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Male, 38, United Kingdom

Tue 27th Aug 2013

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brokenpixel commented on New Nintendo 3DS Ambassador Edition Promotion...:

I emailed Nintendo when the first round happened as to why I never got an email to purchase. They kindly added me to the second round but warned that stocks may run out before then. I was pleased to receive an email today to purchase

I have purchased a lot of Nintendo stuff in the past.



brokenpixel commented on Weirdness: These "Anywhere Buttons" Look Daft ...:

this would work great for the 2ds as it is not foldable. I have been using circlepad pro but don't see much benefit for it while playing monster hunter. Thought it worked well for RE revelations but is kinda redundant on monster hunter as you can use the L button to center the camera a la zelda.