboy commented on You'll Be Able To Use Wii Fit U For One Month ...:

I don't get all this "core" v's "casual" market rubbish,as an entertaining game is great no matter what form it takes.

The very idea that somehow spending 100 hours on a game like GTA 5,has more purpose or kudos than somebody playing Animal crossing for a similar amount of time is flawed in my opinion



johnvboy commented on You'll Be Able To Use Wii Fit U For One Month ...:

@ galetyler,

I think it's a tough balance for Nintendo,and while they do se the huge success of the casual Wii titles (I still play Wii sports),they wan't to release them in an upgraded way for the Wii U that does make use of the new tech rather than just being a simple cash in.



johnvboy commented on You'll Be Able To Use Wii Fit U For One Month ...:


The Wii U needs to convince a large percentage of the existing "casual" Wii owners to upgrade to their new machine,and the very popular "Wii" range of titles will do this.

Nintendo will still bring out the games for the more traditional gamer as well.